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Alice?s New Friend

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Alice?s New FriendAlice?s New Friend Alice Johnson was what you would call normal, boringly normal. She was 28 years olds and her life had been mostly uneventful except for a few odd situations. She had never married, really never had a significant relationship. She felt lonely at times particularly after her mother died last year but was mostly satisfied with things. She worked for the past 4 years in Peter Johnson?s accounting firm as a bookkeeper. She enjoyed her work and the salary was enough to keep her comfortable. She also had a nice benefit package since the firm was rather successful.?Hello, Mr. Johnson,? Alice said as she entered the office.?Hi, Alice. How are you?? Mr. Johnson replied.?I didn?t sleep very well last night. It may be my allergies but otherwise I am doing okay,? Alice thought about her night. Occasionally she would have one of those dreams and then be unable to get back to sleep. This had been one of those nights. Luckily they did not happen that often.Alice was not ugly woman but she did very little to accent the positive aspects of her appearance. She dressed in very conservative clothing hiding the curves her body held beneath the layers of fabric. Alice was mostly a nonsexual being. She just was not interested in sex except those rare instances after awaking from one of those dreams. The dreams would always bring back memories of the significant man from her past. The memory filled her with a passionate disgust but also with a sick guilt ridden sense of pleasure. ?Alice, the new person will begin work today. Would you show her around? Her name is Tony and I think she will do well,? Mr. Johnson instructed.?Ok sure,? Alice thought it will be nice to have a new face in the office. Alice did not socialize much but like everyone that worked for the firm.Alice?s natural father died when she was 8. Her mother remarried when Alice was 10. Her new stepfather was nice enough but she quickly realized that he looked at her in ways that were not right. His looks were not the healthy kind of a father to c***d but in the sense of a man to a woman. Alice was afraid to say anything about this to her very Catholic mother and allowed her stepfather the occasional glimpses he stole. He was nice to her and everything was going okay. But her stepfather?s incidents increased as Alice began to develop into a woman. Her stepfather became much more interested and would often suddenly appear after she finished with the shower. Sally remembered these incidents rather well.?Oh, you just finished with your shower,? her stepfather said as he walked into the bathroom to find a young Alice standing nude before him.?Yes sir,? Alice said as she reached for the towel to cover her nakedness.?Stand there just a minute. I want to see something,? her stepfather said.?Ok,? Alice responded not knowing what else to do. She remembers standing there as her stepfather eyes traveled over her young body. At that time she was just beginning to develop the nice 34 c breasts that she now hides beneath a full bra. She also only had the beginning of pubic hair surrounding the tiny slit of her pussy.?You are going to be fine woman,? her stepfather said. He then walked over and pulled out his semi hardened cock and after a minute began to pee.?Thanks,? Alice said not knowing how to respond to this compliment. She did take a look at his penis and she noticed the strange feeling deep within her body. Confused by the experience she dried off and quickly went to her room.Alice?s stepfather became bolder as Alice progressed in her sexual development. He often suddenly appear as she came out of the shower and worked up to the point he would dry her off with a towel making sure he rub all the right places. He continued to expose himself to her and her stepfather was first time she ever saw an erect cock. She was confused with her feelings about this but had to admit to herself that she was fascinated with his penis. This admission was difficult for Alice because it also brought feelings of disgust that she would like such things. Alice grew up very conflicted and confused during her rather difficult puberty stage, a stage of development difficult for any teenager.Alice?s mother was of little comfort during this time. Her mother had always been the sickly type that required much attention and sympathy. Her mother did not have the energy to be of much reassurance to Alice. However, other than this her home-life was basically stable. Her stepfather never crossed any lines that would have threatened Alice enough to report their little games. She knew from her sex education classes that any such reporting would most likely destroyed the stability of their home so she kept their family secrets. Alice continued to attend Mass with her mother each Sunday and always failed to mention the games she and her stepfather played during Confession with Father Stanley.When Alice was 15 her stepfather decided he had had enough of his infirmed wife and left the home. Alice?s mother was devastated and Alice put her energy into helping her mother adjust to the changes. Alice had very mixed emotions about her stepfather. On the one hand she liked the little games they