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Ashwathi Blacked in Goa Part two

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Ashwathi Blacked in Goa Part twoAshwathi hadn't dared to walk out of her room. Instead she stayed in, had a shower, watched TV and then called her husband. She hoped he had flown out of the airport by now and would be here soon. She knew she was slipping and the only way to stop that was to have her husband by her side. But alas, the volcano was still spewing and the runways were still closed. Raghav wouldn't be here for at least a couple of more days.Vishwa watched the news on the TV. He recalled Ashwathi telling him about her husband being stuck at the airport. When the news anchor said the airports would be closed for at least a couple of more days, he smiled to himself, knowing that someone up there had thrown him a rope. He now had a couple of days to seduce and conquer Ashwathi's mind and body.After spending several hours inside the room, Ashwathi was bored to death. She had resisted the thought of going out from the fear of running into Vishwa again. Just the thought of him had a pulse racing and she knew if she came face to face with him, she'd be panting like a dog.But now the sun had set and she could hear sounds of music coming from the surrounding clubs. She so wanted to go out on the town. She had planned to do so with her husband but he wasn't there. Not that it was his fault but when she recalled how rude he had been with her in the morning, sympathy was giving way to resentment.Just then she heard a knock on her door. Her heart skipped a beat, as she wondered who it could be. Perhaps it was the hotel staff she thought or perhaps it was Vishwa. She gingerly walked to the door and gazed through the peep hole. She gasped as she saw Vishwa on the other side.She toyed with the idea of not opening it but then thought it would be too rude to do so. She opened the door and stepped back as Vishwa walked in.He was wearing a blue beach shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. The shirt was of a size bigger than the regular but still one could make out the pumped up body underneath. The massive calves behind the shin flexed with each step. Along with the attire, his radian brown eyes and the towering persona had its effect on Ashwathi.She kept looking up at him and he kept looking down at her. She was wearing a round neck T shirt which was pretty loose and from his vantage point, Vishwa could see down into her cleavage. His cock started showing signs of life again and he had to resist the idea of picking her up, throwing her on the bed and ravaging her nimble body but he had no plans to **** her. He wanted it to be consensual, the way it had always been.Ashwathi too had a hard time; first she had to resist looking straight in his eyes and then when she noticed the bulge under his shorts, she had to avert her eyes from there too. She simply chose the middle part and stared at his chest."Wanna go out on the town?" Vishwa asked."Uhh..." Ashwathi replied. She so wanted to go out and enjoy the evening but she knew at the back of her mind, the result would not be good or maybe far too good."Of course you do. I'll wait outside till you get ready and we'll head out." He said in his usual calm, yet confident tone.He simply turned around and stepped out the room, pulling the door with him. Ashwathi was dumbstruck. She didn't say anything or resist his proposal. She simply couldn't muster up words to say to him. It was as if she had lost her tongue or lost her entire vocabulary of words.She knew Vishwa was standing behind the door. She fidgeted with her hands, trying to come up with excuses to stay in the room but just couldn't come up with something feasible. She sat on the bed, thinking and after a few minutes, she heard a knock on the door."Are you getting ready?" Vishwa asked from behind the door."Yeah...give me few minutes." Ashwathi replied and her reply surprised her. A few seconds ago she was pondering on ways to get out of this and now she had agreed to go out with him. What the Fuck!!With that she was left with no choice.Vishwa was sitting outside waiting for his lady to step out. It had been quite a few minutes since she locked herself inside to get dressed. He was now getting quite restless but just then the door opened. He turned around and his jaw dropped the floor.Ashwathi stepped out wearing a tank top and a pair of denim shorts. Nothing out of the ordinary when one imagines it but this was something different in real time. The white spaghetti strap tank top hugged her body so well, outlining her toned figure perfectly. The top hugged her breasts, fitting them snuggly in the bra that she wore underneath.All these clothes she had chosen for her to wear when she was with her husband. She had chosen all figure hugging, short and revealing clothes as she thought she would be on her second honeymoon but instead she was going out with a black guy she barely knew. Since, all her clothes were such, she had no choice but to wear them, howsoever reluctant she was.The denim shorts didn't help either. They ended way up her knees, or rather just a few inches below her groin. She had taken an effort to get a bikini wax done a day before the trip and her fair, smooth thighs showed. She always wore a pair of delicate silver anklet on her and they would tingle at every step she took.Vishwa looked in awe, but held his jaw from dropping to the floor. He could feel his cock twitch under his shorts and had an overwhelming urge to just push Ashwathi inside and fuck her and it took a lot of restraint from his side to not do so."Should we get going?" Ashwathi asked breaking Vishwa from his trance. He fumbled for a second before he nodded and they both walked outside the hotel.The sun was still setting when they made themselves comfortable on the seats at one of the many shacks that lined up on the beach.Vishwa ordered himself a beer and Ashwathi being on alert as she had ordered a non-alcoholic beverage. She had made it a habit to drink only in her husband's presence and now that she was not with him but rather another man, she specifically avoided alcohol.Vishwa was easy to talk to and it wasn't long before he broke ice with her. They were soon chatting like two long lost friends who were catching up. Vishwa was sharing his experiences in India and abroad and she was listening to them intently, in amazement and awe at the life that he was lived and the experiences that he has had.Vishwa indeed was well travelled man and he told Ashwathi many of his stories but he explicitly omitted the parts where he had bedded many women, wherever he travelled and wherever he lived. He didn't want to get Ashwathi's guard up, knowing that her guard was falling.Another round of drinks was repeated and this time Ashwathi found herself looking at the setting sun. She wondered what was she doing her with Vishwa? This was meant to be a trip with her husband. It was Raghav who was supposed to be here and not Vishwa. As much as she wanted her husband to be