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Part 8, Kristy cums 5, Pinky in the end.

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Part 8, Kristy cums 5, Pinky in the end.Part 8Okay, things got a bit more crazy with the update on the virus. It started with my wife who was still having sex with Ron and Greg. She was telling me all about what was amazing for her, even bring both men in at the same time. She sent me a video of both guys fucking her at the same time. Ron who is the anal guy fucked her ass so good that she was gushing at the end of it. Greg tore up her pussy, making sure that he was dripping his cum out of her. The last minutes of the video, she told Ron to fuck her pussy. Ron's deal was her ass only, but she begged his bigger cock to feed her need. I could hear Greg telling him to do it. And then Ron shoved his big ass cock into her pussy and came within moments of the fucking. Then Greg moved the phone closer to see how much cum was coming out of my wife's pussy. I admit I was getting hard from it but concern fell on me. My wife was a long shot to get pregnant but there was still the chance. Both guys going all raw on her, it was hot but again it something I wanted with her now. She kissed the phone and that was it. This was all I had for a few days, as Kristy aka sourpuss and Pinky were working long shifts. When they were done, its was not fun time but sleep time for them. So I spent a few days using my wife's videos to get off, and I know it was not the same as a really pussy to fuck. Then I got news from her that she tested positive for the virus, along with the guys. Oh great scott I thought. I knew she would be find, but being stuck in the room would drive her nuts. So the messages were going to be talk, and phone sex. Now it was two weeks since the ladies came around, in part to be safe and cause they were tired as hell. Then on a Saturday morning, there was a knock at the door. I opened it up to see Kristy. She was in a dress at 6am...and flip flops. I let her in, watching her take her flops off. Kristy then started walking towards the bedroom, and slipping out of her dress. She was naked and telling me to come with her. My mouth was watering and I was up on her like gum to a table. She told me that quarantine was like hell for her. She was stuck at work and then home, with no breaks. She was not sick but she had to follow the rules for the two weeks, as some staff got the virus. I stripped down and joined her in the bedroom. Kristy bent herself over the edge of the bed, and spread her legs. I moved in, rubbing her pussy and checking her ass. Kristy started with a soft voice of how her ass has been in need of a cream filling. I took my finger to play with her ass, getting it ready for my cock. Her pussy was wet but I went for some lub nearby. I aplied it to my cock and worked some in her ass hole. Kristy shifted when I touched her hole, since it was a bit cold. I slide my cock in, slowly. Kristy felt it and told me to push it all in. ?Shove it all in, its been two weeks since I have had sex, all I have been thinking about is your cock and how much I want you to fuck me?, said a very demanding Kristy now. I pushed my cock all in. I hit her ass hole several long drawn out thrusts before I was hitting her fast. It had been two weeks since my cock was in an ass and pussy. It showed as I turned into the guy who fucked her so fast and hard, that my cock was already loading up her ass with cum. I pulled out to her pushing the cum out and telling me that I was not done yet. Kristy was in control, telling me to climb on the bed. I did as she told me and spread my body out. Kristy climbed on me, taking her mouth to my cock. She took all of my cock in her mouth, putting her face on my hair patch. She gagged on me, then worked her self up and down with her mouth. Kristy had her fill and pulled my cock out of her mouth. She crawled up on my body. She kissed my stomach, then my chest, and even my nipples. She licked them around, teasing on sucking them. But she was not finished. Her body moved up to my face. Kristy moved her pussy up onto my face and told me to suck it baby. Her pussy was wet, but it was making my mouth really wet. I held her hips as I tongue deep in her. The taste of her pussy was making me crave it more. I worked her pussy, making her cum deep into my mouth. Kristy didn't let up, just a bit of breathing room. She wanted more of my mouth and she got it. She rode my face for another orgasm. She got closer, she rode my face hard, just the way I will fuck her. This time, she was moaning more, and it was a loud moans. Kristy finished me off with a nice loud moan as she fed my mouth with her juices. She climbed off me and laid next to me. We laid there for a what felt like a long time but was really like five minutes. My cock was hard but not super hard, but my mind was sharp about fucking Kristy's pussy. I put my hand on my cock, stroking it, making it ready for her. Kristy took her hands to her pussy, doing the same. She started telling me that her soaking wet pussy was throbbing for the cock. She was telling me that her pussy was so ready for the phat cock to fuck her wet pussy. She was telling me that