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How?So, how does a boy get aroused by Nylon Stockings and why did it not only never go away but, became a driving force in his sexuality. Growing up in an era when Pantyhose didn't exist, the sound of the swishing nylon covered legs worn by sexy women on a daily basis were a common place. That sound kept echoing in my head but, I didn't know why. Too young to figure. But then, the crossing of legs and the dangle of the High Kitten Heeled Pump gave way to that Sheer Foot and Reinforced Heel of the Stocking. I was mesmerized. I had to feel them. I had to touch them. But how? Go into my moms stocking drawer? Okay, now what? Try them on? Okay, now what? By the time they got pulled up near my crotch, I had a raging hard on now turning colors I had never seen. I had no idea what was happening and then it happened. I never forgot that day. I never forgot that feeling. Yes, Gentleman Do Prefer Hanes.. So into my teen years, the surpressian, the shame, the weirdness, the questions, the staring at nylons and shoes everywhere? Was I crazy? I kept looking for the right opportunity to keep on exploring but girlfriends thought I was nuts. Until there were some that liked my interest and played into it. I never wore them though. They did and, that was fine. Sexually, it worked until they started publishing TV/TS/Crossdresser Magazines. Wow, that turned the corner. Now I could were them and get pleasure looking at pictures of those like me and who took it further. Could I take it further? No. At least not yet. I would buy and hide Stockings and Magazines all the time through Strange Mail Order Companies. Then in my town, there were the clubs were crossdresser's frequented. How delightfully strange. There were actually those who dressed up and went out. Wow.Hard to believe. Unfortunately, I was not attracted or impressed. It was kind of freaky so, I went back to my seclusion and surpressian. Then, the personals in seedy magazines and newspapers. I could never. Or, could I try and just leave if I felt it wasn't going to work for me. I did the yes/no for years until 1 day, the moment of truth. Someone I followed for quite some time. It happened. It was bliss. It was a dream. But, was I changing teams? We had a long talk and she told me she gets this all the time. She put me at ease that she for all intensive purposes was a woman. A very sexy woman. Something the actual woman I knew and dated were lacking in their femininity, in their dress, in their sensuality, in their appreciation for being as sexy as they can. She was not a man and could never be confused for one. Just one with something extra. Finally, I got it. It made sense. It had to. That one event was just that and was not repeated. At least for quite some time. I thought I had satisfied my curiosity and that was it. Years later, I was at a club and met a woman who was all that. I really had no idea. It wasn't until 2 dates later that I was made aware, she was a T. Well a pleasant surprise and wildfire began. Unfortunately it didn't last for whatever reason. Timing is everything and it wasn't the time. Now, I sit around all Skinny and Shaved Smooth playing on the computer. The new technology can keep me somewhat satisfied and conversing with those like me with a similar story. Please contact me if you can relate.
06-02-2021, at 10:49 PM

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