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A Different Kind of Lover Chapter II (fiction)

Post #1

A Different Kind of Lover Chapter II (fiction)A Different Kind of Lover Chapter II (fiction)The last story I wrote was of my exciting lover Jenny who had a very special secret. As I related in the first story, I had no clue whatsoever that my friend Jenny possessed an anatomical difference which I had never dreamed really existed. I had read of myths, legends, and lore which had described her hermaphrodite status, but I was mistakenly thinking this was fictional poppycock. After finding out about Jenny, oh what a world, what an intriguing new world she has introduced me to; she gave me a first-hand introduction to a completely new world which I will never forget. It was about three weeks later after me and Jenny had went to the cabin that dad?s semiannual vacation to drink at the cabin was officially over, and he decided it was time to straighten up and go back to work; this was greatly to my relief that the cabin would be empty. I knew I wanted to go back to the cabin with Jenny. Sure enough, I invited Jenny out once more which she gladly accepted; we had been out on lunch and movie dates since our first encounter, so she and I were on good terms. It was not that I had forgotten about sex with her, heaven knows, I was wearing the little head off my peter thinking about her, masturbating every time I got the chance, but we had not had the opportunity for a sexual rendezvous. On the first Saturday after dad left the cabin from his vacation, I borrowed mom?s car, and I picked up Jenny. She was wearing a smashing pale white lacey skirt, sandals, and a revealing low cut white linen blouse. After stopping for some snacks and drinks, we headed out to the cabin. As we pulled up in the yard, my mind was only on my Jenny and her wonderful little secret. The evening was perfect, the fading glimmers of the crimson sun?s rays shimmered on the river?s waters making a magnificent sunset, one to behold for its beauty. The ideal evening for my date with my ?lady with a cock.? As quickly as I popped the key in the lock, my raging hard-on became obvious to me as he poked incessantly against my pants zipper. I was expecting my Jenny to tenderly grasp my arm, but this was not be the case, as I heard the unmistakable sound of two voices conversing. A nosy neighbor, good grief, what horrid timing to bump into a nosy neighbor at a remote fishing cabin. In a split second my raging hard-on zipped down to a miniscule stage; heaven forbid, my Jenny?s cock would have been longer than my cock at this particular point in time. To my horror, I listened as Jenny invited this lady, who appeared to be about 30 years of age, into our cabin for one our sodas. Good grief, what terrible luck. All three of us, finally settled into the living room where the small talk continued at a snail?s pace boring me to death. As Jenny and Jill became more acquainted, they appeared to be becoming friendlier by the second to my dismay. I was horrified to think that my evening was slowly eroding into a muddled fucking mess, and I was getting no closer to Jenny?s body than if I had not even taken her out.Our neighborly talk was moving nowhere, just so so, nothing much more than the weather or what a nice area this was. I am thinking, ?Jenny get her phone number, call her another day about the stupid weather, nonchalantly bid this lady goodbye,? but alas, there appeared to be no last-minute reprieve, we were stuck with this silly nosy twit for the evening. All my planning and scheming to get back into Jenny?s drawers was for naught.After being bored to death for what seemed like hours, Jill asked to go pee. Jenny stood up and said, ?Sure, I?ll show you the way to the bathroom.? I am thinking, ?Here was my lovely ?pussy with a dick? waltzing off to the bathroom with this boring lady. If she?d have kept her seat, I?d at least gotten in a kiss or maybe a feel, but no, she takes off to the john with her, good grief.?Jenny stood; while Jill was preoccupied with getting up, Jenny looked over at me, giving me a wink; then, she flipped her lovely mane of hair to the side, turned her backside towards me and flipped her loose skirt slightly up to reveal her butt cheek tight lily white panties. I am thinking, ?What the fuck. Tease! I am slowly dying from a fatal case of the ?blue balls? and my girl?s going to the john with another woman. Oh, what a messed up, psyched out, chain of events has befell me on this date, a total disastrous evening.?As the door of the bathroom shut, the room became