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My First Adventure (with a quick note about the Se

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My First Adventure (with a quick note about the SeAt orientation for classes, I notice her. She is hanging out with another hottie and every guy is trying to get their attention. She is simply breathtaking....about 5'7" with the athletic body and strength of a dancer, Blonde, and natural 32 D tits. We get our schedules, and then i find out we are in the same class. First day of class, all but one of the guys is hitting on her. I figure she is out of my league anyway, and i find out she already met some dude in another class. I figure there no way besides im very shy by nature, it has taken me years to learn to overcome that. Anyway, time goes on we become friends in class. Well she breaks up with that dude, and we are still friends in class. I think she just wants to be friends, and she mentions she goes tanning after class and I say "hey I was thinking of going" (which was a lie, lol). So we go tanning, and then start hanging out, but still I think it?s just as friends, because I didn't think she would be interested. Well then the flirting starts a little bit and then a little more. We have another friend in class who is telling me to ask her out, and then also telling her to ask me out. Finally I step up decide to ask! One night, we went and got burgers and some cheesecake (she likes cheesecake) and went to the beach to eat; I had it all pictured in my head! Well it was Feb and in the evening but it was so cold my jaw was literally shaking, and im from the north!! I quickly grab the bbq sauce for my burger and try to wolf it down.....turns out it was the strawberry sauce for her cheesecake, not bbq sauce We laughed and went back to the car, and called it a night, but she invited me to karaoke the next night, so I made a new plan. I had never done it, but decided i was going to sing "I can?t fight this feeling anymore" for her. If you know the words of the song they fit really well "what started out as friendship has grown stronger", etc. However, they had other REO songs, but not that one!!!....grrrrrr!!! So I sang "Everything I do" by Brian Adams and I went back to the booth, took her hand and told her what i was going to sing, and that i wanted her to go out with me. After that we spent even more time together, only holding hands at this point. Sometime after that we went to Pensacola, FL, about 2-3 hours away for the weekend. Nothing stated or implied about anything. We got a room, and went for dinner came back to the room after driving around, and talked. I was holding her, and she got up and closed the curtain. At some point she asked what i wanted and I said I want to kiss you. She smiled, and I took that as a yes (she later told me she liked that I asked first). We continued kissing and soon were undressing. To me, it was as if the world stopped, I will never forget, and I am not exaggerating. It was romantic, and not even that awkward (perhaps a little on my part, she was not a virgin) and seems the 2 of us where alone in the world.As it was my first time (certainly not hers) so I am sure it was a little awkward and not that sexy. But she told me (perhaps graciously) years later on FB that is was still fun and I did make her cum.So my second time was not as romantic. I picked up a Hooters Waitress and we went and fucked before she had to go back to work for a second shift. She was super toned with huge fake tits and a squirter! I fucked her 3 times, but the first time I came was my first titty fuck. I was on my back and she had her tits wrapped around my cock. I was so tuned on that when I came It flew up and arched into her hair. She was MAD! HAHA!!!!!!
04-04-2021, at 01:43 AM

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