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The perfect little slut

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The perfect little slutI dare say we've all seen someone on the pages of xhamster that presses our buttons. You know, that instant " I have GOT to fuck her!" ( or maybe him, depends who's reading this)Well I got talking to a guy on here who enjoys, and I mean enjoys, watching his wife being fucked by other guys. The more I spoke to him the more I was certain this wasn't a guy saying he has his wife fucked but DID have her screwed in front of him. And the more pics of her taking part in group sex sessions the more I wanted to take part in one. I spoke to him about it and he said if I could arrange for a few guys he would gladly bring her to meet us for some fuck fun. I popped a couple of her pics on my phone and went visiting a few friends. Some married, some single. I knew this couple didn't mind. All they were interested in was getting her group fucked as that's their kink.Every one of them I asked was interested so I told them it was going to be bareback so they all had to get a current "clean" bill of health from the clinic. If they provided it, they were in! Now some of the guys were in their 40's like me, others were younger. I think the youngest was about 21, so she was really going to be getting a variety of cock, there were even several "shades" of cock. Not 50 shades lol, but it wasn't all going to be Vanilla! Anyway I had 7 confirmed guys and me all willing. So I got in touch with the guy and arranged for that weekend. I'd been expecting it to be a few weeks, but he was so excited that they wanted it that same weekend. A few quick calls and we were all having a "night out with the guys from work".Now when you know you're going to get a fuck you get excited don't you. Well we were all smiling at each other in work those few days. We were chatting to each other very sotto voce on the Friday and fist bumps were exchanged as we left. The next night we were all going to be taking turns in the same hot, dirty, cum-loving slut wife in front of her hubby! Be honest, just like me then, if that was all lined up you'd be turned on and horny in anticipation wouldn't you!So Saturday rolled around. I'd got in some JD and coke and wine. The guys started turning up about an hour before the entertainment was due to start. We chatted about the football to start with. I didn't want them wanking and wasting any spunk. The slut that was on her way was very greedy and her hubby gets more turned on the more cum she has in her. I intended to be a good host. If he was good enough to bring her round for us to enjoy, the least I could do was make sure they left happy with the servicing she'd had. So the guys were all here and then the doorbell went about 10 minutes before the slut was to be delivered. I opened it and there they were. She had on a long coat and heels. He showed her in first. She smiled at me and we kissed. Damn I was getting so hard from her kiss. I'd been busting to get this woman here and fuck her and now she was there. No wanking over her pics or watching her fuck on vid clips. I was going to sink My stiff cock into her wet cunt! I patted her on the arse and ushered her in then shook the hubby's hand. He smiled and just asked simply if it was all going as planned. I nodded and confirmed it was all as arranged. I showed him in too. I made introductions, I told them who each of the guys was and introduced the wife as "and this gents, is our slutwife for the night. Lets make sure she leaves here soaked head to toe and dripping with cum!" With that she opened her coat, underneath she had on a balcony cupped basque which was holding up her large breasts and I might also say was barely containing them! She does have a fantastic pair on her. Her pussy was covered in matching G-string, black lace that you could see her pubes through. Unlike lots of women, she doesn't shave it all off. And her legs were covered with seamed black stockings. She couldn't have been more of an obvious slut if she'd turned up naked. As I was host I stepped forward and started to kiss her lustfully. I'd wanted to fuck her for months and now I was getting to. All that pent up lust was being let out now. My hands cupped her arse cheeks and squeezed her full soft cheeks, then I slid a hand inside her waistband and slid it round the front. Running my fingers down through her bush I cupped her wet pussy. I stopped kissing her and told her "Open your legs!" She did that and I now pushed a finger up inside her. I heard a little moan of appreciation escape her. I stepped back slightly then said the lads " right then, lets get down to business. This isn't a date. We need to show this slut a good fucking time. And I emphasise the FUCKING! Get undressed and get show her how much you want her!"With that her hubby sat down with a smile on his face and sipped from