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Digital Prostate Exam ? Really? ? Follow-up Visit

Post #1

Digital Prostate Exam ? Really? ? Follow-up VisitThis story is a work of fiction, it NEVER happened. This is chapter two so if you have not read chapter one you should start there ( This series began when I read a story here on XH about a woman going to her gynecologist and ending up in a sexual event. The story has since been deleted so there is no way to send you there. Many men, me included, have no clue what goes on in a woman?s exam but many of us wonder if the doctor may get a bit ?handsy?. So I got to thinking what would it be like if the roles were reversed. So I am writing this little tale about a woman doctor examining a male patient in a very intimate way.I left Dr. Kim?s office completely drained from the ass fucking she had given me and the mind blowing orgasm I had as the result of her machine. Dr. Kim had Stacey come in when she finished the ?massage treatment? to help me get ready to leave. As I walked towards my car I was reminded of the fact that when Stacey came in she asked me to bend over the table again but I did not need to put my knees on the supports.She carefully wiped my ass clean of the lubricant that felt slimy on my ass. Then she said, ?I am going to insert something to help with the seepage of the lubricant, you should keep this in place until later today.? I felt her left had spread my cheeks apart and then something slid into my ass that felt dry yet soft. ?This is simply a tampon and it will absorb the gel, later today you can tug on the string to pull it out. That does it you can get dressed and we will set you up with your next appointment.? She did not linger but left through the door to the small room where my clothes were. It felt odd to have something stuffed in my ass but then I did have concerns that the amount of lube used may cause some problems. I returned to work and the rest of the day I could feel the tampon in my ass. At first I found it annoying but then as the day wore on it made me feel confident that I?d not be making a mess with the gel that had felt like it was oozing down my legs as Dr. Kim had left me waiting for Stacey.I was late leaving work and got home about 7:00 PM and went to the bathroom where I stripped off my clothes and wanted a shower. Stacey had told me to remove the tampon later in the day but now that I had gotten used to the feeling of it in my ass I stepped into the shower leaving it in place. As I soaped up my mind went to today?s exam and my cock sprang to a full erection. I began stroking it with my soapy hand and as I neared my orgasm I could feel the tampon lodged in my ass as I clenched my pelvic muscles. With my free hand I reached around and found the string and as I tugged on the string and it seemed stuck inside of me. I was aware of the fact that a tampon expands as it absorbs moisture so knew I would need to give it a tug to remove it. As I pulled on the string it reminded me of Dr. Kim humping me just before I let go.I bent forward spanking my cock with my soapy hand and gently tugged on the string so the tampon would provide the stimulation that I now found pleasurable. As I tugged it one last time it started pulling out and I shot 5 or 6 strong ropes of cum onto the shower floor and with the tampon out my ass it felt as if something was missing.The warm water cascaded down the crack of my ass and I was sure it was flooding into my ass. My spent cock slid from my hand and I was shocked to see so much cum and at that moment was convinced that Dr. Kim?s treatment was working with one session. I ran my fingers over my ass and was shocked to feel it wide open and then looked down to see the tampon swollen from soaking up water on the shower floor.?But was it that large in my ass?? I wondered. I stood and finished my shower and as I stepped out to dry off I saw my reflection in the mirror. I knew it was my imagination but it seemed that my short little cock was suddenly larger and I wondered if the treatment would make me larger. My mind was filled with the possibilities as I dried and dressed in my lounge clothes and settled into an evening of thoughts of the day.I drifted off to sleep long before time to call it a day. My body was simply worn out from the treatment and the mind blowing orgasms I had today. I dreamed of the treatment in small bits and pieces. I woke with a start at 3:00 AM with the feeling of complete vulnerability as I dreamt of the exam table holding me in place as Dr. Kim penetrated my ass. In the dream it was as if I was floating above my body and watching my legs spread wide as a naked woman penetrated me with a strap-on.There was this image in my dream that had nothing to do with Dr. Kim?s treatment. It was a woman wearing a strap-on that was pearly pink color and the tip of the dildo was uncut with veins all around. She was holding it by the base and the bright orange straps holding it to her slender body held the device in a perfectly