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Mistis' Adventures Part 188

Post #1

Mistis' Adventures Part 188"DAMN, IT'S COLD OUT HERE!!!" cried Chloe. "It's colder than a witches tit at the North Pole!" she added. Vince, undisturbed, kept putting things in drawers and boxes. "Here, Honey." Vince called to Chloe. Put this stuff in the garage, and lock up the guns. I have to down load the security cams. The lights are blinking to beat the band." he added.Chloe reached up to grab the handles of the metal trunk they kept perishable food in, and saw the 3 guns laying next to the door of the RV. She took the guns, and their ammo, down to the basement, to put in the safe. He had put a new combination when she moved in with him. She had had it set with her birth date, and measurements. She wasn't a sexy slut, she told others, "but I LIKE how I'm made. Especially now that I have a special person to share it with."Vince had smiled and asked her, the next day following the burned supper, to pose nude for him. Even though there wasn't much hair there, she, with MUCH help from Vince, had completely shaved her pussy. It seemed to make it, if anything, look even puffier. He had cleaned the stray juices that were running down the insides of her thighs, with his tongue, smacking his lips, declaring it to be "the tastiest thing I've EVER had on my tongue." He had even licked up the shaving lather she had used to get all of her juice in his mouth. He had made her cum several times in the process.She was no beauty queen, by her own admission, but wasn't fat in the least. The years on the street, and the jobs that she had held, owing to never finishing High School, had kept her trim. She had a bust line that was a 38B cup, and her waist was 28, over her 38 inch hips. Her thighs reflected the rest of her body, and were almost muscular, but her calves were as shapely as any woman she had EVER seen. She wore size 8 shoes and boots. Almost dainty for the rest of her build. In HER mind, though, her Mons was her greatest glory. She was VERY proud of it. When she was on the streets, she took care that it was on display as much as possible. Men seemed to love her "fat pussy." More than once, she had had "Johns" to spend most of their time with her, licking and touching it. The little bit of fur she had, just seemed to make them wilder for it. She had shaved it at Vince's request. It would grow back quickly if she, OR he, wanted it.She had a pretty, but not beautiful face, and a nice mane of medium brown hair. It was just a little darker than golden brown. In her younger days, and while "on the street," she had let it grow out to hang just to her nipples. When she had started doing the other jobs, she had cut it to a sort of "Pixie" cut. It made it easier to keep clean. She had the green eyes, and perfect brows and lashes, to enhance her already pleasant features. Her teeth were perfect. She was, when fixed up, a very attractive woman. She had always had a kind heart, and was easily made to laugh. She loved to joke, and even loved the coarser jokes. She could match up with any man she had met for telling "dirty jokes." She had, in a small way, fallen for Carl, after he rescued her, and even a little more with Albert. She saw him as the c***d she had given up, before. She had vowed NOT to let herself fall, again, but, a few weeks later, had met Vince. She grew to like, and enjoy his company, almost at the first. She had expected the worst when she went out with him, that night, but he had surprised her, by treating her like a lady. Their second and third outings had gone the same way. He had showed her things that she had only seen and heard on the TV, and it made her want to see, and hear, MORE.Vince had, after a few times, asked it she would live with him, just as friends. HE was quite INTERESTED in HER. She was comfortable in the outdoors, and had an adventurous, AND inquisitive mind set. The LEAST discovery seemed to be a thrill to her.She had moved into his house, and had been set up in the far end bedroom from his, and across the hall. He had shown her where everything was located, and had treated her with the utmost courtesy. He had enjoyed cooking, and had supper ready for her when she came home. His garage door opener had an alarm on it, that played the first few notes from the movie "JAWS" when it opened. The part played on a tuba, or a sousaphone. When he heard that, he checked to make sure the table was set for their dinner, and went to greet her. He would hug her lightly, and had once given her a peck on the cheek.He had fixed a special dinner for them, when she asked him about whether he was interested in her as a companion, or as a woman. Their dinner had burned beyond recognition, that night, as he answered her question. They had had sandwiches for dinner, instead. The next day, she was off, because of the weather, and they had moved her things into the bedroom with him. She had fallen beyond her wildest dreams for him. She dialed in the numbers and put the weapons way, after checking to see that they were unloaded. She re locked the