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turning gay

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turning gayI've always been straight. I have always been attracted to females, and never to guys. I have had many girlfriends over the years. however, I'm realizing that I'm slowly turning gay.I think my path to being gay started on the internet. I posted pics of my cock on newbienudes many years ago. I was only on there to see amateur women. the only responses I got on my pics were from gay guys who wanted to suck my cock. that's when I realized that I could also look at amateur guys there. I've always been interested in how my cock compares to other guys. it wasn't even in a gay way. I just wondered if most guys were bigger, smaller, or the same size as me. i only saw huge cocks in porn, so it was nice to see small and average cocks. that's when my fascination with cocks first started. I was addicted to looking at all the different cocks out there. some were small, some thin, some thick, some were uncut, some were curved. the variations were limitless! there are so many different looking cocks out there and it amazes me. pussies all look pretty similar, but cocks are so varied in their shape and size. looking at hundreds of cocks a week, and eventually thousands over time, I became more curious about them. I wanted to feel them. i wanted to stroke them. I wanted to make a cock cum. I've stroked my cock thousands of times, now I wanted to stroke a different cock. I wanted to stroke it until it shot its warm cum all over my hand. I began to fantasize about hooking up with a guy and stroking his cock, maybe even sucking it. i started going to the adult video stores and looking through the gloryholes to see guys jacking off. when they would turn to come to the hole, I would get scared and walk out. I wasn't ready yet. touching a cock would make me gay. and I wasn't gay. I had a girlfriend at the time and I loved fucking her. there's no way that I was gay. then one day, I was on vacation in San Francisco and went to the hotel gym. I worked out and then went into the locker room to take a piss. when i walked in, I realized that the locker room had a steam room and sauna in it, and there was a skinny naked guy standing in front of the mirror with a half hard cock. I immediately got so excited. I decided that I was going to spend some time in the sauna in hopes of seeing his cock again. I stripped and wrapped up in a towel and walked into the sauna. there was a chubby guy in there with his cock exposed. I was still unsure of what I was going to do, so I kept myself covered. the skinny guy walked in and sat down. the chubby guy stared at his cock and slowly moved his hand closer to his own cock. they both slowly began touching themselves as they stared at each others cocks. they were soon hard and stroking. the action had turned me on and I was now pitching a tent in my towel. I decided to uncover my cock and join in on the stroking. I was doing it! I was jacking off in front of other guys and it was so hot! it was the gayest thing that I had done so far. the skinny guy came over to me and reached for my cock. I backed up and motioned him away. I was still scared of being fully gay. I just sat there and stroked my cock while the chubby guy stood up and stuck his cock into the skinny guys mouth. he sucked his 5 inch cock while stroking his own 6.5 incher. after about ten minutes, the chubby guy let out a groan and shot his load in the skinny guys mouth. he swallowed the cum and stood up. the chubby guy then bent over and started sucking him. he had been stroking the whole time and after about two minutes, was cumming in the chub's mouth. they both turned and looked at me, their cocks still twitching. I couldn't hold back any longer. I stroked harder and began erupting huge ropes of cum onto my stomach. spurt after spurt shot high into the air and back down onto my stomach and chest. they both moaned at the sight of it. i had done it. I had acted on my fantasy and I had done something that involved cocks and cum. I hadn't touched another cock yet, but that night opened the doors for me to finally act on my fantasies. to be continued...
04-06-2021, at 08:50 PM

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