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Kelly's Farm Visit

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Kelly's Farm VisitKelly's Farm Visit----------I dedicate this story to my new friend, Kelly. Hope she and others like it.----------"Grr, Do I have to keep clearing out that old trashy storage room? I've been working on it every day for a month, and seems like it will never get emptied out," I complained to Dad at breakfast.This was not the way I had wanted to spend the day. The main barn was immaculate; all lighting was perfect, everything in it's place, swept clean daily and no trash other than in the waste bins. But the second barn was a total disaster. While all the stalls and areas for the horses were taken care of and clean, the storage areas were in shambles.I walked slowly to the barn's old storage area, flipped on the overhead lights and proceeded into the mass of boxes. Everything of the old owners was put into this room and it was my job to sort thru and get rid of junk and keep the salvageable items. Pulling a box out, I discover an old picture album marked "Prestige Farms" with a nice embossed symbol of the farms logo. Sitting down on a hay bale, I start thumbing thru the album of pictures, at first just the farm and buildings when new, elaborately decorated with shots of him and his old rich friends and their racing horses. I start to lay the book aside to give to Dad later, when a picture falls out. I stoop down and pick it up and see a full bosomed woman astraddle across what appears to be a lavishly cushioned spanking horse. She is naked, spread-eagle with her ass in the air and ankles chained to the legs. Her body is face down and her wrists are also chained down to the front of the device. She is surrounded by the owner and his friends with their cocks out, one is pumping into her mouth and another is fucking her from behind, as two other men stand stroking themselves in line behind the fucker.The picture appears to be at the farm somewhere, but I cannot place it. There is a dungeon cross in the corner, various stocks and other bondage chairs and hanging bars with restraints. My crotch was immediately wet; I was fascinated with the picture, and quickly re-opened the album to find page after page of women in the various pieces of furniture and restraints being taken advantage of by multiple men. There were several cages as well, some with women locked in them, and one with several very large dogs. As I continued turning pages, a series of pictures with a lovely young girl being mounted and fucked by one dog while she was forced to suck both another dog and several men. My hand had now crept inside my shorts and panties, and I brazenly fingered my pussy to orgasm. More pages had pictures of women with horses, sucking them and a few shown with tables under the horse and its huge boner going in their pussys while men were taking turns fucking her mouth. It was incredible to see. I was nearly on the last page of the album, when in one of the holders was an ornate skeleton key with a unique shape. I had never seen one like it before, and it did not appear to be for any locks I had found here on the farm. I pulled it out and put it on my necklace because it was very pretty. I decided that Daddy was not going to get this photo album and tucked it away so I could look at it more another time.Now the drudgery of cleaning this room seemed less painful (ha ha or not). Box after box revealed leather restraints, collars, whips, metal chains with clamps and many things I could not imagine what their usage was. I had almost cleared one whole side of the room, when I felt a slight breeze of air. I turned and looked at the door, which I had pulled shut tight, so if I found more 'interesting' albums, I would not be disturbed. But the door was still shut; there should have been no drafts and for sure not a breeze in the closed room. I lit a match and watched the direction of the flame and walked to the wall closely examining it. I was shocked as I looked at it; the top and bottom of the whole wall had metal flanges with wheels running on tracks along it's length. Where it met the side wall, there was a cleverly hidden pocket, the size of the door. I rocked it, but would not open. Then I discovered the keyhole and realized the key I had put on my necklace had the same exact shape. Excitedly, I inserted the key and twisted it. With an audible click, the mechanism yielded. I slowly pulled the door and it opened silently on the runners.Peering into the dark room, I could only make out faint outlines of furniture. There were light switches on a panel near the entrance and I flipped them on, and to my amazement, this was the room where all the pictures in the album had been taken. It was dusty, but each item depicted in the pictures was in this room. It was the perfect dungeon room where all sorts of illicit erotic activities had taken place in the past. Chains and restraints were hanging from the bars on the ceiling, all chairs and cages were neatly placed with sufficient room around each to accommodate several people."I'll have to keep this to myself until the time is right to show someone else," I whispered to myself, laughing. "What an amazing time I can have in this room," and with that, I turned off the lights, pulled the door shut and locked it securing the key between my breasts on the necklace smiling.----------We have a steady set of customers, both horse boarders and with horse riders. It provides a good income, but of course, like everyone, more is always good. It is my job to insure that everyone enjoys the stables. To gain more customers, we began on weekends, to have a BBQ for all the guests. We also had a swimming pool installed that is available for all guests during stable hours, and on special arrangements, it can be rented for private parties. We have a riding arena also available for rent, as well as the entire farm for the right price.These are all fine and good, but you can always improve and provide more entertainment to attract more customers. My sisters and I came up with the idea of having local bandsperform shows, thereby promoting the activities at the farm. I set up a mailing list of all the existing customers, it was not as large as I thought, really only about 35 present and past horse boarders, and about 70 riders. I hit upon going through all the inquiries I have received for information about the farm, and decided