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Visitors from out of town Part 4

Post #1

Visitors from out of town Part 4This is the continuation of ?Visitors from out of town Part 3?James had already spent a full day fucking my brains out. I was exhausted, my pussy ached, my jaw was sore and I was still hungry for more. Having a stud like James to fuck is a rare treat and I didn?t want to waste any of the precious time I had with him this weekend. James had instructed me not to wear any panties for the entirety of his visit so I obviously obliged him. I also took it upon myself to wear short skirts so that I could easily tease him with flashes of my tender shaved pussy.The second night of his visit James decided that he and I should go out for dinner. Hubby didn?t have a problem with this so he stayed home. I got dolled up in a very short skirt and tight stretch tank top and heels. James wore a nice button shirt and shorts and we headed out. We took James?s SUV, a newer truck. It was a nice vehicle with lots of room. The ride to the restaurant was uneventful other than some flirtatious chatting. The restaurant was a large franchise type aimed at adults more than families. It has fairly loud music, good food and a sports bar as well as an outside patio. It was fairly late already when we arrived. We were finally seated in an area between the booths and the sports bar. It was a small, high round table with high stools for seats. This presented a bit of a problem with what I was wearing but I climbed up onto the stool. As soon as I sat down and looked up I noticed a few guys staring at me and smiling. I assumed I?d accidentally given them a bit of a show.James ordered me a martini and something for himself, followed by another couple for me before our appetizers arrived. I was getting very buzzed already and James was making sure I stayed this way. After a bit he pointed out that those same guys at the bar were still sneaking glances under the table hoping to see more. James then suggested that I give them a bit of a show. Who was I to say no to my bull? I looked over to the guys at the bar and when I saw them look back my way I turned slightly so that I was facing them, then slowly spread my legs just enough for them to get a peek under my skirt. Needless to say, they reacted with smiles, they were very pleased. James was obviously getting very horny. He started to grin at me more and more and then started to vocalize his lust, ?I can?t wait to get you back to the house and fuck your brains out.? He said many more similar things by the time we?d finished eating. I too couldn?t wait to get out of there. It was nice to go out for a civilized break but I was wet again and needing to feel this stud inside me again. We finished up and paid our bill, then James came around the table and helped me down. I?m sure that most of the people around thought we were mother and son, and when he put his arm around me and kissed me, the looks we got confirmed it. Women looked disgusted, men looked jealous and I could care less either way. James slid his hand down to my ass and we walked out of the restaurant that way. He opened my truck door and helped me in before getting in the driver?s side. ?Feel like going for a drive before heading back?? he asked. ?I don?t know if I can wait that long to feel you again.? I replied. ?I won?t drive long, I promise? James assured me with a smile so I nodded my agreement and he pulled out of the parking lot. We drove for a bit before coming to a large lake nearby. During the day the beaches are covered with people but in the evening the families are gone and it?s pretty quiet for the most part, at least in comparison to the daytime. James pulled over and suggested we have a quick stroll along the beach to walk off dinner before heading back. I was becoming impatient as all I had on my mind was that big cock but I agreed and we got out of the SUV and started to stroll. We started to head toward the beach so I stopped and removed my heels, then took James? hand as he lead us down toward the water?s edge. I dipped my feet in the water, then we started to walk along the sand. It wasn?t long before we?d walked quite a distance in silence, hand in hand. It felt very romantic, something I haven?t felt in a very long time and I was enjoying the quality time. Finally James stopped walking and pulled me around to face him. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me hard and passionately and I reciprocated. I felt like a young woman again, out on a first date. I had all the butterflies and passion that I felt in my younger years. James began to move down to sit on the sand, pulling me along with him. Once sitting, we continued kissing and I felt James slip a hand between my knees, then slide it up the inside of my thigh until he found my pussy. ?Mmmm, you?re so wet? he observed as he slid his fingers along my opening and then slid one into me. I reciprocated by rubbing the crotch of his shorts, then undoing them and slipping my hand inside to grab and stroke his cock. He was so hard! It seemed like he was always ready to fuck, no matter how many times he?d already fucked me. His cock was leaking precum which I used for lube as I slowly slid my hand up and down his shaft. James? other hand was on the back of my head, holding me there to kiss him. Finally he broke our kiss and whispered ?please? as he tried to gently guide my face to his crotch. I quickly looked around to see if anyone was nearby and seeing no one within 100 yards, I followed his guidance and bent to bring my mouth to his cockhead. I flicked my tongue across the tip, licking up his liquid before sliding my mouth around him again. I simply could not get enough of his cock, I was completely addicted. I slowly bobbed up and down on his shaft, no longer concerned with who may see me servicing this young stud out in public. James moaned and encouraged me, ?oh God! I love that fucking mouth. No one sucks cock as good as you do.? That last one was a real ego boost for me. Finally James pulled my head from him and up to his mouth again where he was waiting to kiss again. ?Get naked? he ordered, ?We?re going for a swim?. I again looked around, then slid my skirt off and pulled off my shirt before removing my bra and piling them on the sand near the water?s edge. James stripped also and took my hand, leading me in. The water was cool but not cold, very refreshing on a hot summer night. We waded in a bit until the water was licking at the bottoms of my breasts. The water barely came up above James? waist and his cock pointed up and out of the water bobbing in front of him. He pulled me to him again, pressing his cock between us. I reached down and groped him. James started to push forward, backing me deeper into the water. We took a dozen more steps before we were both much deeper. The water was up to the middle of James? chest and I was now holding James to stabilize me as I was floating. We resumed kissing, then James grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me up and against him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt his cock against my tummy. I wrapped my legs around his waist and started to grind his cock between us. Finally James spoke, ?I need to be inside you again?. I lifted myself up a bit higher so that he was at my entrance, then I lowered myself onto him. It took a bit of effort due to the water washing away my natural lube but I was soon all the way down on his cock. I didn?t fuck him, I simply stopped moving so that I could focus on the pleasure of feeling how full and stretched he made me. After at least a minute of not moving, just kissing, I started to gently grind on him and he moaned into my mouth. I started to move more now, sawing a few inches of his marvelous shaft in and out of me. ?Fuck Erin. I?ve never felt anyone like you. Your pussy is made for my cock.? I had to agree with him, I really hadn?t felt anything like his cock and the way it pressed every spot inside me the way I could have only dreamed before meeting him. ?Yes, it really is. Your cock is amazing.? James started to lift me a bit higher before sliding me down again, fucking me a bit harder. I was looking over his shoulder now and watching some people walking by on the beach. Some paused to look our way, likely hearing our moans as we were only about 75 yards from shore and our clothing was piled right on the edge from where we were like a beacon.Unfortunately my body wasn?t making lube fast enough to replace what the water was washing away and I was getting tender so I told James we?d have to stop. He understood and lifted me off him. We kissed more, then wandered to the shore. We didn?t have towels so we had to pull our clothes on as best we could before wandering back along the beach to the parking lot and his SUV. James opened the rear door on my side. I knew what he wanted so I climbed in and slid over and he followed me in and closed the door behind him. In a flash his shorts were on the floor and he forcefully grabbed my hair and yanked my face to his cock again. I hungrily devoured him again, licking and