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Its 2020 , the new normal

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Its 2020 , the new normalI am one of many a new generation of ''liberal '' thinking teensall proud and happy of this inclusive diversitynot a single ounce of shame when i am with him and he treat me like a sissy boy loving my pink hole filled by his strong hard nice big black cocki found him on the LGBT app a divorced haitian guy in his 40s , who always had a thing for smaller girly like white guyme, discovering my love for smooth panty and my cock toy in me deep. becoming eager to experience more it lasted a week, before we agreed to meet even with covid we could at least go drink at a park ,like so many are doingat the park drinking beer he pull a small box from his pocket telling me he bought this in case we metand i smile at him . he bought me a sissy little pink kit with a plug and a cageit was so cute i never seen one in real life''if you want to, i would love to discover your fem side with you''''there go in my car and change i will start the bbq''i never felt someone controli walk to the car, my gift box in handwhen i got out i was feeling in such a horny statemy god , i never felt so goodthe panty massaging my hairless body just right the cage was perfect and all I care about was the plug buzzing in me when i came closer to daddy smiling at this very nice black guy wanting to please him very badly with my girly white bodyi walk to him and sat on the piknik drap smilling at him cooking us diner''you feel giid in your gift ?''''yes very much thank you''he made me watch was he was cooking people far enought for him to kept touching me ''you feel nice baby''he stopped and just cook with me closei had my hand on his jean rubbing him as he cooked looking around not wanting to be seen he was getting so big and hardi kept touching and massaging his bbc over his pants''you like it baby?''''yes''''take it out for a sec and kiss it , show me you are a good boy ''i hesitate he really was not joking unzipping and leaving me to do it''yes get daddy cock out and kiss it , i love to see my cock get kissed''i took all of this nice 8inch out my mouth kissing the cock looking around no one awarei took him around my mouth and i loved it, i love kissing him he was getting so bigand kissed him all the was back in his pants''mmmm i love your cock''getting it back in his pants making me wanting more ''good boy damn i like you too boy''we ate dinner and drank beers''does my boy want his dessert now?''it was getting dark i was ready to freaking be whatever he wantedi had such a nice bbq him acting like nothing was weird , just calling me cute nicknamesme in panty caged and plugged starting to fall in lovein a park daddy going behind me sat his legs spread my back on his chest he took a popsicle in the igloo box he had beer fromhe unpack itmaking me look at the very very looking a like chocolate popsicle''i made this from my 3d printer, its just like the one you kissed before baby. you gona love it''realising he made it from a shape oh his cockhe took his phone and i saw a control, 5th speed choosen the last, my butt plug started buzzing loudmy mouth just open , i was in his arm sit my back on his warm strong belly getting a popsicle cock in my mouth it tasted so freaking great and cold in this warm weekendin the dark people mostly all left but far from usi left myself weak , resting on him sucking the dessert he slide in my mouth, his other hand on my cage calling me a good boy, the buzzing loud and cleari became a hungry cockslut and he watch me become it his bbc feeling becoming a hard pole on my back , the sign of a real man keeping me weak and sucking sucking on the popsicle cock, teach how to suck on his cock for a good 20 minutehis constant whispering in my ears to this little slut inside me named cindy by himdaddy running his hand on my belly''you sucked it all in, gooood girl cindy''i had , it was all in my belly cold nice bbc popsiclehis 2 finger on my lipse helping me clean of the chocolate coating i had done ''good girl, want more? we can go in my car , or you go home , its your decision''soon on the passenger seat waiting , like a cock suicker , daddy putting his bbq off and in his trunki will always remember how happy i was him driving on the highway my head poping up an down on his nice cock ass up in panty him putting my toy to a mixed of patternsi shook it car to the right could see me bend over ass up and i really didnt give a fuckhe was my daddy and i was his cindyback at his place i was undress in the loby in the pink string looking at him collar me up and leash me rubbing my ass calling me a good sissy boy slut''i want to fuck you until you love me pounding you like a slut''putting me on all 4 and walk around his place looking at me follow like a pet behind ''you wanted to be a good girl for a man didnt you sissy?''i smile following saying yes i was trully in his control and crawling watching him get a beer in his fridge''my cute girl want some?''and i nod him getting nakedi was help head titls and holding my knees he looked me right there with my mouth open and pour bee on my sissy face the bottle put in my mouth drinking the bee chocking on it my belly wet of beer driping to my panty panty it was empty he took it out puting his bbc in its place deep in my beer feeling wet mouth gace wet looking up at daddy smilling taking a sip of his beerand he got another one out for mehis cock replaced by itagain drinking and drinking gulp
04-04-2021, at 01:43 AM