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Riverside Pleasures

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Riverside PleasuresMy wife has a good figure but is normally reserved about showing it off. She is happy to wear bikinis, as long as they cover her bits effectively.She is quite sensual and likes to wear sexy underwear, but insists that it is purely for my benefit. I know that it makes her feel sexy as well (and possibly a bit naughty when she wears skimpy or transparent underwear).I would like her to reveal more of her figure and have suggested outings to naturist areas or nudist beaches. I get a thrill from the prospect of other people seeing and enjoying the sight of my wife's tits and anything else she might expose. I even have fantasies about her being fondled and stimulated by either another man or woman -- and perhaps getting so turned on by it that she submits to having sex with that person. I know this is quite a common fantasy amongst men.I have occasionally shared my fantasies with her and in the past she mostly just laughed at me and would tell me it would remain a fantasy. However, more recently she has started to open up a bit more when I broach the subject, and she has even asked me to tell her more about what appealed to me about it. She has also started saying she thought she could understand the erotic appeal it held for me. Usually we would have great sex if we had been discussing her exposing herself or getting sexual with other men. It seemed to me that she was slowly developing some erotic thrill from the idea, but was still reluctant to say so and even more reluctant to consider actually exploring the idea.I had a business consulting to forestry operations which frequently took me to very beautiful parts of the country. When feasible I would try to arrange my visits to customers either side of a weekend, so that my wife and I could enjoy the weekend away as well in these lovely surroundings. This particular weekend we were staying at a lovely small lodge set amongst the forests. Being out of holiday season it was fairly quiet at the lodge.We both enjoy the outdoors and spent time walking, swimming in the river and just lazing in the sun enjoying the views from the deck at our lodge. Each of the rooms and their sun decks at the lodge were thoughtfully positioned giving each of them total privacy. Of course we used this to enjoy some erotic moments out on the deck in the warm sun.On the second morning we had some good sex out on the deck where we could enjoy total privacy yet benefit from the outdoors feeling. My wife had pulled her bikini panties on after our sex. I encouraged her to stay topless on the lounger telling her she looked very sexy in just her bikini bottom. Besides which, I added she could do with a bit more of a tan on her tits. She has really nice firm tits, which although not very large, are nicely shaped and topped with very sexy, responsive nipples. I love seeing them naked.We were both feeling rather hot and thirsty after our exertions, but had already had everything we liked from the mini-bar. I called reception on the internal phone to order more drinks. As I walked back to my wife she lazily reached for her top and saying she had better put it back on before the drinks arrived. Sensing an opportunity to test if she was opening up to the idea of a little exhibitionism I suggested that she could easily stay topless as the deck was the opposite end of the room to the door where the drinks would be delivered."Hey honey, be a little risqué. Whoever delivers the drinks may not even notice, and if they did they would only catch the slightest hint from the front door that you are topless. Common on honey, be daring, take the risk that you might excite somebody else!!" I smiled broadly at her as I challenged her.She looked me in the eyes as if to sense if I really wanted this and how I would respond to whatever she decided. Giving me a wry smile she replied, "Okay Pete -- just for you I'll do it. But I will have my back to the door. Okay?"Even though the delivery person would probably not see anything, my cock gave a little jump just at the thought that my wife had actually agreed to being a little risqué by her standards. I gave her a big kiss and a quick fondle of her boobs before heading indoors to collect my money.Sooner than expected the doorbell chimed. Feeling a little excited I got up and went to open it. Would the delivery person be able to see my wife? I hoped so, but wasn't quite sure if I would know whether they had or not.I opened the door and was rather surprised to see Martin, the lodge manager, at the door with the drinks. Sensing my surprise, he chuckled and explained. "Things are rather quiet. I have given the staff other tasks and so have brought your drinks myself."We had chatted to him on a few occasions since our arrival and found him very friendly and pleasant -- and I think my wife found him quite attractive as well. He was of average height but obviously enjoyed an outdoor life as he was tanned and clearly in very good physical shape.Martin had the drinks on a tray. As I made to take the tray from him, he pushed past me saying he could see we were sitting outside and