she wanted me to cum in her. She was telling me more as I climbed onto of her. I moved her legs up and onto my chest. I slide my dick in her wet pussy. Kristy rolls her eyes a bit as my cock moves in and out of her. The more I thrust, the hotter I feel. Soon I find myself taking her one foot and sucking on her toes. Kristy looks at me while I suck her big toe., she tells me that its a first for her. She never had her feet played with before me, and how it feels so naughty for me to suck her dirty toes. But my mind is not lost on fucking her pussy. She shifts to talk a bit dirty about her feet and me. Yes it turns me on more, and yes I find my fucking her faster. But enough feet play, I push her legs back to the side and climb on top of her. She shifts to lay down and wrap her legs around me. Kristy kisses my lips. She entices me to fuck her faster. It works as my cock is thrusting faster into her pussy. She talks about how it will feel so good for me to cum deep in her pussy. She kisses me more, whispering more naughty words. It makes the sex hot, and lost in lust. Kristy continues to whisper into my ears, telling me more about the cock that is making her so horny for. The one she as had to wait two weeks to feel in her pussy. She whispers that she played with herself at work, thinking about right now. She whispers that many times she was nearly caught fingering her pussy. She tells me during that time, Pinky came in on her one very late night, and how they played together. Kristy whispers that they both were saying my name as they came together, How amazing it was to see how they each showed their juices for each other, how they licked each others pussy. Kristy then said they both wanted to fuck me so bad. Her talking had me so excited that I was thrusting to the point of cumming. I felt the urge to cum but I was already letting it slowly leak out. I stopped. My cock held firm in her pussy, and she held me tight. My cock was cumming in her. I felt it easing the cum out. It was the first time since a woman I fucked along time ago. It felt so good to just cum in Kristy without having to thrust it out. I hit my high while laying onto of her. Kristy had hit peak the moment I was leaking out, and she was holding me tight for a bit after I came. Then she whispered in my left ear; that she was in heaven right now, that it was so worth the wait, and that she was so hot right now. We laid there for a few minutes, just embraced in the missionary position. I could feel her pussy milking me, and my cock felt strong for a while longer then normal. As I climbed off her, Kristy pulled me back in. She didn't ask me to fuck her again, just to lay like have for a bit long. She whispered that her pussy felt so good right now, that my cock was so amazing in her pussy, and she was not wanting this to end. I laid back down on her and we spent the time talking about stuff. Yes I laid on top of Kristy, cock still inside her pussy for a good soild twenty more minutes, maybe longer. It was not normal sex, and my cock felt like it was pulsating in her pussy, like it was still pushing out cum. Several times as we shift a bit around, our pussy and cock felt like it was attached to each other. Her pussy would hold me, while my cock felt like it was lubing up her pussy. I have been with woman who after sex dry up and two that pussy was wet for a while. But it felt more then both things and felt like this thing we had was evolving more then I wanted. Of course my thoughts in my head run crazy when I am still too long. We had reached the point of laying together got old per say... I started to pull out of her pussy when my cock felt a surge of getting hard. Kristy smiled as she said ?Oh someone wants to cum again? I pulled out of her pussy, to see her pussy was just oozing out juices, and my cock was layed in cum. Kristy smiled from the view of my cock. ?Are you sure you don't want to stick that dick back in and fuck my pussy again. This time I didn't think, I was back in her pussy. This time I was slamming her pussy hard and a****l. This time Kristy had her legs spread and then pulled back to her head. This time she was not whispering naughty words. This time she was telling me to fuck her pussy. To give her pussy a good deep load of my cum. She was talking not naughty or dirty but demanding of her pussy being fucked hard, and to make her moan so loud. And she did do the moaning loud. I was not thinking at all as I fucked her. But I was making my own moans. Fucking her pussy this time was not different but not the same. She was cum filed but I was fucking her like she had none in her pussy. She was craving me to fill her up and I was feeling like I had no choice but to fill her pussy up again. I lost all emotions in the sex and was on instincts mode. We fucked for a good time, shaking the bed like an earthquake, and moaning like no one lived above me. Then she came, with me right on top of her. This time I didn't stop to ease my cock, I was thrusting until I was already cumming in her. I only stop to push myself into her pussy and waited for me to stop cumming. Kristy didn't hold me, but held tight to the sheets and pillows. She and I were both sweaty now, and the room