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College Dean Makes Me His Bitch

Post #1

College Dean Makes Me His BitchA friend told me this and I just HAD to share!!! I was a sophomore in college (20), and had been meeting up with guys online pretty regularly throughout my 2 years. One of the guys was a man in his early 50's, a chiseled silver fox who was in great shape, had a big 8" cock, and had a nice big house we could fuck in any time he felt like inviting me over. We had been hooking up from time to time for more than a year. He'd often invite me over to service him and sometimes a friend or two. As our relationship progressed he had me start referring to him as "daddy".One spring afternoon when my classes were over, I had a couple drinks and was relaxing in my dorm. I got a message from Daddy saying he had told a friend about me (and shared my naked pics with him) and that him and the new guy wanted to use me that afternoon. He sent me a picture of the new guy's cock, and told me he was in his late 40's, married professional "straight" guy who worked nearby. Before I knew it, I was letting myself in the back door of my daddy's house, ditching my clothes, and heading up the stairs in my jock strap.I heard my daddy call my name, and followed his voice to the back room where they were both standing around waiting for me, fully clothed, feeling each other up through their clothes and having a beer. I immediately got a pang in my stomach, as i realized i recognized the new guy's face (being an eager little slut, i hadn't asked for a face pic). I couldn't place him, but knew I had seen him before. I also knew that I never would have said no, because this guy was also very hot. Well dressed, tall, dark but graying hair and a well-toned dad bod. Daddy was in gym clothes, but this guy had clearly come from work."Glad you could make it, bud" daddy said as I walked in. "This is Ed." I shook Ed's hand, and he pulled me toward them. They both sidled up against me and each grabbed a cheek of my ass."Very nice, bud." Said Ed, more to daddy than to me. "What a tight little ass. Cute guy.""He's a champ. Never turns down a new cock. Hungry little college cocksucker, huh?" Daddy replied. He put his hand on my shoulder, directing me down to my knees as they both put their beers down and started to pull their shirts off. "Take our cocks out, bud", he said as I started grabbing at their bulges through their pants. Daddy stepped out of his gym shorts, his big cut cock springing to attention as I undid Ed's belt buckle and zipper, and slid his pants down around his legs. Eds cock looked huge straining against his tight black boxer briefs. I took daddy's cock in my left hand, stroking it, and pulled Ed's underwear down with my other; his cock sprung out like Daddy's had, and slapped against my cheek. I opened my mouth, and he grabbed my head as his cock went straight into my mouth.Ed stepped out of his pants as I worked his cock with my mouth and throat, stopping to admire its size and catch my breath. He was definitely bigger than daddy, and much thicker. I switched and gave daddy some attention with my mouth. Ed reached over me and toyed with my ass. Daddy pulled back after a few seconds, and walked over to the bed. He lay down and beckoned me to come suck him. I crawled between his legs, taking him in my mouth again, and Ed came up behind me. As daddy used my throat (he loved to fuck my throat aggressively, and i had gotten good at taking it), Ed rimmed my hole for a few seconds and then slipped a finger in. I heard him spit a few times, and next thing I knew, felt his cock lining up against my hole. Daddy usually played safe, but Ed clearly did not, because within a few seconds he was sliding past my sphincter raw and un-lubed. With a few strokes, he was bottomed out in me, working up to a good pace, and eventually just ramming away at my ass while daddy held my face in place and slid in and out of my throat."Fuck, thats a tight ass. You like having these big daddy dicks in you, boy?" My mouth was full, I couldn't answer, but moaned approval back at Ed. "Fuck, where did you find this k**? What a champ. Gonna have to get his number, i need this ass on demand.""I've had these holes on demand for years. He'll show up whenever you need him. Use him in your office"They continued using me like that for a few minutes, and Daddy eventually shot his load down my throat. He had me keep him in my mouth, licking and sucking, while Ed kept up his assault on my hole. Eventually, Ed's strokes