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mums new friend

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mums new friend6:26 pm, October 24 dggmmmm now your asking, my mum used to have a friend. the first time i ever went in to town to a night club i was about 17.near the end of the night when i had worked up the courage to dance, i bumped into my mums friend becky (becky had the biggest tits i had ever seen, this was after her reduction, so she always caught my attention aswell as been quiete laidback and open), so out of politeness i offered to buy her a drink.while i was at the bar my 2 friends said they were going in 5,when i got back to becky i explained i was leaving with my mates so i would see her later,the next thing i know she just grabs me and kisses me full on. to say i was shocked was a understatement but my god was i excited.after our embrace she explained there was a bloke that would not leave her alone, so would i mind staying well i dint need asking twice, i let my mates know they left and i went back to find becky. sure enough she were'nt lying about the bloke but i was happy stood kissing and by now groping her in the middle of mustang's dance floor. after a while becky's friends turned up which i knew and she quickly put me down and denied kissing me full on that we were just saying goodbye, but it was too late they had been watching ten mins or so,they were ready to leave and since we all lived in same village we all shared a taxi. when we got back i was invited back to one of becky's friends house with becky and another friend.when we got in mark who's house it was, was a little suprised but he grabbed me a beer and made me welcome. i sat there like stone really nervous but wunt go home because now i was horny as fuck, when becky went to the toilet mark could see my situation and said why dont you just tell her you want to go back to hers now she aint been laid for ages and told us before she went out that she definatly wanted some tonight. so when she got down stairs i stood up and said come on i'm taking you home (i'm sure the rest of them were sniggering behind my back as the look on becky's face when she looked past me) so she grabed my hand took me outside kissed me and then tried to explian that she could not slep with me as she would not be able to speak to my mum again if it got found out and there was already 3 people in house that had seen us leave together. well i thought fuck it now or never i grabed and just stuck my tongue down her throat and forced her against the wall with little resistance.we were really going for it in the street when she broke off and said stop a minute my keys are in the house, she was back in 5 secs,we hastely made our way round to her house touching and groping and kissing all the way.when we got in there was no time for foreplay we were both just too excited and way past that.i pulled my pants off while she got hers off and she just bent over the sofa and said come on then give it to me. i was so hard and she was so wet and warm never felt a fanny so hot, i thrust straight in with ease and basically came within seconds i was so disapointed with myself and i was under no illussion that she was.she went in the kitchen grabbed some kitchen paper and wiped her self,when she came back in she said are we off to bed i followed but could not look her in the eye.we both got into bed naked when i then realised that she had not finished with me,( i think she actually expected it how she was talking and caressing and teasing me) at my age then i had tried going down on a few lass's but not really knew what i was doing, now she was dominant and i had to go down on her even though i had just spilt my man muck, i went down sheepishly but she grabed my hair and proceded to shove me and tell me were she wanted me and how she wanted it (mark was right boy was she ready for it) then she was begging me to shove a finger in i did it was like a damm bursting i carried on thrusting my finger in then another. her thigh's started trembling she was now very vocal fuck me fuck me i fucked her and with cumming earlier and the beer taking a hold i fucked her and fucked cumming having a smoke break fucking some more i was so excited and even more excited as she was instructing me all the time so i knew she was getting just what she wanted. i left that morning well nearly afternoon. she has never slept with me since as a week later she met a bloke that proceeded to marry her but every time we see each other we blush and 11/12 years on i fantasise of returning
04-06-2021, at 11:35 PM

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