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Nancy, Chapter 13

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Nancy, Chapter 13Chapter 13, Feeling Lucky!I had to get up around dawn to pee. Chuck must be like a camel because he can go all day holding his water. He said he had a ?guard-mount bladder?. I had no clue what that was until he explained that, in the army, people on guard were not permitted to leave their post without being properly relieved. I could have never been able because, when I have to go, I have to go- when it hits me, I relieve myself. He lets me sleep on the outside so going is easier.I know, probably too much information for you.Lori had said we would spend much of the day anchored in the cove before heading back to the harbor where our adventure had started. I was in my third month of pregnancy. I had flown, sailed, been taken down winding, hilly roads, and not the slightest feeling of nausea. I thought about my Xhamster profile, how Chuck and I met, our chats and emails, and my days with him. He had managed to allow me to experience every item of interest I showed in my Xhamster profile.You are darn right, I felt lucky.I got back in bed and snuggled next to Chuck. As I lay there, I processed yesterday?s activities. With the exception of Chuck?s finger last night, my sexual pleasure had come from two women, Maggie and Gretta. My pleasure came from different women and approaches. It was nice, but in the early morning hours, I realized something was missing.My breasts pushed up against his back. They felt different than a few weeks ago. They might have been a bit fuller. I had been wearing shelf bras since Chuck took me shopping for lingerie. The bras only supported the girls. The shelf ended at my nipples exposing the entire upper half of both breasts. I loved the effect, especially under somewhat sheer blouses and tight knit tops. I had no way of judging if they had actually increased in size like if I wore bras with cups that would fit tighter.The heat Chuck put off was amazing! My breasts seemed to warm up. My nipples came alive. I reached down between my legs and touched my pussy. I would laugh and tell him my pussy was always hot. IT was. Hot! With my middle three fingers I began to rub myself off. Maybe it was the movement. Maybe my moaning. I woke Chuck up. He turned toward me.Morning wood.We kissed. I worried my mouth would taste like the bottom of a dirty bird cage. It did not stop him. Out tongues danced, our lips kissed, our teeth nibbled. His big hands found my breasts and he loved on them taking me to the edge of an orgasm. I had not stopped rubbing myself. He told me to get myself off and he would help me get there.He put his hand between my legs and fingered my cunt as I rubbed my clit. I was so close and told him so. He turned his hand and pushed his fingers in to rub my G spot. That sent me crashing over the edge. We both smiled.?I want you to cum in my mouth.?I asked what position he wanted.?Sixty-nine with you on top.?I repositioned myself and felt his mouth on my cunt, his tongue licking and then his lips sucking my clit. I bent over and took his hardness in my mouth. I fucked him with my mouth as he fucked me with his. I felt it build and pushed down on his mouth as I climaxed. I was greedy and wanted more. He started humping my mouth. He was getting close.?Please don?t stop,? I thought to myself. He didn?t and I found him releasing jets of cum into the back of my mouth. I swallowed as I humped his mouth. My orgasm hit as I swallowed his last gift- it was fairly large from not having sex for a day or so.I turned and lay on top of him. In a few months, my belly would get in the way. I was going to enjoy this while I could.After a while, we heard a light knock on the door. Frank called in saying that breakfast was being set out. We got out of bed, brushed our teeth, washed our faces, and I brushed my hair. Chuck wrapped a lavalava around his waist and tied it. I opted for a cotton cover up that went to my knees. We made our bed and left to join the others.Mingo was up forward coiling the lines (see, I learned the correct term). Ricky was talking to my mother; the three girls were talking with Lori and Maggie.I was handed a cup of coffee by Chuck after I put some toast and fruit on my plate. He fixed a plate for himself and poured orange juice into a tumbler. I kissed him on the cheek and told him I was going to go visit my girls.It was Sofia who greeted me, ?Why didn?t you tell us??Ornella added, ? Yeah, Mother, why??I felt attacked for a moment before they smiled. It hit me. I had not told them I thought I was pregnant before we left home and did not know for certain until New Zealand.?Are you okay with it?? I asked the obvious question but was peppered with questions as to how far along, if I had Morning Sickness, when will it show, was Chuck excited?The entire time, Gina grinned like the Chester Cat in ?The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland?. I will let her explain that situation to them if she gets pregnant.I asked how they were enjoying the voyage. About then, Mingo walked over and hugged Ornella from behind. I guessed one of them was enjoying things. I hadn?t noticed. The boat is not that big. But then, I had been preoccupied too.Then, Jonathan walked over and spoke to Sofia, ?Ready to run over to the beach? Ricky has the inflatable ready and I packed our lunch.? She gave me a daughterly kiss whispering ?I brought plenty of condoms.? Mingo and Ornella joined them. It reminded me of an article I had read about cruise ship hook ups. Well, all four of them had bathing suits on. For now.Frank and Maggie were carrying air tanks to the platform. The cove was still with hardly a ripple on the surface.?We are going diving this morning. There is