around, there was now very little doubt in her mind that she was attracted to this man.He had gotten so close when he was wiping her body after the swim and she was still shocked as to how she had allowed him. The images flashed in front of her eyes; his shirtless, glistening body at the beach, those rippling muscles and most of all, his swag. Memories of the afternoon dip in the pool and the swimming lessons made her shiver lightly.Vishwa got up and walked to the bar and Ashwathi watched mesmerised. She could visualise his taut butt flexing with each step. Just as she was watching him walk, a random yet the kinkiest thought crossed her mind.'I just wanna bite that butt.' She thought and the very next moment, she cringed and blushed in embarrassment. She covered her mouth as if she had said it aloud and looked around if anyone was observing her. She relaxed a bit when she realised that she truly was alone in her thoughts.Never in her entire life did Ashwathi have such thoughts which was surprising but the provocation for those thoughts came from Vishwa and not her husband was shocking than surprising. It was not in her nature that she thought about someone like this. In fact, she was a docile lover to her husband.But she could feel something inside her change, some primal was transforming inside her.She could feel a damp spot on her panties and her elevated heart beat and breath confirmed her arousal. While Vishwa wasn't looking, she quickly touched her crotch over her shorts to confirm the dampness.Vishwa on the other hand had been switching between states of absolute erections to semi erections, both of which would be obviously visible, had he not worn that loose shirt that covered his groin.He was glad that Ashwathi was opening up to him again after the swimming pool incident and he could notice her attraction for him. He also realised her inner battle to protect the sanctity of her marriage and a struggle to not stray from her marital vows. He had been to India several times before, bedded many women, especially married women and he knew that this was just a phase.Vishwa had paid the bill and walked back to the table and sat next to Ashwathi. He suggested they take a walk on the beach. She simply shrugged and they walked along. They walked straight to the water line before starting the long walk along its length.The sun had now set; the twilight had given way to the night sky. The crowd which usually during the day time is near the waterline had now hobbled back to their hotel rooms before they came out to party all night.The shore line was quite; the lights from the night clubs and shacks barely reached them but the noise from the blaring speakers was rather unpleasant. Vishwa and Ashwathi walked on along the shore, still talking and enjoying each other's company. At times, her feet would get stuck in the soft sand and Vishwa would gently hold her hand and help her out. There was clearly a growing level of comfort between the two and Vishwa could feel it.They walked for several minutes till the shacks were almost out of sight. They stood facing the open sea and Ashwathi closed her eyes to let the cool sea breeze sweep through her hair. The sound of the crashing waves was so relaxing, so calming.She opened her eyes when she felt Vishwa' hand touch hers. He gently held it as he stood next to her. She looked at him blankly, her eyes had got used to the dark and she could see Vishwa' radiant eyes and a sparkling smile. A few tense seconds passed before she smiled back and he felt her hand tighten its grip on his.They didn't speak a word to each other for the next several minutes; just stood in silence enjoying the cool breeze and waves. Ashwathi had imagined this scenario with her husband but alas, this was happening with Vishwa. She felt a tinge of disappointment and guilt but the moment he clenched his strong hand, those thoughts faded."Want another drink Ashwathi?" Vishwa asked and she nodded. Still holding hands, they started their long walk back to the shacks. Still no words were uttered but the couple held on to each other's hands as they walked.Suddenly, they heard a massive roar coming from the sea. They had failed to notice the high tide and it came crashing towards them. The wave would easily reach Ashwathi's knee or maybe more and she squealed as she saw it fast approaching her. She tried to run ashore but it was too late, the water was just behind her and then she felt herself scooped up in the air. She shrieked in shock when she realised that Vishwa had picked her up in his arms. The water gushed over his shins and crashed into the shore ahead before slowly flowing back into the sea.She stared at Vishwa and he stared back. The water had receded now Vishwa was slowly walking back with Ashwathi still in his arms. Ashwathi was shocked at how quickly and easily he had picked her up as if she was a tiny raggedy Anne doll. She distinctly remembered her husband who could pick her up for not more than a minute before huffing and puffing.Vishwa kept walking with Ashwathi in his arms. They were not speaking to each other and were now far away from the water. She knew he didn't need to carry her anymore but didn't want to say it. She had kept her hands to herself till now but slowly she moved them up to his shoulders before locking them behind his neck.She was slowly surrendering to this man and despite her moral dilemmas and conflicts, she couldn't help but give in. As the music got louder and the lights got brighter, they broke out of their trance and she slowly slid of his body.They had decided on another round of drinks but without a word been spoken, the plan had changed. He was holding on to her hand and she was silently following him. They walked over to their bike, and she quietly sat behind him as he started the bike and rode in the direction of their hotel.Ashwathi felt like coming back to her senses. She felt like she had been in a trance, a high she had never experienced, perhaps she had blacked out but she remembered going through the motions.She was lying naked on his bed; a pair of thin panties was the last piece of modesty she had. Apart from the panties, the white blanket was covering. Her hair was loose, her lipstick smeared and she was sweating, even though the AC was at full blast.The bathroom light was on but the door was shut. She could her faint sounds coming from the bathroom and realised that Vishwa was inside. She contemplated escaping before he walked out. The dim night lamp saved the room from total darkness but it too added to the erotically charged ambience.Her heart raced when she recalled how it all started...He stopped bike abruptly in the front of the hotel and holding her hand, rushed into the lobby. The receptionist who was also on duty in the morning was startled as she saw this Indian woman holding tightly the large hand of a black man.Ashwathi's cheeks flushed with blood as she tried to avoid eye contact with the lady. The lady knew that Ashwathi had made bookings with her husband but this black stud was not him. He was another guest