sucking. He grabbed my hair tightly with both hands, holding my mouth so that just his head was inside before he started to thrust up and fuck my face. He must have done this for at least a minute before pulling me upward and lifting me over his lap. I reached down and guided him to my pussy again and slid down until he was completely within me. We were no longer making love, this was simply sex again. We both needed release badly. James leaned back while I placed my feet on the seat on either side of him and started to fuck him. I had orgasm after orgasm, simply using his fabulous cock as my personal toy until I was satisfied enough.?Your turn? I panted as I lifted myself off him and laid down on the bench next to him. James wasted no time in mounting me and thrusting fully into me. ?I need your cum James. Please baby, give me your seed? I pleaded. James started to really fuck me hard. He kissed me with amazing passion as he pounded in and out of me, his balls slapping my ass with each thrust. ?Ya baby, I?m going to cum again Erin. Fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck! I?m fucking cumming baby!? He thrust completely into me again, impaling me and arching his back as he cried out. I raked my nails down his chest and wrapped my legs around him, pleading with him, ?Yes baby. Of fuck James, fill my pussy with cum!? He moaned and shook as he body released his seed. I could again feel his hot injection deep in my tummy and I immediately felt my own orgasm mounting again. ?Oh fuck James, I?m cumming!? I cried out as I climaxed. Once James? orgasm subsided he laid back down and kissed me more. As usual, his cock did not soften. I squeezed him with my pussy muscles, trying to milk him. He looked down at me, ?Erin. I don?t know how to say this but I have to tell you.? I became slightly concerned but assured him it was okay. ?I love you.? I didn?t know how to react. I was not expecting this although in hindsight I should have, especially knowing his age. ?James, I?m married and you know that?, I reminded him.?I know that but I can?t help how I feel. So, you don?t feel the same?? he asked. I paused before answering. I searched my feelings before responding and in doing so I realized that I too loved him. Could I love two men at the same time? I still loved my husband deeply. ?I do James, but I also love my husband?. ?But he can?t fuck you like I do.? I realized that he was actually trying to suggest that I should be his. ?True James, but love is more than sex, and our age difference doesn?t help. I love spending time with you and I want to fuck you whenever I can, but I can?t leave my husband for you.? He looked like a scolded dog now and I felt his cock start to soften inside of me. He pulled back slightly and his cock slid from me along with a puddle of his semen. ?James, I do love you. I just can?t be yours.??So you?re just a fucking slut.? he declared in a sharp tone. I didn?t respond. ?I see how it is now, you just want me for sex.??James, that has been our relationship all along.? ?So you don?t love me then!? James was becoming agitated now. I tried to assure him that I did love him also but in a sexual way, but that wasn?t enough for him. His young heart couldn?t differentiate between sex and true love. I should have seen this coming. ?Fine, I get it.? He snapped. ?This is all about sex. We?ll keep it that way.? I could see that I?d hurt him with my reply. I tried to console him but he was having nothing of it. ?Don?t pretend!? he snapped again. ?This is about sex.? I started to dress again and James did the same. We got into the front and he started to drive. I felt terrible for hurting him despite being clear the entire time. I could see the hurt and anger on his face, it made me feel sad. I tried again to console him but he ignored me and kept driving. We drove for a while, getting most of the way home before pulling off the main road onto a gravel road. ?What are you doing?? I asked. James didn?t answer. He shut off the truck and got out, walking around the front to my side and opening my door. He grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me out. ?Ow! You?re hurting me!? I protested.?Good, now you know how it feels? he replied. He was having a tantrum. He was no longer the charming stud he?d been until now. Before I could say or do anything else he grabbed the neckline of my shirt with both hands and tore it in half, ripping it from my body. I hadn?t bothered to put my bra back on so I was now topless and startled, in fact I was worried. James now slapped me across the face, stunning