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How we met Ross

Post #1

How we met RossLast week I had the opportunity to conduct business in Newport again. Although I made very little money, it was my most enjoyable visit ever, thanks to Rick. Since any reader will know very little about them, let me tell you a little bit about the circumstances that led me to meet Rick and his beautiful wife Lynn. I?ve been to Newport seven or eight times in the last year. Hell, I?d be there every week if I could find any business justification for it. I love Newport because I believe it has more beautiful women per capita than any other city in the world. Newport women prove their beauty by wearing the most revealing clothes the law will ignore. Glimpses down braless blouses and up panty less miniskirts are infrequent in every other town I visit, but in Newport they are routine. It had taken several years, but I finally found the ultimate place in this town, an intimate little dance club named the Chameleon club that was always brim full of beautiful women. I don?t know how they do it, but the women are all lookers and somehow they keep out the dogs. The club caters to couples with successful husbands and trophy wives dressed to tease. They are the same men that would have been at the country club a few years ago, but not now. It?s better to avoid confrontation with ex-wives. I see the pride and the power these husbands feel when their adult toys walk, sit, and dance to display themselves to other men. There is rarely jealousy from these men?after all they pay for the clothing intended to exhibit exactly what it is they get to fuck. The underlying mood that encourages flirting is a major appeal of the Chameleon club. The girls linger when bending at the waist or when squatting, and the directions of bend and squat are clearly intended to entice. They wink, smile, and cross their legs in ways that let men see they enjoy this exciting brand of foreplay at least as much as their husbands do. My hobby is seducing these gorgeous trophy wives, but the twist in the game is that it is only fun if it is done with the full knowledge and consent from their husbands. I?m good, both at the game and in bed with the wives. There have been many requests for return engagements, but in Newport there is no need. There are many more seductions I could make than there is time to make them, and the stimulant that keeps me hard for so long is that I am really seducing a married couple, not just a married woman. My ego grows each time I successfully conquer the will of an obviously powerful man and the pussy of his conspicuously gorgeous wife. It?s a double stroke for my self-esteem, and the game?s rewards are both physically and psychologically addictive.Like I said, I have been to the Chameleon club many times and I have seen many beautiful women, a fair number of whom I have seduced. Last week, two couples with whom I had successfully played the seduction game were in the lounge. Seductive glances from both these gorgeous wives left no doubt each was ready to sample my cock again, but I really wasn?t interested even before your wife walked through the door on your arm. An unjustly maligned adage goes, ?I may not know much about art, but I know what I like?. Well, it applies to my taste in women, and I know exactly what I like. My brain?s file folder is the result of a lifetime of comparisons, and I know exactly what I find the most arousing on a woman. A perfect-ten woman means each of her anatomical features must be so perfect it will uniquely arouse me. More important than the individual features, however, is how they combine. The features must mesh so perfectly that the total woman must arouse me more than the sum of the combined features. Last week, in the Chameleon club, I saw the first perfect ten of my life. You brought her for me. I immediately committed to exclude all other women in the club from my persuasion game, fully aware that this decision severely reduced my chance for seduction success. Instantaneous decisions were a typical of me, and the energy jolt to my system was both potent and surprising. This rush of positive reinforcement induced me to study your wife with intensity surpassing even the concentration I had when preparing for my Ph.D. orals. I guessed that she was about 5? 