living in another room. She tried to hide her surprise and contempt and acted as nothing happened out of normal."Here are your keys sir and these are your keys madam." The receptionist said as she handed them the keys to their respective rooms."She won't be needing hers." Vishwa exclaimed as he picked up his keys.Ashwathi was startled at how blatantly this man was calling the shots. She felt offended but it also made her loins wet at how dominating he was. She loved being dominated in bed.The receptionist gave a wry smile which both of them didn't miss."Thank you." Vishwa said as he pulled Ashwathi away with him. Ashwathi chose not to say a word and didn't look back but she knew the receptionist was sniggering by now and the whole hotel staff would come to know about them before the shift ends.As they approached the door of his room, he let go off her hand for a brief moment and then the first thoughts of backing out came to Ashwathi's head.The latch clicked open and he almost dragged her inside and those thoughts of backing out were perhaps left behind by her sheer inertia.The door closed behind her and Vishwa pushed her against it. He grabbed her shoulders and lowered his lips on to hers. This was too sudden, too direct and she didn't know how to react. A part of her said push him away and slap him but she stayed still, not going by what her mind told her but to go by what her instincts told her.Startled by how sudden and how fast things were moving, Ashwathi froze, not moving her lips as Vishwa kissed her. Her heart was pounding and she felt dizzy and for a few seconds she was lost. Apart from the abrupt entry in the hotel and in to the room, Vishwa was soft and delicate. His kiss was the softest she ever had.His tongue slowly prodded her lips, provoking them to part. The first time, she didn't relent, the second time she didn't relent, the third time, the lips moved just slightly and it was enough. She moaned as his tongue sneaked inside her mouth and his lips closed on hers.Her hands which till now were to her sides, slowly moved to his hips and then slid up to his waist and then snaked behind him to meet at his back. As her hands gripped tighter, she felt herself being pulled into a tighter embrace by Vishwa. She finally reciprocated and kissed him back in equal fervour which provoked him as well. The sounds of frantic kissing enveloped the room.The smell of his cologne mixed with his natural odour was so intoxicating and add to it the tenderness of the kiss made her weak in the knees. The thoughts of the sanctity of her marriage, the holy vows, her family, her core beliefs which she had held so dear hadn't yet occurred to her as her mind was still processing and recuperating from the erotic onslaught.Her fragrance, her soft skin, her delicate frame and the idea of bedding this incredible exotic woman was arousing Vishwa to a level he seldom felt. He kissed her, sucked her tongue, sucked her lips, kissed her chin, her cheeks, her nose, her forehead and then slowly slid down to her neck, evoking a loud moan and a sigh from her.She tilted her head slightly to allow him access to her delicate neck. He dove in, kissing her ear lobe and then slowly dragging his lips down her neck. Ashwathi moaned and sighed, approving of his moves. She didn't say it in words, but Vishwa had just found her most erotic spot, her neck. Her neck was her weak spot, something her husband exploited during the first years of their marriage. But as time went on the passion and the intensity faded. On this vacation, she had hoped to rekindle the passion that they lost but it was not to be. It was Vishwa who had rediscovered the spot that she so loved.Hearing her soft moans was provoking Vishwa. The b**st inside him was rearing to go; he just wanted to throw her to the floor and fuck her crazy but he knew this woman was too raw for something like that. He knew she was just getting a taste of black love and it would take a little more to draw her out to be the slut that he hoped she would be.He slowly dragged his hand down to her butt and squeezed them hard. Ashwathi moaned in his mouth, still kissing her. He squeezed her butt, pulling her groin into his. She moaned as he rubbed his engorged cock against the thin fabric of her shorts. She was trembling from the arousal and this was something she never experienced.They slowly moved to the, not breaking the kiss for even a moment. They broke, when he finally pushed her down on the bed and stood in front of her. She looked up to him, waiting for him to make the next move and move he did.She saw him slowly unbuttoning his shirt, button after button set lose, giving a peak of the beautiful body that hid beneath; something she had seen just recently at the beach. She couldn't believe that it took so little time for her to be seduced and she was confused as to if she was easy or he was the master seducer, the ultimate manipulator.The shirt was off in a few moments and was lying on the floor. She gasped she saw those chiselled pectoral muscles, that prominent set of abs and the strong shoulders from so close. What made her gasp louder was that he was unbuttoning his shorts too.Alarm bells went off in her head as she realised she was slipping deeper into this. This wasn't what she had planned, expected or decided to do. She had expected to spend a nice, quiet vacation with her husband but she was on the bed of this black man who she had never known or had hoped to meet.He dug his fingers inside the shorts and slowly tugged them down. She shuddered but didn't say a word. She wanted to say no...she wanted to leave but she also wanted to see how it looked, how it felt in her hands...Vishwa had his hands on the waistband of his shorts. He'd pushed them down just a little. "Tell me you don't want to see it?" he asked, pushing them down a little further.Ashwathi gasped as the long tubular piece of black flesh slowly grew before her eyes. She could see four inches of it growing out from his pubic hair, but the shaft was growing and straining to rise. Many inches further down, a big knobby cock head was pushing against his shorts, struggling to get free. "I don't want to see it," she said, staring in awe down at the b**st pushing hard against the fabric."Yes, you do," Vishwa said, pushing his pants down another inch. "Just tell me to stop and I won't show it to you."Ashwathi stared in horror, dismay, and disbelief as inch after black inch of the biggest blackest cock she could have imagined revealed itself. "Stop," she said, at six inches. "Stop," she said at seven inches.At eight inches her pussy spasmed and she didn't say anything. "Stop," she said so softly he could barely hear her at nine inches. "STOP!" she said loudly trying to take back control of the situation. The fat shaft had tapered a little and the flare on the head of his penis was appearing."Too late, this thing needs some breathing room," Vishwa said, pushing his shorts down to his knees.The cock sprang up violently, springing almost to his stomach before settling down, pointing straight at her.Ashwathi