me. ?You want to be a slut who just fucks guys, that?s fine! I?ll treat you like one again. Remember when I ****d you up in the woods over the back of your ATV? That was because I thought of you as a slut because you were a married woman sneaking around behind your husband?s back. I see that?s who you really are. I was wrong to fall for you.?He quickly spun me around to face the truck and pushed me forward so that I was bent over the passenger seat. He grabbed both my arms and pulled them behind my back and bent them so that I was under his control. Being bent like this in my mini skirt, I was completely exposed. He held both my wrists with one of his hands. I tried to push him off but I didn?t have the strength. I felt him wrestling his shorts down.?Okay slut. You just like getting fucked. I get it. I?m going to give you what you?re after.?I tried to hold my legs together but he quickly kicked them apart and pushed me harder against the seat, tightening his grip on my wrists. He bent his knees, then I felt his cock at my entrance. He was not gentle, he simply pushed into me. ?There you go you fucking whore! Take my fucking cock, slut!? His voice had nothing but contempt in it. He was angry. He now fucked me, hard. Harder than he?d fucked me all weekend. I remembered now how he fucked me over the back of my quad last year. It wasn?t passion, it was lust and hate and he was doing it again. His thrusts were long and forceful. He?d move most of the way out, then slam into me and lift me. He wanted nothing but to feel pleasure and to punish me by hurting me with his tool. Once again he was lifting my feet right off the ground. I was crying, not from pain, but for the pain I had caused him emotionally and for the shame I was feeling because I was enjoying the abuse he was giving me. He fucked me this way for minutes, then pulled out. ?You?re liking that too much. Time to change that.? Again his grip on my wrists tightened. I heard him spit, then felt his saliva run down my ass crack. Before I could say anything his cock was at my ass and he pushed. I tried to resist but it was useless. He forced his way into my ass. The pain was excruciating. Inch by inch he forced his way in. I knew better than to resist further so I tried to relax as much as possible. I felt his cock moving deeper into my bowels until his entire tool was inside me. He started to fuck me again, the same way, most of the way out before slamming into me. I had no doubt that this hurt most women he?d ever tried it with and it hurt me also but the pleasure I felt from it far outweighed the pain. ?Yes, take it you cunt!? he grunted along with many other obscenities. The more he cussed me out and the harder he fucked me, the more I felt my juices running. Soon I heard myself moaning. I was no longer crying, the shame was nothing anymore. It was all pleasure. Slap, slap, slap, his body pounded against mine. James released my wrists and grabbed my hips. He started to pull me back to match his thrusts, slamming into me even harder. ?Take it all. Uh. Uh. Fuck! You?re going to remember this fuck! You aren?t going to walk right ever again!? He kept slamming into me. I moaned again, then heard him ?You?re fucking liking this?? I merely moaned in response. He pulled out abruptly and spun me around to face him, then slapped me across the face again. He grabbed my hair hard, causing me to shriek as he forced me to my knees. ?Open!? he barked as he thrust his cock toward my face. I kept my mouth closed. With his free hand he grabbed his cock and slapped it across my cheek, stinging it and then barked again ?I fucking said open your fucking mouth!? He tightened his grip on my hair and I finally obliged him. As soon as my mouth opened he slammed into me as hard as he could, choking me. He pushed against the back of my throat over and over, fucking my mouth. I was drooling and choking. At some point both his hands went to the back of my head as he fucked my mouth. ?You like that slut? You like choking on my cock?? I knew that he wanted me to protest, to not enjoy myself, but I honestly liked it although I knew better than to let him know again so I tried to shake my head and push him back. ?You?re not going anywhere!? he barked again, thrusting more. ?Choke on it bitch!? he pushed as hard as he could. His cock pushed into my throat and I gagged, then began to vomit on his cock. This pleased him and he let me get air. ?That?s better. Now come here!? He yanked me to my feet by my hair, then pushed me back against the side of the truck. The cold metal felt good