he would serve the drinks there for us. Knowing that Jill would be mortified if Martin suddenly appeared out there, with her being topless, I quickly told Martin to rather just leave them on the coffee table inside. We would enjoy them later I said.Even so Martin was only a few feet away from Jill as he put the drinks down. As he bent down to put the tray on the table I saw him pause briefly. He had clearly noticed Jill outside on the lounger, and from the angle he was viewing her undoubtedly he could see she was topless. He could probably see the whole of one of her naked tits.He put the tray down carefully and then straightened up pulling the invoice from his pocket. He seemed to deliberately fumble with a selection of papers as if trying to find our invoice, while he tried to surreptitiously get a good look at Jill. I smiled to myself as I felt a little thrill run through me from this guy seeing my wife's beautiful naked tits.Martin turned to me saying he seemed to have mislaid our invoice, but he would be back with it and with more ice as well. "You probably need it in this hot weather!" he added. I smiled to myself as I thought he was probably feeling even hotter having just seen Jill topless.As Martin went off and closed the door behind him I took the drinks out to Jill. She immediately admonished me for allowing Martin to get much closer to her than I had suggested would be the case. She was sure that he must have seen her exposed tits, she carried on. As she spoke, however, I noticed her nipples were hard and erect. It flashed through my mind that despite her sensing that Martin was quite close to her, she had made no effort to cover herself. I felt sure that she had actually got a thrill from being "accidently" seen topless. "Well I'm sure Martin enjoyed whatever he saw. Did you feel a bit naughty lying there topless knowing that he could probably see some of you?" I gave her a little wink as I put down her drink next to her.She gave me a coy smile and looked away. I knew Jill well enough to know that her response indicated I was not far off the truth. I pressed her for an admission. I wanted confirmation that it had given her a naughty thrill. "I noticed that you didn't cover yourself up when you heard Martin come into the room. Did you decide to just see how it would feel to let yourself be exposed to another man?"Jill looked at me with a shy smile and replied defensively. "I know that you have said it would give you a thrill to have other men see me topless. When I heard it was Martin I thought it would be okay for you to have your little bit of fun.""Well Martin definitely enjoyed whatever he did see ..... I bet he walked out of here with a hard-on!" I chuckled."It seems you also got bit of a naughty thrill out of knowing that another man caught a glimpse of you topless. Certainly your nipples went pretty hard." I gave Jill a big smile hoping she would understand that it was alright with me if she had found some erotic enjoyment out of the incident.She knew she could not hide the nipple evidence and in the hot weather it would be difficult to blame it on the temperature. Shyly she acknowledged that she had experienced a thrill out of doing something that felt illicit. But it was just "innocent" fun she added quickly, reminding me again that she had actually done it to please me."Well Martin will be back soon with the ice. Let's get a bit more naughty and ask him to bring it out here where he can see all of you?" I suggested to Jill.Jill's nipples were still hard as she looked across at me. "Would you really like him to see me completely topless? Won't we be giving him the wrong message?" I was excited to see that she was not turning down my suggestion, but was more concerned about the how Martin might respond."Oh, he has already seen that you are tanning topless, so he wouldn't think you are doing it just for him. But I am sure he will be really pleased that you have not covered up."Just then the doorbell rang again. I quickly checked with Jill if she was up to it. She gave me a little smile and put her sunglasses on. She obviously did not want Martin to be able to look her in the eye, having feasted his eyes on her naked tits. I got up to go to the door I noticed her nipples were totally erect. She was obviously already experiencing some erotic thrill just from the prospect of another man being so close to her exposed breasts.I told Martin we were enjoying our drinks on the deck and would like him to bring the ice out there. He did not hesitate and walked straight through to the deck. Jill had her back to the door. I watched as Martin walked round one side of her, past her feet and placed the ice bucket on the side table between the loungers. His eyes were almost constantly focused on Jill's firm tits, although he did manage to look at her face as he greeted her.Martin glanced at me and asked if I would like to pay cash or have it added to our bill. Thinking quickly that I could delay him, and so have Jill more exposed to him, I said I would fetch the cash from the bedroom. As I came back with my wallet, I heard Martin complimenting Jill on her figure. He added that he lived alone at the lodge and as such did not often get the pleasure