it would be a perfect opportunity to send invitations to all of them. Each invitation had a flyer touting the live music of the local bands, our BBQ dinner at a reasonable price with free soft drinks and chips, along with an RSVP number to call to make a reservation. The mailing of 250 invitations went out two weeks before the planned event.Dad could not believe the number of phone calls we were receiving regarding the event. Names and numbers in the party were recorded for each call; this alone kept both my sisters busy full time as well as Dad and myself. At the end of the second week, nearly all of the RSVP's had been returned, and it looked like we might have a record breaking attendance at the farm for the event.Name tags were spread all over the countertop, alphabetically ordered. It was still early the band and party would start until seven, so we did not expect guests to begin arriving until six or so. I was so busy checking and organizing the tags that I failed to notice a young woman had entered the office and sat in the plush couch in the shadows of the office.She wore a mid-length blue jean skirt with dark fringed ankle boots accentuating her muscular lower legs. Her body was athletic like a swimmer with wide shoulders but not disproportionate to her body. A creamy brown plaid flannel snap-front shirt did little to hide her 36DD breasts. Her blondish shoulder length hair pulled into two side pony tails with red bows securing them under a stylish wool cowgirl hat."Oh, why hello there!" I exclaimed seeing her sitting there quietly. "Um, what is your name, so I can give you your name tag for this evening's activities?" I asked looking at her lovely face and piercing green eyes."Kelly," came her timid and shy response. "I...I had to get here early, cause the bus only had one trip here today. Hope it is alright, I'll stay out of your way, if it's OK to be here?" She replied keeping her eyes lowered to the floor, only looking up to await my answer."Hm, Kelly...let's see, ah here it is, Kelly E. Is that you?" and she nodded yes. I grabbed the tag stepping over to her; I opened the clasp and attached it to her shirt. My hand brushed heavily on her breast feeling the soft fleshy mound as I adjusted it on her, and I felt her shiver slightly at my touch. Pointing to my tag and smiling widely at her, "I'm Frolic, welcome to Prestige Farms Kelly E." Standing so close to her sitting there, I had a very good view of her cleavage and a glimpse of her flimsy bra; a breath-taking view it was. I felt a tingle looking at her and quickly turned away and went back to the table."Thank you Miss Frolic," she again quietly spoke, her voice was soft and melodic, reminding me of a choir girl from church."I'm afraid that the BBQ and band doesn't start till late this afternoon, and it's barely noon right now. You are the first one here. I have a bunch of things to do. If you would like to follow me around to keep yourself from being bored, you are welcome to do so.""Yes, thank you, I would like that." she replied shyly."I've got to take some promotional pictures of the farm and all our equipment and check on our VIP area where our elite customers will be this evening," snickering, I continued, "They are friends of the former owner and have been coming here for many years. They are all very rich, so Dad has said to make sure they have access the very best the farm can offer." My mind was racing, this beautiful young girl, might just be one of the very best things the farm could offer these old buggers. Her beauty and body would certainly turn any man's head and make it a memorable evening. Heck, her beauty was making me think it would be a memorable day with her following me around the farm. Shaking my head, I tried to get these thoughts out of my mind.I grabbed my camera and tripod, and started for the door, motioning to Kelly to follow, as I poked my head into the office, I instructed my two sisters, Chandra and Ashley, to greet anyone that arrived early, and make sure they got their name tags and escort them to the arena and the seating area.As we walked, she got the tour of the farm, the horses, the barns and the buildings. I pointed out the pool as well, since it was very hot today. We proceeded to the second barn, which was actually the Original barn when first built. A large VIP's Only sign was visible, and we walked towards it. ---------- I stopped at the door with the camera and tripod in my hands and Kelly was right alongside me. I fished around with my hand in my blouse for the key that was attached on my necklace. Her eyes followed my hands and I noticed her interest at my movements. I struggled with the key, and turned to her."Kelly, would you help me please, the darn keys to these doors are on my necklace, and it's caught under my bra. Can you undo a couple of buttons and reach in and get it Please?" I smiled at her and pushed my 36C breasts under my shirt to her.At first, she was hesitant, not sure, but she did as I asked. She gingerly reached with her hands and unbuttoned one button. I tingled as her hands touched my breasts undoing the first button. My cleavage was clearly visible to her, and her face was a mere inches away. I felt her breath between my breasts, warm in little puffs. She moved slowly and deliberately to the second button, and as she undid it, my breasts completely filled her eyes as they fairly well sprang from under the top. There under my red front opening bra was the necklace, trapped in the closure and the keys dangling below the clasp."Undo it dear, and get the keys for me," I almost panted to her. Her fingers fumbled at the closure until finally she slipped her fingers inside it, touching my breasts and released it. My bra immediately fell open, exposing my prominent nipples and areoles. Her eyes glued to them as she clasped the key. I leaned toward the door, close enough that the necklace and key would reach the keyhole and instructed her to open the lock.She opened the lock and the door and watched the keys bounce between my breasts when she let them go. I could tell by the wanton look in her eyes still upon my breasts that she liked what she saw. I stepped into the dim room still carrying the camera and tripod and sat them down on the floor. She stepped in behind me, and I pushed the door closed, flipped the light on and locked the door from the inside. Not bothering to close my top or fasten the bra, letting my bosoms hang free, I stepped