felt like a sauna. Like before, I didn't pull out so quickly, but held my cock close to her pussy lips. I felt her pussy still pulling my cock and taking the cum. I leaned back, pulling my cock out and sat on my butt. Kristy put her legs down and kept them spread. I watched her pussy wide open pussy my cum out, making a very hot creampie. She rubbed her pussy lips. It got so hot, I got up to turn on the fan to full blast. This would be the end of this part, but Kristy fell asleep shortly after the sex. I was not going to wake her up or doing anything but let her rest. I will admit the sex was amazing and I did too felt a bit tired. A few hours later, I woke up to a wet dream, well it was a dream that was real. Kristy had gotten up and made her way to me. I fell asleep naked, and she was waking me up with a blowjob. I dreamed about the blowjob, so waking up to her doing it was dream cum true. I wanted her to finish but instead asked her to stop. She gave me a frown face, but I had good reason. Both of us had not eating...and if we were going to fuck me; we need a recharge. Kristy took the lead and started making food while I checked my phone. Nothing big, but I saw a message from Pinky. I looked at it quick, nothing much then letting me know that she was good and wanted to see me soon. Kristy made some grilled cheeses and brought some drinks to the couch. We ate up the food and drank the drinks up. About an hour later, she was back onto of my cock, sucking it. That didn't last long, either. Kristy turned around on the couch and I was sliding my cock back into her pussy doggie style. This time was not like the last. Kristy was more about it being fast sex, and her words were a bit naughty but demanding. It made for a porn like sex. But unlike the last time, when I was feeling the cock ready to cum, I pulled out and shot my load on her ass. I used some of it to lube her ass hole. Kristy after I did my thing, she was asking me to cum in her next time, that she is craving my cock and cum deep in her pussy. She didn't say not her ass being fucked but then she loved her ass being fucked. But my cock also loved her ass and didn't wait long to fill it up with cum. This time I pulled out and sat back as she climbed top of me. I whispered that I might need to recharge a bit. Kristy whispered that if it takes a while to cum, she will fuck me that long. Yes it took a bit of time before she was pleased with a cock that came deep in her pussy. She rode me hard at first, talking dirty to me. She then slowed down a bits, whispering sweet sexy things. All this got me hot for her, and horny but my cock cums when it wants too. The time it was ready, my phone was ringing, and it was the wife. While feeling the cock getting ready to cum, Kristy whispered to pick it up and talk to her. She had the right idea, talking to the wife while fucking another woman is hot, naughty and the mix will be a huge turn on. I picked it up. My wife talked first, telling me about how crazy its been with her. Kristy didn't hear much but my responds, and whispered to turn on speaker phone. My face was like hell no. Kristy did it anyway and she could hear everything. Just as I was about to say something to her, My wife asks if I miss her. I say yes. Kristy mouths the word no. My wife then talks about how she has talked to Greg since being quarantine, but Ron is off with other woman. I did the sad face and said sorry to her. Kristy did the sad face too, then shifted on my body. My wife went on to talk about what Greg wants to do with her, and that this give her thoughts about us. Kristy smirks more so then anything. My wife then mentions divorce, as it a choice she is already making. Kristy shook her head yes...but I said why now to my wife. She went on to talk about it for a while. In the mean time, Kristy and I were fucking cumming to fill her pussy up. When my wife mentioned that I wanted a baby and she was not interested, Kristy looked right at me. She mouthed Omg. As my wife finished telling me that Greg was cut, Kristy felt me unloading into her pussy. My wife kept on talking as I came more into Kristy's pussy. She was riding me so slow that it was taking time for my cock to ooze out. The wife heard Kristy moan for a second, and asked what was it. Kristy had to hold her mouth closed, while I simply said it was the Porn I was watching. Wife said ?oh my porn, what kind, and are you almost finished the video?. I told her that it was a nurse and patient one. I also said to her that the patient was getting ready to cum. I mentioned that I paused it. My wife in a surprising move, asked me to finish the video, and let her hear it, along with me cumming to it. Kristy smiled really big. I was already cumming but since it was slow like before, I hoped we could finish it off without wifey knowing about it. Even knowing she knows I must be fucking someone by now, I liked the secret of it all. So acted like the play button was turned and Kristy did her magic. She started with a moan, and then asked if her magic pussy was healing my limp dick. In another voice I had worked on, said that her pussy was doing what the doctor order. We played out the last few minutes of sex with my wife, including