watched cross-eyed at the monster just a couple of inches from her. It was the longest, thickest and the biggest cock she had ever seen. In fact, it was just the second cock she had ever seen after her husbands."Never seen a big black cock...I assume." Vishwa said to which Ashwathi absently nodded. His utterance of the word black cock made her pussy spasm even more."I don't believe it..." Ashwathi whispered."It is in front of better believe it baby." Vishwa said as he stepped forward, inching his cock closer to her lips.Ashwathi brought her tiny hand up to the cock and gingerly felt it before backing out. She was scared, aroused and hesitant."Be my guest." Vishwa said.Encouraged, she touched his cock again, this time with two of her fingers. She realised it wasn't spongy like her husbands, but hard as a rock. As she touched it, she realised the cock was as thick as her wrist. A dark purple shaft gave way to a dark brown shaft with a tuft of curly, dense bush of pubic hair at the base.She gently squeezed the head which made his cock spurt a thick stream of pre-cum. The engorged pee slit looked like an angry one eyed monster waiting to pounce. Thick black veins criss-crossed the length of the cock and pulsed at every heartbeat. It appeared as if his cock had a life of its own."It's so hard." Ashwathi whispered, the urgency in her voice obvious." becomes like that when beautiful women touch it." He replied.She didn't know how to react. He was flattering her. Was she to say thank you or did he expect something else."Have you every sucked a cock before." He asked. She nodded."My husband...but very rarely..." She said, revealing perhaps the most private things that a couple share, the things they do in the bedroom. She did perform oral sex on her husband but wasn't enthusiastic about it. She did it as a duty and because it pleased her husband. She never let a drop of cum fall of her and made sure he ejaculated away from her." open wide." Vishwa said as he stepped forward."No...I shouldn't...please" Ashwathi managed to say as the cock head touched her lips. Her lips parted after he pushed it again and it slowly slid inside her mouth.The cock head snuck past her lips and snuggly fit into her soft mouth. Vishwa didn't push any further and neither did Ashwathi make any attempts to take in more. Having sucked a cock before, she knew the basics but it wasn't easy sucking on such massive tool. It was almost filling her mouth and swirling her tongue around it was difficult.She sucked on it a little and closed her lips on it before pulling back till the cock popped out. She kissed it gently, licked the piss slit and then again started sucking on it. She was using her usual techniques which she employed on her husband.Vishwa looked down at this beautiful Indian woman sucking his cock. He had wanted to see this sight from the moment he had stopped his bike in front of her. He was beyond satisfied and the satisfaction was more mental than physical. Even though, he hadn't busted his nut on her, he felt an orgasmic bliss of having conquered her.She sucked on him in all earnest, brushing away any thoughts that came to her mind. Her jaw was spread wide trying to accommodate his huge size and it hurt after a while but she mustered on."Use your tongue...lick it...lick the sides...lick the shaft." Vishwa instructed and she followed, kissing and licking the shaft, making it wet with her drool.She pushed the cock against his stomach, the tip reached his navel which made her gasp. But as she did that, her eyes went to his balls and she yelped. The first thought that came to her mind was 'Big Balls'. Their size itself was abnormal, in fact, abnormal was an understatement, they were absurdly large.At that moment she had an urge to something she had never done. Opening her mouth wide, she engulfed his large testicle in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it making it roll around inside her mouth like a marble. Coating and wetting it with her saliva, she moved to the next one and meted out the same treatment to it as well. She tried but failed only to realise that his balls were just too big to be swallowed at once.Meanwhile, Vishwa was moaning, running his large hands through her hair. His eyes were closed, just occasionally opening to see his cock going in and out of her mouth. He had realised soon enough that she was an amateur in cock sucking but she made it up with a sense of enthusiasm. He realised that like many Indian women, she had always considered sex taboo and had not explored much. He decided that it was soon going to change for her.Clutching her hair, he slapped his cock on her lips a few times before she herself put her tongue out only for the cock to be slapped on it. Thick drops of his pre cum bounced off his cock and landed on her tongue which she reflexively swallowed.Still clutching her hair, he slammed his cock inside her mouth and started fucking it. She gagged as the cock reached the end of her mouth and coughed but he maintained his grip on her, not allowing her to breath and take respite. She struggled at first, rather violently but soon gave up and stayed still as Vishwa fucked her mouth. His balls slapped against her chin, his pubic hair brushed against her nose time and again and Vishwa was now moaning rather loudly.Ashwathi realised that he was about to explode and started pushing him back but Vishwa didn't relent. He continued to fuck her mouth and she continued to push him back. It was a contest of who would relent first."Mmmmppffff..." A loud muffled scream came out of her mouth. Sucking a cock was one thing, but taking his jizz in her mouth revolted her.She finally managed to push him back, just in the nick of time. As the cock slid out of her mouth, her teeth grazed against its sensitive flesh triggering his orgasm.Throwing his head back, Vishwa moaned loudly before his cock started spewing ropes after ropes of cum, straight at her T shirt. Ashwathi yelped in disbelief at the amount of cum his cock was throwing out. Her shirt was spoilt completely, stained by his thick cum, some of it soaked under the garment, touching her naked skin.Ashwathi, breathing loudly, still watched in disbelief as it kept spewing cum. As the orgasm ended, the cock dipped lower, but kept ejecting little amounts of cum. Some fell on her stomach, some on her shorts and the last drop fell on her naked thighs.She looked down at her chest and saw her completely soaked T shirt. She ran her hand gently over it and felt the warm cum deposited on it before looking up to him. He stood before her shirtless, is pants down at his feet, his cock shinning from his cum and her saliva.Before she could react or utter a single word, he grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up. Startled, she allowed it and the shirt came off in one smooth move. He pulled her up and simply dragged her shorts to the floor."Your clothes are soiled..." He simply said, justifying undressing her. She felt like giggling to that sorry excuse he gave for disrobing her but was perhaps too shocked about