slowed, and his breathing quickened, and before I knew it, he was collapsed over me, grunting, clearly shooting his raw load inside my ass."What'd you think, Ed? Good little cock slut isn't he?" Daddy asked."Hell yes. I need this ass on demand" Said Ed, slapping my cheeks as he pulled the length of his cock out of me slowly. I felt his cum dripping out of my hole, which he scooped up with a finger and pushed back into me. Ed hopped off the bed, wiped his cock on a towel, and started getting dressed. Daddy and I got up too, him pulling on his shorts as I headed for the door."Hey wait a second, k**. I'll drive you back to campus" Said Ed. "i'm heading back there anyway"I immediately realized where I knew him from. He worked at my college, and I had seen him around the academic campus. My stomach flipped again, but I just said "OK" and headed downstairs to get dressed. Was he a professor? I still couldn't quite place him. I heard them chuckle a bit while i got dressed, and then Ed came down, now wearing a tie, and led me out to his car. In the car, he handed me his phone and told me to add my contact, which i did. He then took my hand and guided it to his bulge, which i fondled while we drove back to campus."He's been telling me about you for a while, but I thought it was a bad idea. Every time I saw you around campus I'd have to run to a bathroom and stroke one out looking at those fucking hole pics he sent me. Boy am I fucking glad I finally went through with it. I thought you'd run when you saw me at his place." I was silent. I was embarrassed and turned on, feeling violated, but enjoying being his slut at the same time. A dean at my school had been lusting after me, and getting off to my nudes without me even knowing.We pulled into the parking lot, and Ed drove over to a spot labeled "Dean" and parked. It hit me. He was the dean of the business school at my college. I was a business major. He was hard again from my fondling on our ride. "Fuck, you got me ready to go again." he said. A wet spot had formed on his dress pants. "Probably shouldn't go at it right here" I said, nervous now, my voice shaking."Definitely not" He said. He checked his watch. "But it's after 6 now, there won't be anyone in my office suite. You wanna swallow another quick one?" I nodded. Did I even have a choice? "Alright, go take a lap around the building and come in through the front. I'll go in this back door and make sure coast is clear. I'll text you the office number"I hopped out of the car and did as I was told. By the time I reached the front door, I had a text from him. "2nd floor, Room No. 225. Hurry." I walked inside, sprinted up the staircase, and was at his office door in about 30 seconds. He ushered me in, closed and locked the door, and walked over behind his desk, unbuckling and pulling down his pants as he sat down in his big leather desk chair. He tossed his tie over his shoulder; "Suck my cock" he muttered as I dropped to my knees in front of him. His cock was in my throat in a matter of seconds. I was working it at first, but he quickly took over, shoving it in my throat and holding me there. I was gagging and slobbering while he used my throat. In less than two minutes, he was breathing heavily and jerking a bit, and next thing I knew he pulled his cock out, held my head in place, and stroked out a second load onto my face.He let go of my head and i sat back on my legs, still kneeling in front of him. He tapped his cock on my face a few times, and i licked the head clean. He checked his watch again as he stood up, tucking in his shirt as he pulled his pants back up. "I gotta get going, have a benefit dinner at 7" he said. I stood up, noticing his wedding ring for the first time, as well as the 4 windows looking out over the quad. He pulled a towel out of a gym bag under his desk, and i wiped his cum off my face. I smiled sheepishly and turned toward the door. He grabbed my ass, put his arm around my chest and pulled me against him. He whispered in my ear, "Can't wait to see this tight little ass around campus again, now that I've been in it. But this stays between us. Got it?" He held me tight, waiting for my response. "Mhhmm" i mumbled meakly."Say; Yes, Sir" He ordered."Yes, Sir." I said quitely. He released my chest and slapped my ass."Good. Now get the fuck out, I gotta go. I'll text you when i need that ass again."He certainly did. For the next 2.5 years, he turned me into his personal whore.
06-25-2021, at 01:23 AM

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