incredibly quiet. After what seemed like hours, there was me, quietness, and nothing but quietness and boredom and nothingness. Thinking silently, ?Good grief, had they fallen into the commode and been sweep away to an underground water world?? I knew mom had demanded her rights for an elaborate bathroom when dad was building our cabin. She said she was not into sacrificing her bathing habits for anything; anyway, her reasoning, sweet smelling extremely happy females rule their world rings true. Mom won, a country cabin with a big bathroom became reality. Anyway, Jenny and this intruder were there now wasting more of our precious evening probably discussing the frigging weather in our elaborate bathroom. After what seemed like an eternity, I heard water running. Thank goodness, finally, they?d finished their jovial pees, were hygienically washing off their little fingers, and were getting ready to come back now to destroy this rest of the evening with their trivial chit chat. I waited for the water to stop and the door to open, but mysteriously, the door did not open; the water kept running. I am thinking, ?What the fuck,? as I slowly walked to the bathroom door. Inside the closed door, I continued to hear water running and giggling. Thinking to myself again, ?What in the name of turkey turds could they be doing?? Thinking confused to myself, ?Doesn?t anyone going to the bathroom take things seriously anymore, like peeing or whatever.? ?Why not just pee, wipe, wash, and leave? Could peeing be all this complex?? After a second, I knocked; I heard the water still running. Jenny?s lovely voice, ?Just one second?. After a few torturous seconds, I heard Jenny say in a softy voice, ?Now, come on in the water?s fine.? Thinking, ?Water, I am not interested in water,? but the second I opened the door, I saw Jenny?s white panties lying on the floor, strewn amongst several other pieces of discarded clothing which I recognized that the ladies had been wearing this evening. The shrouding layer of dense warm misty fog from the shower was like the special effects in the psycho movies: the foggy bathroom where the perpetrator attacks his quarry, but in this moist humid fog, I made out the distinct outlines of two incredibly sexy females bathing, naked and so seductively playing in the shower. Jenny was soaping Jill?s lovely breasts and Jill was eagerly reciprocating by gently rubbing Jenny?s soapy breasts, both giggling and laughing to each other?s caresses. My guess was Jill found out Jenny had a secret too. Since Jenny had invited me to join, I began quickly making an effort to remove my clothes; since my pants seemed to take forever to remove, my dear Jenny slipped out of the tub to help me, soap suds still visibly bubbling over her naked body while her long red hair glistened from the wet water. She came to me and gently pulled my last pant leg free, she began, speaking in a sexy soft tone, ?I hope you have not forgot about us?? With this, she gently pulled me close, sticking her lovely tongue into my mouth. As she withdrew she giggled, ?Jill likes my secret. So what are you thinking?? Before I could answer, she placed her two fingers on my lips to still my answer, but she knew my answer. Once again Jenny drew extremely close, she began kissing me, slowly rolled her tongue gently around my mouth pursuing my tongue with hers. With this tonguing, I reciprocated and gently shoved my tongue to meet Jenny?s tongue; as our tongues met, she began flicking her tongue with mine, teasing her tongue. With this, my cock became engorged pushing against her tummy, and then, I felt her lovely cock standing at attention too. Our bodies wrapped together in a loving hug; our two cocks gently rubbing against each other. With this intro, Jenny gently took my hand and led me to the tub, where Jill was standing naked except for the tiny diamond studs in each of her ears. Jill, by no means a dog, had long brown hair, lovely small tits which had lovely tiny nipples, a nicely proportioned feminine body. Her nipples, compared to Jenny?s were miniscule, but the tits were about the same size. Once we were in the tub, Jenny leaned over and gently began caressing Jill?s lovely breasts and then started kissing her gently on the mouth. Jill opened her mouth and out came a sexy tongue embracing my Jenny?s tongue; both tongues disappeared back into Jill?s mouth. As I was watching, I could not help but see Jenny?s lovely engorged cock, standing out very straight, the reddish-purple mushroom head swollen, making her cock lovely to behold. I could not help from noticing, she had