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Accidental erection

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Accidental erectionThe door is unlocked so I open it and the entire space of the hotel room reveals in front of my eyes. The large bed is visible from the entrance and on it, bended on the edge, is Mel. She is humping the furniture. Her hard cock is rubbing against the soft white sheet. She is completely naked and moaning.I close the door behind me.?What is this, Mel???This? is one? fiery erection I? am dealing with??I can see her ass muscles to clench and move with every hump she is making on the bed. I see her cock that is about to burst to slide on top of the sheet with its glans uncovered. Her back is a little bent. She is squeezing the sheets with fingers.?Are you going to stand like a log there? or, fuck?, you are going to do something for me??My own cock is stretching in my loose pants so I slide them down to release it. I don?t wear underwear. After the pants and sneakers my t-shirt also flies away. Mel is moaning impatiently. I kneel behind her but I had no chance of kissing her on the back. Mel turns around and now her throbbing cock is pulsating in front of my face.?Suck!??Sure?? And I feel a light kick directly in my hanging balls. I groan. There is no pain but I still feel it in my stomach.?How many times I have to tell you how to properly address me???My apologies, Mistress Mel!??Better. Now suck!??Yes, Mistress!?I wrap my lips around the cock. My fingers start to tease her testicles. She moans. I know very well how sensitive her balls become when she is so aroused. Mel spreads her legs apart giving me full access to her privy parts. I stick my index finger in her anus and slide it inside causing her cock to throb in my mouth. I can feel the salty taste of her precum generously pouring directly in my throat. I swallow with pleasure. My own cock is bursting in erection and dripping a nice spurt of precum on the soft moquette.?You and your naughty friends? are guilty for my?, fuck, ? erection. Don?t speak ? just SUCK! Just like yesterday I have an accidental hard-on and?, oh, fuck, ? you knew god damn well that I was not wearing underwear? Imagine how would my cock looked as a bulge on my tight black dress?!?No need to imagine this! It was the very same tight black dress Mel was wearing on our first evening in the hotel and she got turned-on on the dinner table. Same furious and strong erection! Mel guided my hand to a firm bulge sticking out between her legs and pressed my palm on it. One of my friends was telling an interesting story so the table was busy in listening to him. Mel pulled up her dress just enough to free her hard cock and it landed in my hand. I gripped fingers around it and finished her under the table. Yes, she came on the restaurant floor?My cock throbs and shoots a thick clear drop of precum on the moquette.?Bend over, I want to fuck you!??Yes, Mistress Mel!?We quickly switch positions. She rams two fingers in my anus to loosen it a bit and then she sticks her hard cock in there. The level of her sexual arousal is so high that Mel is fucking my roughly like an a****l. She moans. I moan. She is pounding me with strong pushes causing my cock to press rhythmically against the white sheets and the bed. I am struggling to withhold my own ejaculation.?I?m going to cum!?Yes! This is good because me too I am very close to ejaculation. Two three hard slams and I feel Mel?s cock to unleash its sperm in few strong jets in my ass. She pulls her cock out.?Clean me!??Yes, Mistress.?I turn on my knees before Mel and take her softening cock in my mouth for cleaning with my tongue. I can smell and feel my own ass on her penis. I feel her sperm on it as well and clean it with devotion and pleasure. Mel is moaning. Her fingers are gently playing with my short hair. She is satisfied!?Did you cum??She knows I did not. I am pretty sure she can see the large wet spot my cock made with its precum on the white sheets. But still she is asking me.?No, Mistress, I did not!??Oh, poor you? We don?t have more time so tuck your hard clitty in your pants and let?s get down cause your friends are waiting for us in the lobby where we left them. Come on, chop-chop!?Evil Mistress Mel! I love her so much! She knows well that I can?t lose my erection so fast so I literally tuck my hard cock in my pants and pull up the zipper carefully. The bulge is visible. The pain so sweet? I put my t-shirt back on and my sneakers too. Mel puts herself in the tight black dress. She is pantyless and braless.We go downstairs to meet our friends in the lobby. Maybe later she will do something good for my blue balls. Fingers crossed..!
06-25-2021, at 01:22 AM

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