being almost naked in front of him.She had always preferred a dark room even when having sex with her husband and now, she was a dimly lit room with a stranger and was naked. Reflexively her hand reached for her breasts and her crotch, covering them.He pulled her close into an embrace and she tightly wrapped her arms around her. It was not a loving embrace but a smart move on his part to unhook her bra. She gasped when she heard the snip and pushed him away to scamper on the bed. She swiftly got under the sheets, covering herself completely while Vishwa had a hearty laugh."I'll be right back baby..." He said as he stepped out of his shorts and walked inside the bathroom....'Save yourself and your modesty before it's too late' her inner voice pleaded and it did make her sit up to get out of the bed but then she heard the door creak.She switched off the night lamp to avoid him from seeing her naked. The door opened and he stepped out. The bright light shining behind him and his dark skin made him appear like a shadow.Standing in all his bare glory, he truly was the most remarkable specimen of man she had ever seen. A toned, muscular, beautiful body along with herculean strength made him an Adonis like figure. From the shadow she could see his two large thighs and another thick slab of meat hanging between his legs.She had never seen anything like it before and she kept saying this to herself. Her husband had been enough for her and she considered him to be well endowed but her perception had definitely changed. Vishwa possessed a freakish, Chernobyl/Fukushima fallout like cock which aroused and intimidated her in equal measure.She recalled how her jaw hurt as she tried to fit him in as he fucked her mouth. What was far more impressive was that he seemed to have regained his erection, barely minutes after that explosive orgasm.Vishwa watched from a distance, his beautiful, shy, reluctant prey. He knew he could do whatever he wanted to with this woman and that's exactly what he intended to do; to turn her from a shy Indian wife to a black cock craving slut.HE waked over slowly to the bed and climbed on it. He slowly pulled the blanket off her body and saw her covering herself again. He laid down next to her and pulled her close before kissing her. The soft kiss instantly broke her resolve and she grabbed the back of his head to kiss him back, using the same arm she had to cover her breasts.She gasped in his mouth as she felt his hand gently cup her breast and give it a squeeze. She shivered and moaned when she felt his hard cock graze against her stomach, leaving behind a stain of cum.Vishwa broke the kiss and lowered his head to suck her engorged, turgid nipple. Ashwathi gasped and threw her head back as she felt his thick lips and raspy tongue suckling on her erect nipple. She pushed her chest further towards him and he encouraged her by pulling him towards her. Their legs soon entangled and so did their arms.She moaned loudly as his teeth grazed against the softness of her teat. She dug her nails in his back and dragged them down, scratching him, making him moan as he sucked her nipple. She had seldom felt such a strong wave of arousal. Vishwa was taking his time, kissing, licking and sucking her tits which was in stark contrast to her husband who usually hurried through the foreplay.He laid her flat on the bed on her back and mounted her. He cupped her tits and squeezed them, making her turgid nipples protrude. He pushed her tits together and then went on to suck both her nipples at the same time.Ashwathi could only moan in response to his oral assault and watch in amazement as he pushed her towards an orgasm. Her one hand was on his back, caressing it while the other rested behind his bald head, encouraging him to suck.As his sucking got harder and more urgent, Ashwathi felt a stirring in her loins. She had orgasmed before but this one was building up to a massive one. She started writhing under him, moaning loudly as he kept her shivering body in control.And when he bit her nipple hard, she screamed, perhaps the loudest she ever had. She felt her eyes roll up, her back arch and her tits push further inside his mouth. Her pussy spasmed uncontrollably and she writhe like a fish out of the water.She shivered and trembled for a long time as the orgasm peaked. She moaned and moaned and then when it peaked, a scream failed to get out of her mouth. Finally, the orgasm subsided and she relaxed on the bed.She was still breathing heavy and beads of sweat covered her body. This was definitely the biggest orgasm she ever had and he had not even entered her. She incoherently moaned and occasionally shivered as the aftershocks of the orgasm ran through her body.Vishwa on the other hand was proud of himself, having brought her to an orgasm just by sucking her tits. If she was so sensitive, then he would be opening a flood of orgasms when he truly got into his act.As she calmed down from her orgasm, she found Vishwa still mounted on her, kissing her neck. She hugged him tight pulling him deeper into her body. He raised his head and found her lips just an inch away from hers. Their eyes met, and he saw a volcano of lust building up inside her. After the beach, this was the first time they were truly looking at each other so passionately. All this while, she had been reluctant to meet his gaze.Soon their lips met in perhaps the most passionate kiss they ever shared. Ever so reluctantly, Ashwathi was getting comfortable to him as a man and Vishwa was more than reciprocating. Their arms entangled around each other as they embraced tightly.After a kiss that felt like lasted an eternity but was just a minute long, Vishwa broke the kiss and started kissing his way down. Placing soft kisses, first on the shoulders, then each of her heaving breasts, then her flat shapely stomach, toying with her navel, his mouth stopped at her mound.Her panties covered that last piece of unconquered territory but Vishwa was undaunted. Out of shame, Ashwathi tightly clasped her thighs just as his hands rested on them to part them. Tilting his head sideways, he smiled at her and got a smile of embarrassment from her. Placing his large hands on her thighs, he felt her neatly waxed, smooth skin. He started kissing down her waist, then slowly down her thigh, then her knee, gently caressing them as he went down. He stopped at her feet, first licking them and then gently toying his tongue on her toes."Mmmmmmmm..." Ashwathi moaned as an unknown erogenous zone had suddenly been discovered.As he continued licking her toes, she slowly relaxed, loosening and parting her thighs and that was the opening Vishwa was looking for. He didn't want to force her to do anything but rather wanted to coax her into submitting to his will. And though it took time, it worked.The legs parted just enough for him to place his hand on her mound and she gasped loudly. He dragged his thick thumb down the length of her pussy; she trembled as he did that. She hadn't spread her legs wide enough for him to do much and that's when he decided to do a lot