4?, and that her petite frame carried about 110 pounds. She didn?t have one ounce of fat on her body, and every part I could see was lightly bronzed. Her skin was perfect, and there wasn?t a mole, freckle, blemish, pimple, blackhead, birthmark, or tattoo visible anywhere. She could easily have been a college girl, but I also knew she could be older despite her fresh and innocent appearance. Her facial features were independently lovely. Large, widely spaced, blue eyes sparkled with interest and excitement as she casually noticed the eyes of nearly every man in the club focus on her body. Her nose had the classic shape of European beauties, and her mouth was wide and perfectly symmetrical on her oval face. I saw her smile several times at you, and when she did it reflected her own happiness as well as radiated joy for you to receive. Wide, sensuous lips and just the hint of dimples at the end of her mouth framed her perfectly aligned, brilliantly white teeth. Her hair was brunette with a gentle natural curl, and it hung so it barely grazed her shoulders. Your wife?s lips were glossed in brilliant red. She had a pink blush on her cheeks that may or may not have been natural. Her eyebrows and eyelashes were brushed and her eyes were outlined so artfully that they could have been professionally applied. In fact, her entire face was so perfectly made up that she could have come directly from the makeup room at a movie studio. It would have been easy to believe she was an actress or a model. Her face was beautiful in every sense of the word, and the whole was greater than the sum of the parts. Facial expressions reflected her love for life, and her countenance was never crossed by expressions of dissatisfaction, anger, or bewilderment. Intelligence was transmitted through her eyes and through her expressions. But I would never give any woman a perfect ten without an incredible body to accompany the face, and your wife had a body that was absolutely perfect for my taste. She was pencil-thin from her abdomen to her firm, proud breasts. Her waist was framed by ideally shaped tits above and by her tight protruding ass below. I was guessing about all sorts of statistics concerning her body, so I guessed her measurements to be 36C-21-34. The most important consideration was that whatever my guesses were didn?t matter. Whatever she was?height, weight, age, measurements, hat size?it was perfect. Her legs had the muscle tone and shape of a Vegas showgirl, and they were long in proportion to her height. Her arms were thin and shapely, and they moved gracefully to emphasize her points as she spoke. Shoulders covered by only the thin spaghetti straps of her dress were smooth and flowed sleekly to her beautiful neck. I got hard just by thinking about kissing it. Diamond earrings, a thin choker diamond necklace, and a gargantuan engagement ring next to her wedding ring looked wonderful. She wore at least 4? spike heels, and a dress. If you counted her jewellery and her shoes, she wore 8 things. Since I didn?t count them, she only wore one item of clothing, and it was the hottest dress I had ever seen along with those wonderful black fully fashioned seamed stockings, how did I know they were stockings, well let?s just say I?m an expert on stockings.The material was very thin soft cotton that d****d smoothly over every protrusion or crease in her body. It was a light grey colour?just light enough to detect the colour difference between her aureole and the rest of her tits. I couldn?t see any colour difference at her crotch, so she was either shaved or her pussy hair was so light it was invisible. Long spaghetti straps over her shoulders were the only barriers to seeing everything on her body from the portion of her tits just a couple of inches above her nipples to the midpoint of her back. Three more spaghetti straps on each side connected the front and back halves of the dress, but a gap of at least two inches separated the two halves. The front half was designed so both the inner and outer slopes of each of her tits were displayed. The plunging v-cut displaying the inner slopes of her breath taking tits extended to just below her sternum, and the outer slopes were even more enticingly revealed because the front and back halves of her dress weren?t connected for at least six inches below her armpits. The back half went from the midpoint of her back to a hem no more than four or five inches below her pussy. She wore her dress with the pride one has when they know they can do something extremely well. I was close enough to hear her laughter, and it had a clear, feminine pitch that matched perfectly with the undeniable joy in it. She was conspicuously proud to be with you, and she listened intently when you spoke to her. Her eyes never left yours while you talked to her, but when you were silent they would occasionally glance around the room to observe the eyes of all her other admirers. It was easy to see your beautiful wife was accustomed to being watched, and the attention she was receiving didn?t embarrass her at all. She knew her beauty was enough to stagger, and she appeared to enjoy the power over men it provided her. You were drinking expensive champagne, and I guessed it might be a special occasion?perhaps your anniversary. I was in a guessing mood, but again my guess didn?t matter. She drank each glass quickly, while it was still very cold, but waited for a reasonable amount of time between glasses. Very sensible, but not your way. You drank quickly and frequently, so you finished at least two for every one she drank. Your second bottle was opened long before I decided what I wanted