played. The games never went to the point of Alice feeling threatened by her stepfather but then again she knew that what they did was wrong. As a result she felt very guilty particularly those times she masturbated thinking of her stepfather?s penis and his hands rubbing in ways one?s stepfather should never do.Alice looked up from her desk as an attractive young female walked in the door. Alice guessed this was the new employee and walked over to her. ?Hi, I?m Alice and welcome to the Johnson?s Accounting office.??Hi, I?m Tony and I?m a bit nervous. This is my first real job and I want to do well,? Tony said with a small laugh.?Ok, I am sure you will do just fine. Come over here and I will show you to your desk.?They walked over to the desk in the corner of the office in which Alice worked. Alice showed Tony her desk and spent the morning explaining the duties of Tony?s job. Alice and Tony seemed to hit it off well and Alice felt Tony would be a good employee. Alice did not know that Tony would soon add another strange and confusing dimension to her life. Alice mostly forgot the dreams of the previously night as they slipped back into her u*********s waiting to arise again.?So how long have you lived here in Little Rock?? Alice asked Tony on their lunch break.?I?ve just moved here this week. I found this listing and applied for it over the phone. I was living in Memphis but decided this would be a neat place to live. At present I am staying in a motel room until I find a place,? Tony answered.?Oh, that no good, living in a motel,? Alice said trying to decide whether she should ask Tony to stay with her. She did have a two bedroom apartment that she had leased after her mother died. ?Yeah, you?re telling me. The place is not very nice but it is about all I can afford at the moment.??Why don?t you come and stay with me for a few days. I have an extra bedroom. It is not very big and is kind of cluttered with my stuff but you are welcomed to it,? Alice could not quite believe she made such an offer.?That would be great, but are you sure you don?t mind,? Tony asked with a large smile on her face.?No, I don?t mind,? Alice said as she was surprised at Tony?s quick acceptance of her offer. She did not know how it would be having someone else staying in her apartment. Alice had not lived with anyone since her mother?s death.?I can?t thank you enough. I hate that motel. I promise as soon as I get paid I will find a place,? Tony said expressing her gratitude.?Ok, after work today we will move you into to my apartment,? Alice replied feeling a little excited at having a roommate. Alice did feel lonely at times but was still a little scared about this new arrangement even though it would be temporary. Alice did not know how it would change things in her life.That afternoon Alice and Tony moved Tony?s few possessions to the apartment and they quickly found a place for everything. Alice?s first notice of something different occurred after Tony took a shower. As Alice walked into the living room Tony was sitting on the couch totally nude. ?Oh, I am sorry. Does my nudity bother you?? Tony asked as she noticed the expression on Alice?s face.?No, I just did not expect to see you sitting there like that,? Alice said trying not to look a Tony?s perky firm breasts.?If it bothers you I will go put on some clothes. I just like to hang around naked and just never thought anything about it. It is just so relaxing,? Tony explained.?You can stay naked if you like and it makes you feel better,? Alice said feeling mixed emotions about this. She could not help but notice Tony had a very nice body. She also noticed that Tony shaved her pubic region and there was no hair at all. Alice had never shaved her bush and had a rather large patch of dark hair.?Okay, you sure you don?t mind,? Tony said as she looked up at Alice.?No, I don?t mind at all,? Alice said not knowing whether she minded or not. ?I will go prepare us some dinner. Would pasta salad be okay?? ?Yes, that will be great and I will pay you back for all that you have done for me,? Tony answered.When Alice had prepared her table she could not believe it that Tony came to the table still totally nude. They sat and ate. Alice could not help but to continue to steal glances at Tony?s breasts and she could help but notice some strange feelings that were slowing forming. Alice and Tony settled into a very comfortable style of living. They got along very well together and even though Tony spent most of her time at home in the nude Alice did not mind. After a few days she began to look forward to seeing Tony?s nude body stretched out on the couch. It was on the first weekend that the next significant development occurred. This was an innocently event that had Tony walking into the bathroom just in time to see Alice?s nude body emerge from the shower. This had little effect on Tony but brought back some memories for Alice.?I?m sorry. I did not know you were in here,? Tony said as she looked directly at Alice?s body, her eyes moving down to the large patch of pubic hair covering Alice?s crotch.?Oh, no one has seen me naked in a long time. I am so embarrassed,? Alice said as she quickly grabbed a large towel.?Don?t be embarrassed. You have a lovely body. You don?t have to be ashamed of your body,? Tony said attempting to comfort