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Learning My Place

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Learning My PlaceAbout three months ago, I arrived home from work one Friday evening to find that my wife was not at home. However, there was a note on the dining room table, which I picked up and read. Dear Richard, You know how much I love you, and enjoy being married to you, but you also know that I have been dissatisfied with our sex life. Your cock is a pitiful size, and you seem incapable of lasting for more than a few seconds. It is for this reason that I have taken a lover. We have been seeing each other for about three weeks, and have decided to have a week away together to cement our relationship. I know this will shock and hurt you at first, but my mother will be over this evening to look after you while I am away. She will explain everything to you. I will see you in a week's time, and we can talk then. Love Juliet I read the note over and over, unable to believe what she had written. We had been married for nearly a year, and I had thought everything was going well. Juliet is a beautiful, dark haired girl of 19, with prominent breasts, and long sexy legs. I felt very lucky to have got her, being a balding, plump rather unattractive man of 35, but she seemed to love me in spite of that. I was sitting there, my mind working overtime wondering who the man might be, when the doorbell rang. It was Mary, Juliet's mother. Juliet inherited her mother's looks. Now 41, she has the same dark hair as my wife, and though she may have gained a few pounds over the years, they are all in the right places, and she looks incredibly sexy. I let her in, and immediately started firing questions at her. "Let's just have dinner Richard," she said, stopping me in my tracks. "Then we can have a long talk afterwards." We ate dinner in virtual silence, and after we had cleared away, Mary sat next to me on the sofa. "I know you have a million questions Richard," she began. "And I will try to answer them. First of all, the man Juliet has taken for her lover is Andy, an ex lover of mine. He is 22, tall, black, with a muscular body and very large cock. I introduced him to Juliet after she told me how pathetic you were in bed, because I thought he would be just what she needs. It turns out I was quite right, they took to each other immediately, and she tells me the sex they have is out of this world. I knew it would be of course, having had him myself. "I had a long talk with Juliet before she went away, and what you are going to have to get used to first of all, is that now she has had Andy's manly cock, she will not want to have sex with you again. She still loves you of course, and will give you hand relief when you need it, but only Andy will have access to her pussy. I know it is not your fault that you are not equipped to satisfy her, but nonetheless, she feels you have let her down sexually, and should be humiliated for it. "I understand how she feels, I cuckolded her father with a succession of young black lovers throughout our marriage, because he was inadequate in bed. I also felt that he should be humiliated and punished, and I did so at every possible opportunity." "What sort of things did you do?" I enquired. "Well, for example, I would bring my lover home to fuck me in our bed. I would make my husband strip, and then I would tie him to a chair to force him to witness my adultery and his cuckoldry. Before going back to my lover, I would spit in his face a couple of times. This would let him know that, although I loved him as my husband, I despised him sexually. I would then go on to show him all the things I did with my lover, which I would never do with him again." "And he accepted all this?" I asked. "He had no choice, Richard," she explained. "He loved me so much, and did not want to lose me. He knew that as he had been replaced in my bed, he had to make up for it in other ways in order to keep me. In other words, he had to submit to any humiliation or degradation I cared to inflict on him. He made no complaint when I insisted he drink my pee, or made him lick out my arsehole for hours at a time. He knew he deserved this treatment for not being a real man.""So what do I need to do to keep Juliet?" I said. "You know I love you as my son in law, but I also think you deserve humiliation because you have let my daughter down. If you are willing to let me teach you what you need to do this week, I think you have every chance of holding on to your wife." I agreed to do anything she said. "Right, first of all, you can come and kneel in front of me, take off my shoes and kiss my feet. This will show obedience, and also confirm your inferior position when it comes to physical contact with a woman." As instructed, I knelt with her pretty foot in my hand, kissing it, licking it all over and sucking her toes for as long as she wanted. Following this, she took me upstairs to the bathroom, and made me swallow the contents of her bladder. When I gagged, she informed me that I would have to drink all of her pee while we were together that week, so that I would be used to performing the task when my wife returned. Every evening that week, Mary and I slept naked in my bed, with me performing whatever acts she required for her pleasure. I spent long hours licking and sucking her pussy to orgasm, as well as reaming her arsehole, as well as using my tongue on any other part of her body in accordance with her instructions. In return, she would slowly masturbate me, while telling me what a worthless excuse for a man I was, and how her darling daughter was probably receiving her fifth helping of cum that day from her young virile black lover. On the evening before Juliet's return, Mary gave me some last minute tips. "There will be many occasions when your wife returns from a visit to her lover with two or three helpings of her cum in her pussy. Instead of waiting for her to instruct you to suck it out of her, listen out for her coming upstairs, and be waiting on your knees. As she approaches you, kiss her feet, and asked to be allowed to taste the love juice Andy has kindly put inside her. Then follow any other instructions she may have. She will love you for this, and if she is not too tired, will reward you by slowly masturbating you, while belittling your cock and telling you what a wonderful time Andy has given her. Also, when the lack of proper sex really gets you