more. He dug his fingers in her panties and started pulling them down. He expected resistance but none came from her. The soft fabric of her panties slid down her equally smooth skin and was off her legs in an instant.Now there was some sense of equilibrium. He was already naked and now with the last piece of clothing gone, she was too. With her panties gone, Ashwathi felt no need to resist and she let him do as he pleased. HE ran his finger up and down her pulsating cunt. She closed her eyes and sighed, cooed and moaned, much to Vishwa' delight.His thumb was toying with her clit where as his index and middle finger massaged her wet pussy. He tried to test her further and he inserted his finger inside her. She drew a sharp breath as she felt his digit move inside her. She closed her eyes and said nothing but responded in moans of approval.Even if she wasn't a vocal lover, Vishwa was proficient in reading his lovers body. He could feel her pussy tightening around his finger and he knew she wanted it. He slowly pulled out the finger almost till the end before sliding it back inside, drawing an encouraging moan from Ashwathi.Soon they settled in to a nice rhythm with two of his fingers moving in and out of her and his thumb wriggling on her clit. Sitting between her legs, he fingered her while her right foot rested on his chest which Vishwa was busy licking and kissing.He changed his position and shuffled to her sides, not for once pulling his fingers out of her. In fact as he got to her side, he started fingering her faster. Ashwathi was moaning till now but now she hollered. His two thick fingers were thicker than her husband's cock and this was the widest she had ever been stretched."Mmmmyyyyy Godddddd I'm stretched" She screamed.Vishwa wasn't surprised as he knew this would happen as it did with most of his lovers, irrespective of where they came from. He knew if she felt stretched now, she would feel ruptured when he finally would fuck her. With that thought in mind, he continued to finger her, trying to get her used to even a thicker thing going inside her.Lowering his head down, he sucked on her nipples and Ashwathi bucked and jumped as another strong orgasm hit her. This was the limit of orgasms she ever had in a single session but those weren't as strong as these ones.He licked her juices off his fingers after he was done and relished them and watched her tremble from another mind numbing orgasm. She was ready he thought and got off the bed.Ashwathi was still reeling from that orgasm and her struggling to regain her composure. She heard the bed creek and she somehow managed to open her eyes to see Vishwa walking to the table. He looked so beautiful from behind too. A perfectly chiselled back with a nice V shaped structure led down to a thick strong butt which was perhaps as equally muscular as the rest of his body. His butt cheeks flexed one after another as he took his steps.She heard him shuffling through his bag and then heard it zip close. He turned around and she saw a condom in his hand. She shivered at the sight. At last it was happening. Something she so desperately tried to avoid. In spite of years of her husband's absence, she had maintained her fidelity and the sanctity of her marriage. She was proud of not straying where as some of her friends had, intentionally or in the heat of the moment. She too thought this was just a spur of the moment thing and tried to calm her jittery nerves. She tried hard to get the thoughts of her husband, her marriage and everything else that was dear to her out of her head.The naked black man with a monster cock pushed away any thoughts that came to her mind. The bed creaked as Vishwa crawled on it and soon his body was above hers. His large frame completely enveloped her petite body.Vishwa knew that she was completely under his control but he still couldn't take things for granted. He gently kissed her, trying to make the kiss as passionate as he could so to wash away any last minute jitters she could have. He just didn't want to ruin what he had finally earned.As his thick chocolate brown lips munched on hers, she slowly slid back into the erotic trance, waiting for her new found lover to take her to new highs of erotic pleasure. Vishwa was so engrossed in kissing this beautiful woman under him that he almost forgot the task at hand.Somehow, with great effort, he managed to break apart from her loving embrace. He sat up between her legs, his cock pointing straight at her face. She too raised herself on her elbows to see and was mighty impressed with what she saw.Sitting up straight, Vishwa' body looked really awe inspiring. Broad shoulders, chiselled chest, 3 pairs of washboard abs and a long thick cock. This is indeed the best sight she had seen in her relatively short life.He tore open the cover with his tooth and picked out the condom. This is it, Ashwathi thought as she saw him place the condom on the tip of his cock. He stopped, looked at her and smiled."Why don't you help me put it on." He said.Gingerly Ashwathi reached out and held the tip of the condom with two of her fingers, and started pulling its base down his length. The condom snuggly fit onto his cock and he was now geared up.Pushing her back on the bed, he raised her legs and placed them on his thighs, giving him room to move further in between her legs. His thick cock brushed against her pussy lips making her shiver and moan. He continued his tease, rubbing up and down her slit.Ashwathi had her eyes closed and sighed in pleasure. But just then she moaned and her eyes popped open. She sat back up and saw the tip of his cock had pushed inside her. A truly magnificent sight indeed; she had finally been taken by another man. She had crossed the threshold of the sanctity of her marriage. She had not followed the God's word but had chosen the path of the devil.She gasped and threw her head back as he pushed another inch inside her and each subsequent inch evoked the same reaction till just a minute later she thought he was all in. She felt so because he was way past till where her husband reached and felt stuffed like never before.She opened her eyes and watched wide eyed in shock that he was only half way through. She was sure that if he moved any further, he would split her open and pull out her entrails. Vishwa too realised this was going to be the maximum he'd push inside her at least for the moment. He pulled out slowly and saw a thick coat of her juices sticking to his shaft. He then pushed back, albeit slowly just to make her used to his length and girth.