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I'm not like that! Don't worry I am Lesb

Post #1

I'm not like that! Don't worry I am LesbLaura and Jackie had been hanging out a lot over the past few weeks. They met at a local club. Laura had recognized Jackie, barely, but she couldn't think of where she remembered her from.Laura sat on Jackie's bed crying over how her boyfriend had left her."Thanks for letting me come over," Laura said."No problem."Jackie grabbed Laura a box of tissue."I can't believe he left me," Laura sniffled. "For some other bitch.""Fuck men.""Yeah. Fucking slut she had to be.""I guess what goes around comes around."Laura looked at Jackie confused and hurt. "What?""Yeah," said Jackie with vengeance. "You heard me.""Huh?""Bet you don't remember huh? Lance, Lester, Harry, all my boyfriends in high school all guys they cheated on me with you."Laura was speechless."So I say fuck them. Fuck all of them.""I should go," said Laura quickly she tried to stand up. Jackie jumped in front of her and pushed her back down on the bed."No, I wanna see what was so great."Laura tried to stand up again."Sit down bitch," Jackie pushed her. "C'mon let's see. I wanna go too.""Get off me," Laura pushed her away. "I'm not like that.""Like what?""Like that. Lesbian."Jackie laughed. "Don't worry. I am."She forced her body on Laura's and kissed her. Laura was a slender, athletic girl. Jackie was a more muscular, voluptuous, athletic girl. Laura couldn't push Jackie off of her. She tried to turn her head."Stop!" Laura yelled.Jackie kissed on Laura's neck. Her hands ran up Laura's body. She was standing between Laura's legs as they dangled off the bed. Jackie ran her hand over Laura's tank top. She squeezed Laura's 36C's. Laura tired her best to push Jackie off."Stop!" Laura yelled."C'mon, you gave it to everyone else," Jackie taunted."No," said Laura.Jackie reached her hand under Laura's shirt and squeezed her tits. She grabbed them and squeezed the nipples. She pinched them."Ah, stop," said Laura."You like it," said Jackie and forced another kiss.Jackie moved one of her hands under Laura's skirt. She ran her hand up Laura's thigh. She touched Jackie's hot pussy through her thong."Mmm," said Jackie at Laura's wetness."Stop, please," Laura pleaded.Jackie's hand pushed Laura's thong to the side. She fingered her clit. Pushing and pinching. Pulling and holding. Putting pressure on her swollen clit.Jackie straddled Laura. She sat up and attempted to take off her t-shirt when Laura pushed her to the floor."Bitch!" yelled Jackie.Laura tried to run past her but Jackie grabbed her leg and pulled her to the floor. Jackie held on to Laura's leg. Laura squirmed to get away. Jackie grabbed her legs. Jackie stood up and allowed Laura to stand. She grabbed her and threw her back towards the bed. She grabbed her neck with one hand and pulled her towards the top of the bed. Jackie reached into the nightstand and grabbed two pairs of hand cuffs."NO, NO, PLEASE!" Laura screamed.Jackie grabbed one of Laura's arms pulled it to the bed posted and cuffed her. She cuffed both of Laura's arms. Jackie sat on Laura's pelvis."Dirty bitch you're gonna pay for that.""No I.""Shut the fuck up."Laura was quiet.Jackie pulled off her shirt. Her 34C's were squished inside a bra that was too small for her. It made her tits push up and together. Jackie stood up and pulled off her shorts. Her pussy was wet and soaked through her thong.Jackie pulled Laura's skirt off."No, stop, don't"Jackie unclipped her bra and threw it on the floor."Shut the fuck up!"Laura began to whimperJackie pulled scissors out of the nightstand and cut the straps of Laura's tank top. She pulled it down Laura's body."So this is the body half the senior class fucked?" Jackie said. "Not bad."She slapped one of Laura's tits. Laura let out a groan.Jackie fell on top of her."Look," she said to Laura. "Look!"Laura looked down."Look how our tits rub together. Mmm, so fuckin' hot. Look how they press together. Mmm, look our