once again shaved her pubic hair, making her completely naked so as to say; one difference, an ornate golden belly button ring gleamed brightly against her creamy white wet belly skin. As she soaped and played with Jill, I noticed Jill was becoming more submissive to Jenny?s gentle caresses. Jill began to slowly gyrate her hips slowly moving in unison with Jenny?s caresses. In the warm moist water, Jenny jokingly gently poked her dick forward humping Jill?s gaping shaven pussy lips, acting as she was fucking her pussy lips. Jill?s pussy lips became overly excited, protruding and swollen as Jenny kept flicking her tiny jabs with her lovely dick. Evidently Jill?s excitement with her lover?s cock gently rubbing her ?little man in the boat? with her cock?s head was stimulating her pussy as she began to wiggle and gently push open her cunt lips to cradle Jenny?s cock; tenderly she began caressing Jenny?s cock with her divine pussy lips. As Jenny slowly slid her dick head back and forth gently bumping Jill?s? boatman?, Jill?s body began to stiffen, her breathing grew very excited, quickening her hip wiggling, as her inner body built the finishing touches on her orgasm, Jenny increased her thrusting between Jill?s pussy lips targeting her ?boatman,? With this added friction she began to shudder, her body trembled, her body excitedly immersed itself in total relaxation from the release of her orgasm as her pussy came, soaking Jenny?s cock with a flood of wet pussy cum. Jenny slowly reached behind Jill?s soaked head and slowly drew her head down pushing her mouth to her now awaiting pulsing cock which glistened with her own pre-cum and the remnants of Jill?s pussy cum. With this slow gentle inducement, Jill knelt in the warm water spray and slowly began licking Jenny?s cock?s swollen head, As Jenny gently pushed her shapely hips in slow circles, Jill?s mouth gently captured the whole top of the fiery red mushroomed head of my Jenny?s precious cock; she gently licked with her tongue and raked her teeth teasingly, ever so gently, over the pulsing cum glistening head. Working diligently on her obsession with her lady?s cock, Jill looked up seductively at Jenny?s face; then looking down, she took Jenny?s whole cock head inside her mouth. With one quick forward movement, Jill took the shaft of Jenny?s cock up to the hilt. Jenny giggled, squirmed slightly, moaning with pleasure as her lady friend slowly sucked her dick; then Jill, gently began moving her mouth delicately with a sensuous rhythm, slowly licking up and down the length of Jenny?s dick. Jenny wiggled her butt gently swaying as Jill continued to take the length of her manhood down her throat, gently moving back and forth.As she was being sucked, Jenny reached behind her to me, toying with my cock which by this time was harder than a rock. She leaned back, looked around at me, and gently kissed me with a super sloppy wet kiss. Gently with this kiss, she gently reached down and gently nudged my cock to her butt crack, where her pussy was wet and excited wanting to be loved. Since we were standing, Jenny began a playful scenario of bump and grind with me. She began gently rocking back and forth on my cock, back and forth, gently rolling her butt cheeks in a rhythmic sync with my cock pushing and gently caressing her clitoris area. As my cock gently rubbed her ?little man in the boat?, wet tender inner pussy lips, and rosebud, she began to breathe harder, her body stiffened, and then she shuddered; as she reached her orgasm, her quivering pussy lips and her inner thighs tightened on my cock head, flooding her pussy lips and ass with her own cum; this warm flooding release of her cum juice brought my cock to his climax, my cum flooded all over my Jenny?s pussy lips, rosebud, and her inner butt cheeks. All this time Jill was making herself busy sucking Jenny?s little manhood. When Jenny?s body stiffened, her moaning increased, and she began excitedly breathing very deeply. When Jenny?s pussy came, she came with her cock simultaneously filling Jill?s mouth with her sticky warm cum from her manhood as well, a double banger, as both Jenny?s cock and cunt shot their loads.Released by her climax, Jenny lifted Jill?s head to hers. In the moist water, cum slowly dripped from Jill?s mouth. The warm moistness of the water beaded with the cum making her look completely innocent but cum soaked nevertheless. Jenny began licking Jill?s face, lapping up her own cum. Jenny gently slid her tongue into Jill?s mouth and both ladies began to slowly tongue each other; they both happily cleaned up the sticky