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Kylie's Sex Diary #2

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Kylie's Sex Diary #2Chapter 2: Seducing a married manMost times when I go out, I'll head to a club and dance and drink all night. Problem is, you don't really find a lot of older, more mature guys in there. It's mostly filled with teenagers thinking they're the greatest lover a girl could ever have even tho they all for sure did half of what I did in my life. So normally, there aren't any dates to take home, because these type of guys just bore me to death.Sometimes, and I know I should do this more often, I visit a pub and hangout there. Normally I'd do this with friends, but being alone in a pub as a sexy girl like me is a lot of fun. Not only can you meet some older guys there, you also get free drinks! Does that sound harsh? I don't think it is. We all would accept free drinks if we'd get em. :PBasically I was sitting in a pub one night, sipping on my beer and enjoying the atmosphere. At some point an older guy approached me and asked me if he can buy me a drink. I said it's fine and that I'm not really doing anything else at the moment anyway. When he brought us new beer, he sat down on the other side of the table and we started talking. Mostly just the usual "what's your job", "where are you from" kinda questions that happen at almost every conversation with a stranger at the beginning. I won't bore you with too many details and go straight to the fun part.After a while he asked me: "What is a young girl like you doing alone in here?" and I replied with "well... Maybe I was waiting for a man like you?". If you're a girl and you say this to a man, remember to keep eye contact and give him a sexy look, they go crazy over this!I'm not saying that I'm good at flirting, because I'm just very straight forward most of the time and don't tease too much. I still think I got a high rate of success because of my looks and the way I talk.The guy was surprised and it seemed like he didn't really find a reply, so I continued by myself and started to move forward a bit. "You're married, huh?" I said while pointing at his finger with the obvious wedding ring. Maybe this man was just really drunk, or maybe he really wanted to taste somebody else for once, I've never asked him about this. He apologized to me and said he would leave if it's unconfortable for me, but I let him know it's fine... "You want to try something new?" I said while keeping eye contact all the time and moisten my lips with my tongue. He stuttered which I thought was really cute, so I decided to go even further."I can suck your dick so good that you'll forget your wife." At this moment I knew that I have him. I own him for the night. I told him there's a nice backalley not far from here and nobody would see us there, which was his cue to go pay our drinks.We've met again at the entrance and I grabbed his hand, walking with him towards that backalley. He asked me if I'm really serious about this, but all I replied was "you'll see."After our arrival I made sure we're safe from other people and that nobody could watch us. He was completely mine at this point and forgot about his wife entirely. I pulled down his pants and shorts and was greeted by an already hard, stiff cock, I'd say about 17cm? Decent size, it doesn't need to be bigger.I got on my knees and went to what I do best... My tongue was licking the top of his dick, making it wet and even harder, while one of my hands was jerking him off, but very gentle since I don't want him to cum immediately.Slowly but surely I wrapped my lips around his cock and forced it down my throat all the way. While deep inside of my mouth, I continued to play with my tongue to make it even more exciting for him. And after staying in this position for a while, I started to give him a proper blowjob. Moving my head back and forth faster and faster, using my hand to jerk him off as well, while using my free hand to grab his ass and force him to thrust his dick into my mouth.It didn't take too long until he shot his entire load all over my face. I swallowed it all, cleaned myself up and got up again. He told me his wife never gave him such an amazing blowjob and to be honest, it turns me on so fucking much when a married man belongs to me for the night. I make him cheat on her. He, at some point of his life, decided to be with a partner for life, and I made him do something really naughty with me while forgetting about that partner.Needless to say, we got to my place later on and fucked all night. I was riding his cock with my tits bouncing up and down. He was banging my ass and pussy in doggystyle position. He was eaten my pussy out to make me orgasm and give him my sweet juice. He got deep into my fuckholes while my legs were on his shoulders. Basically, we went through a lot of different positions, we both came multiple times, and a few hours later it was time for him to go back home to his wife.Did his wife notice anything? Are they still married? I have no idea. But you can be sure that this guy wasn't the only married man I fucked. And certainly also won't be my last one.
04-04-2021, at 01:43 AM

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