to do. The booth you sat in didn?t hide her legs at all, but the muted lighting made it difficult to see under the table. I could barely see her legs, but I could see enough to see them continually swinging in time with the music. After her fourth glass of bubbly you still hadn?t danced with her. I sunk enough coins in the old-fashioned CD jukebox to play four slow dance songs and waited for the first one before I purposefully walked to your booth. ?Good Evening.? ?Hello?. You apparently spoke for your wife as well because she just looked at me. Her expression was a questioning one, and I could see she was interested in finding out why I had interrupted your evening together. ?My name is Ross.? I looked you in the eye as I spoke. ?I?ve been closely watching your beautiful wife for quite a while.? Your expression didn?t change, so I knew my admission didn?t surprise you. Nevertheless, I was sure you didn?t know it. Your lovely wife knew full well that I had been staring at her for a long time. I had been one of those she noticed looking at her when she glanced around the room. I didn?t glance away when she caught my eye, and our eyes had briefly locked several times. ?Yes? Many men watch her.? You spoke with pride. ?I see her bouncing and swaying to the music. Would you permit me to dance with her? That is, if she would like to, of course.? I looked at her to see whether there was any interest on her part. She looked at you. You inspected me more closely for a few seconds, and then turned to Lynn. ?Would you like to dance, Lynn?? Your eyes met and there was a strong unspoken message that passed between you. ?Yes. Maybe just once?. Her eyes never left your face when she spoke, and I could see the relief when you smiled at her. I offered my hand to your wife to help her up, and then looked at you again. ?Thank you. I would like to thank you by name, but you never mentioned it.? ?Rick. You?re welcome.? You watched me as I watched Lynn slide across the bench seat. I glimpsed her stocking tops very briefly as she moved her legs into a position from which she could stand. The dance floor was moderately crowded, but I didn?t move more than ten or fifteen feet from your booth before I pulled Lynn toward me. The slow song dictated that she would be forced to dance in my arms, and I pulled her tight. Some good dancers can still flow fluidly and smoothly while pressed tightly against a dance partner, and I have worked hard to become one of them. Lynn was tense initially, but as the dance continued and it became clear to her that this was just my style, she relaxed. The dancing was almost automatic, and I concentrated on feeling her tits press into my chest early in the song. As it progressed, I whispered in her ear. ?Lynn, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.? ?Thank you Ross. I?ll bet you say that to all the girls? I leaned back so I could look at her. ?No. I?ve never said it before to any girl.? Truthfulness is the foundation for sincerity, and I could tell she knew I was totally sincere by the slight jerk I felt when her body reacted. I pulled her tight again, but didn?t concentrate on her tits anymore. My boner was pressed against her hip and my focus was to will her to enjoy having it tight against her. Her heels produced a height match that was ideal. My mouth was at the height of her ear, so I could whisper very softly and she could hear me with no problem. More importantly, my cock was at the exact same height as her pussy. It?s just another reason to love high heels. I knew if I could get her to move her body six or eight inches to the left, I would be dry fucking her on the dance floor. She knew it too, and when the first song ended she pulled back. I knew she intended to go back to your booth. ?Lynn, you said one time, not one song. Dance until a fast song comes on.? As I pulled her against my hard cock, I saw her look at you. My ego soared when I saw you shrug. I whispered, ?Lynn, I love your dress. Rick likes it when you show off, doesn?t he?? ?Yes. He begged me to wear this dress tonight.? ?It is a great dress. But you like it when men watch you too, don?t you?? ?That?s pretty personal.? ?I?m a student of behaviour. I can see the thrill you get wearing this dress. You do like it. In fact you love to tease as much as Rick likes you to tease, don?t you?? ?Oohh yess. Is it so obvious?? ?Rick wanted you to dance so he could watch you in this dress with another man, didn?t he?? ?Oohh god. We talked about it. How could you know?? ?It?s not that uncommon. I saw your eyes meet when I asked Rick if I could dance with you. It?s a short jump to that conclusion.? ?Very clever. Are you a psychologist?? ?Maybe. Let?s try some more. I can feel your tits against my chest. Rick told you to dance close so a man could feel your tits against him, didn?t he?? ?Oohh yes. I feel bad confessing all this, but you already seem to know.? ?I can tell even more. I?m very hard. You can feel my hard on against you, can?t