cum. They both turned to me and gently knelt in the warm mist, both began gently lapping at the length of cock, Jill licked the cum off the head of my cock while Jenny made sure the shaft and my balls were cleaned up; my beautiful ladies? talented tongues cleaned up my cock in no time flat. Obviously Jill?s feelings were yielding wildly to Jenny?s advances, or it may have been the other way around, oh whatever. Jill tried to become talkative, Jenny used the same method which she had used on me in our first meeting, gently placing her fingers over her lips, quieting her.Jenny bumped her butt back into me a time or two to begin her play once more. She then kissed Jill one long adventurous kiss, tonguing her gently, and turned to me, gently sticking her tongue playfully into my mouth. Jenny in a very voice, ?Time to go to beddy bye bye.?Jill stepped out first, and then I could see she had a quite a lovely body, one as good as Jenny?s, but of course, she had no dick. Jenny stepped out next, her little dick spent from her orgasm, now diminished in size to a tiny fraction of its former excited length, her fine butt cheeks glowed a warm red from the warm moist heat, and of course, her skin showed a relaxed warm flushed glow from her intense climax. We gently toweled off each other off from beach towels stored in the vanity. Jenny led the way to the bedroom as Jill followed in close pursuit. I found myself slipping along behind the two ladies. As we neared the large bed, Jill hopped in first, Jenny slid in besides her, and I followed Jill, sliding in next to this lady; any covers were tossed to the floor. Jenny taunted Jill by teasing her. Jenny laughed, ?Wanna see something special??Jill just groaned at this tease!With Jenny in the middle, I began slowly sucking her right tit and Jill latched on the left, sucking and gently caressing her tits in unison. She was slowly getting her still baby hard-on back to its full stage. I slowly moved down and began to lick the head of her tiny peter. Within a few licks her purplish red mushroom head began to come to life; her once baby manhood became hard and full once more, growing back to full size.With this accomplished, she rolled towards Jill. Jill responded with a deep kiss and by opening her swollen cunt lips; she raised her lovely left leg a tiny bit for my Jenny?s cock to barely enter her pussy. Then, Jenny looked back at me, gently grabbing my cock, she slowly placed the head of my dick just barely inside her of pussy lips. With my dick in place, Jenny raised her butt a tiny tad and slowly began wiggling to enter Jill?s pussy. Jenny?s cock?s head entered Jill?s swollen pussy with Jill moaning and kissing Jenny with wet and oh so hot kisses; after a second, Jenny wiggled her butt just enough to continue sliding her cock inside Jill?s ?tunnel of love,? With a few gentle thrusts, Jill?s pussy became soaking wet; her pussy?s own wetness lubricating the path for Jenny?s cock; Jenny slowly shoved her dick deeply inside Jill, burying her manhood into Jill?s cunt to the hilt. With this accomplished, she stopped; she then pulled back and pushed forward a few innocent plunges to further open her cock?s path into Jill?s welcoming orifice. With this plunging, Jill moaned and begged her to fuck her completely.Jenny looked back at me and gently reached for my engorged purple headed peter which by this time had become harder than a rock. She gently raised her so excited chill-bumped covered butt and teasingly wiggled her cunt against my hard dick. Jenny was so wet, my dick slid in remarkably easy all the way to the hilt. Now that the three of us had become one, becoming one, we slowly fucked in unison. Jill becoming very excited, moaning, began wiggling her pussy widely trying to get more of Jenny?s dick deep inside her. After a few more thrusts by my Jenny, Jill?s lovely body stiffened as did Jenny?s; within seconds, Jill?s pussy?s insides exploded cum all over Jenny?s dick, her pussy began sucking the cum juice from Jenny? dick. Jenny?s tensed body relaxed, her body trembling with her orgasm, as her cock released a warm river of cum into Jill?s hot cunt meeting Jill?s hot cum, this incredibly hot cum from both orgasms flooded Jill?s pussy. Jill crumpled into a heap overwhelmed by her lovemaking orgasm; Jill laid there sighing, moaning and gently rubbing her spent cum-soaked pussy. This explosion of cum from Jenny and Jill resulted in wetting me with a flood of cum as if they had both peed on me. When the ladies? cum drenching load hit my engorged hot cock, I suddenly stiffened; Jenny?s pussy literally sucked