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492 look Ian I wish

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492 look Ian I wish492 look Ian I wishIt was not to be the only time that week that they made love, it was unusual, but it was welcome, and it was on Saturday afternoon after he returned from his usual fishing with Rufus that they found themselves considering the topic again. To his surprise she, started it, by saying that, ?she had had these fantasies of theirs on her mind all week,? and ?she found herself imagining enjoying pain at another man`s hand, and real pain at that, as it was a very real turn on,? in fact, she confided, ?She had fingered herself to a climax on a number of occasions this week it so turned her on!?He sat down a little gobsmacked at that, saying, ? yes, well it turned me on too if you must know, so much that in a jokey way I mentioned it to Rufus asking if he found you attractive?? she looked shocked, he reassured her, saying, ?it was nothing specific just men`s talk, and he admitted he had always fancied you, his own misses being so thin and cheerless?? she grinned, knowing that last bit was his idea of a joke, but taken with the thought of Rufus having her, something that had crossed her mind occasionally before, though till now she had never admitted it and now she knew he was well hung? very well!But then he asked, ?did she honestly find the thought of being taken by another man a real turn on then, or was it just all just fantasy?? she smiled, kissed him then said ?well? yes? that?s if you will let me, yes, yes I do want to try it but it is up to you?? she looked a bit distant but then said, ?I am beginning to think that if we could find the right man, one who we both trusted explicitly, perhaps if you wanted to share me, well perhaps we should try it before I become completely old and unattractive!? He nodded, ?And submitting to some pain was that real or just a dream!?Her reply shook him rigid when she said, ?that is something that I will never know until I have tried it will I!? she went on by saying, ?It is a risk, that was true,? and, ?if she did it? it needed to be soon or she would be too old for recovering from games like that easily? then adding it has been my lifelong fantasy and if I don?t do it soon?well I might regret never having had the balls to try it ! He was rocked by that, saying, ?are you really sure?? to which she said, ?well it is both our fantasies, I do fancy trying the swap if it turns you on too. and of course, in the other case, it`s me that gets the pain, and you the heartache, so let`s at least just think seriously about it, OK!? which he a little shocked agreed to do.Tea was a quiet meal, neither knowing quite what to say, after which knowing they needed normality, they went off to the local pub as usual, this time together with the distracting elephant in the room! They were on their second drinks when into the bar came Rufus, his wife and his younger brother Lenny, six whipcord feet of athletic black youth in his 20`s, The evening went well sat as they were in the corner booth together, the group a country and western combo adding to the evening and the elephant almost forgotten. Closing time came and home they tottered, at the cross roads the men kissing the opposing wives good night, the coloured party wandering away and melting into the darkness in a way no white man ever could.At home again, they made love, the drinks and perhaps the company they had had aided their libido. It was not un-noticed by Ian just how keen she was. Sunday started late, he made the breakfast, and they lazed in bed eating it, the sun streaming into the room as they did so. ?So, you fancy that black man, old Rufus then do you? he grinned at her, she blushed, ?Was it that obvious? she laughed, then added ?God yes I would love to try one or both of those big black dicks!? they laughed together then he said,? You want I should speak to Rufus, on the quiet, he`s a good old boy, we work together and I trust him, but I don?t know if he`s into sex outside his marriage!? she blushed and he said ?oh, well ok then, but a discrete word only, I don?t want to cause problems.? She had a broad grin now, saying, ?could you cope with another man fucking your wife?? it was an incredibly good question? could he, he wondered? The day burbled on, that question always present at the back of his thoughts.At nine that night he got ready kissed her and drove off for his week of nightshift`s starting at ten. It was seven am next day when they next passed at the kitchen door, they had the usual half hour together before she took the now warm car to go off to her own work, stacking shelves, it would be that evening before they would meet once again. He slept most of the day, then after a long shower, he cooked the tea and to the sound of the mantle clock striking six, May re-appeared.She was keen to know what had been said, sadly she was disappointed, Rufus had been shifted to another department to cover someone else last night, but he was sure he would be back tonight. She did her best not to look desperately disappointed, and the process was repeated the next day just as it had been on that Monday, however on the Wednesday morning, he greeted her as he handed over the car keys with the news that Rufus had eagerly agreed to ?visit? on Saturday instead of the more usual fishing, but he just wanted to let her have ?some fun with him,? and after a gentle probing, Ian had found out that he was not interested in pain in any form, just