of seeing sexy women.I smiled as Jill appeared at a total loss for words to respond to him. She finally managed to mumble her appreciation for his compliments. As I walked out onto the deck Jill was trying to look relaxed, but her hard nipples gave away her true inward response to her mild exhibitionism.I gave Martin the required cash and thanked him for the personal delivery. He smiled broadly, had another good look at Jill breasts, and said that we should just call if we needed anything else. I had little doubt he would be there very quickly. As he walked out I noticed him trying to subtly re-arrange his bulging hard-on.I turned to Jill as the door closed behind Martin. "It seems like my sexy wife likes being a naughty girl and gets quite a thrill from exposing herself to Martin!!" I teased her as I sat next to her and lazily stroked her hard nipples.She gave me a big smile, acknowledging that it had provided an illicit thrill."Did you notice the bulge you caused in his shorts? He clearly enjoyed what he saw of you." Jill gave me a little nod. She had not missed his growing erection -- and I realized that with her sunglasses on she had been able to check it out without being caught out.I also had a straining bulge in my shorts and showed Jill what her exhibitionism had done to me. She gave me a big grin and tugged my shorts down releasing my rampant cock. In no time she had it in her mouth. She seemed to be very turned on and it took no more than a hint before she removed her bikini panties and we were screwing like rabbits out on the deck. Both of us came very quickly and very hard.As we lay naked on the loungers, getting our breath back I looked wistfully across at Jill. "I think you should expose yourself to Martin everyday if it is going to end up in sex like that!""Well it certainly did add a thrill. That sex was hot." Jill smiled back at me.The rest of the day was spent relaxing and with intermittent petting. We were still both mildly aroused from our little exhibitionism experiment.The next day, after breakfast with Jill I set off for my work appointments. I had pre-arranged commitments for most of the day. Jill said she was planning on a walk to the river, but otherwise just relaxing at the lodge, or possibly even a spa session.My morning appointment went smoothly and just as I was leaving there I got a call from the client I was to see that afternoon to say he could no longer make the meeting. I happily agreed to postpone it to the following day, since they were paying the accommodation costs on this trip. It meant Jill and I could be together for the rest for the day.By the time I got back to the lodge it was about lunchtime. Jill was not at our room, or at the spa. I enquired at reception and they informed me that since the lodge was so quiet (especially being a Monday) Martin had suggested that he take Jill for a picnic lunch down at the river. Although they did not know exactly where they had gone for the picnic, they did explain to me which spots along the river Martin tended to favour.The river sounded like a good place to be so I set off to join Martin and Jill. I took my camera along as I thought there could be some good photo opportunities around the river. It was about a 15 minute walk to the first place they had suggested. As I walked down the infrequently used path, I smiled to myself, thinking that Martin was probably hoping that he had some small chance of seeing Jill's tits again.I found myself walking quite a way down the river before I heard their voices. They certainly had come to a very secluded, but beautiful spot next to the river.As I approached I could hear them but could not see either Jill or Martin. I was just about to call out to them when I heard Jill give a naughty giggle. "So you liked what you saw yesterday, did you? And what makes you think I will let you see me topless again?" I recognized the teasing tone in her voice.Would she actually take off her top for him again -- and without me around? Just the possibility that something like that could happen made me stop. Her exhibitionism had lead to such good sex the day before I was not going to spoil the chance of getting that again.I edged back a bit into the dense growth to remain discrete while I watched for while to see what transpired. It also gave me a chance to absorb the scene. I now realized that they were on a small grassy embankment next to the river. I had not immediately seen them as they were sitting on the grass leaning back against a large rock, which partially shielded them from view. I could only just see their heads and shoulders over the top of the rock. I also noticed the empty picnic basket next to the rock -- and the empty wine bottle which probably explained the frivolous mood they seem to be in."Hey, you're a naughty boy fondling me like that!" I heard Jill giggle. Her comment and what I could see of Martin's body movement told me that he had just had a feel of Jill's breasts. My cock gave a twitch at the thought. From the tone of Jill's voice and her lack of physical reaction I deduced she did not really object to his touch. The wine must have got her quite relaxed.I saw Martin look at Jill. "Hey Jill you have got stunning tits. They