natural position as if it was a real cock in her hand. I had watched several porn videos before falling asleep but I didn?t remember this vivid image being part of one of them. There was this desire in my mind to touch the fake cock. I felt sick to my stomach, ?why would I want to touch it?? I mumbled in my foggy half asleep state.My cock was hard and my hand went to it and I began stroking it slowly bringing myself the pleasure I now craved. Before the exam I would jerk off a couple times a week, and now I was jerking off a third time in a single 24 hour period. But as I jerked on my throbbing cock nothing seemed to happen. I was stiff and my cut tip bulged begging to release a load of cum. Yet something was missing. I logged onto my computer again barely able to see the keys in the semi-darkness. I logged onto a porn site and searched for an erotic video that would bring me off. Perhaps I could find the image of the young woman with the bright orange straps holding the uncut fake cock. I wondered if I saw it that my cock would respond to my hand. But nothing worked.I lay in the darkness with an erection that would not go away and no amount of porn helped me get off. Then I realized three times in a 24 hour period was the stuff of a teenager so I tried to sleep hoping all would be better in the morning. Erections seem to fade as I would relax and yes during most deep sleep cycles they would return. But now I was fully erect and there was this desire for sex but my mind was not clear just what sex I was yearning for.I had a fitful night?s sleep and woke early, un-rested, and an erection that again was throbbing and begging me to take action. I grabbed the lube and tried but to no avail and finally took another shower hoping the cold water would make it go away. The cold water helped but as I dressed for work my erection throbbed and was barely hidden in my trousers.I tried my best all day to keep my mind off the erection that would seem to fade as if going away. But the moment the thought of the treatment yesterday or the vivid image in my dream popped into my head my cock would harden again. Later in the afternoon I couldn?t take it any longer and was determined to resolve this issue. I grabbed my cell phone and went outdoors and called Dr. Kim?s office. ?Hello, Stacey speaking,? the sweet nurse?s voice said, ?How may I help you??I identified myself and asked to speak to the doctor. ?I?m sorry Larry, she is with a patient and booked solid today, but I can speak to her between patients if you can tell me what you need.?I hesitated and then just blurted out, ?something is terribly wrong, I have this erection that just won?t go away and nothing seems to work like it should.??May I ask, when did you pull the tampon out?? she asked without a hint of embarrassment.?Not until about 7:00 PM, is that a problem?? I asked.?Well it might be part of the problem. We do medicate those a bit to enhance your erectile function just in case the massage caused a temporary loss of that function. Were you able to ejaculate while removing it?? I was amazed at how easy these questions rolled off her tongue, it seemed so personal to me and it was as if she was asking if I took a bandage off an injury to check it.Again I hesitated and Stacey said, ?You should not be embarrassed, this is a bodily function and manually stimulating your penis is as normal as any other thing you do for your personal health.??Well yes I did, during my shower and then the erection came back in a few hours and nothing I tried made it go away.? I said.?So how is it now, are you still erect?? She asked.?Yes, I am desperate, can I come in for another treatment, you know the massage?? I asked.?Is this a cell phone, I want to talk to Dr. Kim and call you back but don?t want some other worker to answer.??Yes, yes, it is my cell, I really need some help,? I begged.?I will call you back in a bit, hang in there Larry, we will get you some relief.? Stacey said and hung up.The minutes dragged on as I checked my phone every minute or so thinking it was not working. In about 30 minutes my phone dinged with a text and it was from Stacey and read, ?Dr. Kim, as I suspected, said the delay in removing the tampon and the fact that you were in the shower may have washed the medication deep in your colon and caused an increase in the effectiveness of the medication. This is completely normal and the effects will wear off in a day or so. She of course said that in most cases the effects will wear off quicker the more you can ejaculate.?I texted back that I was desperate, ?what about another treatment??She replied in about a minute or two with a picture of herself wearing a strap-on and text that said, ?Dr. Kim can only treat you every 6 months, but if you would like me to give you a treatment you could come to my apartment this evening and I know that we can get things corrected for you. I have helped several of her patients that need treatments more often and I do it as a free service since it is not specifically a medical