door, and went up to get the trunk. She put them in a walk in cold locker that was there when he bought the house, and put the empty trunk in the cabinet. She went out and brought in their dirty clothes, and put them in the hamper, next to the washing machine. Vince had down loaded the security system, and had looked through it quickly. He carried the remainder of the things in, and closed the garage door, locking it, also. Chloe called to him from the kitchen. He peeked in the door, and she was sitting on the small table in the kitchen, naked as a jay bird, with her legs open, smiling at him, and crooking her finger to beckon him to her. He set his parcels on the cabinet and rushed to her, taking her in his arms, and kissing her, until she had to pat the back of his head, to let her catch her breath. Vince wasn't a small man, by any means, at 6ft. 1in, and weighing in at 210 lbs. He was just hairy enough to make her love the way his stomach and chest hairs felt on her bare skin. She had pealed his hoodie, that he wore like a shirt, off of him and rubbed his chest with the palm of her hand. "OH DEAR LORD!!! WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN INTO?" He nuzzled her neck and whispered, "A BETTER question would be, WHAT is going to go INSIDE of me?"He picked her up from the table, and carried her up the stairs. It NEVER failed to astound her, how strong he really was. He was a little older than she was, at 42. She was 36. He carried her straight to the bedroom, and set her on the end of the bed, and asked her the usual question. "Before, or after." She pulled him down to kiss on the lips, one more time. "Before please. I smell like a dead hog." He picked her up, yet, again, and carried her into the bathroom to the shower. He set her on her feet, and she moved over and sat on the toilet. She was still feeling the coffee they had drank by the pot full. She reached over and took the tissue to wipe herself, and reached under the sink to get a bottle of douche to clean herself with. He had anticipated her, and had the water running in the sink to warm it. She cleaned herself, and flushed the toilet, and lifted the seat for him. He had removed his clothes while she was cleaning herself, and stepped over to urinate. He also blasted out a thunderous fart. "Call the builders." she cried out, laughing. "We're gonna need a new wall." Unashamedly, he answered, " Too many beans, and too much chili. That'll teach ya NOT to put it in quart jars." He reached over to pull the cord for the exhaust fan.They went into the shower, and she reached above her head to get the soap and the sponge. He took them from her hand, and reached past her to put the soap back on the shelf. He washed her quickly, but gently, taking the time to tease her nipples, her belly button, and her groin. He teased her nipples with his fingers, but her belly button, and her groin were invaded by his tongue, make her squeal, and almost lose her balance. His had steadied her as he brought her to her first orgasm, THIS time. They had stopped in a little town called Hugo, and gone to a cafe and ate what had to be some of the best lamb fries he had ever tasted. It took a little coaxing to get Chloe to try them, but he had had to order another round. Between them and the steak fries, they had almost eaten too much. They had taken Cokes out of the fridge, and found a nice place to stop. They took a nap, AFTER, and, after an hour, or two, had come on home. They agreed that they were going to stop there as much as they could, in the future. They intended to visit Fouke, Arkansas, on their next trip.Vince, satisfied he had had enough fun, OUT of the bed, had finished bathing Chloe. SHE, however, had come up with ideas of her own. She started off by washing him carefully, until she got to HIS groin, where she decided to use the personal touch. She used, instead of soap, SALIVA to clean him, stopping just short of him exploding into her mouth. She cleaned the rest of him, taking time to kneel down, and give him a quick lick, with her tongue, at intervals. She finished washing him, and bent from the waist, holding her butt cheeks open, and asking him to check it for her. He had, as expected, pushed into her, and filling her back door. It was just what she had been hoping to happen. He gave her a beautiful load in her butt, and pulled back to admire the stream of cum running down the back of her thigh. He was just as hard now, AFTER, as he had been before. She squatted down in the floor, and farted, pushing it all out of her. This made them both laugh even more. They dried each other off, and went, arm in arm to the bed. The fun was about to REALLY begin.They had just finished making love for the second time, and were laying there, cuddled up to each other. She tilted her hear back a tiny bit, and asked him. "Have you ever made love to Falina?' He thought back, and answered, "Not, yet. I've seen her naked several times, and I have seen her making love with two or three other people, and with Zane, but I haven't had the opportunity, yet. I almost got her one day, but something