from room to room, flipping on the lights. She stood still where we had entered, but watched my every move."This is the VIP Tack room," waving my hand around. The room was filled with ornate saddles, handsomely engraved and adorned with silver and ebony decorations, each one on a separate stand. The walls had bridles, whips, plaques and pictures of horse races and the owners along with memorabilia of each."Have a seat; I'm going to take pictures of the saddles and things." My shirt gaped widely, fully exposing my breasts. I stood behind the camera, aiming and taking a few pictures."Hey, I've go a great idea, would you like to help me?" I looked at her and asked, "These pictures are gonna be pretty boring. Would you like to be in them and sit on the saddles to give them a more personal touch? You are very beautiful and having you in the pictures would certainly spice up the photos. We are going to put them in our brochure to entice people to come to the farm. I'll make it worth your while?"She seemed bewildered at my question and thought a moment or two, and then nodded yes. I ran over to her and hugged her very tightly, my bare breasts rubbing on her clothed body, and I definitely felt her shudder at my touch. I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the first saddle. Putting a little stool next to it, I had her step up and sit upon the saddle. Her skirt being mid length prevented her from really sitting on the saddle properly. I reached down with my breasts hanging out and running my hands up her thighs, I tugged the hem of her skirt up. Her muscular legs were soft to the touch. I looked at her a second, and then reached for her blouse and pulled two snaps and opened it, allowing her cleavage in the flimsy bra to leap into sight."Perfect," I said as I viewed her thru the viewfinder of the camera and snapped several quick pictures. "Um, turn yourself towards the camera, let your left leg go down into the stirrup and raise your right leg up so your thigh is visible above the pommel." Snapping a few more pictures. I continued to give verbal instructions for her to change her position. "Wow, you are a model in real life? You are an amazing subject Kelly. I don't suppose I could talk you into stripping and let me take a few naked ones of you?" as I continued to praise her lavishly. She was blushing profusely, the redness of her cheeks flowing down her face and onto her upper neck and shoulders.Without waiting for her reply, I stepped over to her again, running my fingers along her partially open shirt and put my hands under it, massaging her gently, touching her breasts. She gasped, closing her eyes and moaned low and guttural as I touched her. I let an audible gasp slip from my mouth seeing her immense 36DD's, her taunt nipples standing up straight upon her excited areoles. I undid all her snaps, pulling the shirt off her. Leaning down, sucking her nipples with my hands cupping her, lifting her breasts to my mouth, squeezing them together against my cheeks, I moved my mouth back and forth between her nipples, sucking them. She offered no resistance to my moves. I stepped back some, ran my finger under her chin, turning her toward me, and kissed her running my tongue along her lips playfully. Her head lolled back some, and I kissed her more passionately, letting my tongue force its way into her yielding mouth. I felt her arms go around me as mine went around her as we kissed for several minutes, each enjoying each other."Now, take off the skirt and panties. Turn sideways on the saddle and put your legs on either side of the pommel, to cover your pussy." She timidly removed them and her buttocks met the soft leather of the saddle, and straddled the saddle pommel. I continued giving instructions and taking pictures one after another. Her pubes trimmed but full and the pinkness of her labia protruding below her clitoral sheath barely visible in her bush."Take this little horse whip and trace your labia with it. This will be a very erotic picture for sure. Rub it up and down. If you want to feel it inside you, just go ahead and do it." I snapped many more photos as the whip handle disappeared in her hairy pussy. The whip handle gleamed with her wetness each time she pulled it out.Unable to contain myself, I knelt down on the stool in front of her and began licking on the whip and her pussy as she stroked herself. My hands went behind her buttocks to hold her on the saddle as she writhed at my tongue touching her. "Make me cum Frolic," she whimpered as her head lolled back, her eyes closed tightly. She cupped her breasts tightly, squeezed them hard, and pinched her nipples, "Oh God, please make me Cum!" I lapped at her pussy for a few moments and stopped. Laughing softly, "No Kelly dear, you must wait, you cannot cum now, and I have a full afternoon of pleasure in store for you. When I let you cum, you will surely enjoy it all the more." Helping her down from the saddle stand, catching her hand, I lead her into the next room. A full length wet bar and stools along it's side, plus several sets of tables and chairs with hanging lights over each. I moved to the bar, mixed two small Manhattans, and sat back down motioning her to do the same. Her glorious nakedness was a vision that dreams are made of. Her face was flush, her breasts swaying deliciously side to side as she breathed. She put her hands down between her legs, and started to play with herself, and I stopped her again. "No, you may not do that."----------"I want to show you something. Its the history of Prestige Farms, I think you might find it interesting." I pulled the Prestige Farms photo album from under the bar, laid it on the table in front of her, and told her to look thru it. She was looking at the pictures of the original farm and buildings and then flipped a page and saw the Dungeon Room with the groups of men around the women, page after page of illicit group sex.She began breathing quite heavily looking at the pictures in the album. I kept watching her face as looks of awe and fascination flitted across it. I spread my legs, pulling my shorts to the side and fingered my wet pussy. She could hear the squishing of her fingers and looked at my crotch and back again to the album."Do you like what you see Kelly," I asked in a low sexy voice."Oh YES, I like very much. It's like my favorite fantasy and here it is in this album." she exclaimed, her timid behavior had now changed into pure lust of