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Lily and Davis Ch. 02

Post #1

Weeks passed, but the look Davis had on his face when she accused him of wanting to hit her still bugged her. She couldn't figure out why. He was just another client. That's what she told herself over again. Just another man, a source of money. That's it. Leave him where we left it. Over.

Yet, sometimes when she was kneeling down to put a client's dick in her mouth, or riding him a flash of that face would pop in. Uninvited. He hadn't tried to book a date. So it was the end. Who was punishing whom? Was she? Was he? Why did Lily feel that it was intermixed? No answer ever seeming like the right one. Her ritual didn't even erase that night from her mind.

She was lying in bed holding Bebe, stroking his hair when the thought popped up. What the hell? The thought was pushed back down as the pacifier in Bebe's mouth fell, leaving a trail of saliva on her breast. Ugh. Why did she even take him as a client, she wondered as she pushed him gently to the side and laid his head on the pillow.

She slid slowly out of bed, trying not to wake him up, dressing as she looked down at him. Diapers and a baby bib on a grown man was just not a turn on for her, but she felt that it was harmless enough, so why not add him? He hadn't even wanted to have sex with her and for the amount of cash he paid, it was definitely a bonus.

However, two hours of playing babysitter with a 45 year old man was a learning experience she wasn't ready to repeat. As she closed the hotel door behind her, she took her phone out to text Chris that he better not recommend anyone like this again. Ever.

That's when she saw the message. 10 p.m. Just like that. Nothing else needed. As if he knew she'd come. The thought of standing him up crossed through her mind, except Bebe was his replacement. If Bebe went, until Chris gave her a new client, she'd be out 2k. Adding in the time to get to know him...the losses would rack up. A smirk came to her lips. Let him hang...

'What the hell am I doing here?' raced through Lily's head, quickly, as she walked up the step to Davis' house. Answers to her question circled around in her head. She didn't knock like usual, instead she walked in slowly. Looking around, the living room was bare of the usual showy pieces Davis put out. There was just a dim light in the far corner of the room barely illuminating the dark house. She could see that it looked as if his housekeeper had come that day. It was pristine - just like him.

Part curiosity made her want to keep going, but part defiance made her stay where she was. She stood right next to the door, waiting for what must've been about 20 minutes. Impatience grew as her legs started to cramp, but she wasn't going to give in to it. She twitched her legs slightly back and forth to shake it off. How long was he going to make her wait?

This was a change from any of the other times, when Davis met her as if had been waiting for her arrival. Especially different from the first time they had a session after going on a few 'dates'. That was what she called vetting her futures. She'd go out with them a few times, so she could weed out the crazies or sickos. Davis was unlike any of the others from the beginning.

For him, she felt it hadn't been about sex and more than just her looks, she felt him sizing her up equally. There was a feeling almost like old friends. Old formal friends who had fucked and really liked it. The sensual Betturkey nature he had in him made her go into dangerous territory. In the beginning, she had to remind herself of what they were really about.

Lily felt a cramp in her leg, as she thought to herself, 'I should've quit then...'

Suddenly, the lights went out and the front door opened with a whoosh. She flew forward, knocked off her feet. Trying to catch her breath, she felt someone grab her hair. She put her hand up, hoping he wouldn't pull her braids too tight since she'd just gotten them done. The strong gripping hand pulled her up to her knees, forcing her head down. In the dark she could hear only the sounds of shoes scrapping before she felt a wet shoe near her mouth.

The smell of the leather was strong as her lips were pushed closer, until she felt the cold, wet snow hit her lips. She felt him urging her to kiss it, so she did, loudly. His sigh echoed in the room, lightly, as he pulled her completely to her feet. Hair firmly grasped, she was pulled across the floor. She slipped and slid in her tennis shoes as he dragged her down stairs. She hadn't worn any provocative clothes, her idea of another subtle defiant step towards Davis and his single word text. Instead, it was jeans and a tee with her DC's.

She had never been down in his basement, so she wasn't ready for what would happen next. Unexpected is not how she played the game. A cold chill went up her arms as she felt goosebumps crawl their way up. There was a room at the bottom of the steps, she found out, as he turned her to the right. There was a door, left wide open, with one light hanging on a rope.

The brightness after the dark made Lily squint her eyes closed. It didn't matter anyway, because next thing she knew a blind-fold was put on. She was pushed down face first onto something squishy, but soft. A horse. Davis was still holding her by her hair. As he worked she could hear his breathing quicken, hers joining his in rhythm.

He bent over her back, pushing her breasts into the horse and her body down. He took her wrists and put them into handcuffs, on each side. Using his legs he pushed hers apart forcefully, running his hands down the side of body to her ass, her legs and calves to cuff her ankles, like her hands. She struggled a little to see if she was tightly bound. They were. This was really new territory for her. Even though they had talked about something similar, Davis knew she had never been totally helpless. Unexpected fear rose up to her throat.

"Davis?" Her voice echoed in the room and sounded uncertain even to her own ears. She despised that sound.

He didn't answer. She heard the door shut, followed by the sound of a zipper slowly opening. Lily felt herself getting slightly wetter, in spite of her reservations. When he had brought her downstairs, she had seen he was wearing a sweater with tight jeans and black leather boots.

The sounds of him undressing filled her with anticipation. Was he going to screw her like this? Would she feel wool pressing into her back, as his body pushed down on hers? His hands ran down her inner thighs, then back up to her pussy. The warmth of her excitement made him release a groan. A flicker of heat went through her tummy. The fire of the unknown made her pussy drip.