happened, and I never had her. WHY? Is it important?" She kissed him on the shoulder, "Not really. Her and I made love at the job site one time, and she impressed me with her ways. She is so small, that it must be wonderful to have her. If I were a man, I would have her barefoot and pregnant, CONSTANTLY! She is YUMMY!!!" I heard that she has started shaving her pussy. When she and I had our fun, she still had a VERY thick bush. All she had shaved was around her pussy. Zane told me this. We talk, what with me being a swamper, and him being the mechanic. Let me know if you want to get some of her. I can ask her and Zane about it. I would even allow Zane to fuck me, if he wanted, and you agreed to it."He turned over to face her. "I divorced my wife because she wasn't honest about her affairs. I didn't mind a bit that she allowed other men to fuck her, almost every day. I just wanted to watch while they DID fuck her, and fill her with cum. I wanted to see it, and take pictures and movies of it, as it happened. Then, possibly, giving her sloppy seconds. She wouldn't admit that she was having the affairs, and it dawned on me that, if she lied to me about THAT, what ELSE was she lying to me about. I gave her an ultimatum, and I divorced her. She lost nothing in the divorce, in fact, she is much better off than she EVER was before. I kept my most profitable stocks, and gave her the rest in the settlement. I can't stand a liar or a fraud. I will tell you that, if you want to have sex with other people, go ahead, and you have my blessings, to do whatever you wish, BUT, be honest about it. If I ask, tell me what and whom, and where and when, if i want to know. I am no saint, by any means. I've sewn enough wild oats to make a good harvest in my time. I know about your past, and am not put off by it, in the least. All it proves, to me, is that you were mistreated, and resourceful enough to overcome it. I may, in the future, ask about some of the things that you did, and experienced. If it is too painful, then all you have to do is tell me, "It hurts too much to talk about." and I will be satisfied. I knew women that were "in the life," and it is meaningless to them, but others carry scars that will never heal." "I will, however, lay my cards on the table, concerning you and me. I am extremely fond of you. Maybe, even, in love with you. I don't know, for sure, yet. It will come to me when it comes. For now, I enjoy your company, and would gladly spend the rest of my life with you, as a friend, or as a husband. I promise never to mistreat you, or hurt you, in any way. What I have, all that I possess, is yours for the asking. Give me time to sort out my feelings, and I will let you know at the right time.She scooted over as close to him as she could, wrapping her arms and her leg around him. She kissed him, long and deep. Tears were streaming down her face. "That is the best thing I've heard in my life. I was worried about how to tell you what I'd been like, before, and the things that I had to do. I can tell you the whole story, if you want. The only thing painful, is when I had to give up my baby. I was in my 4th month, and the doctor said it was a boy. I never saw him, or got to tell him I loved him. People say that people like me, can't believe in God, but, they're wrong. God gives us the strength to go on, when, by all good sense, we should end it all. That is what I live for. The day I can take him in my arms, and hug and kiss him, and tell him how sorry I am to have done him that way. He's in the best place of all. There are thousands, maybe, even millions of babies like him. They never sinned, so they were made welcome, from the get, go. Maybe, someday, I can have one that I can keep for his whole life. I can give him enough love for both of them to brag about.Vince was tearing up from hearing her words. "You cheated me. I didn't know if I was in love with you, or not. You just told me that I am. We can live together as long as YOU want, but when YOU are ready, WE will get married. I don't want to think about living, and not having you with me. I'm NOT the easiest man in the world to live with, but I will NEVER mistreat you, or do you any harm. We can come and go as we wish, or we can become the biggest homebodies in history. What ever YOU want."She rolled over with him under her, and kissed him as she had never kissed anybody in her life. It lasted for long minutes, that slipped silently by them, totally unheeded. She slowly parted from him, looking deep into his eyes. She leaned down to kiss him several more times, each one lifting slowly from his lips. He didn't know what she was thinking, but was hoping for her to accept his offer.She reached down, lifting herself, slightly, and touching him. She found what she was seeking. She held it gently, rubbing the head against her still wet vagina. She felt him stiffening, and placed it where she wanted, and needed it. "Right now, I just want you to fuck me, one more time, and us go to sleep in each others arms. We'll talk about the rest, tomorrow."
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