his JD and coke. He just nodded. The lads had stepped up and started touching her up. her tits were popped out of the cups and her nipples were being pulled then kissed. Another guy now had his fingers up inside her. I stripped off naked and sat down on the sofa, "bring her here and let her get my cock in her mouth." She was lead over to me and she knelt without being told, she's quite subservient and knows what guys want from her and oh boy is she willing to please! She spat on my stiff cock and took it into her mouth. As she worked it in deeper one of the lads took down her panties and shoved his face between her arse cheeks to taste her juices. "Fuck but this bitch is wet!" he said. "My wife never gets this wet these days!" "Maybe she needs to be put in front of us and be made into a group fuck slut like this one" I was joking but some of the other lads joined in the banter, saying if he was so bad in the sack that he should get his cock up her first, being with a real woman would mean he'd only be a 5 minute wonder. He told them to fuck off but he did get his cock out and pushed inside her first. She moaned, we cheered. "Go on Dave" I said, "Go on, give her that black cock of yours. Prove to this slut what big black cock is all about!" With her mouth full of my cock and my hands pulling her forward to swallow all of me down to my balls she had no idea who was fucking her. She obviously didn't care either. She really is a compliant little piece of ass I was thinking. Then Jimmy sat down next to me, stark bollock naked! I grabbed her hair and lifted her mouth from my cock, nodded to Jimmy and said "His cock now", she blinked at me. Christ, I realised, She's already lost in her lust. The point where you're so turned on you aren't paying attention to who is doing what, you're just feeling the sensations from what is being done to you. I scooched over a bit and lowered her head forward to take jimmy's hard cock in her mouth. I started to stroke my cock that was covered in her saliva, Natures lubricant. Thinking that I went to a cupboard and got out a tube of lube. I'd seen this woman could take cock in her arse and got the lube just in case.Then I went over to her hubby and asked if he was happy with things so far. "God yes!" he said. I realised his trousers were a bit stretched and laughed, "So I see!" He laughed as well. Well he was happy as was his wife. She was taking a black cock up her while knelt down as she was sucking another cock. Meanwhile her tits were being groped by a couple of the other guys. She was in slut-heaven. "Oi, Dave!" I called, let one of the other fuckers have a punt at her will you." He smiled, slapped her arse and pulled out. I heard a sloppy sound from her pussy as he pulled out. James was soon slipping his stiff one inside her. Jimmy moved on too and let Mark get a go in her mouth. I finished a Jack and coke. watching them taking turns in her mouth and pussy. I can't remember who finally lost control and emptied his sack into her pussy first, but as soon as he'd let out his "Oh, fuckkkkk!" moan, grabbed her arse and jerked his hips at her I knew she had a cum filled pussy. I'd wanted to feel my cock in a cunt that had just been fucked and cum in for years and now was my chance. So I decided It was my turn to finally feel her riding my cock. I sat in my chair and said "right, time to get that dirty bitches cum filled cunt on my cock! get her over here" The lads pulled out of her and led her to me. They pushed her legs apart, picked her up and put her onto my cock. I could see her juices glistening on her labia. There was some of the first guys cum hanging down from her pussy. It was thick and white and about to drip onto my balls. Then I was up inside her and she was grinding her hips at me, rubbing her clit on me. The warmth of her juice and his cum on my balls. God this was sexy. I grabbed her arse and held it open as I pulled her up and pushed her down on my cock.I looked over her shoulder and said "Room for one more in her!" I remember Tony's face appearing over her shoulder. Now I remember thinking he's gonna lube up her tight little arse and slowly push it up there. So I was a bit surprised to feel another cock rubbing against mine insde her warm and unbelievably accommodating cunt. She was taking 2 cocks up her at the same time in an already well fucked and cum filled hole. I grabbed her shoulders pulled her face to mine and kissed her in a lustful daze as I was jerking my hips upwards to fuck her as desperately as I could. I wanted to spunk my load into her. I don't know how it happened but Tony had been doing her for a while before I'd got into her pussy. He must have been more turned on than I'd known because suddenly I heard him gasp and he was holding her down on me and pumping his load into her. That was too much for me and I let my first load of the night into her. Tony pulled out of her and as he did I felt a