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Housemaid for you

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Housemaid for youI was at a cafe enjoying coffee, when I overheard a middle aged, chubby man expressing how desperate he is for help taking care of his house. Being that he was a working man and pressed for time to deal with homemaker type chores, he said "I wish I had a maid to take care of my home and other needed areas of my life, but I can't afford it." It was then that I knew my fantasies could come true. I waited for his friend to leave, approached him and said "I couldn't help but overhear you talking about your dilemma, I think I know someone who could help you out with your housework, basically free of charge." Of course he was skeptical, but I assured him that it would be free and just what he needed. I gave him my contact info and waited for his call.A few days passed and the phone rang, he on the line asking what it would take to get some assistance. I said "... how would like a maid that will not only scrub your house, organize everything but also please you sexually..?"He answered with shocked but gleeful "Of course, but how could it be free?" "Leave that to me." I said. "What's your address?" He gave me his location and I told him "I will personally show up and ascertain your needs, make arrangements and solve the situation." I packed up my pantyhose, pink panties, a nice lacy white bra, high heels and my French maid outfit and went to his house. When I got there it was clear that he was in need of some home and genital attention. He invited me in and quickly asked "Is this really free?" I assured him that all his needs would be fulfilled and asked him if I could use his bathroom.He directed me to his bathroom, in obvious need of a woman's touch.. among other things.I closed the door and undressed. While slipping into my pantyhose, panties, bra, french maid outfit, long brown curly wig and high heels, I had no doubt that he would be shocked, surprised and titillated when I walked out of his bathroom and exposed myself to him. I purposely took quite a long time in there so that he would come asking about me."Knock knock." he said. "...are you ok?" "Just fine." I said as I opened the door and revealed that his maid and sexual servant is, in fact... me. I twirled around in my frilly dress and said "What do you think? Will I be good enough to serve you?" His eyes widened with shock as his jaw dropped.. speechless. "First things first, you need to relax and let me take care of you!" I said, as I motioned towards his groin...He stepped back, almost aghast, but curious and shocked at the same time... "I.. uh, don't.. uh.. know about this..." he stammered, as I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants, reached inside his underwear and pulled his cock out. "It's ok, I know just what to do..." I said, as I rubbed his piss hole up against my lips and slipped my tongue into his urethra. He fell back against the wall and groaned as my lips wrapped around his penis and slurped his swelling dick tip into my mouth. "Oh god" he said as my tongue slipped down the length of his dick and touched his balls."I'm going to be your sexy maid." I said between licks and sucks on his warm, stiff and dripping cock. "I'll expect that if I'm bent over scrubbing your floors with my asshole exposed, that you will fuck me good~! That's my payment." I explained as I bent over and spread my butt hole open for him.I lifted up my skirt, pulled my panties aside and ripped the back of my pantyhose open and showed him my asshole, prone and ready to get fucked....
04-04-2021, at 01:43 AM

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