Alice.?Of course, you should do something about all that fur,? Tony added with a chuckle.?What do you mean?? Alice said now recovering from the shock of being seen naked about another person.?All that pussy hair, what?s with that?? Tony quizzed in a playful sort of way.?I?ve just never shaved there. I shave my legs but never thought of shaving my privates,? Alice said feeling very Catholic at the moment remember some of the things her Nuns told her.?Well, now days, women shave. Don?t you ever read Cosmopolitan???Not really, you think I should shave down there?? Alice asked.?Of course you should shave. I tell you what if you want I will take care of it for you. I will get you as clean as a baby.? Tony offer with a smirk on her face.Alice was shocked at this. Not only was she being told she should shave her crotch, Tony was volunteering to do it for her. Alice could not imagine another woman being that close to her pussy. However, Alice could not believe the feelings that were arising in her at the thought of this.?I will have to think about it,? Alice said as she left the room.Alice sat on her bed feeling very strange. She had not felt these type feelings since the last of her unwanted sexual dreams about her father. This time was different, she wanted these feelings. As always Alice felt guilty about liking any kind of sexual feelings. It always seemed that they were wrong. That voice in her head said she should not be feeling this away and surely not this way about another woman. She was not a lesbian and it was just wrong to have such thoughts. However, even as these guilt and shame flowed through her mind she could picture Tony?s hands careful shaving her crotch. As she thought about this she felt unfamiliar juices begin to flow. She could not believe that her pussy was becoming wet. Alice quickly turned off the lights and attempted to escape to the safe world of u*********sness.?What?s wrong? Are you okay?? Tony asked as she peeked in Alice?s room.Alice slowly returned to a very confused consciousness. She had another one of those dreams and as she awoke she felt her hand rubbing between her legs.?Are you okay?? Tony again asked.?Yes, I?m okay,? Alice answered. ?It was just a bad dream.??Ok, I could hear you moaning and crying. It must have been a bad one.??Yes, I have these dreams ever now and then,? Alice thought but felt this dream had been different and she wished she could return to it. She then reluctantly pulled her hand away from her wet pussy.?See you in the morning,? Tony said as she shut Alice?s bedroom door.Alice brought her hand up to her face and she could smell her own juices. Suddenly without thinking about it, Alice sucked her fingers and tasted her own juices. She could not believe she had done this but she could not help but let her hand travel back down to her hairy pussy. As she petted her pussy into an orgasm Alice realized she wanted her pussy to be pretty and clean like Tony?s. Tony returned to her room wondering about Alice. The moans in her dreams did not seem all bad; some sounded like Alice was enjoying things. Also, when Tony first open the door she could see beneath the covers and noticed Alice?s hand rubbing between her legs. Tony also noticed that Alice?s expression did not appear to be one of fear but one of lust. Tony went back to sleep thinking about this and even though she never really thought about being with another woman, her dreams explored this possibility. The next day Tony left before Alice. As Alice was dressing for work she noticed a pair of Tony?s panties lying on Tony?s bed. She picked them up and noticed they were thong panties. Alice had never really considered wearing such panties but on impulse stepped into these.?This feels so strange,? Alice thought to herself as she adjusted the thin strapped that fit neatly between her shapely butt cheeks. The front of the panties was too small to cover her dark patch but she liked the feel of them. After making some further adjustments Alice decided to borrow Tony?s panties. This was very unlike the normal Alice. She did not like to try anything new. ?I can?t believe I am doing this,? Alice said to herself as she finished dressing quite conscious of the new feel of these panties.Alice was constantly aware of her new attire during the day. The day was mostly routine type work but the day was definitely not routine for Alice. She enjoyed the new feeling and decided she would have to go shopping in the near future.The next morning was Saturday. Alice slept rather well after her self love but awakened knowing that she wanted to take Tony up on her offer for a free shaving. She just did not know how to bring up the subject.Tony slept well also and was fascinated by the thought of making love to Alice. Tony was definitely interested in guys and had several relationships in the past. Once she was considering marriage but was glad she changed her mind. The feelings she was having about Alice now were a bit different. The difference made it exciting. At breakfast Alice and a nude Tony sat at the kitchen table eating some cereal. Alice decided to approach the subject of shaving. ?Tony, can I asked you a personal question???Sure.??When did you start shaving your pubic hair???When I was 14 and got my first bikini,? Tony answered thinking she knew where this might