you?? ?Ooohhh god you know I can. That?s great psychiatry.? She leaned back to smile at me when she said it. Oooh shit those twinkling eyes got me. ?It?s only a part of my question, Miss Smarty Pants, but you?re right. I didn?t finish. Does it turn you on to dance against my hard cock? You know most of the men watching you will know I?m hard.? ?Oohh yess. I like it.? ?Rick will know. He might like it too, right?? ?Yess. We?ve talked about that too.? ?What else have you talked about? Has he talked about letting other men see you naked?? ?Ooohhh god yes. I love it when he does.? ?You?re naked under this dress. You like having everyone know you?re almost naked, don?t you?? ?Ooohh yes?. ?Is your pussy wet?? ?Mmmm. Totally?. I knew she was telling the truth because I could smell her excitement. ?While he fucks you, he talks about letting men see you naked doesn?t he?? ?Oooohh god ooohhh yes?. ?And he talks about letting other men touch you, doesn?t he?? ?Oooohhh yes?. ?I?m going to slide my hand a little lower so I can feel the top of your ass. He?ll love it when I pull you harder against my cock, won?t he?? ?Ooohh god I think so.? ?Put both your arms around my neck Lynn.? Your beautiful wife slipped her arms around me and laid her head on my shoulder without any hesitation, and I began to stroke the bare flesh between the two halves of her dress. ?Rick will love seeing me touch your bare skin, won?t he Lynn?? ?Ooohh Ross I hope so. I know I do.? ?Rub your pussy on my cock, Lynn. Let Rick see you dry hump my hard on while we dance.? ?Ooohhh god I hope this is what he wants.? ?Look at him while you do it. Look at his eyes. You will know.? ?Oohhh god I?m right against you.? ?What?s right against me? And what is it up against?? ?Ooohh I?m glad you?re making me say the words. My pussy is against your cock.? ?Much better. How does Rick look? I?ll bet he?s loving it, isn?t he?? ?Oooohhh god his eyes are on fire. Yesss, he likes this a lot.? ?You like it too. Can you feel how big my cock is?? ?Mmmmm. I love dry fucking your big cock.? ?Lynn, I?m going to kiss you in a second right in front of Rick. The slow songs are almost over. When I take you back to your booth, I will leave you. I want you to tell him that I am asking for his permission to kiss you, feel your tits, and finger fuck you on this dance floor right in front of him. I?ll be back when the slow songs start again.? I kissed your wife passionately, closing my eyes so I could concentrate on our duelling tongues and her tits and pussy pressed so tightly against me. Just before the song ended, I opened my eyes to look at you. Your eyes were keenly focused on the primal grinding motion between your gorgeous wife?s pussy and my cock, and you had no idea I was looking at you. I could see you were squeezing your cock with one hand. My natural optimism was quickly blossoming into a sure bet?I was going to fuck Lynn and you were going to endorse it. As soon as I watched Lynn slide in beside you, I headed for the jukebox to play the same four songs. I had enough time to get a beer and go to the bathroom before I returned to the seat I had first claimed at the bar. I could see her whispering to you, and I could see your hand beneath the table. From your poorly concealed movements, I knew you were finger fucking your wife. Her legs under the table weren?t moving to the music anymore, but they were quite animated. When my song came on, both your eyes and Lynn?s eyes followed me closely as I crossed the dance floor to your booth. Your fingers were still in her pussy when I spoke to you. ?Rick, I?m sure Lynn has talked to you about my request.? ?Yes. She told me.? ?You like the idea, don?t you? You enjoyed seeing Lynn hunch against my hard cock with her wet pussy, didn?t you?? This was the most critical moment in the game. Did I say too much? I waited, but not uncomfortably. You were trying an old management ploy. I knew if I fidgeted or looked nervous, your answer would be no. My ace in the hole was confidence. I wasn?t nervous because I knew you loved what I had done to Lynn. Finally, ?I liked it.? ?You?ll like it even more if I touch her everywhere right in front of you, won?t you Rick?? Another pregnant pause, then, ?Uunngg yes. I will.? I heard your inadvertent moan. ?You know others might see it too. That will be ok if some of them see her pussy while I finger fuck it, won?t it?? I loved the long interval before you nodded yes. The hesitancy in all your answers was typical of powerful men being asked to surrender their trophy wives in my game. I could sense the gut-wrenching psychological war you were battling against yourself. I could have told you that lust almost always beats guilt. I noticed your glance to see how hard I was when you permitted me to dance with your wife. Lynn also looked, but her glance was so prolonged it wasn?t a glance?it was a longing gaze. Again I offered Lynn my hand, but this time there was no subtlety as I watched her get out of the booth. She afforded me