feel just as good as they looked yesterday. Why don't you give me a little treat? I told you I get very little female company up here at the lodge, so I really miss seeing sexy women like you. Why don't you reward me for bringing you here for a picnic by taking off your top and letting me enjoy a rare view?" He had put on a gentle persuasive voice and no doubt had given her a warm, comforting smile. I knew from experience that his compliments would also soften Jill.My wife's head turned to him and she paused before responding. "Well I guess you have seen my boobs before, so I am not really stepping over any boundaries. Would it give you a thrill to see me topless again?""You bet!! It would be fantastic to see you like that again. Will you do a little strip for me -- just to add to the sensuality?" I heard Martin ask, seeing if he could push his luck.Putting on a little girl voice, Jill responded. "Well, since you were so kind to arrange this picnic, I guess you deserve a little treat!"My cock went hard as I realized my wife was going to expose her tits to Martin again. She obviously enjoyed her thrill yesterday and wanted more of the same. I watched as Jill stood up, took a step or two away from Martin and then turned to face him. I could see just about all of her now. She was wearing a soft cotton top with buttons down the front and her mid-thigh length denim skirt. I pulled my camera out for some shots of the action. Fortunately I had brought a long lens with the camera.Jill cocked her head as if acting shyly, and slowly undid the buttons of her top. Martin did not budge. I think he was transfixed, and hoping that Jill would not change her mind. So was I, as I sub-consciously rubbed my stiff cock through my trousers.She slowly unbuttoned the top all the way, while rocking her hips and casting provocative looks at Martin. She did look sexy. With a wink and smile she peeled open her top to reveal a very see-through bra. Jill knew this was one of my favourites, being so sheer and see-through. She normally only wore this bra when she wanted to seduce me. It made me wonder if she had dressed like this hoping that something might transpire with Martin. Had she dressed to look sexy just in case she took off her clothes for him?She let the top slide off her arms and cupped her bra covered tits. Her nipples were quite clear through the sheer material. "Is this what you wanted to see?" she asked looking at Martin with a mischievous grin on her face.Without waiting for his answer she turned her back on him, and reached up behind her to unclip the bra. Leaving the unhooked straps hanging down she looked over her shoulder. "Are you excited about seeing me topless?" I never had known my wife to be such a tease. She was clearly getting some pleasure from knowing that she was exciting this man.Jill dropped the bra and slowly turned around for Martin to absorb the wonderful sight of her totally naked breasts. Even from where I was I could see her nipples were hard and standing proud."My God you look so sexy!!!" Martin let out an audible groan. "Come and sit next to me again so I can really appreciate what you've got."I immediately picked up his subtle twist of the words. Was he hoping to do more than look at Jill's exposed tits? Was he hoping to have a good feel of them? I wondered how Jill would respond to him touching her if he tried.I did not have to wait long to find out. As Jill sat down next to him, Martin turned to face her. "Your tits are truly beautiful -- and made all the more sexy by your stunning nipples. Are you are excited from showing off your tits to me?"With her nipples so erect, Jill could not deny her arousal. "It does feel naughty letting you see me topless. I know some other women don't seem bothered by it, but to me it still feels like something illicit. Yesterday was the first time since I got married that I let another man see my breasts." Jill added the last sentence in a rather shy, bashful tone."Well I am glad I got the privilege of being the first. What made you let me see you topless yesterday?""Pete has always had a fantasy of me exposing myself to other men. As he has talked to me about it over the years I had begun to think it might be exciting to try. But I am shy and I needed the right moment and place to try it. He talked me into doing it yesterday. I must say I was glad it was you that brought the drinks and not one of the regular waiters."From his movement I sensed Martin had reached out to touch her tits. "I wonder if your husband would like you to be touched by another man as well? I am sure he knows it would be very hard for any man to resist caressing your tits and hard nipples ........ Does that feel good?" The last question confirmed that he fondling her. I wished I could see just what he was doing -- since I knew what really turned her on.Jill just nodded her head. She looked down at his trespassing hands and then eased her head back onto the rock, clearly indicating that she was enjoying his touch. After a few moments of enjoying the sensuous touch and erotic pleasures that it brought she groaned. "Oh Martin -- you know I'm married. I really shouldn't let you do this to me!!""Is there anything wrong with a married woman enjoying a bit of sexy pleasure without her husband? I bet your husband's fantasy includes seeing you get aroused by another man. Has he ever said anything like this to you?""Yes -- but it is usually in the heat of sex. So I don't know if he really means it or not." Jill explained in an uncertain voice."Well I think you should at least know how it feels to have your nipples sucked and licked by another man!!" Martin said as I saw his head move towards Jill chest.Jill was looking down, almost certainly watching in excited anticipation as Martin lips were closing around her nipple. I knew she loved her nipples being sucked. My cock was straining almost painfully now as I imagined Martin stimulating my topless wife. I saw Jill's hand move to where Martin's head would have been. Jill's voice had a slightly tense but aroused tone. "My God Martin -- your tongue feels soooo good. You really are being naughty doing this to me.""Does that mean you want me to stop?" I heard him ask with a little chuckle."I really should ask you to stop! ..... But please don't!!!" Jill voice replied shyly. Clearly she was experiencing seriously good erotic pleasure.I knew from experience that oral stimulation of Jill's nipples got her very aroused. I also knew that she found added excitement in any sexual acts that happened outdoors. The possibility, no matter how small, of being seen or caught in the act definitely added a thrilling dimension for her.And here was my wife having her nipples licked and sucked by another man in the outdoors. I had little doubt that she was feeling very excited and turned on. I started to wonder whether she would be able, or even want, to stop Martin from going any further. Her deeply satisfied sounding moans made me guess that I was soon to witness my wife getting even more sexual with this man."Oh God Martin!!! This feels so exciting. You are really turning me on!!" Jill groaned. I could sense she was wanting more but still trying to hold back. Pure lust and sexual arousal was rapidly overcoming her attempts to remain true to her husband.Martin looked up at her. "Believe me, fondling and sucking your tits and nipples has got me very turned on as well." He sat back, and looked down at his lap. "Look at how excited you have got me!!"Jill clearly absorbed the sight of what was undoubtedly a significant bulge in his shorts. After just a brief pause she gave another of her mischievous giggles. "Since you have seen how excited my nipples are, I think it would only be fair if you showed me just how excited you are." I was a little stunned at her clear desire to see Martin's cock.Martin did not hesitate to accept the invitation. "Since you insist!" he grinned, and lifted himself up to pull off his shorts. He took them right off and tossed them over the rock. I did not see any underwear, so either he did not wear any or he still had to remove those.Jill's comment immediately told me he was not wearing any. "Ohhh - we are a big boy then! And so hard!" I wondered with a tinge of jealously just how big he really was, and if he was much bigger than my reasonably sized cock. Or did she say that just to make him feel good?I saw Jill reach out to touch him. "Oh shit .... This feels so naughty and exciting to touch another guy's cock. It must be the appeal of the forbidden fruit!!" I could see just enough of her to realize that she was stroking his exposed cock. Martin was alternatively looking at her and then down at the hand that was stroking his erect member. He brought one hand up and gently placed it behind his her head. She looked away from his crotch and turned her head to face him. "You want me to suck you off, don't you?"Martin gave her a broad smile as he nodded. Jill did not seem to hesitate, and as I saw her head move down to his lap I heard her say. "Oh hell, I really am being naughty now and shouldn't be doing this. But I am dying to taste your cock."Martin now tossed his head back as my wife starting giving him a blowjob. I knew she was quite good at this, but I also guessed that she was so turned on that she was going to be putting extra effort into giving him maximum pleasure. "Oh yes Jill .... that's great. Suck me baby!!!!" Martin's comment said it all."I haven't had a woman in a long time so I'm going to cum quickly honey." Martin groaned. "Good. Enjoy it! I want to do this for you Martin, to remind you what woman can do for you!" Jill commented before her head sank out of sight into his lap again. Martin's hand again seemed to move behind Jill's head. Did he want her to swallow more of him? Was he hoping for a deep throat -- which I knew she could not do?It very soon became clear why he had placed his hand there. "Oh fuck yes baby. I cummmmmmming!!!!" he yelled. "Swallow it Jill. Swallow it all!! ...... I am sure your husband would like you to swallow another man's cum!!!" he groaned as Jill was no doubt trying her best to get his cum down her throat. Jill had never done this for me -- although admittedly I had never pushed her for it. I wondered how she felt about Martin obliging her to let him cum in her mouth.Jill's head came up and she leaned into Martin and kissed him full on the lips. "Oh Martin -- that was so exciting. I never thought that