A metallic noise jolted Lily. Then she felt an ice cold metal running up Betturkey Giriş her arms and down her neck . Click. Click. She wasn't sure what Davis was doing, but a shiver ran through her since the room was cold as the winter outside. When she felt her shirt being cut away, she had the answer. Scissors. He cut her shirt a little bit before she felt his big hands ripping it off her back, exposing her even more to the coldness.

Davis leaned slightly on her back, pressing his lips and body into her bronzed-brown flesh. She arched her back slightly, letting out a moan as he bit and licked his way down to the top of her jeans. She heard the scissors clicking again as she felt the cold metal slid between the top of her ass and her pants. The tip of one blade scrapped her skin as he cut a snip in her pants. He cut right through her panties too, all the way to the crotch. Yanking the sides apart, the scissors clattered to the floor. Davis pushed her jeans down as far as they would go.

His hands were warm as he ran them up her legs and pushed two fingers into her. He watched his tan fingers disappear into her bright pink hole surrounding by beautiful dark brown pussy lips. With his other hand, he grabbed her face and yanked her head to the side to bite and nip at her full, shapely lips. He pulled his fingers out and she felt the wet tip of his cock at her pussy lips. As he pushed into her, his tongue darted deep into her mouth. He went deep in her pussy, Lily gasped, not quite ready for all of him.

He was fully hard, his cock thick and opening her up as he pulled it all the way out only to shove it back in again all the way to his balls. He grabbed her mouth by the corners with his hand, pushing his fingers in, forcing her to lick both their juices off. He had never done that before. Davis started growling and groaning with the force of his pumping her pussy. She knew he was working towards orgasm and tried to buck against him.

He pushed with a force that made it impossible for her to move and took a hand out of her mouth to slap her, hard. Her head felt like it was spinning. The slap wasn't harder than anything he'd ever done, but the sting made her eyes tear up. He slapped her again and again. As he rode her to cumming his slaps on her face became more forceful. With a final groan, Davis quickly pulled his cock out of her pussy.

Cold fluid dribbled out of her and down her pussy lips and she thought he had cum until she felt his cock pushing into her asshole. She reared up since her ass still virginal. It was discussed that she was interested and consented to it, but she had never done it. It felt full and slightly burning. He pushed in more, inching in, and allowing her to adjust for a little before going in further. Finally, all the way in, he pulled it out and slowly began working her ass.

The newness of the feeling was too much for her even though he gave her time to get used to it. He smacked her ass 10 times, each swat harder than the last. By the last hit, two tears streamed down her cheeks, the swats taking the sting out of his cock buried in her ass. Lily could feel an orgasm building up in her pussy, though. It was different than any other feeling she ever had. Tingling started from her toes and a warmth spread up to her legs, to her butt where she felt the the throbbing of her cheeks from his spanking all the way to her head - where ever root felt alive. Her whole body felt like a tingly fire.

He started to pound her, making the horse she was cuffed to move, and still Davis didn't stop. She could feel their cum sliding down between her legs and inner thighs. Her legs began to feel weak and she knew she was cumming. Davis let out a cry as she felt his legs tighten and his movements slowed. He stilled for few moments, lying on top of her back as sound of their breaths mingled. Abruptly, he stood up and backed away.

Suddenly, the sweat on her back made a shiver run through her, his body no longer on top of her, warming her. Lily felt him pull away, a twhack sound made the seal his cock made released. Davis came close to her and she could feel him wiping his cock on her shirt and pants. Her body was tight with tension from holding the position and having her cavities pounded thoroughly for the last hour.

Davis didn't remove the blindfold. Instead, she heard shifting and the sound of him dressing first, finally releasing her from the wrist and ankle cuffs in silence. A few moments ticked by, building up more anticipation in her as to what was going to happen next. Her pussy twitched and her ass stung, goosebumps popping up as a cool breeze passed over her. She lifted her head, almost expecting him to grip her hair again, but nothing.

She reached up to the blindfold and pushed it up slowly to adjust to the light. The silence could've been deafening, but as she looked around the room she saw she was alone. Lily almost felt her heart stop. Where had he gone? She glanced around again as she slowly rose. It was like a hospital exam room and the black leather horse was all that was in there. At least that's what she thought until her eyes rested on it. A pile of clothes and cash on top of it. She stared for what seemed like minutes but must've only been a little. What the fuck? What the hell was this?

Another chill went through her. She could feel her face harden. He had just left without a word. What was going on? He didn't say a word the whole time and now the money was on the side of the bed, so to speak? She took off the cuffs and undressed, wordlessly. She was unsure what to think or make of it. He had left her a skirt and a blouse, in her size. It wasn't anything special but it was better than her cut up and ripped clothes.

As she slid the clothes on, she wondered if they were leftovers from other women he knew. Shaking her head, she reminded herself that it wasn't her place to wonder. What was then? Slowly exiting the room, Lily looked around. The basement was just as beautiful as the rest of Davis' house.

Wood floors and designer furniture, but with a lived-in feeling. The colors were warm, but masculine at the same time. She slowly crept up the stairs, tempted to call for him, but resisting. An eerie feeling made her feel like an alien invader so she walk lightly. She made her way through his dining room to the living room, with the same singular light from earlier to guide her. As she got to the door, she heard a slight noise behind her.

"If you wanted to be treated like a whore, you only had to ask." His deep voice, cold as the house, called after her. Cold as this night itself. A cold wind blast into the unheated house as she opened the door to leave. She never turned her head to look at him.

Two paths of tears slid down her cheeks as she slid into her car. Lily, not resisting the deep urge inside her, glanced back before pulling off. Davis, standing full center in his picture window, had a grim look on his face. He caught her eyes, she was sure of it, before he turned away.
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