a much better glimpse of her stockings this time. Legs spread further for a longer time interval showing off the dark band at the tops of her stockings it caused my cock to throb, especially since I knew I was going to be touching that hot pussy very soon and fucking it within an hour. The small, dark dance floor was more crowded, and since we danced right in front of you, nobody sitting at the bar was able to see what I was doing to your wife. Too many dancers intervened. The row of booths next to yours were all temporarily empty as well, although drinks and purses on the tables provided evidence that they would again be filled when their users tired of dancing. Of course any of the dancers could have caught on, in which case your eyes would not have provided the only eyewitness accounts to her partial infidelity. I danced directly in front of your table, and there were times when you could have reached out to touch your wife we got so close. As soon as she stood, I pulled her tight against my cock, and I insured it was centred on her pussy. She turned her face to me clearly expecting the French kiss I was happy to provide. I danced us into a position where you could see me feel her right tit with my left hand while still dancing. I tried to conceal it from everybody else, and I looked toward the rest of the dancers to see if any of them were onto us. Only one of the wives I had already fucked was intently watching, and when I smiled at her she winked back. Even before the first song was over, I slid the spaghetti strap down her right arm far enough to completely uncover her tit, and then I squeezed and pinched her nipples in a way that left her tit almost totally visible to your gaze. Lynn?s moans were clearly audible to you, because I could see your facial features respond every time she verbalized her pleasure. I had been waiting for something, and when it came I quit kissing your wife. ?Lynn, your tits are perfect. I?m going to let some other men see them.? Her eyes, which had been closed to facilitate better concentration on her own pleasure, popped open. ?Ooohh god. Who?? ?There are two guys at the end of the booths. They already know I?m feeling you up. Look at them when I turn you. Let them know you know they can see your tit.? As I turned your wife just a bit, I moved my hand away and backed up enough so your tit was as visible as possible in the relatively dark room. I looked down at it as I stood back to let you and two other guys see it as clearly as the soft lighting would permit. I was stunned. Lynn?s tits are firm, tanned, and have the classic perfect tit shape. Definitely C cup. No sag. As I viewed it in profile it had a slightly rounded shape on the underside, but nearly a straight line from near her neck to her nipple on the upper side. No stretch marks. No wrinkles. No hair. Her aureole had to be at least an inch across, with perfect nipples centred on them. And what nipples?at least as big around as my ring finger and nearly as long as the distance from the end of my fuck finger to its first knuckle. I was so thrilled that I probably let her stand on exhibit way too long. Her eyes never left the guys watching her and her arousal was evident. A fully engorged nipple accentuated her one visible tit, which rose and fell increasingly rapidly matching her accelerated breath rate. When I pulled her back into a dancing position to kiss her, she melted into me and the pure passion in the moan she made was undeniable. ?I?m going to finger fuck you now. Don?t come until I say you can. Look at Rick when my fingers first go in your pussy. Let him know how much you like this.? Again I moved a little to the side so your view would be perfect. Lynn?s tit was still uncovered, and I reached down with my left hand to grab the hem of her skirt. As I lifted it, I noticed the two guys hadn?t moved an inch. There was a definite fervour in their expressions, but Lynn was looking at you. I moved against Lynn with my right hip so her dress would stay up enough for you to see what I was doing. With the fuck finger of my left hand, I began to slowly and smoothly finger fuck the cunt of your wife, her stockings exposed for all to see.?Let him know, Lynn.? I loved whispering instructions to her. You could see I was saying something to your wife, but you couldn?t hear it. ?Ooohh god ooohhh Rick. It feels so good.? She whispered just loud enough for you to hear, although the two guys watching probably heard her moan. ?Lynn, look at those guys again. I?m going to turn you so they can see your cunt.? I looked around to see if any of the dancers were watching. I could see three men who knew. It was getting too public, but I wanted to see what Lynn would do. I turned her and took my hand away so they could see her exposed pussy. ?Oooohhh god I can?t believe this.? ?I?m going to finger fuck you again.? ?Ooohhh ooohhh my god ooohhh.? It was definitely loud enough for Rick and the two young well-dressed guys to hear. She hunched my fingers