treatment.?The image was obviously a selfie with her wearing a strap-on similar to the one that Dr. Kim wore. Her black shirt revealed more of her boobs than her scrubs did and just like in the office she was more than arousing to me. My cock had been hard nearly since I left their office and ached for a release and I was willing to try anything. So I returned the text, ?What time and where and I will be there.?She returned the text immediately, ?7:00 PM, 700 West First Street, apartment 12. Wear some loose fitting shorts and a t-shirt. Plan to spend the night because you may need several treatments. See you then.?It was nearly quitting time and since I had banked some hours I took off and raced home. I showered with my erection pointing straight up and swore it looked longer but knew it was probably because I had been hard so long. I was on pins and needles for the two hours it took to have the time roll around. I nearly backed out twice thinking if I waited several days things would return to normal. But then I remembered the treatment and the huge orgasm I had that was enough to leave me weak. And then the one in the shower was better than most I had ever experienced so there was this strong desire to follow through. The image in my dream returned to my mind and I opened my phone and looked at the image Stacey had sent. I wanted another treatment!As I drove to her apartment I wondered if it was the orgasm I wanted or was it that I wanted a woman to penetrate my ass again. ?Is it possible I want to be dominated?? I said out loud to myself as I was driving. The shower orgasm had been at my hand and tripped off with the tampon in my ass. I didn?t care, Stacey was willing and so was I.She opened the door before I had tapped twice and escorted me into her small apartment. ?Larry I am so sorry you are having problems but I can assure you that many of our patients find that the treatments do provide a heightened sense of sexuality that they may have never experienced in their life.? Stacey said as she led me to what must have been a bedroom before she moved into the apartment.It had an old fashioned exam table that had stirrups used in gynecologic exams. I noticed there were couple homemade knee supports. ?I don?t have Dr. Kim?s machine but I have had a great deal of success with guys in your situation. Do you want me to leave while you disrobe???Well uh, no I guess, shirt too? I stammered.?Yes please,? she said as she pulled off her top and dropped her short skirt and the strap-on sprang into view. Her soft white thong held the cock in place and I could see the molded in balls between her leg openings. The thin fabric stretched over the cock and my eyes were locked on the erotic image. ?I love wearing this thing, I almost forget it is not real at times. This one doesn?t vibrate but I can get the same results as Dr. Kim can.? She said as she watched me pull my shirt off and then drop my shorts. ?Oh my, you are erect,? she said as she stepped up to me and stroked my cock. ?You aren?t in any pain but just needing a release, is that correct?? she asked.The touch of her soft hand without a glove, brought immediate pleasure as I looked down at the dildo in her thin white panties. The delicate lace waist elastic and the feminine cut of the panties was in sharp contrast to the device that I craved in the worst way. I watched Stacey?s soft hand glide over my inflamed cock yet my eyes never left the cock in her panties.?Would you like to see it?? she asked as she used her free hand to peel the panty back from the cock pointing up at me. It was a light flesh color that matched her skin tone and I could see the cut tip with its slit looking at me. Stacey let go of my cock and pulled the thong down fully revealing the device that I now wanted inside of me.?Touch it Larry, run your hand up and down my cock. Notice this one has no straps, it is inserted inside of me so when you touch it you are touching me in a pleasurable way.? She said as she took hold of my cock again. I reached out and felt my hands close around the erect cock. It warmed immediately to my touch and as stiff as it felt it moved as I ran my hand down and felt the bulge of the molded balls. Stacey moaned, ?Yes that?s it Larry, cup my balls and press up and you will push it deeper inside of me. It rubs on my clit which drives me wild.?I did as she instructed and she moaned again. Her free hand went to my arm for balance as she parted her legs a bit. The cock hung between her legs as if it was a real cock and she arched her back and rolled her hips and the cock moved in my hand. ?Would you like to lube it up before we begin?? she asked.She didn?t wait for a reply as she reached for a bottle and squirted a clear liquid onto the cock and my hand. I slicked it on the cock and it felt like I was stroking my own cock, only in reverse. I wondered why this didn?t seem perverted. I was loving the feel of that cock in my hands and knew she was pleasured as well. I had never considered myself gay or bisexual nor did