black on white sex!? She shrugged smiled then said ?at least he fancied her, she had been expectant that he would not want such an old bird!? he grabbed her and was so intense in his kiss, that she nearly was late to go off to her shift!Over the evening meal that night she asked, ?now that the ball was rolling, how did he feel?? He answered it was, ?strange? erotic, exciting and at the same time, like a naughty schoolboy about to do something very wrong? was that making sense?? again they made love, there on the carpet hard and lovingly, before he went off to his shift. The next evening she came home to the news that Rufus had quietly spoken up for his brother Lenny, a single man who was away for another few days in Nottingham, re-roofing a chapel as part of his job, Rufus, knowing what Ian had said, and knowing Lenny, having said after the pub visit, that he fancied May. Thus, Ian suggested perhaps that if she wanted a younger man, perhaps Lenny could visit when he got home from Nottingham if she wished. The couple exchanged long looks, grins and in Mays case a smile of satisfaction, but not a word passed between them.Saturday morning, he arrived home tired at the usual 7am, his next shift Monday at two. It was usual for him to stay up after the last night shift even though he was tired, it helped him sleep that night, and adjust his body clock!It was a misty and damp morning, and Rufus arrived at nine as was usual for the two fishermen. They all three sat to coffee at the kitchen table all were fully dressed, and each were at least a little tongue tied. I mean it`s not the sort of, thing that comes up just like that, the ?I hear you want to get fucked by my big black dick? is not the usual fare!Anyway they pussyfooted around the problem, till Ian frustratedly broke the ice by saying ?look, we all know why we are here, you Rufus ?turned on? my May at the pub the other night, she felt your prick against her, it turned her on and she confessed she wanted to see and perhaps enjoy it, now it`s up to you two, I am happy as long as it goes no further than us three and I am going to sit over there, and I will just passively watch, though we can all go up to the bedroom if you both wish, it`s all up to you!? Both the other participants exchanged glances then chuckled, realising how c***dish this pussyfooting about all had been. Rufus kissed her hand, then her lips, they nodded, then as if at a mutual thought she led him up to the bedroom, Ian following and settling himself in the bath chair to watch the games. It was obvious that they were both shy.Ian, as an ice breaker, slipped a CD into the player, soothing music filled the bedroom, Rufus took her hand and together they gently waltzed holding one another close and hardly moving far from the starting point, his hand slid up her back and they kissed, deeply and passionately. Slowly her clothes were shed, white under-clothing, both lacy and practical, slowly became her last line of defence, she knew it was now or never, but the sight of her husband`s face and the tent in his jeans, mixed with the expectant look on the face of her ?would be lover,? spurred her on. She knew she wanted this for herself too, in a strange way it was like a dream,?a fantasy?she wanted to try this experiment, this wicked sharing, to give herself to this outsider, to break the cycle of her marriage, but to do it without damage to her loving relationship with her husband.She didn?t need to speak, but she knew for the sake of her marriage that she needed to, in a voice barely audible she said, ?It is now or never Ian, can I have your friend, can I let him have me? will you give us your blessing?? even Rufus realised this to them was of megga importance, looking to his workmate and friend with an intensity that showed in his face, his tool straining at the zip on his trousers in an eager fashion. For Ian the moment crackled with the intensity of the decision, was he to give his assent to this man, this black stud, to violate his lovely wife of all these years, to break their marriage vows, or should he follow his sexual fantasy, should he give in to the lust flowing through his whole being? or should he collapse the moment and be himself?his mouth dry, he nodded, then exclaimed, ?go on, do it, let`s live a little!?She fell to her knees in front of her lover to be, her hands eagerly unzipping his fly, tearing at the belt and the single waist button hauling down his trousers, desperate to see that stiffness that had so aroused her in the pub, and was now still hidden from her view by his underpants, the tip just peering over the waistband like an eager snake. The pants slid down revealing 8 or perhaps nearer 9 inches of uncircumcised stiff flesh and balls like a stallion. It was awesome her eyes fixed on the, to her monster tool. His hands surrounded her head, turning the face up to his, lifting her to her feet his lips on hers, the kiss deep and erotic as his big black fingers played on the white bra strap as if in her dreams, the clasp gave, the tension gone the loose bra falling from her soft breasts and dangling from her arms. The nipples stiff as miniature mountains, his black fingers on her light flesh, rough skinned but gentle, exploring, enjoying, playing, with both flesh and emotions. She was aware of him desperately trying to shed his jeans from his ankles, all the while caressing and kissing the exposed flesh. There was nothing else, just this black skinned man worshiping her pale skinned body, no home, no Ian, no family, no fantasy, no