against my back. One hand held my hair, the other lifted one of my legs. He bent slightly and tried to push into my pussy but was missing the mark. ?Grab my cock and put it in!? he ordered. I reached down between us and grabbed his cock. I stroked it a few times, then guided him to my opening. He pushed all the way in and started to fuck me again. He was going very deep. I looked down to watch and loved that I could see my tummy swelling every time he thrust forward. He wrapped both arms around my waist and joined them behind me. I was simply an object now and he started to use my body like a sex toy. ?Take it! Mmmm, yes, take my cock! You?re such a fucking slut. I?m going to break your cunt!? All the foul language and abuse should have had me screaming for help but instead I was wetter than ever. I knew he was getting carried away but I also knew he wouldn?t take this much further for fear of my husband and his parents. I tried not to show pleasure despite the fact that I was enjoying it.I decided to play along, ?No James! Stop! You?re hurting me!? ?Yeah? My big cock too much for you?? he panted.?Yes! Please stop! You?re breaking me in half!? I knew that flattery was what he was after. He enjoyed hurting women with his massive member. I suspected that this was almost the norm for him because most women, let alone ones his age, would be terrified of that cock. He didn?t slow. In fact his pace increased. He actually tightened his grip around me and lifted me into his arms. My one leg on his shoulder while the other dangled over his hip. He bounced me on his cock, literally slamming me down onto him over and over. Finally he stopped and lifted me off him and dropped me to the ground. My legs were too weak to hold me up and I fell to my knees. ?I need to catch my breath? he stated calmly. After a minute or two he looked at me sheepishly, ?I?m sorry?. He wouldn?t make eye contact. I figured he?d had just enough time to reflect on the situation and realized how far he?d gone and was worried.?It?s okay James. I mean, it?s not okay but I understand. You?re hurt and tried to hurt me back the way you knew how but you need to be careful. That shit will get you put in jail.?James nodded sheepishly.?Now why don?t we get in the back?? I suggested.James looked at me. I stood and opened the rear side door and climbed in, pulling him with me. I pushed him so that he was sitting on the seat, then I straddled him, pinning his cock between us. My skirt was still on so I unzipped the side and lifted it off. I reached into the front to find my bag and grab some gum, my breath needed help after puking. Once I felt better I kissed him again and he reciprocated passionately. I started to grind against him and he moaned quietly. I had to put one of my feet on the cushion to lift myself high enough over him, then I instructed him ?put it in me baby?. He grabbed his shaft and guided it to me. I immediately slid down onto him, moaning loudly. I needed an orgasm badly. He?d had his fun, it was my turn. I held his face in my hands and kissed him as I fucked him. ?Yes James! Yes baby! Fuck me! Oh God, your cock is so fucking big!? I felt it coming on, from deep inside I was about to burst. ?Fuck James, I?m going to cum baby, fuck me with that big cock! You?re breaking me in half!? He started to thrust up hard as I felt it start. My body shook so hard that I lost complete control. I couldn?t kiss, I couldn?t hold him, I couldn?t fuck him, I just shook violently while I was impaled on that b**st. I couldn?t? even see straight. I think I screamed but I?m not even sure. Finally I started to regain my composure. ?You okay?? James asked.?Oh yes. I?m better than okay.? I replied. ?Now it?s your turn. I want you to use my pussy baby. I want you to fuck it and cum as deep as you can inside me. You can be as rough as you want but I want that fucking cum inside.??Get on your knees? he ordered. I slowly lifted myself off his cock and got onto my knees beside him. ?No, this isn?t going to work this way. Come with me.? He opened the door and got out again, reaching back to take my hand. I followed him out of the truck. We went around the back and he opened the rear door. He kissed me again, then spun me around with my back to him and ordered, ?Bend over the back?. I did, and wiggled my ass at him. ?Mmmm, I can?t wait? he mumbled before stepping forward. I spread my legs wide for him as he found my hole again. ?Oh yes baby. Fuck me James. Fuck my little pussy.? I encouraged.James didn?t waste any time. He grabbed my hips again and started to fuck me