I ever have a curiosity about either sexual practice. But now my hand was stroking something that was a replica of a cock and wanting to feel it in my ass.I watched her hand on my cock and she pushed my hand off her cock and she grabbed her cock and mine in her hand and began thrusting the two of them together. I had never felt anything like it, her hand was slick with the lube and the feeling of her cock tip rubbing against the underside of mine brought a few droplets of clear liquid out of my slit.?That is a good signal,? Stacey said, ?I think we will have some success with this first treatment.? Stacey let go of our cocks and led me to the table. ?Now this is nothing like the table at the office so let me get you ready,? she said and I placed my knees on the padded supports and lowered myself onto my stomach.?I wish I had the cuffs we have at the office but instead I have these padded cuffs that help you hold onto the table.? Stacey opened the wide leather cuffs that were lined with padding and clipped the catches shut. They were attached to the side of the table and she tightened them pulling my cock against the edge of the table.I felt very vulnerable again. There was no way for me to get off the table without her helping me. My cock was uncomfortable against the edge of the table but I knew that Stacey had done this before so waited for her to finish her preparations. She walked behind me and I looked up but there was no mirror this time. Soft hands reached between my legs and pulled my cock straight down. There was no stroking this time but I felt my cock slide into a wet soft sleeve, heard the click of a switch, and felt gentle suction on my cock.?This is a penis pump that is used for men with ED, but it works well for this treatment as well,? Stacey said as the pump pulled at my cock. ?Okay Larry, are you ready?? she asked.I nodded my head, ?Yes, please.? And I felt a soft warm hand on my ass and then a slick warm cock pressed against my ass. It felt completely different from the office, there was a softness to the tip as it penetrated me and a warmth that seemed beyond what I felt when I stroked her plastic cock a few minutes before. The penetration was slow but deliberate and I felt the tip brush past my prostate and much to my relief I felt my prostate jerk and shoot a stream out of my cock.?Okay,? Stacey said, ?We have full penetration so now the treatment can begin. Remember to relax and allow for complete penetration.? I felt two hands on my hips and the withdrawal and the first hard thrust into me. Just like in the office it nearly knocked the breath out of me. The thrusting seemed stronger than Dr. Kim?s but unlike her thrusts these came at an angle to my ass that was perfectly aimed. Each thrust in brought another shot of liquid out of my prostate.?Those ejaculations are an automatic response Larry, we need to continue until you have a full blown orgasm. Do you feel like you are reaching that point?? She asked.?No, but don?t stop, oh wow, that feels so good when you are all the way in me,? I said as the thrusting continued at a faster pace. Then I heard a groan that did not sound like it came from Stacey but then I had not heard her beyond my minor manipulation of her cock a few minutes ago. The thrusting became harder and faster and then I felt her push all the way in me and I felt what seemed like extra warmth deep inside of me.It was accompanied by humping against my ass and the device seemed to jerk and bulge inside of me. The groan came again and yet my cock did not respond like it did with Dr. Kim. Suddenly Stacey was beside me with her cock pointing at my face, ?Suck it Larry, suck my cock and you will cum like you never have,? Stacey said and pressed the fake cock into my mouth.I became rigid, there was still a cock in my ass and yet she was here feeding her dildo into my mouth. The thrusting started again and there was a noticeable squishing sound as the device continued to plunge into my ass. A bright light flashed in the room and as Stacey pushed her cock into my throat I felt a cramp deep inside of me and my cock exploded in the sleeve and shot rope after rope of cum into the sleeve. I swallowed on Stacey?s cock and loved the feeling of it in my mouth as I looked at her smoothly shaved skin above the cock.I had no idea who or what was in my ass but I loved the thrusting that continued as I preformed what can only be described as a blow job on her fake cock. As my cock finished spurting I pulled my mouth off her cock to get my breath and I felt the object in my ass pull out of me. The hands on my hip reached below and pulled the sleeve off and then it felt like lips on my cock. I looked up at Stacey with a questioning look.?Larry as soon as Kendra has sucked all the cum out of your cock I will release you and let you meet her.? Stacey said. The feeling of her lips on my cock was far better than the sleeve and I felt a few faint contractions of my prostate and then my spent cock hung limp as Kendra stood.Stacey released the