her thoughts.I stood again, walking to the sliding door, unlocking it and opening the door to the actual Dungeon room in the pictures. Her eyes widened; she looked at the pictures then up into the room and back down again. She stood up and walked into the dungeon room and had I not been with her, she might have fainted on the floor as she entered. "This...this is the room where these pictures were taken?" she asked. Her eyes moved from the chairs to the cages and to the cross and back to me again."Yes, this is the very room." I waited for this to sink in. "Do you like it?" I asked. All she could do was nod her head with her mouth open as she walked from piece to piece, touching each, fondling the restraints and chains.I stepped over to a box of restraints, and placed her wrists and ankles in leather cuffs. Pulling out a large leather collar, I put it around her neck, and fastened it tightly. She made no move to escape. Grabbing a leash, I attached it to her collar and picked up a horse hair flogger."Do you want this Kelly?" I asked again. She whimpered but did not answer me. I reached and pulled her close to me. Her breath was ragged, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Pulling her with the leash to a bondage chair, I push her backwards onto it, attaching her wrists to the boards fully out to her side. I chain her legs to the chair, and fasten her neck securely against to top of the chair. She is completely helpless now, laying secured tightly. Taking my time, I slowly begin kissing her neck and shoulders, licking teasingly at her ears. "Do you like this little girl?" I whisper breathily into her ear. My hands begin moving across her chest, tracing the voluptuous round outlines of her breasts. Dragging my nails against her soft stomach, roving to her armpits and down her side to her hips and thighs leaving slight red lines. Pulling her legs open, exposing her even more, I tickle her inner thighs brushing my fingers against her vagina. Placing a gently kiss on her crotch, letting my tongue taste her pussy sweetened by her nectar. Grabbing a short tailed flogger, her breasts feel it's lash. With slow deliberation its lashes fall across her stomach and hips, down each of her legs and up the inside of them to her inner thighs. Moving to the end, I flip it to across the bottoms of her feet, watching her writhe at the strokes of the lash. Smiling at her now, covering her whole body in light strokes of the lash, pausing after each and caress the redden whelps. Reaching into her crotch, I grab a handful of her pussy hair, pulling roughly. Releasing my hand, flogging her pussy with several hard lashes as I watch her face contort in pain and then pleasure. The only sounds are her soft whimpering and the swoosh of the lash against her skin.I remove all my clothing, standing over her, letting her see my breasts and pussy over her face. I slowly squat and lower my pussy over her, letting her smell my womanhood, rubbing my wetness on her nose. "Lick my pussy Kelly, use your tongue on my clitty." as I hover over her face. "Yes, that's it, do it well," mashing my cunt onto her lips. I feel my crotch tingle as she does as told. "Now, lick my ass Kelly, lick it like you were licking my pussy, I want to feel your tongue in it, plunging in and out like a cock would. Do It!" as I move up and position my ass over her mouth. I feel her tracing the outline of my brownie seeking the entranceway and then her tongue flickers into my ass. "Oh Yes, like that girl, Do It More!"My hands are full of her breasts, squeezing the hard, pinching the nipples like clamps, stretching them up as she licks me. I feel myself release and the nectar flowing from my pussy wets my ass and her tongue. I lay down on her, my pussy on her face, stomach to her chest, my face against her crotch. I part her labia and begin licking her ardently, tonguing her womanhood for a second or two, then dropping down, my tongue finds her tiny asshole. I lap at her brownie as I would a lollipop and let my tongue slip into it. I push my finger into her ass slowly, knuckle by knuckle until it is buried fully inside her. I start pumping her ass with my finger, slowly at first, then more rapidly, until I feel her start to shudder and her nectar flows in a heavy stream down onto my finger in her ass."Awe, you were not supposed to cum Kelly, what a bad girl you are," I grinned and pretended to be angry at her. I stand up, pulling the finger out, and force her mouth open with it. "Lick my finger Kelly, taste your ass on it mixed with your own cum." She eagerly begins to suck my finger as if it were a cock, licking and lapping at it."Mmm, Kelly, you are an excellent slut. I am going to put you in a kneeling stock now, do not resist. I plan on my brother paying you a visit with his friends. You are going to suck their cocks."Her eyes widen some, but I see her lick her lips with her tongue, anticipating what is going to happen. Releasing her chain restraints from the bondage chair, I pull her over to the kneeling stock and place her head into it, latching it closed. She is sitting upright, her back against the central bar, and her legs on either side of it. I put cuffs on her ankles, locking them in place behind the bar. In this position, her pussy is exposed to view or play with, but cannot be penetrated. Her breasts are forced forward as I place a leather sling under them and around the bar, a delightful sight."Does this sound like something you want bitch?" "YES, please, YES, YES, YES" Kelly replies."And this is only the beginning of the evening. There will be lots more things for you. You remember the pictures in the album of the old men and their sluts in the dungeon room. Well they will be visiting tonight, and guess what; I am going to open this room to them and to you. You are going to be tied up in this room helpless. The VIP's, those old men are going to fuck you silly, repeatedly.""Aren't you glad you 'came' early today?" I laughed at my own joke. "I think you want to be fucked repeatedly by strange men and women and I am going to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your trip to the farm. Nevertheless, before those old men stretch your holes out."I am going to have my brother and his little friends have their way with your mouth. You are going to get young cock in your mouth before the party really starts. They are going to fill your mouth with their boy cum, one by one. I'm sure they will be most