hard. Once again he was lifting me off the ground with his cock so I reached my legs back and wrapped them around him to help pull him in. I was in the air, suspended like Supergirl flying through the sky. ?You like that Erin? You like being fucked by my cock???Yes baby! It hurts but it feels so good. Nobody has a bigger cock! You?re breaking me in half. I won?t even feel hubby after this weekend?. I was stroking his ego but it was all true at the same time. ?Fuck Erin. I?m going to cum baby. Oh fuck. Jesus! Fuck! Fuuuck!? he cried out. He slammed into me and I felt his cock jumping inside me. I pulled him hard with my legs. I felt the familiar burning deep inside as his cum started to shoot into me. His entire body was shaking and his orgasm didn?t seem to stop. He must have been cumming for at least 30 seconds if not more. Finally he stopped shaking and eased his grip on my hips. I released him also and slowly lowered my feet to the ground. Finally he slid out of me slowly. His cum started to run down my legs. I looked down to see it. There was literally a line of it down the insides of both legs all the way to the ground. ?Are you mad?? he asked. ?Partially, yes and you know why. I don?t think we need to talk about it though, do you??James shook his head. ?So we?re clear about all this, it has always been about sex. You?re less than half my age and I?m married.""I know. I don?t know what I was thinking. It?s just that no one has ever been able to fuck me like you and I guess I got confused.?We started to pick up our clothing from the various areas it had ended up in.?It?s okay James. I don?t think this needs to be discussed further. What happened happened. But if you ever try that shit again, you?ll regret it.? I clarified. James nodded in agreement. We got into the truck. I had on only my skirt and dug around to find and put on my bra. My shirt was beyond salvage. James started the truck and shortly we were home. Upon seeing me, hubby asked if I was okay and I nodded ?yes, but I?m exhausted. This stud is insatiable.? I replied, slapping James on the ass. I saw a look of relief cross James? face. Hubby smiled. ?You?re going to have to fill me in soon? he said, I nodded my agreement. I think that because James leaves tomorrow morning, it would be appropriate for him to sleep with me in our bed one more night, is that okay?? I asked.?As long as I get all the details? he replied. I assured him that he would, then kissed him. ?I need a shower. You?? I asked James. He nodded and followed me. We both got in and cleaned up without a word, then dried and headed to bed.Once we were in the bed and covered up I leaned over for a kiss again and James reciprocated. ?James, I think you owe me one, wouldn?t you agree?? He nodded. I sat up and lowered the covers, then I climbed over his waist but I did not mount him. Instead I moved upward, crawling along his body until my pussy hovered inches from his mouth. ?It?s my turn to use your mouth? I said. He nodded again. ?Stick out your tongue? I ordered. He did and I lowered my clit to his tongue and started to slide up and down along the tip of his tongue. ?That?s it, lick it? I now demanded. I sat there hovering above his mouth as his tongue started to dance along my opening. He was learning but wasn?t good yet and I felt I was owed a bit so I lowered myself to his mouth and started to fuck his face. I grabbed his hair and gyrated on his mouth. It felt great taking control finally despite the fact that I?m usually subservient. He kept gasping for air until I finally decided to give him a reprive. Without a word I spun myself around and straddled him again, lowering my hole to his mouth and started to grind again. I reached forward and grabbed his cock. It was surprisingly soft but still large. I knew he was all about dominance and it seemed he wasn?t hard unless he was in control. I started to stroke him regardless before lowering my mouth to the end. I licked him up and down and stopped grinding his mouth. It wasn?t that I wasn?t enjoying it, I just became focussed on his cock again and found it too hard to do both well. His cock started to become engorged again. I licked and sucked and felt it growing more in my mouth until he was mostly hard, then I got off him and laid down next to him.?James, I want you to make love to me. Not fucking, love making but be clear, this is still all about sex.?He smiled and nodded, then climbed up onto me. I spread my legs and reached down to guide him in one more time. He slid in easily again and kissed me, then stopped, ?I?m really sorry