as she stared at her audience. Her hips rotated as if they were on ball bearings. ?Let?s go sit down.? I danced her over to your booth. She casually lifted her strap to recover her tit, and then slid in next to you. I followed her, and before she was settled I had my finger back in her cunt. You appeared hypnotized by the slow rhythmic penetrations. I whispered in Lynn?s ear so softly that you couldn?t hear. ?You like it, don?t you?? ?Ooohh god ooohh yes.? You could hear her just fine. ?Tell Rick what I?m doing, Lynn.? Again a whisper ?Ooohh honey he?s finger fucking me.? You of course already knew it, but just to stir the pot I lifted Lynn?s ass off the seat enough to raise her dress to her waist. ?Where are my fingers, Lynn?? All whispers. ?In my pussy?.ooohh god I?m so turned on.? I looked at your eyes. They never left my fingers stroking your wife?s very wet pussy. ?You like letting guys see you when you?re turned on, don?t you?? ?Mmmmm god ooohhh yessss. I love it.? ?Tell Rick what you love. He can?t hear me.? Ooohhhh god ooooohhh honey I love being felt up in front of you?oohhh god I love being watched when I?m turned on.? ?Tell Rick about those guys at the end of the booths?. ?Oooohhh god honey those two men saw Ross finger fuck me.? I saw you quickly look around at them. I knew you had already seen Lynn looking at them when I showed them her tits. You were definitely not mad. The fire in your eyes was not the fire from anger, but rather from lust. It was a look I knew well. I looked around to see if there were any more in our audience. It had grown, and at least six or seven were on to us. ?You?ve never been this turned on, have you?? ?Ooohhh god never. My pussy is on fire.? ?Are you ready to come?? ?Oooohhh god I?ve never been more ready.? ?I want to fuck you. Ask Rick?. I removed my fingers from her pussy. Her moan of surrender was also a moan of sorrow. She was ready to come, and her wrenching gasp left no doubt that she was ready. I waited for a few seconds, but finally I had to whisper again. ?Lynn?? ?Oooohh god Rick. Ross wants to fuck me.? You looked at me. I put my fingers back in Lynn?s cunt. ?Why should I let you fuck my wife?? ?Because you love her Rick. I will fuck her well. She will derive intense pleasure from the way that my cock will stroke her cunt. My cock is large and hard and long lasting, so it is a wonderful present to give your wife. You can see she wants me.? Her soft moans coincided with each gentle stroke of the two fingers I had in her cunt. Her eyes were closed, and the expression in her face revealed the pleasure she felt as we bargained over her cunt. Before you had a chance to give the consent I was sure would be forthcoming, I continued. ?But there is another reason you should let me fuck her Rick. That reason is your pleasure. You are welcome to watch my hard cock enter her very wet cunt. After I have filled it with my come, you will be incredibly aroused when you stick your cock in her cunt. You?ll never slide in so smoothly or so easily. The feeling you?ll both have when you fuck her after she has already been well fucked will surpass any you?ve ever had.? ?Umm. Not here?. Your reasoning was gone. Of course I wasn?t going to fuck her inside my favourite lounge. But I knew she was mine. ?No. Not here. My limousine is outside.? I waited for an answer. The battle raged inside you and your guilt had at least forced a pause. Your guilt had been dealt several crushing blows by your lust, but apparently your psyche didn?t think the war was over. I wasn?t willing to wait for the consent I knew you would eventually give, so I looked you in the eye and asked rhetorically, ?Rick, you?re as hard as I am, aren?t you?? You dropped your eyes and nodded your assent. ?You know what Lynn wants, don?t you?? Your eyes were focused on her cunt being penetrated so rhythmically by my fingers. Her soft moans continued to adorn our conversation. Your head never rose to look at me, but you again nodded. ?Ask her.? ?Lynn?? ?Yeessss honey oohhh god yesss.? You looked up and the consent was visible in your eyes. I slid out of the booth and offered Lynn my hand for the third time. As she slid toward me, I could see her dress was still pulled up so her bare ass was sliding on the seat. I looked around and most of the men on the dance floor saw her stockings and pussy for an instant before she stood. I was rock hard, you were rock hard, and Lynn was not doing much to keep her dress down as we walked toward the exit of the Chameleon club. You caught us just at the door, and I looked back as we exited. Lynn?s two voyeurs were right behind us. They had seen the last of Lynn. Tom, my driver, had the back door open even before we reached the car. ?Tom, meet Rick?. They shook hands. ?And this gorgeous girl is Rick?s wife, Lynn.? Lynn gave him more than a little peck on the cheek. She was so drunk with lust that I think she would have been willing to let Tom continue what I had started. ?Lynn, in the car please.? It