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Dogging encounter

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Dogging encounterAfter a late night at work I decided to check out the layby I'd had success at recently. I'd been back a couple of times since then, but I had not had the same joy, so I wasn't arriving with any expectation of success. However, what I found couldn't have proved me more wrong.I pulled into the layby and found the usual parked up lorrys, but no cars apart from one lone vehicle parked at the far end near the exit. I parked up behind, but the distance was too great to see if there were any occupants, so I decided to sort myself out, writing the night off almost as soon as it had begun.As I stroked myself I suddenly noticed a puff of smoke from the driver's side window, and figuring I had nothing to lose I exited my car and started walking along toward the car in-front. Rather than walk directly up to the driver's door I continued past the car to see if I good glimpse the occupant. To my surprise the driver looked like a woman in the dark and there was no one else with her. I decided to return to my car and leave, not wanting to bother what was potentially a lone woman, and a degree of panic set in. However, as I reached my car I heard a call that sounded like it came from the car ahead. I hesitated opening my car door, to be sure that I had heard correctly when I distinctly heard a female voice say, "you alright?"I walked back to the lone car and found a woman puffing on a vape. She wound the window down a touch and repeated her question. The small talk through her window lasted a while and didn't seem to mean a great deal until she said it was cold, and asked me if I wanted to hop into the passenger seat. I walked around the car and sat down.It was only then that I got a good look at her. She was attractive and I assumed she was in her mid to late 40's, but what was striking was that she was wearing a two-piece pyjama trouser and top set, and what appeared to be a pair of slippers.Through the small talk she suddenly asked "so looking for blokes tonight?".I was somewhat taken aback by the bold question, but answered honestly. "bi, so looking for whatever takes my fancy"."Lets see it then" she replied confidently. "Don't wait to be asked again" I thought, and I slipped my semi-erect cock out of my tracksuit bottoms. She cracked a subtle smile and took a drag on her vape. "Go on", she instructed.I started to stroke my now hard cock slowly, hoping for some futher instruction, but she just continued to vape. After what seemed like an eternity she finally said "do you want to touch me?".I didn't hestitate and slipped a hand up her pyjama top. I cupped a breast which was firm and large, previously indiscernible when covered by a loose fitting pyjama top. I leaned in and placed a nipple in my mouth and gently sucked and rotated my tongue whilst I continued to stroke myself.I then slid my hand under her pyjamas bottoms and into her knickers, and found her pussy was already wet. I inserted 2 fingers and she let out a moan, but them I moved them to her clit and proceeded to tease it, in a swift but firm motion back and forward. She let out a surprised moan, so I focused my attention solely on her clit, leaving my cock alone in the process. She attempted to surpress her moan, but her body shuddered to orgasm in her car seat after a few just a few minutes of contact.She then thanked me and said, "that was not my intention for this evening. I guess I should return the favour".She reached over and took my cock in her hand and began to wank me. I was close but deliberately tried to hold back so the experience lasted longer. I reached over and put my hand up her top again, but then she abruptly stopped stroking me, looked at me for a moment and said "fuck it". She tossed her hair over one side of her shoulder, leant over and took my cock in her mouth.I managed to receive just 2 or 3 deep and firm sucks before I told her I was cumming, to which she took my cock in her hand and finished me off on my stomach. She smiled as she proceeded to wipe the cum on her hand, back onto my t-shirt, smirking whilst saying, "I believe this is yours!"We thanked eachother and I exited the car. She was gone before I had even reached my own car door.
06-25-2021, at 01:23 AM

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