happy to face-fuck you and play with your tits.""Oh, and don't be surprised if the Dog finds you spread out like that and fucks you as well.""Oh NO, I .... I don't know...," she desperately cries out."Shut up girl." With that, I place the gag in her mouth and a blindfold on her, turn on some soft music on the radio and walk out of the room, pulling the door shut.Walking out into the arena, locking the VIP area up, I spot Steve, my brother, and several of his friends moving tables and chairs out into the dining area. Waving and calling out to him."Hey Steve, come here please," I shout to him. He looks up and trots over to me."Hi sis, how's it going? Everything in order?" he asks."Yes, say, are you guys about done with all the tables and stuff? I mean, how much more work have you got to do yet?" I ask."Well, with me and my four buddies, we probably got about an hours worth of work, then we will be ready to relax and wait for the band and the girls to show up," he laughs."OK, well, I am going to need some help. Can you guys all come to the VIP area and help me out?" smiling sweetly, I ask him."Yeah, we'll eat and them come help you. Later, got to get to it again," as he turns and goes back to his friends. I smile thinking that he will be pleased as punch to help later.----------At 5:00 pm there comes a knock on the VIP door. I walk towards it and start to open the door, realizing that my blouse is fully open exposing myself, I slip out of my bra, tossing it aside and button it somewhat, giving plenty of view which I know my brother and his young friends will enjoy. I open the door and invite them in, watching them each march in, their eyes glued to my chest. I smile to myself, and wonder how they are going to react to what is going to happen next."So sis, what is it that you want us to do? We want to get it done, so we can go ogle the girls that have arrived before it gets too dark to see them," Steve asks anxiously not wanting to miss the opportunity of seeing girls."Well, this is kind of special. I want each of you to swear to me, that No One but Us will every know about this. And I mean No One, not your friends, not your parents, not your girlfriends, absolutely No One. Is that understood?" They look at each other curiously, but agree. "In the past, this farm was owned by a very rich man, and he apparently had peculiar tastes. There is a hidden room and I am willing to let you see it, but you must all wear blindfolds." I hand them each a blindfold from one of the toy boxes from the previous owner. They put them on, and I check each one, to insure they cannot see anything. "Stand up, put your hands on the shoulder of the guy in front of you. I am going to lead you to the hidden room. Once inside and the door is closed, you may remove your blindfolds. You will be allowed to touch and do anything that you want in this room today. And I mean ANYTHING. I will be an observer to keep you all safe."Now, I am sure the boys are thinking it is like x-rated video games or dirty movies. I am almost laughing my butt off thinking what they are going to do when they see a lovely naked girl tied down with all her holes available to them. To keep the allure of a hidden room, I proceed to lead them around several times between the two rooms, making it seem that the room is not close to where they entered. I do not want them to actually know where it is located in the future. Finally, I stop and open the door, leading them into the dungeon room. Once I get them inside, I close and lock the outer door."OK, remember Anything is allowed in this room. I step over to a chair to the side. "You May remove your blindfolds Now!"As their blindfolds come off, they blink several times, getting their eyes to adjust to the low lights in the room. I watch with interest as each sees the naked girl strapped to the kneeling stock."OMG," Steve yelps out first, "Sis, WTF is this?""I told you already, ANYTHING you want to touch or Do is acceptable in this room. What more do I need to tell you stupid brother. Take all your clothes off Boys, NOW."All their eyes are on Kelly as they do as I have told them and quickly remove all their clothes. Her eyes are turned towards them as well and she is licking her lips and wiggling her body, causing her huge breasts to move enticingly. I immediately see five boy cocks spring to attention as they look at her. They still are not moving, just standing and looking. "You only have about an hour boys. Talk dirty to her, call her names, do what you have only dreamed of doing. She will suck your cocks, jack you off, and feel free to finger-fuck her pussy and ass. Do not stand there and make her wait, get fucking moving. Do what you think the dirty slut she is deserves. Do NOT Hurt her, or I will break your cocks off."The boys took one more look at me, and crowded over towards Kelly. All their hands were on her body, touching and squeezing her boobs, as they had not ever seen real boobs and certainly not any as large are hers. I watched as one boy pulled her head back and guided his cock into her mouth and started fucking it, as two started suckling on her breasts. Steve began touching her pussy tasting his fingers every few moments. One boy put his cock into her hand, and has her jacking him off.One of the boob suckers moves down by Steve and starts fingering her ass, she squirmed in delight, her mouth still sucking on the one cock, and still she was able to give an audible gasp of pleasure. Boob boy #2 gets up sticks his cock between her tits, squeezing them together, and starts titty fucking her. After a time, all the boys changed positions with each other, except the one boy that was letting her jack him off. He was watching all the other boys but seemed satisfied with what was happening to him. As his friend moved to suckle on her big tits again, his cock was right next to the jacking boys mouth, and without any thought, he opened his mouth and sucked his friends cock into it, taking it's whole length down his throat. The boob boy stopped sucking her tits momentarily, looked down, and saw his friend with his cock in his mouth. He reached down, grabbed his hair and pulled him deeper into his mouth, and started sucking on the tits again. He started pumping his friends face until he grunted loudly and shot his spunk into the other boy's mouth."Boys don't forget to fuck her mouth well, she wants it badly. Line up, and do it one after another, shoot your cum down her throat, make