it would be erotic to have a man cum in my mouth. It tasted amazing!"She leaned against him and spoke almost wistfully. "Your balls seem so heavy. After not having a woman for so long you have probably saved up a lot of semen. I hope I have taken some of the pressure off for you.""You certainly have Jill. That was amazing. Thank you!! Martin said this with meaning. He had really enjoyed having my wife suck him off and cumming in her mouth.Clearly my experiment of getting Jill to expose her tits to another man had got her on a bit of a roll in terms of added erotic delights. I had my rigid cock out of my shorts and was stroking away at it as I reveled in the promise of her new found sexual liberation.They both relaxed for a while, making me wonder if the action was over. I half hoped this was all my wife was going to get up to with this other man. But I also knew it was my erotic fantasy to have her submit totally to erotic pleasure with another man.Martin did not leave me pondering on this too long. Not being able to see all of them I had not realized that Martin had clearly slid his hand up Jill's thigh to her panties. "Hey Jill, your pussy is sopping wet. You clearly need to cum as well. I want to return your favour and taste your pussy." I had not sensed or seen any resistance or reaction from her -- so clearly she was enjoying what she felt and was happy to have him take a few more liberties."Oh God Martin. I really should not be letting you letting you touch my pussy -- let alone give me oral sex. I have been very naughty already, just doing what we have done."Martin smiled at her and I saw some movement. "Ohhhhhhhh shit!!!" I heard her groan."Does it feel good having me finger your pussy?" I heard Martin ask her rather directly. Jill nodded honestly. She was submitting to her sexual desires."Just imagine how good it will feel to have my tongue on your pussy and clit. Isn't that what you would really like? I am sure you would actually love to cum now?" Martin coerced her."Oh hell Martin. I can't resist. You have got me so terribly horny. I do need to cum." "Take the rest of your clothes off and I will give you what you need." Martin encouraged Jill.After a brief hesitation my wife got up and unzipped her skirt. She wriggled it over her curvy bum and eased it off and let it drop at her feet.As the skirt slid off and Martin caught sight of her small tanga style panties he chuckled. "My oath, you dress very sexily. Turn around and face me as you pull your panties off. I want to watch you expose your pussy for me."He was talking a little dirty which I guessed would add to Jill's already high state of arousal. She complied with his request, and faced him as she slid her tiny panties down her legs. I could hardly believe that my seemingly sexually reserved wife was getting stark naked for another man. It was incredibly exciting to see her submitting to her erotic desires and sexual needs, rather than suppressing them. I stroked my cock faster as I watched her step out of her panties and stand stark naked in front of Martin -- smiling down at him. Although neither of them had suggested as much yet, it was clear that there was a very high possibility of Jill getting fucked out here next to river. Was my ultimate fantasy going to come true? I was on the point of orgasm just imagining it.I watched as Martin got onto his knees in front of Jill. His face was just crotch height. Mesmerized, I found myself holding my breath as Martin slid one hand up her inner thigh. She was looking down at him and he was smiling back at her. He continued to look her in the eye as his hand reached her pussy. Jill closed her eyes and eased her legs open. Clearly she wanted him to touch her, stimulate her and excite her.I saw Martin circle her clit with his finger before sliding it up her cunt. Jill groaned in satisfaction -- and I found myself groaning as well as I sensed the sexual stimulation she was experiencing. Fortunately they seemed so engrossed in their pleasure that they did not hear me.Martin slowly fingered my wife and then lowered his mouth over her clit - with two fingers still buried in her cunt. Jill's body gave a tell-tale shudder of erotic thrill as Martin's tongue circled and teased her clit. Soon she was moaning very erotically and almost continuously, and her body was shook from the stimulation. I wondered how long she would last before exploding into orgasm. I also wondered if she would be able to stay standing through an orgasm. We had never tried that before.Lowering her hands to secure his head at her pussy Jill groaned. "Oh my God Martin!!! I can't believe I am letting you do this. I have never cum with another man before." I wondered if she was feeling a little guilty or just expressing her lust and submission to her sexual desires.Martin titled his head up to look at Jill's face, but kept slowly fingering her. "I don't think you should be standing when you cum. You might fall and hurt yourself. Let's lie you down."The expression on Jill's face was almost amusing. She clearly agreed, but also did not want any interruption in the build up to her orgasm -- and she was clearly close to cumming.Martin helped her down onto the grass. I was grateful and