---"Aaahh...Uhhh...Aaahhh..." Ashwathi moaned as he humped her. After taking a couple of minutes to set his pace and to make her used to him, he had picked up a notch. Her legs were on his shoulders which made him go a little deeper."Hmmpff...Huuhhh...Yeahhhh" He grunted as he ploughed into her soft, warm cunt.Her eyes were closed, head thrown back; her hands clutched the bed sheet as tightly as they could. She was experiencing pure bliss, a state of sexual nirvana. He pushed her legs behind his back and lowered down to clasp her engorged nipple between his lips.Beads of sweat pooled on his head and trickled down as his body shook rapidly. She kissed the top of his bald head as a loving acknowledgement of the pleasure and the experience he was giving her. He slowed down just a little to move up and kiss her returning the gesture.Vishwa slowed down just a bit to enjoy her wet mouth and the sloppy kiss. Their kisses were getting more and more passionate. From the reluctant kisser a while ago to a frantic kisser a few minutes ago, Ashwathi was now kissing him like he was a long lost lover she had finally found.He pulled up to pick up pace and that gave Ashwathi a chance to perk her head up to see below. She bellowed a moan seeing his thick cock piston in and out of her. What she also noticed was a Mangalsutra dangling and dancing from the hard thrusts her body was receiving.She was a married woman and was supposed to be faithful to just one man, her husband. But all that was irrelevant right now. Her husband was miles away waiting for a flight and she was here, in the arms of another man.Vishwa for a second thought about changing positions. He so wanted to turn her over and fuck her like a bitch which was almost instinctive to him. But every time that thought was quashed by just a glance at her.Her beautiful face, her expressive eyes which winced and grimaced from each stroke. The straight nose which crinkled with the wince, its nostril flaring every time she inhaled sharply. The beautiful pink lips which always enticed him for a kiss, the small chin. The beautiful auburn hair and the dash of vermilion on the parting of her hair. She was so feminine, so beautiful that all he wanted to do was look at her, kiss her and fuck her.Vishwa started fucking her harder, a change from the steady pace that was set. A few hard strokes inside her triggered the long awaited orgasm. She started moaning louder than she did, her body started shaking and shivering more than it did. Looking at her getting close, he hammered into her as hard as he could."Aaahaaaaa... Haaa...yeaaaaahhh..." Ashwathi screamed as the orgasm approached.Seeing his shy, reluctant lover suddenly turn vocal turned him on a little too much, triggering his own orgasm. He bucked and moved faster and deeper. A few strokes and she was off the edge. She screamed as loud as she could before it turned into a whimper. She arched her back, her eyes turned as the orgasm hit her. She shivered and bucked like a possessed woman.Seeing in her state, Vishwa couldn't control himself. A few hard thrusts later, he too grunted loudly, emptying his nuts in the condom. He collapsed on her, heaving and panting while she too cooed and moaned from the aftershocks of the orgasm. He nuzzled her neck, placed soft kisses on her cheek and then finally looked at her after which another deep, passionate kiss followed.Ashwathi just got a couple of hours of sleep after that exhausting session but after that she lay wide awake in her bed. Vishwa was next to her, hugging her from behind, spooning her. They both lay naked and had not bothered to dress after sex.She pondered what all this meant; for her life, for her marriage. She questioned her own morals and how she had fallen when she herself had many times proudly claimed that she was a staunch believer of monogamy.She thought of just leaving and going back to her room. All she had to do was to stay put inside all night and then simply check out of the hotel in the morning. But even if that did help her avoid cheating again, it definitely didn't wash away what she had already done.She didn't know how to react. On one hand she felt like crying, on the other hand she felt disgusted at her own self but there was a part of her, a part of her she tried to desperately supress that told her that she didn't have to regret or worry about anything. She had the most memorable night with this man. This was the first time she met him and perhaps she would never see him. This was a wild night that would be forgotten and there was absolutely no need for a confession.She slowly turned around, being careful not to wake him up. She was startled to see that he was wide awake. They didn't speak but simply kept looking at each other. Vishwa had been awake for a couple of minutes and had soon realised that she too was awake. He knew what was going through her mind and didn't bother to disturb her. He had bedded far too many women to know the process.He kept staring at her, deciding to make a move. Was she in the right frame of mind? Was she still reeling from the guilt? All these thoughts came to his mind but just looking at her beautiful face. The room was pitch dark and a ray of light from outside fell directly on the bed. They could clearly see each other in that light.He smiled and she could see his pearly white teeth, his radiant eyes. She smiled back. She felt him get closer to her, his hand snaking behind her to pull her close. She thought of resisting but finally relented.He pulled her close and they kissed with the same passion they displayed a couple of hours ago. He moved lower, placing a kiss every inch. He moved between her legs and she willingly spread them. He nuzzled her wet cunt and inhaled a deep breath, taking in her aroma.He drew his tongue out and flicked her clit. She jumped as he did that and he truly enjoyed her reaction which encouraged him to do it again. She jumped again and settled down with a sigh. He wasn't going to give her a break. He latched his mouth on her clit and sucked hard."Aaaiiii..." She screamed. He sucked on her swollen clit making her writhe in pleasure.He licked along the length of her aching cunt and repeated that action. Ashwathi whimpered and those whimpers turned in to long moans when he pushed his tongue inside her. She spread her legs and raised them allowing him more room. He swiftly pushed her legs against her body, raising her butt.He continued his frantic licking, lapping up her flowing juices.Ashwathi's kept her head firmly on the bed and her eyes shut. Her hands were clutching the bed sheet and all she did was moan. When she finally raised her head to peek, she saw his face buried in her pussy. Her hand slowly reached out and touched his head. He stopped and looked up, their eyes met for a moment. Even though her mouth did not convey her feelings, her eyes gave a tacit approval for Vishwa' actions. This shy wife was slowly but surely turning into a cheating hot-wife and Vishwa was loving it.Keeping his eyes locked with her, he continued to lick her, paying extra attention to her swollen clit. Ashwathi had shaven her pussy for her husband but right now, Vishwa' raspy tongue devoured it."Aaahhh...yeah...Fuck Me!!" Ashwathi moaned as her pleasure reached a crescendo. This was the first time a shy and well cultured Ashwathi had so openly used foul language. Even in bed she never used profanity and was submissive. She was surprised by herself that she was using such language. What was Vishwa doing to her?Vishwa needed no further invitation. He sat up and simply flipped her