her gag. After you cum in her mouth, make her lick you clean, and then start over again."I checked my watch, and their hour was almost up. Young boys have great resilience, and I think each of them must have cum three times at least in Kelly's mouth. "One last time boys, Fuck her mouth and then make her suck you and clean you up. Once you have done that, get your clothes back on and your blindfolds as well. Time to leave the Hidden room until the next time you are invited back. You've all been good boys and I'm sure Kelly would agree while it was not exactly what she needed, I know she enjoyed it anyways."Dressed and blindfolded, I lead them out of the room, repeating the shuffling around back and forth so the whereabouts of the room was unknown to them. At the door to the VIP area, I took the blindfolds from them and pushed them out the door into the open arena. "OK boys, go look at your little girlies now. Have a fun time." Laughing, I watched them jostling around with each other and shouted after them, "Remember, No One Must Know," and closed and locked the doors.I walked back to the dungeon. Kelly was lying still, cum was everywhere on her body, her lips, her breasts and stomach. There was a crooked smile on her face, and she was somewhat dazed by the face fucking. "I take it you enjoyed the boy cocks cumming in your mouth." as I release her from the kneeling stock and move her to the bondage chair, strapping her on her back. Placing a blanket over her, kissing her forehead lightly, and her eyes close and she falls asleep. ----------An hour passes, and I head back to the dungeon room, with Magic following closely at my heels. She smiles as I enter the room as I check the restraints and we talk quietly. "Frolic, I need to cum. Please, let me cum," she begs me. "I'll be a good girl.""Well, we shall see about that Kelly." I reach out and run my hands gently down her neck, caressing her breasts and stomach, touching her womanhood lightly with my fingers. She immediately quivers at my touch, and I remove my hand from her crotch. Magic, watching my every move, crouches on the floor between her legs. Kelly cannot move her head enough to see the dog lying there, and I just smile at her, and give him the hand signal he is waiting for.Magic immediately snuffles at Kelly's pussy with his wet nose. Kelly is startled by the cold wet touch, but she cannot see what has touched her."What...what touched me Frolic?" I smile begin touching her breasts, leaning down and kissing her lips and neck, "It will be fine Kelly, just one of my friends wants to make your acquaintance. It will be very special, he is a good lover." I almost laugh, kissing her lips passionately, still tasting the boy cum on her lips.Magic starts lapping and licking at her pussy with his rough tongue. "Oh, Frolic, is your friend licking me? Oh my, I...I think...I may cum with him licking me, it feels so glorious, his tongue is so long and going into me." She wiggles her body in rhythm to his licking. "OH, he's licking my asshole. Oh, my god...I love it. Nobody has done that to me before.""Just wait till you feel his cock dear," I whisper to her as I give the encourage Magic to fuck her. The bondage chair is perfect for him, he easily stands between her legs, putting his paws to her sides, and his cock is perfectly aligned with her pussy. I reach down and stroke his cock making him harder and longer, and guide his cock into her pussy. He immediately begins humping furiously."OH MY GOD...This feels so wonderful, he is SO big. Fuck me Big Boy, fuck me harder," she fairly well screams out. Magic obliges and begins his cum strokes, his cock swelling up larger and larger as he gets closer to cumming. "Do you want it in your ass Kelly? Just tell me and I will let him have your little brownie as his prize. I know he wants it, do you?""OH YES, YES, YES, let him have my brownie; I want him in my tight little asshole."I reach down, pushing him back, pulling his cock out of her pussy. Taking hold of it, I guide the swollen red tip to her asshole, fingering it with her own juices, slickening it to allow him to stuff his cock into her easier. He thrashes in and out, pumping her ass with his dog cock. Holding onto his cock, I feel him getting ready to knot her."Get Ready Kelly, you have never felt anything like you are about to." His cock swells and swells, completely filling her anus and begins spewing his cum into her ass, pumping and pumping till he slows and just holds on, with the knot preventing his cum from running out of her."OOH! That is SO HUGE.," she screams again. I laugh loudly and say YES. I reach down under the bondage chair and release the chain that is restraining her, lifting her head so she can see. Her eyes almost pop out of her head seeing the dog. "FROLIC, Is that your dog, um, Magic?""Yes dear Kelly, it is." I smile as I speak. "Did you enjoy it? He is still inside you and will be for a few minutes, he has 'knotted' you. Dogs do that to insure their cum stays inside you.""OH God... I know why you call him 'Magic'. This feels so fantastic." as she continues to rock her ass back and forth against his rock solid cock in her ass. A few moments later, he pulls the knot out of her ass with a plop and cum gushes down her legs and ass."Ha, he is Magic isn't he?" I grin at her. "I'll be back in a while Kelly, enjoy." as I walk out of the room, carefully locking the door, taking Magic with me.----------It is just before 7:00 pm, most of the guests have arrived, gotten their nametags, stopped by the BBQ tables, loaded their places, and proceeded into the arena and the seating area, eating and awaiting the band.I staffed the greeting table, wearing my tightest blue jeans and a button down cowgirl shirt, unbuttoned enough to show off my amble chest. I met each and everyone that arrived and directed them back to the Food area and Arena. I looked up, noticed several very swanky vehicles pull into the yard, and watched with interest as our VIP guests, the former owner's friends, and exit from their vehicles. Each man was accompanied by one or more very promiscuously dressed women, most appeared to be in their late 20's or early 30's, wearing short slinky dresses, garter belts easily visible and high heel shoes. Their breasts were obviously unfettered, moving freely under the dresses. As each man stepped up to the table, I leaned over displaying my charms and immediately pulled out the correct nametag for the