cuffs and helped me up and as I turned she introduced me, ?Larry this is Kendra, she is my lover.? Standing just a couple feet away was a woman my height with full breasts, feminine facial features and a real cock hanging between her legs. She was holding a tablet and handed it to me. ?I thought you might enjoy the view.? She said and smiled affectionately. On the screen was an image that was taken while she was fucking my ass, now I understood the flash of light. As I looked at the picture I felt my cock stiffen as if I hadn?t just experienced a strong orgasm.Stacey noticed it and said, ?My turn, but I want you on your back Larry, I am going to give you the ultimate hand job.? Her hand went to her strap-on and she stroked it as Kendra helped me lie onto the exam table. She pulled out a set of stirrups and positioned my feet in them. Then she raised the table from the waist up bringing me to a reclined position instead of lying flat. I had this sudden rush of an emotion of submission and vulnerability return as did my throbbing erection. It had not been but a few minutes since my cock spewed a load into the penis pump and now I watched as Stacey moved between my feet held captive in the chrome stirrups.She smiled at me as she slid the rubbery cock against my cock and pressed forward, ?I love this position,? she said as she again held my cock against her fake one and thrust a few times. ?I find that there is a certain power in a cock, it can cause pain if used wrong or extreme pleasure when used properly. The very shape of it,? she said as she compared the size of the tip of her dildo with mine, ?is so erotic. Men never really appreciate their cocks until they feel one penetrating them.?And with this she bent slightly at the waist and directed the slippery tip to my now well used ass. ?I love watching you penetrate a man?s ass,? Kendra said as she ran her hand down my thigh. ?Concentrate on the tip as it penetrates you Larry, can you feel your ass close around the shaft?? She asked as ran her hand down and cupped my balls pulling them up and aside, ?Watch this Larry,? Kendra said, ?watch how she slowly penetrates you, Stacey is so good at this, I?ll bet if you would close your eyes you?d swear it was my cock penetrating you. She has a real gift.?I did as she said and watched the dildo penetrate my ass. I marveled how it stretched out to accommodate the bulbous tip and then just as Kendra said it closed around the shaft. ?I love this part,? Stacey said, ?the pressure of the strap-on against my clit is beyond description and then when I pull out like this the wand inside of me hits my G-spot and sometimes I just have to stop a moment.? But she didn?t this time, instead she pulled almost all the way out and then thrust back in passing my prostate causing a spurt of clear liquid to seep out of my cock.?We need some lube now,? Stacey said to Kendra, ?I promised him the best hand job in the world and I am anxious to bring him off.?Kendra smeared some lube on me and Stacey took over with her hand wrapped around my cock. She began slowly stroking me with her thumb running up the underside of my tip and over my slit with each pass. She timed the stroke with her thrusts into my ass so that her thumb on my tip was in perfect unison to the strap-on hitting my prostate. My breathing became ragged as I watched the strap-on sliding in and out of me. It was like watching a porn video with the rubbery cock sliding into me and as she pulled out my ass would pull with it. He dildo was covered in the cum Kendra had left adding to the garish erotic scene.With each thrust and stroke I got closer to another orgasm and just when it seemed I was there she would pause, her eyes locked on mine and then she would begin again. ?I love a long slow fuck, I won?t let you cum until I do and I?m not even close. Kendra stepped behind Stacey and I saw her reach down and realized she was lining up to penetrate Stacey, which hole I had not clue. The three of us rocked for what seemed like hours before I felt Stacey shudder and she thrust deep inside of me and humped hard against my cock and balls while her hand held my tip in a vice grip. I felt the cramp deep inside as I heard her moan out loud and my cock exploded. At this angle it was pointed right at my face and I took the full load on my face and in my mouth as I groaned with the pleasure of this intimate intercourse.Kendra pounded Stacey hard from behind and when she felt her orgasm hit she pulled out, stepped to my side. I knew a that instant that Stacey had moved to my side to show me the way I should help finish Kendra. She pointed her hard cock at my face and shot most of her cum into my open mouth. Then I felt her cock between my lips and without hesitation I sucked her into my mouth and felt her final spurts coat my tongue and throat. She moaned with each pass of my tongue and then pulled out saying, ?too sensitive Larry, you need to learn to suck cock, perhaps we can teach you.?
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