a wreck on the chart we want to go down and explore.?Maggie had gone down to explore me yesterday and today it was a wreck. I laughed at my silly joke, jaja.Then Jim appeared on deck carrying a pair of tanks. Chuck was busy raising a red flag to the top of the mast. I saw a similar one on Hugh and Donna?s mast. I wondered what it meant, some woman on board had started her period? Lori came up wearing her bathing suit bottom greeting us with hugs.?Sorry to leave you guys alone. Chuck said you didn?t dive and he was going to stay on board with Ricky to help entertain you.?I looked across and saw Hugh hand Hal sets of air tanks that were placed in their inflatable. The women all appeared with the bottom parts of bathing suits and the four climbed on board their craft and started toward us.Ricky beat them to us tying a line to a cleat on the platform before climbing out. Jim and Frank loaded the tanks and assisted getting the women on board.The two inflatables headed to the opposite end of the cove and tossed anchors out. Gina and my nudist mother joined Ricky, Chuck and me to watch.Ricky spoke to Gina, ?So, how are you related to Nelida and Nancy??And that was how it started that beautiful morning.There was a bit of small talk before Nelida and Ricky began kissing and Gina knelt and began sucking Ricky?s cock. Chuck moved in behind me and cupped my breasts in is hands rolling the nipples between his fingers. That opened the nerve path to my pussy which I gently touched with my finger tips. I love to watch sexual encounters but the forward deck was not the most comfortable place to play.?The cock pit has pads and more room.? My comment in Spanish seemed to fall on deaf ears.Ricky seemed reluctant to move while Gina had his cock in her mouth. Nelida solved that by directly telling Gina to stop so we could move. Gina complied. As she walked past, she was holding Ricky?s cock like she was leading the way with him on a short leash. She leaned to me and whispered, ?I have my diaphragm in.?I told Chuck what she told me in case he did not hear. His simple response was, ?Okay.?We settled into the cock pit. I sat on Chuck?s lap as Gina, Ricky, and Nelida restarted what had occurred moments earlier. Chuck whispered in my ear to go join them to give Ricky the full effect of a three generation fuck.I asked, ?Are you sure???I would have not suggested it if I was not. I have married a woman that any man would fantasize. Go help Ricky enjoy a wild one of his own.?I stood up and looked at my naked husband a moment as he sat there smiling. His cock was hard and had a drop of pre cum that had formed at It tip. I was torn as he looked so inviting.?Go, I will be with you.?I heard Gina say something about it being her turn followed by ?age before beauty?. A cat fight between two horny pussies over a tom cat?Ricky sort of settled it. He told Nelida to sit on his face so he could have her for breakfast while Gina continued to lick and suck his cock and balls. She had him hard when I knelt beside her and cupped her breast nearest me. I asked her in Spanish if she wanted him??Si.? That was all she said before moving forward and lowering herself on his hard cock that I guided into her cunt that looked so wet- like she had been fucking for hours. She grunted like a pig as she seated him fully inside her body. I sat up and watched for a moment. She reached forward and played with Nelida?s breasts as she rocked back and forth on Ricky.I wet my finger and started playing with her asshole. She pushed back on it taking it just inside her opening. Taking that as a clue, I pushed my finger in her deeply feeling Ricky?s cock on the other side of the tissue that separated us. After some fingering, I added a second finger.?Sr. padre, por favor.?I asked her, ?You want Chuck in your ass???Si.?I turned to Chuck who had moved closer to us, ?She wants to have DP. Did you hear her???Yes.??Come closer and let me make you wet.? It was my second time that morning that I took his cock in my hungry mouth. He was already hard. I just needed him slippery for Gina. I thought I got her relaxed and wet enough.?Take her, Darling.?I guided his cock in her ass and moved away to finger myself. Nelida was well into her second orgasm from Ricky?s talented mouth. Gina, well, I think she had one long orgasm. As Gina fucked the two guys, I played with their balls to encourage the delivery of their good orgasms. Ricky unloaded first.Three generations of related females were involved. I hope he felt lucky as well.Chuck felt Ricky?s release and pulled his cock out of Gina and told me he wanted to finish in my ass.I did as told.He did. It was the second opening in my body he had enjoyed that day.Ricky said we needed to take a fast swim as he needed to get the lunch out before the boats returned from the dive. Three satisfied horny females and two men wobbled to the platform and entered the water. Nelida and Ricky exited, toweled off, and went to see about the food. Chuck and his two butt-fucked females remained in the water kissing and caressing each other for a bit until we heard the sound of the approaching inflatables. We got out and toweled off as they arrived. Chuck helped off-load the air tanks and equipment.Nelida and Ricky carried out the lunch and set it on the fold-out table as the eight couples came on board the Princess. It was sliced cucumbers, tomato wedges, sliced squash, and pieces of fish ?cooked? in lemon and lime juice. Cold beer and citrus-infused water were also set out.Chuck introduced Gina and Nelida to Hal and Gretta, Hugh and Donna. All of us who remained on board were naked. Only the four divers wore bathing suits- or parts of bathing suits. We ate and the suits came off.I had not spoken to Gina or Nelida about my evening with the two couples they just met. Chuck