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Doing groceries on Tuesday

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Doing groceries on TuesdayMy sweet wife had asked me to do the groceries, since she was going that morning to play tennis with her bitchy girlfriends.So I was there, moving around some isles in the store, looking for best sales?I was examining some red wines, when I saw a mature slim lady trying to reach a tall shelf above her with certain difficulty. She looked hot, wearing tight jeans, a tank top and sexy sandals.She looked at me: ?Could you pass me a box from those, please" , "Certainly, Ma?am" I answered; and somehow we got chatting.She smiled at me, showing she was hotter than I had seen first.She told me her husband was very busy at work and he left her alone on her own during most part of the day. As we chatted she suddenly bent down for something off the bottom shelf and I did not miss my chance to look at her buttocks."Do you like what you see?" She hissed, with an evil smile?"I certainly do, of course?" I just replied. As she stood up she took me by surprise in saying:"I really would like you to take me right now??"Where??" I just could mumble. "How about the toilets??" She answered, smiling again. I then followed her swaying hips, as we made our way to the customer toilets. She chose the last cubicle in the ladies? room?As the door was closed behind us, she kissed me frantically.I felt her nice firm tits as she moaned, rubbing my hard cock through my trousers. I pulled up her top, letting her hard nipples sprang out onto my mouth. She moaned as I licked those nipples.I unbuttoned her tight jeans and she pulled them down to her ankles. I was surprised as I saw she was not wearing any panties.I put my fingers onto her shaven mound and rubbed her wet slit. Kneeling down in front of her I licked her crack hard, enjoying her wild moans. She suddenly came as I added my fingers to her clit licking?The wild lady grabbed the back of my neck and she ground my face into her heating box, until she had an explosive climax which made her juices run into my mouth. As I stood up she kissed me, slipping her tongue in my mouth. She then unzipped my trousers and grabbed my hard cock, beginning to slowly jerk me off?I made her turn around and spread her thighs for me.I grabbed her round hips and slowly shoved my hard on into her wet slit from behind. I began fucking her with a nice steady pace, hearing this hot lady moan quietly with every thrust?After a few minutes I put my hand onto her wet slit, using my fingers to rub her swollen clit as she was getting fucked."Please, make me cum again?? She hissed softly.Stifling some cries with her little hand over her mouth I pounded her to another wild climax. The lady finally had two more shattering orgasms as I carried on in my own pace.Her second climax came together with my own orgasm?Pulling out, I turned the sexy hot lady to face me.She sat down on the toilet and she accepted my leaking cock in her greedy red lips. As I fucked her mouth she gagged on me; but the oral skilled lady managed to give me one of the best blowjobs I had ever had. She was even a better cocksucker than my sweet Ana.As both were done, she kissed me again, saying she really needed the good moment we had enjoyed together. I asked her name; but she smiled, saying it was better in this way, just anonymous? I accepted her wishes.Before leaving the ladies? room, she said she used to go there on shopping just on Tuesdays? and I smiled back?
06-02-2021, at 10:50 PM

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