excited that Jill ended up lying towards the end of the rocks that had been shielding them from clear view. Where she now lay naked on the grass I could see most of her body. Just her head and shoulders were hidden from where I was sheltering in the bushes.Jill was lying on her back with her legs unashamedly spread. She was now in a totally wanton state and desperate for Martin to satisfy her. I was almost at the point of orgasm myself seeing my wife submitting to this extent to her sexual needs.Martin stood up to move around Jill and face her. It was then that I first saw his cock. Amazingly it was rock hard again, despite my wife having sucked him dry just a few minutes earlier. His impressive cock stood out straight and was clearly ready for more action."Do you want me to lick you till you cum or do you want to cum with a cock in your pussy?" Martin asked smiling down at Jill.I sensed Jill lifting her head, as if to have another look at his cock and confirm that he was hard again, before deciding what she wanted.She seemed to briefly think about the options, and then groaned erotically. "I can't believe I am doing this. I can't believe that I am being unfaithful to my husband. But shit I want it sooooo badly. Please fuck me Martin!!!"I had never heard Jill express so emphatically that she needed full blown sex. Hearing her almost plead with this man to slide his cock up her cunt pushed me right to the edge of orgasm. I stopped stroking my cock. I wanted to cum when Jill orgasmed.As Martin kneeled between Jill's legs she splayed them as wide as they would go. I watched in awe as Martin lined his rigid, unprotected cock up with my wife's cunt. Smiling broadly Martin eased her pussy lips open and slipped the tip of his cock into Jill. Jill lifted her head to see Martin's cock penetrating her cunt and so setting her off on a path of extra-marital sexual pleasures. She groaned and lay back.Martin then penetrated my wife fully in one gradual, measured thrust of his hips. Jill let out a very satisfying sounding sigh. "Oh yesssssss Martin!!! That feels amazing. It feels sooo good having another cock in me. OHHHHHH. AHHHHHH!!" she groaned as her hips met his slow rhythmic thrusts."Oh God this is exciting," I heard Jill mutter a few times as she and Martin humped each other unabashedly.By now I was stroking my cock quite rapidly. I had reached the point where I just had to cum from the stimulus I was receiving through watching my wife live out my wildest fantasy. Clearly she was finding the experience incredibly erotic as well -- even if she did not know that I was party to what she was up to.Martin's thrusts were getting a little more urgent now. He reached down between Jill splayed legs and started rubbing her clit as he fucked her. That immediately brought a reaction from Jill. Her body started shuddering, indicating she was close to cumming."Are you on the pill? Can I cum in your cunt?" Martin asked breathlessly. "Yesssss," she hissed putting more vigour into her hip thrusts. The prospect of another man shooting his load in her pussy seemed to push Jill over the edge. It very nearly had the same effect on me."OHHHHHHH FUUUUUCK MARTIN!!!! I'M CUMMMMMING" Jill yelled. Her explosive orgasmic reaction made me shoot my load right there and then. Jill bucked away and groaned and moaned as she rode out what was clearly a huge orgasm. I stroked my cock dry as I watched her orgasm slowly subsiding.As Jill reveled in her erotic high, Martin accelerated his thrusts. Very soon I saw his face screw up and his body tense, before letting out a very guttural, deep erotic groan as he shot his load. "OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!!!!!" Martin sighed as he pumped his sperm deep into my wife's cunt.Having squirted the last drops into Jill, Martin rolled off her and lay beside her. As they slowly got their breath back Jill slid her hand down to gently hold Martin's now half limp cock. "Wow Martin --I never thought that as a married woman I would find it so exciting and erotic to be fucked by another man. That was just incredible.""And just imagine, you have just lived out your husband's fantasy, so he surely cannot object." Martin chuckled.Jill sighed. "I'm still not sure if it is just a fantasy or if he really wanted this to happen. I know he has said he actually wants to watch me screw another man.""Well maybe you should ask him if he would like me to come and have sex with you in your room tonight. I don't mind him watching if I get to see your amazing naked body again!" Martin seemed to suggest half in jest, but half in hope.They lay there a while longer before Jill got up and found a paper towel to mop up the cum dripping between her legs. As she got her clothes together and slowly dressed she looked across at Martin who was also getting his clothes back on. "I will see if I can think of a way to talk to Pete about this. It would be exciting to make it happen tonight."I quietly slipped out of my hiding place and headed back for our room. My mind was buzzing and my cock throbbing as I tried to think of a way to ensure that the night worked out the way Jill wanted.The End.
04-06-2021, at 11:35 PM

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