again about earlier? he started. I cut him off, ?like I said, I don?t think this needs to be discussed further.? I kissed him again and he did the same back. I wrapped my tired legs around him and encouraged him, ?yes baby, I fucking love that big cock. Put a baby in me James. Cum in me James.? He paused, then looked at me with a look of concern, ?You?re on the pill, right?? he asked.?No James, I?m not.? I replied. He jumped up, pulling out all at once.?What the fuck? You?re not on birth control? You?re going to get pregnant!? he exclaimed. I giggled. ?It?s okay James. I wasn?t on it last time either and you?ve been fucking me non-stop. If I?m going to get pregnant it?s already too late but I?m going to take the morning after pill like last time. Don?t worry, you?re safe. I just said the baby thing because it felt so taboo.?He looked relieved. ?So you won?t get pregnant?? he asked again. I shook my head, ?no, but it?s fun to be taboo and talk that way, don?t you think?? He contemplated for a moment, then got back between my legs. He got onto his knees, pushing my legs apart and then started to stroke his cock. He held the tip right above my clit and glided his hand up and down his length. He started to squeeze precum out of the end, ?see my cum Erin?? he asked. I nodded. ?I?m going to put a whole lot more inside you again?, then he guided himself to my pussy again and pushed in, laying on me. Again I wrapped my legs around him, ?yes James. Fuck me honey. I want your cum. I want your young sperm in me.??Yeah. Yeah Erin. I?m going to give you a baby. I?m going to make you pregnant and there?s nothing you can do about it?. He seemed to find new pleasure in this kink. ?No James. No. I can?t. Please don?t get me pregnant.? I pleaded, playing along with this game. ?I?m going to, and it?s not my problem. You and your husband can deal with it. You should have thought of it before you started to fuck me.? He was fucking me fast now. His balls were slapping against my ass again. He ran his hands up my sides to my arms, then raised them both above my head, holding them there.I pretended to protest again, ?no James, don?t cum inside me. Please no!?His pace increased and he started to moan.?No, please. I?m too old to have a baby. Please pull out!? ?No fucking way!? he sped up more. ?Oh fuck Erin. I?m going to give you a baby. Oh fuck. Fuck! Take it. Take it. Fuck! I?m cumming!? Once again I felt that incredible load being deposited deep inside me. I kissed him hard. I?d only been joking about a baby but for a fleeting second I was wondering if I might want one again, then dismissed the thought. James stayed there on top of me kissing me. His cock softened and slid from me. His semen was running down my ass onto the mattress and he rolled off me and kissed me once more. Within moments we were both sound asleep. I woke to feel James? cock grinding against my ass. I was exhausted and in no mood for sex. ?James, I can?t. I?m just too tired.??Please Erin. I?m leaving soon and just need you one more time before I go.? The look in his eyes was too much. He was pleading.?You have to be quick James. I?m too tired.?He smiled, then pushed me onto my stomach and straddled me. ?Ass or pussy?? he asked.?Pussy please.? I spread my legs for him.I reached under and spread my lips for him as he found me and entered me. I was very tender from the last 2 days of constant fucking. I?d honestly lost track of how many times this stud had fucked me but it was easily in excess of 10 times and he?d cum at least a few times more than that using my mouth. His stamina was truly amazing. He laid on top of me and started to fuck me as he kissed my neck and then whispered in my ear. ?I?m going to give you more sperm Erin. I?m going to make sure you?re broken and pregnant before I leave?. I got a shiver up my back. ?Yes James, give it to me hun. I want it again.? I encouraged. He didn?t take long this time. Within a minute or so of starting to fuck me he groaned into my ear and his body shook. Feeling that fat cock stretching me as it started to pump was one of the most incredible feelings I?ve ever had. I nearly came again and would have if he?d lasted another minute but I was okay with it this way. He kissed my neck once more and pulled out, then left the room. I fell asleep again.When I woke it was the afternoon. James was gone but hubby handed me a note from him. ?I?ll never forget this weekend. Thank you for everything. Xo? I kissed hubby, then asked him to make love to me.
06-25-2021, at 01:24 AM

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