men. Their eyes made a critical appraisal of my breasts, and they seemed astonished that I had not asked their names and each gave me a wide smile of approval. I easily recognized them all having studied the Prestige Farm Album and the annotations. "Gentlemen," I began, "You are each very special visitors and our VIP's above all others here tonight. We have arranged special accommodations for you and your party. If you would please follow me, I will take you to our exclusive VIP area." I swirled around and walked wiggling my ass thru the barn into the arena, and to the VIP Entrance. Unlocking the door, I led them into the area and to the special bar area. I had hired three girls from a nearby Club that catered to men exclusively, and provided them each with a skimpy server outfit for the evening. All the men smiled appreciatively seeing them, and sat. The band had begun to play, and the servers were fetching drinks and plate after plate of the BBQ for them all. Each seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely, their women were flitting from table to table, flaunting themselves, allowing the men to touch and fondle them.As the evening progress, the alcohol is flowing quite freely. Several of the women are no longer feeling any pain or inhibitions. Their dresses, picked up by the servers, have been placed on a table at the entrance to the bar area, along with a collection of brassieres and frilly under panties. A few of the men have wandered over, sniffed the panties in interest, and laughing drunkenly as they go back to their tables. "Hello, Mr. P. Would you and your friends like to visit Room for old times sake?" I whispered breathily into his ear. "There is a Very Special surprise that is awaiting your attention."I move over to the hidden door, unlock it and slide it slowly open, revealing the naked prone young girl on the bondage chair. "Please, gentleman, this young woman wishes to be taken by one and all of you, in all of her orifices, multiple times if possible. She is at your disposal. And she doesn't mind your lady friends if they wish to participate as well."Stepping aside, the men filed into the room followed by several of the women. The women crowded around the restrained figure, touching her breasts, chattering excitedly amongst themselves evaluating her body. Their hands explored her crotch, probing her wet womanhood, sucking on their own fingers tasting the cum that Magic had left behind in her. Mr. P. stepped up to her face, pressing her cheeks with his fingers, forced her mouth open wide and laid his cock across her lips, moving back and forth telling her to use her sluttish tongue to wet the underside of his cock. The other men stood back, pulling their wrinkled old cocks out and started stroking to get them hard, watching Mr. P. manipulate the girl's mouth with his tool. One woman crotched down between her legs and lapped at the dog cum that was dribbling from her ass and pussy, probing her with her fingers while two others were busy suckling on her breasts.Mr. P. stuck his cock inside her mouth, deeply, causing her to gag, and he only forced it further down her throat, choking her. He reached around behind him pulling several short lengths of rope from a box, and motioned to one of the old men with the ropes. The man stepped over, took the ropes, fashioned them into hangman nooses and placed them around her huge breasts. Smiling at her all the while, he tightened them until her breasts were turning dark red. He began slapping them with a leather strap and she writhed to the touch. Her areoles swelled to the size of 3" pancakes and her nipples protruded in the center a half an inch. He pointed to them, and the women immediately began sucking and licking on them."Bite them HARD," he instructed the women, as Mr. P. pulled his cock from her mouth and moved down to the foot of the chair. His cock was 8" fully aroused now and he pointed it at her pussy and thrust in one giant push into her. Her body shook with the force of him pushing it in and she cried out. "Shut the bitch up, someone stick your cock in her mouth, and make sure she does not make any more sounds," he commanded of his friends. Her mouth was quickly filled by another cock that savagely assailed her throat with rapid thrusts. Mr. P. pulled his cock out until only the tip was in her, fingered her clit roughly, and plunged in all the way again, without stopping. He pulled out and plunged in repeatedly. Her juices flowed freely down her ass crack, mixing with the dog cum already there. Her anus was gaping wide from the earlier assault, and Mr. P. took aim at it and stuffed his cock in her ass with no mercy. It went in easily. He felt her anus tightly close upon his cock as he entered her. Within a few minutes of pumping her ass, he started grunting and spewed his load deep in her ass."Next, get some of this pussy and ass boys, take it while it's hot with my cum." he cried out loudly as he pulled himself from her asshole. His cock was quickly replaced by another cock in her ass, as he stepped back to her head, pushing his friend aside, he stuck his dirty cock into Kelly's mouth. "Lick me clean girl, taste you ass on my cock."I watched the debauchery of the girl continue for over 40 minutes, repeatedly the men changed places fucking her pussy, ass and mouth, over and over, until they were totally spent and their cocks softened and were no longer able to get hard. The men stood laughing drunkenly looking at the girl they had just ravished, then turned, got dressed and went back into the bar room, leaving her lying, sated on the chair.As I started to pull the hidden door closed, I heard the front desk bell being rang, and quickly excused myself and ran back to the greeting area. It was well past 10:00pm and the band was playing its last set of songs to the few remaining guests in the arena. The food tables were decimated, empty of all the last remnants of a few slices of BBQ. As I entered the office, there stood a handsome young man, who looked me over closely, noting my breasts, as all the men did."Um, You are a bit late sir," I commented to him giving him the once over. He was well dressed in casual jeans and a blue dress shirt, tennis shoes and a baseball cap on his head. "The party started at 7:00, and right now, the band is about to finish, and most of the guests have already left.""I am sorry, I had car trouble and broke down nearly 10 miles from here. Luckily, someone came