nipples are getting hard. Oh you're such a fuckin' slut." Jackie reached one of her hands between them and played with Laura's pussy. "You're so fuckin' hot. Let's get naked and fuck?""No, NO."Jackie laughed. "I'm not askin' you whore I'm tellin' you."Jackie ripped Laura's thong off and then slid her own down. She crawled on top of Laura and took one of her tits in her mouth. She sucked it hard into her mouth. She moaned with Laura's tit in her mouth. She circled the nipple with her tongue."Look at me slut," Jackie demanded.Laura didn't.Jackie slapped her."Look bitch or you'll be sorry."Laura looked."Watch me suck your tit." She said as she tongued it. "Mmm you like that tongue bath don't you slut? Mmmm. Watch me suck one tit and play with the other. Yeah, bitch, you like that? You like that huh?"Laura whimpered. "Please, Stop Jackie.""You know what you talk too much. Maybe you need something in your mouth. Here, suck my tit."Jackie lowered her tit in Laura's face."Uh huh?" Laura shook her head."Why not?""I'm not gay.""Suck my tit now."Laura closed her mouth tight. Jackie plugged her nose. Laura made whimpers before she opened her mouth to gasp for air. Jackie plunged her tit in Laura's mouth."Suck it!"Laura sucked it."Harder bitch. Suck that tit like it was a dick. I know how much you like that fucking cocksucking whore. Oh yeah. Yeah slut. Oh mmm suck that tit. Suck it. You've got me so hot."Jackie pulled her tit out of Laura's mouth and straddled her face."Lick my clit."Laura looked up at Jackie. Jackie went to put her hand on Laura's nose and Laura slowly opened her mouth. Jackie pushed her pussy down on Laura's face."Look at me bitch. Look at me. Mmm taste my pussy. Lick it slut. Yeah like that. Keep licking it. Fuck, you're a good slut. Lick my clit. Flick it with your tongue. Oh, yes. Tongue fuck me slut. You know how to fuck right? You've been fucked enough. Fuck me with your tongue. Yea moan into my pussy. Oh, God, yess shove that tongue in and out of my pussy. Fuck it. Fuck it. Ohhhh. Yess. Tongue fuck me while I man handle your tits. Mmm yeah you like that you like tasting my pussy. Your nipples are so hard bitch. Oh fuck. I'm gonna cummm. Don't stop whore. Eat it eat it eat it....ooooooooooohhh. YES BITCH. YEA! OH OH I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMMMMINNNNG. EAT IT ALL eat all my cum you fucking cum slut."Jackie took her pussy off of Laura's face. Her cum was all over her face. Jackie licked her cum form Laura's face. She thought Laura was moaning into her cunt and she was but she was also crying."Oh I can make you cry," said Jackie. She moved down Laura's body. Jackie moved down to Laura's pussy. She put Laura's legs over her shoulders.Laura let out an exhausted protest.Jackie licked up Laura's thighs. She licked her pussy lips. She took each one in her mouth and sucked it. She tongued over Laura's pussy. Jackie went to Laura's clit and attacked it. She lapped at it, licked it, flicked it, sucked it. Laura moaned uncontrollably. Jackie sucked on Laura's pussy before she slid her tongue inside Laura causing her back to arch and her body to shiver."Tell me you like it," demanded Jackie.Laura didn't say anything."Tell me you want it," Jackie said.Jackie put her finger on Laura's clit and pressured it. She moved it in circles quick and hard. Laura moaned."You want me to stop?" Jackie asked.Laura let out a low and reluctant "No.""What?""No," she said a little louder."What slut?""No." she said.Jackie shoved two fingers into Laura's pussy and sucked on her clit.She reached her other hand up to Laura's tit and fondled it."Tell me you like it.""I like it.""And?""I want it," said Laura."That's it whore. Good slut."Jackie ate Laura's pussy until she came. Laura came hard and Jackie ate all of it. She licked her pussy clean."You liked that slut?" Jackie asked.Laura gave a breathless sigh."I've got more for you slut, but right now give me that pussy."
04-04-2021, at 01:44 AM

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