Kristy yelling out loud that her pussy was so magical that it was making my cock cum in her. My wife heard me as I said to that nurse is amazing, and now I am cumming all over my hand...loads of cum just shooting onto the floor and the rest onto my hand. Kristy finished me off with kiss on the cheek, and she sat on my dick for a while. My wife on the other end was quiet as I finished my cock, I asked if she was okay, and she was mumbling about her hands in her pussy and licking her other fingers. She was getting off of this five minute sex, but she thought it was video. If she knew that I was fucking a woman when she called, oh that would be interesting. Wife then said she had to go, and call me later. I knew she was going to call Greg, they still could phone sex. I hung up the phone, and tossed it to the side. Kristy climbed off me, playing with her pussy. She was feeling the load in her and playing with her lips. She went on to take a shower and we chilled for the night. The next morning, Kristy spent the night in the bed. I was out on the couch for most of the morning. I had slept with Kristy but it felt weird, well to me at least. Did it stop us from having sex, nope. In the middle of the night, I moved in between her legs and ate her pussy out. She still had cum in her pussy. Once she woke up to me licking her pussy, I climbed onto again and fucked her quick. I was in her pussy about five minutes when I started to cum. Kristy time asked me to pull out and I sprayed my load onto her chest. She massaged the cum into her body and fell asleep shortly afterwards. I left the room after that. All the sex and I was a bit tired but I was thinking about Pinky too. So morning time again, sitting on the couch sipping coffee. Kristy woke up and joined me. She took a cup of coffee too, and grabbed a dounut. We sat there for while in silence. The moment was broken when Kristy asked if my wife was right about me wanting k**s. I thought it was a interesting question to ask at the moment. I told her that I was ready for them but not a deal breaker for me. My wife knew that the moment we hooked up. Kristy then asked if I was thinking about divorce with my wife. I said I was thinking about it. Kristy then went quiet. We watched TV for a bit long before I got up to clean dishes and change. In the bedroom, I got my cloths pulled out and was grabbing some stuff for later. Kristy came in, asked if I was okay. I told her that I was good. Then she closed the door. Kristy took her phone out and placed it on the table nearby. Then her mouth kissed my chest, and then she licked my nipple. Her free hands were down by my cock, stroking it up. Her lips whispered that she was getting ready to leave for a bit of time, and she wanted to film us fucking one time, she wanted to play with herself with the video. She whispered more about how she will imagaine my cock deep in pussy, while playing with herself. I didn't stop her from stroking, but moved back on the bed. Kristy climbed on with me. She put her mouth down on my cock. We turned so the phone could see her sucking my cock. Sucking last just enough to get almost hard. Kristy climbed on me. She squatted up and pushed my cock into her pussy. Once she was ready, she sat back down. She started to ride me fast, telling me to fuck her pussy good. I leaned up to play with her boobs. Sucking her nipples, and then slapping her boobs a bit. She shoved me back down, and bit down on my chest. This turned into different sex. She was in control and I was just told to lay there. She was going to use my cock to fill her pussy up. She was going to use me to please her sexy hot body. She told me that I was going to cum so much in her pussy, that I would leak out onto my body. Then she got weird with her mouth. She kissed my lips as she was onto of my face. She bit my lip, then kissed my neck. She leaned back to her sitting fucking position. She took her hands to my chest and ran them all over. She moved up and down, riding my cock harder. She was beginning to tell me to cum for her. She started with a soft tone, that soon got loud. She was telling me to cum for her, to cum in so bad. As she reached her point of cumming, she took her hands and dug her nails into my chest. The pain was like what Pinky did, but Kristy had longer nails. She was dug in reach deep with her scratching. But you thing that the worse of the pain would cause me to stop, instead I was telling own body to cum in her. She was tearing up the chest when I felt my cock ready to go. Kristy stopped humping me. She pushed my cock in as deep as I could go, and whispered to let my cock go. Boy did I cum. I held back but my cum took over and I was feeling it sucking up into her pussy. Kristy leaned back as far as she took and took the whole load. She came back onto of me, eyes rolling and her moans soft but long. We laid that way for a few minutes before she climbed off me and laid onto the side. I reached for her phone and turned if off. As we talked about the sex, the door to the room opened up. In the door way was Pinky, naked and fingering her pussy.....end of Part 8...Part 9 cumming soon.
06-02-2021, at 10:49 PM

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