was the first time I had spoken to her with any bite in my tone, but I wanted her to understand that Tom was not a part of her adventure. Her response was appropriately contrite. ?Would you fix Rick a drink please, Tom? What would you like Rick?? ?Scotch. Neat?. ?Of course, sir.? Tom had to enter the back of the limousine with us. ?Rick, if you?ll sit right here, Lynn and I will fuck on the wide seat here in the back. Tom, when you?ve fixed Rick?s drink please drive us slowly through residential neighbourhoods.? Tom was quite experienced at this game, and once in a while he got to participate. Tonight was not one of those nights. His eyes never left Lynn as he fixed your drink, and the disappointment in his eyes was clear when he gave you your scotch. I knew his eyes would be on the rear view mirror more than the road. ?Lay down and spread your legs, Lynn. Show me your pussy.? Her eyes never left mine as she almost did a 180-degree split. The interior lighting was not Las Vegas bright, but there was plenty of light to see Lynn?s sweet cunt. I could see up inside an inch or two, and she was very, very wet everywhere around and inside her superb cunt. Her lips were red and engorged, and her clit was outside its protective sheath by at least half an inch and her legs looked wonderful in her seamed black nylon stockings.I sat beside her and began the dance all human races know. Kissing, fondling aroused tits and finger fucking were quickly repeated. I loved the passion in her moans, and there could be no doubt the sounds of her arousal signified intense pleasure. Then I began using my mouth in new areas for this seduction. Her nipples were exceedingly sensitive, and contractions in her cunt while I sucked her tits may have indicated an orgasm, although she didn?t admit to one. However, there was no doubt she had two orgasms when I licked, sucked, kissed, bit, and ate her cunt. Her clit was so sensitive she reacted involuntarily each time I sucked it in one exact way, and I enjoyed making her clench whenever I wanted. I loved watching her eyes?they periodically went from focused on you, with all the love they could transmit, to unfocused and glassy, to closed, to focused on me, and the cycle repeated. Severe muscle contractions, wonderfully passionate admissions and confessions of pleasure, and exhortations for more accompanied each of her orgasms. Oral love to your wife was extremely stimulating for her, and my arousal was so acute that I worried about exploding in my pants before I ever got to fuck her. I looked down at her as I undressed, and when I was nude I stood for a second to let her realize what size cock was going to be inside her cunt in a very short time. This also afforded you the chance to see my cock, and I could see in your eyes that my cock also pleased you. I knew you had no personal interest in it other than to provide your wife with the present of a nice cock. Lynn?s head and shoulders rested against the back of the plush seat and her feet rested on the floor. I ate her in the same position, and I decided to fuck her without moving her around. She could see her cunt easily, you could see what I was doing to her, and the carpet was plush enough to be easy on my knees. I moved up further between her widely spread legs, but rather than push into her cunt immediately, I teased her clit with my hard cock. By alternately tensing and then relaxing the right muscles, I was able to diddle her clit with the head of my cock. We could all see my cockhead repeatedly moving back and forth over your wife?s clit. It was the only part of my body touching any part of hers. I would like to brag that the orgasm induced in your beautiful wife with this technique was something special, but the truth is that I believe anything touching her cunt would have done it at the time. The only difficulty in using this foreplay on Lynn was that she didn?t want it. She kept trying to pull my cock into her cunt so I could fuck her properly, even as she was coming down from her third climax since we entered the car. Her moans, sighs, and pleas added to everyone's arousal, including her own. I finally leaned into her after I placed my hands on the seat on each side of her gorgeous tits. I wanted our union to be fully visible to your gleaming eyes so the only place our bodies contacted was at our fully aroused genitals. I looked down and saw an incredibly erotic sight. My cock is not extremely long, but it is far out on the bell curve in thickness. I was convinced her cunt had never been entered by a cock so fat, but fortunately her wetness and my pre-cum finally enabled my cockhead to pop inside. Her moan as I penetrated the first inch was half pain, half relief. There wasn?t any pleasure in it. I began a short, gentle stroking to stretch her past the pain into the pleasure, and it was obvious when she reached that threshold. When I was halfway in, Lynn grabbed my ass and pulled me into her the rest of the way with one passionate