over, giving another demonstration of the great strength that he possessed. He propped her up on her fours and in just a few short seconds, was humping her from behind.Grabbing on to her fleshy ass and the gorgeous, curvy waist, Vishwa pounded away. He was fucking her faster, deeper and harder than the last time, trying to push her limits and to open her up with each thrust of his pelvis. The feel of her soft skin, her moist cunt was pure bliss. Her moans, grunts and whimpers were like a beautiful symphony.He noticed the tiny gold waist chain on her. It was an anniversary gift Raghav had given her a year ago. She had worn it for this special vacation. It was just another thing intended for the one person and being enjoyed by another.He grabbed her by the shoulder and started hammering her cunt. She wailed in pleasure; her eyes closed and her head pointing down at the bed. He pulled her up and hugged her from behind, not for a second changing the tempo of his stroking.That tight embrace and the kisses on her neck were so welcome to her. She turned her head towards him and they kissed. She grabbed his head from behind pulling him for a deeper kiss. He cupped her breasts in his hands and squeezed them, pulling her erect nipples with is thick fingers.That tingling feeling started growing her in stomach and she realised and orgasm was on its way. She was impaled on his cock and she could feel it slide inside her. She started shivering and screaming. Sensing her impending orgasm, Vishwa fucked her harder, making her screams reverberate through the dark room."Ohhhh... Gawwwdddd..." She screamed from the orgasm."Yeah...yeahhh...scream like that" Vishwa moaned seeing her cum."Yeahhh...Aaaaahhhh... Aaaaahhh..." Ashwathi moaned as she started feeling another orgasm build inside her.It had been a solid twenty minutes since he was fucking her. He had not slowed down for even a second and maintained a steady rhythm. Ashwathi wasn't used to this; she was used to being fucked for 10 minutes at most which her husband did on his best day and if he did pull that off, a second round was out of the question. But right now she had been fucked for a second time in a matter of hours and the session was tiringly long. Even though she was exhausted, she admired her lover's stamina and hoped he'd continue ravishing her aching body longer.The bed creaked violently and added to that, both of them screamed, moaned and grunted. She was sure that their loud love making would be giving their neighbours a sleepless night or perhaps encourage them to build up their own passion.'Phaat' rang the loud slap through the room. Vishwa had just spanked her with his flat hand. The slap stung her and she moaned but did not stop him.Encouraged, he spanked her again evoking another sharp moan from her. Her jiggling ass was so mesmerising that he just couldn't stop himself. He slapped and slapped, increasing the force with each subsequent one and Ashwathi did nothing but moan louder and louder with each slap."You like that...huhhh..." He grunted."Hmmmmmm..." She whimpered."Say ittttt..." He yelled before slapping her ass really hard."Aaaaaahhhh...Yesssss... Yesssss...I loveeee itttttt...Aaaaahh..." Ashwathi screamed acknowledging for the first time in words how much she was loving all this. Hearing her cum noisily, stirred his balls. HE could feel the jizz rising inside his balls.She was well on her way to be the obedient slut he wished her to be. Her loud moans were just an acceptance of the fact that he owned her at that moment. Ashwathi's thoughts were clouded, all she could think of the unimaginable pleasure this man was giving her; something she had never witnessed, something she had so inertly craved all these years.And with the last tight slap on her ass, she came. She wailed, her scream muffled by the pillow in which she had dug her face. Her hands clutched the bed sheet as tightly as they could. Her body shivered with the same intensity and fervour as it did for the first orgasm."Aaaaaahh... Fuckkkkk... Jaaaammmessss..." She screamed his name as the orgasm swept over her. She collapsed on the bed while Vishwa continued fucking her as hard, though he too was close to finishing.Vishwa had held on valiantly for his woman but now watching her scream his name while her body shuddered, made his dam burst too. The urgency of his orgasm was so intense that he never had the chance to pull out."Aarrrrgghhhhhhh..." He groaned as he collapsed on her, burying his cock deep inside her. His seed gushed from his balls and straight into her waiting womb. Even though she was in a state of sexual nirvana, Ashwathi could clearly feel her pussy stretched and being filled up by his gushing jizz. Instead of feeling alarmed, she quietly resigned with a smile as she felt ropes after ropes of this thick cum spilling out of his cock and into her pussy.His large body covered her tiny, naked frame. He parted her sweat soaked hair and buried his head in her neck and kissed it as lovingly as he could, in stark contrast to the relentless and savage fucking he had just given her. Their wet bodies embraced each other as they stayed still and silent, only hearing each other's thumping heart beats and heavy breaths. She cooed as she felt his limp cock stroking her spasming pussy.Is this a dream? Ashwathi thought, hoping that if it was, it never ends. Vishwa too had a similar thought. He had never thought that he'd end up bedding this very shy, fiercely conservative woman. Her reluctance, her fear and her amazing body had drawn him to her.He had fought her inhibitions, wrestled with her morals and broken down the walls of fidelity just to enjoy the bounties of her naked body. And by god had he enjoyed them. He knew he had a few days in hand till her husband arrived and resolved quietly to make the best of them.He slid off her and laid down on next to her. She slid in to his arms, resting her head on his chest. Her hands caressed his flat stomach, his rippled chest while his large hand slowly ran though her hair and caressed her smooth back.Her eyes fixed on his glistening cock and she was tempted. She slid down popped his cock inside her mouth. As she sucked him, she tasted what was heady mix of their combined juices. She smiled to herself, making a note of how much she had changed in a matter of hours. What seemed impossible had just become a reality.After sucking his cock clean, she laid her head back on his chest. She glanced at the clock on the wall; it was dawn. A hint of sun light was creeping inside the room, the birds were chirping and she realised that she had just pulled off an all-night romp with her new found lover. Just another addition to the long list of her newly formed 'first time' list.She realised that his hand had stopped moving and looked up to him. He was deep asleep. She smiled knowing well he needed the much deserved rest after putting up a performance of a lifetime. She moved up to him and gently kissed his lips before embracing him tightly and drifting into a deep sleep.
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