small river of cum flood down my shaft and coat my balls. I got her off me and put her back on my chair, her legs spread over the arms showing her messy vagina, oozing cum and open ready for the next man to claim his turn in her. I then moved to her head and slapped my softening cock at her and growled "Clean up the mess you made whore!" Obediently she did, her tongue running along the underside of my shaft. I dropped my balls onto her lips and she sucked and licked the mixture of cums off it.At least another guy had fucked her and spunked off up her. I had been enjoying the feel of her tongue cleaning me so much I hadn't been paying much attention. I stood back and watched her take the next man up her and have her head pulled around to suck another cock. I motioned for the others to wait. We let them finish their turns in her. Next on my list was a bar stool. I put a pillow on it then bent her over it. I tied her ankles and wrists to it. She was now little more than a mobile fuck n suck centre. We rolled her from cock to cock. Whoever wanted her asked and told us which hole of hers they wanted to fill. One of them was fucking her hard called her a list of filthy names with a determined look on his face. He was totally gone, all he could think of was cumming. His language turned into a long, low growl then he pulled out and shot his muck over her. He'd been so turned on it flew all the way up her back and some even landed in her hair. At this point I'd got hard again and had determined my next port of call. I'd felt her talented mouth and tongue, shot a wad of spunk up her pussy. Now it was time to take that tightest hole, her puckered arse!. I got the lube, spat at her arse and pushed it inside with a finger. I squeezed some lube in as well and then pushed a second finger in her as well. I gently double fingered that tight arse and heard her getting more turned on. As she obviously enjoyed it more I opened her anus, pulling my fingers in opposite directions. Then I spat in in. A ladt application of lube straight inside her littlest hole and I was ready. I pulled my fingers out and pushed my stiff cock inside her. She had a cock in her mouth but the low moan could still be heard as I kept pushing deeper into her. Then my balls were touching her pussy. I started slowly pulling it out a little then pushing it back in. She was relaxing into it now and I started to really fuck her little dirtbox. There was plenty of moaning coming from her it's a little painful but also really pleasurable she told me afterwards. The guy in her mouth pulled out and sprayed his muck over the side of her face and onto her back and hair. After we'd all had a go, and now they guys knew she would let them use her anyhow and in any hole they certainly did get dirty with her, We untied her from the stool. The lads were a bit sweaty and so we had one last treat.We all got to have a shower with her. In turn they all got in with her. They cleaned themselves off and got to run their hands over her fit, fucked body one last time. As they got out they got dressed and the next guy joined her in the shower. She even got one last fuck from the youngest lad, he pushed her against the wall, lifted one leg over his arm and fucked her against the wall. Time was getting on and the guys had to get home to their wives and girlfriends so we slapped his arse and told him to cum in five minutes or stop right now. We'd waved goodnight to the last of them about 1:30 in the morning, so nearly kicking out time at the clubs. Now there were just the 3 of us. hubby, his slut wife and me. We led her back to the bedroom, hubby stripped off and took his turn inside his wife. She wrapped her arms around him and urged him on to flood her pussy with his seed. He was telling her how good it felt inside her cum filled pussy and how much he loved her for doing it with those men. It was a great turn on. I lay down next to them after he'd spurted his load inside her as well. We fell asleep together on the bed, we'd had a long night after all. In the morning he let me use his wife once more. He lay there and I positioned her so she was sucking his cock, I pulled her hips up and slid inside her from behind. Hubby could see his wifes arse wobble with each of my thrusts. Then I decided to give him a grandstand view. I got her into position to 69 with him but her arse was still high up. Then I pushed my cock into her above his face. He was inches away from her pussy getting a close up of her taking a cock. Her pussy lips clinging to my cock. She was still full of cum and he could see my cock covered in the multi-man mixture. Seeing it creaming up from the friction. I pulled out before I came, went to her mouth, told her to open wide and emptied myself again into that sexy mouth.I can honestly say I've never had a woman like her before or since. The perfect little slut!
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