yank. I fucked her smoothly, slowly, and deeply while French kissing her tenderly. I wanted you to hear my instructions to your wife, and as I could feel her getting close, I said, ?Look at Rick when you come. Let him see how much you like being fucked by my cock.? She looked at you and the love in her eyes was shiningly obvious. She tried to maintain strong eye contact with you as she came, but her eyes rolled back in her head as she concentrated on her own pleasure. It probably wouldn?t have happened anyway because you had a tough time looking away from my cock entering over and over into her tight and very wet cunt. Her fourth orgasm of the day triggered my own, and her moans and confessions of pure ecstasy intensified my own incredibly powerful spasms. The extent of the foreplay, both in time and in exposure, induced an unbelievably pulverizing orgasm, and the contractions were so pronounced that I crossed the threshold from pleasure to pain a few times. I finally understood how some people get addicted to pain. Her cunt was filled to overflowing, and as soon as I softened and removed my cock, you immediately entered her. Your excitement was at such a high level that you couldn't last, but you hardly softened between your first orgasm and the climb toward your second. By the time you reached your second orgasm, she had her fifth and most intense orgasm of the night. She held my hand fondly the entire time you fucked her, but clasped it strongly while she came so powerfully. The sights, sounds, smell, and touch of your wife while she fucked stiffened my cock again, but they also evoked something unexpected?emotion. It scared me. I fixed the three of us a drink and we relaxed as Tom continued to smoothly cruise the residential streets. I relaxed as much as I could with a cock that wouldn?t soften. You had already seen it anyway and I wasn?t going to let you see I was nervous. I watched you look at each other, and your eyes reflected the depth of your love. I believed at that moment that your marriage was strengthened by our adventure, and I had no guilt about the incredible pleasure I received by fucking your beautiful wife. I could see Lynn would be more than willing to continue our night, and your eyes indicated you would like it to continue also. I thought to myself that I wasn?t so sure you would want it to continue if you knew my feelings, and because of my own fear of them I asked Tom to drive you to your car. You nodded. I could see disappointment in Lynn?s eyes as you both dressed. I closed my eyes and fought myself, but I finally looked at you. ?Rick, can I buy Lynn?s dress? I would like to have something to remember her by.? Again the hesitation. Finally a nod. I counted out and handed you three hundred pounds. Lynn removed her dress and handed it to me. I neatly hung it up on a hanger and looked at her again. She watched my eyes caress her, and I could almost feel her legs spread due to my willing it so. Tom asked directions to your car when we got back to the Chameleon club. Lynn and I were naked when you got out of the limo. The realization that I didn?t want this night to end yet hit me powerfully. As Lynn passed by me, I brought her hand to my steel-hard cock. I lovingly cupped her ears and lowered her mouth to my cock. I knew I?d blow in nothing flat, and I looked at you while she sucked me.?Rick, I need a little more of your gorgeous wife?s time.? You stepped back into the car and closed the door. Lynn went wild on my cock, and her eyes looked at me with nearly the same adoration she had saved for you all night. What a rush that was, and the come boiled through my system into her anxiously waiting mouth. My eyes weren?t focused on anything while I was transported to this heaven, but when I looked down at her, she was still focused on my eyes. She opened her mouth and let me see my load before she swallowed. Her face didn?t reveal anything but pleasure from this submissive act, and I reacted powerfully. ?Rick?? ?Yes?? It was your first quick answer all night. You smiled because you saw the battle in my mind, and you realized our roles were reversed. Mine was not between guilt and lust, but rather between emotion and lust. You didn?t know what my battle was, but you recognized the signs of internal conflict as easily as I did. I had always been the strongest advocate of lust, but I wasn?t so sure anymore. I think you recognized that lust was in my battle, just as it had been in yours. I hesitated. The game would be heading into new territory if I asked the question. The feelings I had for your wife were not all centred in my cock. I looked at Lynn. She was smiling as she returned my gaze. I think she knew what was coming. You waited patiently. You are a grown man, a successful adult, so I knew you could handle whatever happened. I realized I liked you, and that insight did it. This was going to be the start of a great adventure.
04-04-2021, at 01:43 AM

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