be going and thought it might be fun. ?It feels good to be clean of pussy hair, all nice and smooth,? she added for effect.Alice blushed slightly, ?I have never really thought about it before. I never have worn a bikini.??Really, you would look great in one. I bet all the guys would be looking at you. You need to get a thong. The guys would love your body. You want me to get rid of all that nasty pussy hair?? Tony replied feeling excited at the prospect of being that close to Alice?s pussy.?I have been thinking about it.??Ok, let?s do it,? Tony said.?Right now!??Sure, we can do it right here on the floor so it will be easy to clean up. All I need is some scissors, a razor, wash cloth, and some warm water. It will be fun and I can?t wait to see how you will like your new look.??Ok, let?s do it,? Alice said and she could feel some excitement building within her. She did not know fully what to make of this but at this point did not care.?I?ll go get what we need and while I?m gone strip down to nothing,? Tony commanded.?Ok,? Alice said reluctantly now that she was expected to reveal everything. Alice was still wearing her conservative nightgown. She let it slip to the floor and as Tony came in the room she was standing naked except for her panties.?Ok get those panties off,? Tony said in a commanding voice.?Ok,? Alice said and slowly pulled her panties down and let them fall to the floor.?Sit over there on the counter and let me take a look at you,? Tony said. Tony was enjoying the show and was also surprised at her reaction to Alice?s noticeable embarrassment. It was a thrill to be in command of such a situation.?Spread em and let me see that pussy,? Tony exclaimed feeling a strange excitement.Alice complied and found herself sitting on the kitchen counter with her legs open for Tony?s inspection. She gasped as Tony ran her hand threw the overgrown patch of dark hair surrounding Alice?s most private area.Alice watched as Tony took the scissors and began to cut the long strands of curly hair. They began to fall on the floor and after a few minutes there was only a dark short patch. Tony took the razor and carefully applied shaving lotion. Alice could feel the coolness of the lotion on her skin but could also feel the sexual tension building from within her body. She felt both guilty and embarrassed by these feelings but was powerless to do anything about it.On the other hand Tony was enjoying both her power over Alice and the excitement she could feels as it expressed itself in wetness between her legs. Tony slowly shaved the remaining hair and watched as Alice?s soft pink skin appeared. She also noticed a moist residue that was not from the lotion. Tony took the wash cloth to remove the extra lotion but as she did she made sure that Alice?s clit was massaged. Alice gasped as the cloth rubbed her now swollen clitoris.At this point Tony had never felt such power and found the feeling a major turn on. She said, ?Ok my dear, stand up and let me look at that little slit of yours.?Alice heard a change in Tony?s voice, a change to a more commanding tone, but she did not care she did as she was instructed. She could feel her body begin to respond to Tony?s gaze. Her pussy was now very wet. Alice had never felt this kind of passion in her life and was loving it even though a soft voice in her mind was telling her it was wrong.?Rub your pussy for me,? Tony commanded.?What?? Alice was confused in the passion.?Rub your god dam pussy right now and let me see you pleasure yourself,? Tony again commanded.Alice could not believe what she was hearing.Tony could not believe what she was saying.Alice stood there with a shocked look on her face but slowly allowed her hand to move to her pussy and began to rub her clitoris. It was too much.?Ohhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmm,? she moaned as she began to have a major orgasm. The fact that Tony was watching only made it more intense. Alice had never felt anything like this. It was wonderful. She felt like she might pass out at the pleasure and found herself sliding down to the floor. Here, her hand became her lover as she massaged her clitoris to another orgasm. She was in heaven or was it a pleasure hell.Tony watched in amazement as this very conservative woman have orgasm after orgasm. Tony?s hand move to her own crotch as she watched she quickly came herself. However, she wanted her power and she wanted to regain control of the situation.?Stop it you little whore,? Tony assertively commanded.Alice looked up with a dazed stare.?I said stop rubbing your pussy, you little cunt,? Tony almost shouted.Alice was returning to a somewhat perceptive state of awareness and sensed a change in the direction of events. She still wanted her hand to milk her clit but stopped as Tony had commanded.?Get off the floor and on to your knees. Do it.? Tony barked.Alice raised herself off the floor and crouched to her knees looking up at Tony. Tony was now standing directly in front of Alice.?Look at my pussy,? Tony commanded.Alice lowered her gazed and was staring directly at the slit. She could easily see the swollen clit and moisture dripping from Tony pussy.Tony took a step forward moving her pussy closer to Alice?s face. Alice began to move backward but Tony quickly said, ?Stop, stay right where you are you