down, don't be afraid of shedding tears in front of Juliet. Knowing you are hurt will increase her enjoyment of the act of cuckolding you, and satisfy her need of punishing you for your inadequacy. "Finally, there will be times, particularly when she is pre-menstrual, when she will want to hurt you physically for being such a wimp. You can demonstrate your love for her by offering your balls for punishment, to knee or kick as she wishes. Your cries of agony will give her immense pleasure, and help to relieve her tension." Next morning, I kissed Mary goodbye, and thanked her for her help. Part 2 Armed with all the knowledge my mother in law had imparted to me, I waited for my wife's return on Sunday evening. I heard the front door open, and Juliet called out. I shouted that I was in the bedroom. A few moments later, she came into the room to find me naked on my knees. With a smirk on her face, she walked imperiously towards me. I bent my head, and kissed both feet. "I see mother has had a long talk with you." she laughed. "Yes," I replied. "Has Andy fucked you recently?" "As a matter of fact, I have just been bouncing up and down on his cock in the back of his car outside," she responded. "Why?" "I wondered if you would like me to suck his cum out of you, and clean your pussy." I answered. "That is so sweet," she smiled. "But first I must pee. I have been saving it for hours!" "Would you like to pee in my mouth?" I offered. "Mother has done a good job," she observed. "Yes I would, after such a wonderful week of sex, I feel the need to humiliate you for being less than a man. Follow me to the toilet." Once there, I was made to sit with my back to the toilet, my head over the bowl. Removing her panties, Juliet straddled my head, and let forth a strong jet of yellow pee into my open mouth. After I had cleaned her, she kept her pussy tight over my mouth, so that I could suck Andy's fresh cum out of her. When finished, we adjourned to bed. Juliet took my small cock in her hand, and gently stroked me to erection. "You know that this will never enter my pussy again, don't you?" she began. I told her I did. "Also," she continued. "You may not kiss me on the lips in future. I am saving my lips for Andy's lips, and his cock and balls." She continued to stroke me, while telling me about her week, and that she was now well and truly Andy's woman and I would have to accept that, and do all I could to please her so that she would stay with me. I agreed that I would do anything so as not to lose her. After a minute or two more of stroking, my weedy cum dribbled from my cock. After wiping her hand on my hair, Juliet kissed me on the forehead, and turned over happily to go to sleep. Before I went to work next morning, my wife informed me that Andy would be coming round that evening. "He wants to fuck me in our bed," she explained. "To confirm that he has really taken your place between my legs. I want you to be involved too, we intend to make the evening as humiliating as possible for you to confirm your inferior status in my bedroom." I arrived home about seven. Juliet greeted me in her ultra short black night-dress, her large breasts pushing provocatively against the fabric and her long legs fully on show. She had taken trouble with her makeup, and my cock throbbed as I gazed at my desirable wife. "Go up to the bedroom, strip and wait for us to come up when Andy arrives," she ordered. I sat naked in the bedroom for about a quarter of an hour, until I heard Andy arrive, followed two minutes later by their footsteps on the stairs. As they came into the room, a tall good- looking young black man confronted me with a huge grin on his face. "This is Andy," said Juliet. "I want you to call him sir, after all he is taking good care of your wife because you are unable to." Andy shook my hand, with a contemptuous smirk on his face as I said "Good evening sir." Juliet slipped off her night-dress, and began to kiss Andy deeply, rubbing her naked body against him as she began to undress him. "Let's put on a real good show for my husband," she laughed. "Show him why I have become addicted to your big black cock!" And what a cock! When he was naked, and Juliet had her tiny white hand around his cock, stroking him to erection, it must have grown to eleven inches. "Come and kneel before my lover," my wife snapped at me. "I want you to take this white wife pleasing cock in your hand, and suck it until Andy is satisfied. I want you to suck on the cock that is cuckolding you while I watch. Make it nice and hard to please your slut wife's pussy." I sucked him for about five minutes, while my wife played with herself, making herself wet. She taunted me all the time, saying because I was such an inadequate with my tiny cock, I was only fit to be a cunt lapper and cocksucker. When they were both ready, my wife lay on the bed, her legs splayed lewdly. "Come on darling," she whispered as Andy positioned himself between her legs. "Make a woman of me once again. Slide that monster into me, and make me cum until I can't take any more!" I have to admit he was good. As he rammed into her, Juliet came out with noises I had never heard from her before. "Oh you bastard," she gasped. "You are making me cum again. Call me names; call me a cock sucking white slut for black cock. Call me a whore, slap my face, and treat me like a cheap prostitute! Oh shit, I'm cumming, that's it give it to me, give me all your black jizz, make me belong to you!" After she had calmed down, I was again called in to clean the cum and pussy juice from his cock and her pussy. They then rested for a while, kissing and cuddling, while my wife told her black stud that he was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Then they fucked again, with my wife keeping her eyes on mine, asking me if I wished it were me between her legs, and if I wished I were able to fuck like her new man. After a second clean up session, Andy got dressed, kissed my wife warmly and left. Juliet and I got into bed. Overcome by the sights I had seen that night, and filled with jealousy, I began to sob. Juliet laid my head on her ample breasts, and took hold of my cock to give me relief. "That's it my darling," she soothed, kissing my forehead. "Have a good cry at what you have lost. There will be many more tears in the future, but we will always end up cuddled together like this, as long as you know your place."
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