along and gave me a lift here. My name is 'SAM' and I certainly would have been here on time, but this road you live on is virtually untraveled after dark."Looking at the few remaining nametags, there was indeed a tag for him. I handed it to him. I smiled crookedly at him, motioned him to follow. Turning I led him out into the barn toward the arena and the band."I know I'm late, but is there any food left? I am famished and I could use a soft drink as well, if possible," he asked. Looking at the food table, it was obvious that there was nothing left."Well," feeling sorry for the man and thinking of the extra food in the VIP area, "There might be something. Follow, Sam." I noticed he had been staring at my tight jeans that showed off my ass. I open the VIP doors and lead him into the bar and point to the food table specially prepared for the VIP's. Remembering the hidden room door is partially open, I glance over at it, and am relieved that it is not open enough to allow anyone to see in. I start toward the door to close it, when Magic comes trotting in, sniffs Sam who attempts to pet him, and then off Magic goes directly into the hidden room thru the open doorway."Wow, nice dog, I have several of my own," he is looking now toward the open doorway in which several of the fixtures in the room are readily visible. "Little ones, not big like yours. Is that his doghouse in there?" he asks with raised eyebrows."Um, well, no, it's a private room we had setup for tonight's event," I quietly responded and attempt to step toward the opening to block his view. Unfortunately, he is too fast for me, and has stepped around me and poked his head into the room."Hey! You're not allowed in there." I tried to close the door on him, but he has pushed it open wide. My face blushes very red, knowing that he has now seen Kelly lying in the room."WOW! This looks Very Interesting," he chortles as he steps into the room and directly up to the prostrate naked woman. His reaches his hands out and checks the naked woman's breasts. "I think we better release these," leaning down, he unties her breasts, allowing the blood to flow back into her breasts. Kelly has not spoken a word, but looks appreciatively towards the man standing over her, but a soft "Thank You" comes from her lips."Is this your doing young lady?" he asks me."Um, well, not entirely, no," I hesitantly reply. "This is one of our guests. Her name is Kelly...and she expressed a desire to be...treated in a certain way.""She did, did she? And in what way did she desire to be treated, If I may ask." "I wanted to be used by many men and women, to be taken to sexual peaks that I have not experienced before," comes the reply from Kelly's lips. "Would you please take me again, I want to have your cock in my mouth, pussy and ass. Make me cum again, PLEASE!"Sam looks at me shocked and back to the girl, grinning mischievously, "Um, I might be able to do that. Miss Frolic, is it allowed that I do what she has asked?"I look at her face and see her nodding in earnest, and responded, "Yes, you may Sam. Anything that you wish to do to her, you may by her own admission and actions." Sam smiles and begins running his hands over her sore breasts, caressing them. He leans and kisses them each, licking the nipples, then moves to her shoulders and neck, kissing and licking all the way. His lips touch her lips, still crusty with old man sperm, and he kisses her passionately, tonguing her mouth, probing with his tongue.Magic begins shuffling around and begins to lick at her pussy, licking the sperm left there and his own cum from her pussy and ass. I see her hips raise to meet Magic's tongue and signal him to go ahead and take her. As he raises up and his pointy red cock begins to search for her open hole, Sam stops and sees the dog, and his cock fairly well jumps up and down. Watching him, he stands and puts his cock in Kelly's mouth and slowly begins fucking her mouth, sticking his cock deep in her throat with each stroke as he watches in amazement as Magic plunges his cock into her pussy. In a frenzy, Magic starts humping vigorously with his cock buried deep inside Kelly. I can tell by his motions that he is about to knot her again, and spew his cum inside her. I reach down gently pushing his knot back, but allow him to shot load after load of his dog sperm into Kelly. His cock finally plops out of her pussy, and he sits down and begins licking himself, cleaning her juices off his cock."Sam, take your cock out of her mouth, and fuck that pussy. She wants you not the dog, fuck her good and make her know that a man is better than a dog." I watch as he withdraws his cock from her mouth and moves down between her legs. I reach down and grab his manhood and position it at her entranceway, squeezing it lightly and giving it a few strokes first, then push the tip into her quim.His cock slides in easily, greased by the dogs cum, and sinking all the way in. Grabbing him by the waist, I lean over his back, letting my breasts flatten on him, and push and pull on his ass, assisting the fucking of the girl. Swiveling around on his back, I lower my pussy onto Kelly's face, burying it on her lips, grinding myself into her. "Lick my pussy Kelly, stick your tongue into it while Sam fucks your hot pussy. I know you are liking it, I can tell by your whimpering sounds and your body movements." My breasts are surrounding Sam's neck, bouncing and moving with his movements in the girl. I feel myself tingling to her tongue lashing at my pussy, and I cum hard and heavy on her face, drenching her with my nectar.I feel Sam begin to hump faster and faster as he too approaches his orgasm fucking the hot pussy, wanting to put his cum with the dogs cum into her. I hear him grunt loudly and explode inside her with a few last strokes of his cock, until he slumps down on her chest.I lay down on his back, with my pussy still directly above Kelly's face, and reach around and hug them both with my arms tightly. After a few minutes, I stand and push Sam off of her and release all the restraints on Kelly allowing her to get up."Oh Frolic, you are so naughty. Mistreating your guests on the farm like this," as she gives me, a sly little grin. "I want to be fucked silly Frolic, how did you know this?""It was Women's intuition. And I think Sam enjoyed himself as well," I laughed satisfied that this was an event of the farm not to be forgotten.
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