little whore.?Alice froze and Tony kept moving forward until Alice could smell the aroma of Tony?s pussy juices. ?Lick me,? Tony almost whispered.?What?? Alice managed to say in a squeaky voice. ?I said lick my pussy and suck on my clit, do it.? Tony commanded.Alice had never considered being in such a position as this but passion of the moment was overpowering. Alice suddenly found herself wanting more than anything to taste Tony?s pussy. She slowly moved her head up a bit and stuck out her tongue licking Tony?s slit. Tony juices had a musty taste to them but Alice found them to recharge her own sexual desire. She began to eagerly lick Tony?s slit while suckling her little swollen clitoris.Tony would never have believed this could happen. When Alice tongue licked her pussy she felt electricity charge up her spine in pure delight. Then as Alice began in earnest licking all of Tony?s womanhood Tony explored with delight and had a very difficult time remaining in position that allowed Alice complete access to her pussy.?Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,? Tony moaned as she had to most explosive orgasm in her life. Nothing was even close to this. Tony did not notice that Alice?s hand had returned to her pussy. As she licked and kissed at Tony?s pussy Alice massaged her own clit and again returned to a most pleasurable orgasmic state. This only served to increase her licking and suckling of Tony?s pussy. Finally neither could take anymore and they both collapsed in a tangle heap on the kitchen floor. As Alice lost consciousness she knew she would never forget this experience. As Tony lost consciousness she knew she liked the power and wanted more.They lay on the floor for several hours and Tony awakened first. After a minute or so she regained full consciousness and untangled herself from Alice. As Tony sat on the floor looking at Alice?s body she began to formulate a plan that would continue this strange relationship. Tony was afraid that once Alice came to herself her guilt would be too much and she would slip back into her old mode of life. Tony thought aloud, ?That will simply not do.?Alice awakened to find herself lying on her bed. But as she regained full conscious she noticed she could not move her arms or her legs. At first she began to panic but then noticed that she was tied spread eagle on her bed. She remembered everything that had happened except she did not know how she came to be here tied up.As Alice was frantically attempting to free herself Tony walked in the room. ?That will not do you any good,? Tony said.?Please untie me. What are you doing?? Alice pleaded.?I am just going to try a little experiment. You liked things yesterday so much I want to see if you continue to like them to day.??Please untie me. I don?t like to be here, like this, with you looking at me like that,? Alice pleaded.?Ok, I will untie you in a moment but let me tried a little experiment.? With that Tony climbed on the bed and sat between Alice?s legs. She then bent over and began to lick Alice?s pussy.?What are you doing? That is disgusting. Please stop.? Alice begged.Tony looked up with pussy juice on her lips. ?You certainly seemed to like when you licked me. I just wondered if I would like as well as you did.??No, this is not right. Please untie me.? Alice pleaded. However, Tony bent back down and proceeded to lick Alice?s pussy. Alice did not want to like it but she could not help it. It did not take long before she felt the yearning return deep within her and she began to buckle against Tony?s mouth.?Do you like this?? Tony asked to torment Alice.?No, I don?t. Yes, it feels so good. Please stop. Please don?t stop.? Alice replied in her confused ranting. ?Well what is it?? Tony said as she looked up at Alice.Alice was too far gone. Too much pent up sexual desire was now free. Alice looked down at Tony and said, ?Please don?t stop.??Don?t stop what?? Tony said momentarily stopping her ministrations.?Please don?t stop licking my pussy. I will do anything. It feels so good for you to lick me.?Tony bent back down and took Alice?s small swollen clit and suck hard on it. This was too much for Alice and she exploring sending a flood of juices all over Tony?s face. This had the desired effect for Tony and she also exploded and her juices also flowed. Alice could not contain herself and as her pussy juices flowed, she also began to urinate all over Tony and her bed. Tony?s and Alice?s orgasms finally abated. Tony looked up at Alice and laughing said, ?You pissed all over my face.?Alice was still tied to the bed could only shutter with dismay as she lay in her own pee next to a woman whose face was wet with her pee. What was worse Alice found that this disgusting sight was a major turn on.Tony was more sexually experienced than Alice but she had never had a sexual encounter that compared to this. Alice simply did not have any other experience for comparison. Tony lay contently on the wet bed. As Alice began to regain her senses her deep unresolved sexual conflicts resurfaced and she felt the extreme guilt about what she had just done. To make this worse as the guilt flowed through her consciousness, her pussy tingled and Alice knew that she would want to do this again and again and again.
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