explained that he and Hugh were old friends and that Hal and Gretta were friends of Hugh and Donna. I translated and Hal spoke in excellent Spanish saying he was delighted to meet two beautiful women and hoped they would become intimate friends of he and Gretta.After lunch, we went for a swim. Ricky remained on deck while the rest of us frolicked in the still water of the cove. The bottom was a good 4-5 meters deep and was very visible from the surface. I didn?t realize he was looking out for sharks- not that it mattered.I heard a squeal-like sound then a voice. Ricky pulled a small radio from a bag on the deck next to him. It was Mingo. They were ready to return.?Captain, the k**s are ready to be picked up.?Jim swam over to the platform, climbed onto it and got in the boat. It cranked over and started. He headed toward the beach where the girls and crew were waiting. The rest of us climbed onto the platform and into the cock pit.Hugh said if we would give them 30 to 40 minutes, they would have the drinks and snacks ready. The four of them climbed into their inflatable with Hal saying he would be back in 30 or so minutes. Lori asked Gina if she would give her a hand while Ricky put the gas grill in place. Gina, Nelida, Chuck and I headed down to do a fast rinse off.After we dried, Chuck handed me a small package. ?Your attire for the evening.?It was a black lace and red ribbon shelf bra, matching crotchless panties, and matching sheer gown. I remembered when he asked me back in March for my bra size. I replied that a woman does not reveal her age nor her bra size. A few weeks later, I said that a month of isolation had changed many rules. But, I still had not told him my size. He took me shopping as he promised and found out then.Chuck tied a black-on-black lavalava around his waist. Woven into the cloth were tropical flowers. I slipped into my lingerie set and, after a hug and kiss, we headed to the galley arriving as my girls walked down the stairs to go rinse off. Lori explained the plan.Jim had called the harbor master. Our berth was still occupied as the boat using it was repairing a water pump. They would be there until in the morning and paid for our docking space for three days as a way of thanking us for understanding. So, we would spend another night in the cove.We were going to ferry over to Hugh and Donna for drinks and appetizers then return for a shrimp boil then, those who wanted to, would go back for dessert with Hugh and Donna. Nelida walked in wearing black panties and a black cover up at that time. Lori explained the plan in Spanish. My daughters could join us for any of it or remain on the ?Princess?. Because Ricky worked all day, he had the evening off and the two young crew men had anchor watch, ferry duty, and cooking duty.Gina said she would go with us as did Nelida. The two older girls said they would stay and ?help? the boys. A large pot of water was on the stove with a bag of spices sitting in it. Lori turned on the stove. Metal skewers holding large shrimp, vegetables, and chunks of fish were on a tray to go out to the grill. A bowl of quartered potatoes sat next to a bowl of raw shrimp. Cooking instructions were on a card.Lori excused herself to freshen up. Ricky and Jim came down and went to freshen up too. Chuck and I walked up to find Maggie and Frank waiting on the platform. We joined them to lower to the inflatable where a naked Mingo was ready. Hugh was nearly to the platform as we pulled away. When we arrived, Gretta greeted us mostly naked- just a blue thong. Mingo tied a line to a cleat and dove into the water to swim back to the ?Princess?. He passed the other inflatable about half way. In minutes, we were all assembled.Cold beer, chilled wine, cheeses, little weenies on tooth pics, stuffed mushrooms, and great conversation. German, Spanish, and English were the three spoken languages. Chuck spoke a little German. I had no clue what he said. Nelida and Gina were kept in the loop because several were bi or trilingual and spoke Spanish to include them. The common language was sex. I thought about my hot pussy.A horn sounded from the ?Princess?.?Okay, the shrimp are started. We need to head back. Bring your drink cups.? Lori told us to get our swinging dicks and tight pussies to the inflatables. Each would be full as it would be just one trip over.The meal was wonderful. The young men and my daughters served and ate in the salon below the deck with Maggie and Frank joining them. The rest of us ate in the cock pit. Eating from a skewer can be erotic, especially when you are fed by hand. I realized that crotchless panties defeated the purpose of having one?s butt and pussy not be able to come in contact with a seating surface. I was wet! The two ribbons making up the supposedly crotch passed between my swollen labia and thigh totally exposing my pussy. But, how could a thong do any better?As dusk began, Donna said dessert was going to be the small, tasty bananas and whipped cream to be eaten off each other?s bodies. I translated. Nelida asked if the bodies were going to be naked. My precocious one asked if the whipped cream was from a cow or can she milk one of the men.Maggie, Frank, Jim, Donna, Gina and Nelida joined Hugh, Donna, Hal and Gretta to go for dessert. I wondered what else they might do.Chuck and Ricky helped them load and cast off. Ricky made sure the grill was turned off and walked below to see that things were cleaned up following supper. He whispered that we were going to take Ricky to our cabin to play.We went below. I caught Ricky?s eye and winked at him using my hand to beckon him to join us.Walking the short distance, I felt lucky to be able to live my fantasies. Chuck turned to Ricky telling him to bring lube.
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