world ?just them somehow doing this for real. They shed the last piece of lace, she had no idea when or how, they fell backwards across the bed, her legs opening though not by her command, and she was welcoming into her body this black invader, ?he was thicker than Ian?her brain registered Ian?and with a quick glance she saw him in the chair tool in hand, his face fixed in a look of intense fascination, jaw open working on some silent words whether of reproach or of disgust she neither knew, nor in fact cared, her lover was inside her now filling her, there was no going back, his hips ramming his thick black and magic truncheon deep into her very soul, her whole body jerking like a puppet as the thing rammed home each time, it was unbelievable, it was hard and it was magic, her nails were raking his shoulder flesh, legs wrapping around him, urging him deeper, ever deeper. She felt him tense, her senses going into overload waiting for his hot seed to fill her and together the roller coaster began its unstoppable decent, the speed increasing till with a shriek and a groan they hit the bottom of the dip the fastest point, the perfect experience, and together they came, came like fountains, waterfalls, a tsunami of emotions and of feelings. Ian too had joined them in ecstatic joy, his balls emptying in an eruption of seed that hit the side of the bed 4 feet from his seat, it was unbelievable. Stunned they lay silent, all three realising it had been a once in a lifetime happening, an experience above any so far, not since the loosing of her virginity, or their honeymoon all those years ago had she come so completely, so hard, or so heavily.They lay together he dismounted, now, there was nothing to say, it was over she had given herself to another man, and he had let her, in fact encouraged her? Ian rose blew her a kiss and silently left the room, he knew pandora was out of the box, knew the pair would recover a bit and perhaps even make love again, he made tea, strong and sweet. he became aware of his own tool, cool and damp still hanging from his open fly, and he laughed, at it, wondered if ?it? was now redundant, shook his head at their situation, and wondered where it all would lead. An hour passed, then the door opened. It was Rufus, dressed now, their eyes met, they knew words were not necessary, or appropriate, they shook hands and then awkwardly Rufus said, ?no hard feelings??? Ian grinned, repeated the phrase, ?no hard feelings!? then as his workmate left, he muttered ?Monday then? and the door closed Quietly behind him.He made her coffee, his wife lay on the bed, legs still akimbo, seed dribbling from her body, and a glazed look on her face, he set the coffee down then climbed onto the bed and they hugged silently for a while, she kissed him meaningfully and whispered ?thanks mate, that was special!? They made love, gently and with feeling.Nothing was said on the adventure till later that day, both needed time to rest and to think. It was May that brought up the subject when it seemed a bit more appropriate just before bedtime, after a long quiet evening in front of the TV. ?Well Ian, how do you feel about your wife now, after her having slept with your friend?? it was a bold question Ian having said little since they had got out of bed about two o`clock. He started a little slowly, explaining, ?that he felt awful having talked her into having sex, just for his personal fantasy and with another man?for his benefit and enjoyment it seemed so unfair of him!? she burst out laughing called him, ?a silly Goose? said that, ?if she hadn?t wanted to screw him he would never have stood a chance,? that for her it was, ?great fun,? and that, ?she had been worried all afternoon that he would have thought her a ?right whore? screwing with Rufus, it was for her as much as him she said, and ?she had enjoyed it a lot especially when you were watching!? he began to cheer up a little at that, so she added, ?Look he might have been bigger than you and good with it at first and I had a really good climax that first time, but he did not make anyway near as good a job the second time round, he rather lost his?stiffness, and his energy which you made up for, energetically afterwards, so I know you enjoyed at least some of me getting screwed!? then she added, ?Oh and it wasn`t all your idea you know, I did have some input!? his smile now was broad, he was tired from lack of sleep from the week of night duty, but now he was relieved that she didn`t blame him for being used. They closed down the house as always, locking up and switching out lights as coffee in hand they entered the bedroom, as they changed into nightclothes she asked him why he had left them, after that first climax, laughing at his answer of, ?Well I felt I was intruding, threes a crowd and all that!? Sex was a gentle affair before sleep got the better of them both, it had been a long day.It was in the control room on the Monday that Rufus, arrived looking a little nervy, not really knowing what a reception he would get. He looked relieved when Ian carried on as if nothing had happened, and it was not till break when Ian asked about when his younger brother was home, he knew from that, that he was fully happy and that feathers had not been ruffled. On that subject, Rufus asked that the brother was not told he had been there with May, as it might leak to his own wife, and this was readily agreed, Ian telling May just that as soon as he could after the shift.
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