the cum from my dick, drowning me and her already wet pussy with my cum. Once again, the room filled with the aromatic smell of cum juice.I gently rolled my lover over, and began to kiss her lovely mouth, tonguing her gently. I caught my breath and proceeded to lick the pussy cum off my Jenny?s now flaccid dick. I gently lifted my ladies? spent cock and proceeded to gently tongue lick the insides of her clit lips cleaning off her cum, my cum, and Jill?s pussy cum which had drowned my ladies pole when they came. I lapped and neatly cleaned her pussy, cock, and I even licked some loose cum from her tiny rosebud, which caused her to tense and her rosebud to quiver for second. With this done, we collapsed into each other?s arms. An ultimate three way orgasm.Jill, who was so spent by her climax that she was lying there in a crumpled heap, breathing slowly, her facial cheeks flushed glowing cherry red, her mouth arched perfectly, smiling the loveliest innocent smile, obviously very content, pulled me over to her to clean up the cum from her pussy, which tasted as a blend of different scents and tastes. After a few minutes, Jenny said, ?I?ve got to pee something lousy!? Jill laughed, ?Me too, my pussy feels like it is full of pee!?With this both ladies got up, they kissed me. As they rose from the bed, both kissed each other and gently held hands as they walked to the bathroom. Jenny?s tiny dick swayed as she walked her lovely naked body to the bathroom, Jill, who had the cutest tight butt cheeks with a slight dimple on the right cheek of her butt walked slowly beside her. Both entered the bathroom, but they emerged soon after. I slipped up and went to pee, but I did not tarry too long. On the return from the bathroom, I found both ladies engaged in a nice affectionate hug, gently kissing and grinding their breasts together; both giggled as I laid down. This time I rolled in beside Jill, who did not seem to mind. She then turned, and gently stuck her tongue into my mouth. With this, my tongue gently licked her tongue and the inside of her mouth. She kept flicking her tongue onto mine. I reached down, Jill?s tits were so excited, tiny chill-bumps covered her excitedly swollen tits and her nipples, pointing out erectly, appeared to have grown to a nice sucking size. I felt my cock growing again. With this, Jill gently pulled my cock to her pussy, which I entered for a few thrusts. Her pussy, even though Jenny had fucked her hard, was so again wet, tight, and very hotly warm to the feel of my cock. I did not last long as her hot little wet pussy simply sucked my young inexperienced cock dry in no time.With Jill still excited, she began to wiggle her butt against Jenny signaling to her that she was ready to make love again; my Jenny gently slid her hand in between Jill?s legs reaching for her pussy from behind her; Jenny began gently rubbing Jill?s wet pussy?s ?little man in the boat? and her tiny puckering rosebud with gentle delicate finger touches. Jill smiled and opened the rear butt cheeks wide apart for Jenny to enter. Jenny slipped her now full grown dick back inside Jill from behind. This time Jill motioned for me to move my limp dick up to her mouth, so she could lick her own pussy cum off my flaccid cock, which she did flawlessly. Jenny slowly picked up her cock?s thrusting pace, and Jill began rubbing her swollen ?little man in the boat? with nice gentle finger strokes, forcing her protruding pussy lips open from the front. Her intricately red painted nails stood out against her wet slick pussy lips which by now were glistening with her own cum juice, once more. As Jenny?s humping increased in fervor, Jill?s body stiffened, her climax was hard and fast; Jenny suddenly stiffened, her body grew tense, suddenly, Jenny?s cum load erupted in Jill?s cunt once more; Jill?s hot cunt took over sucking the remaining cum from her dick. With the cum soaked orgasm finished, both ladies? breathing grew easier as their bodies became relaxed from this final cum drenching climaxes. While both my ladies were lying resting, I began licking and lapping up the ejaculated cum from my Jenny?s dick and flooded bare hot pussy and the insides of Jill?s lovely inner shaven cunt area; obviously from the moans, sighs, and coos, my efforts were greatly appreciated by my ladies.All three of us were spent, so we laid there, pulled our sheets up, gently snuggled and hugged each other, smothering each other with gently kisses. We had truly enjoying our love making adventure.Sadly, our night was getting late; we decided to get together for another round of lovemaking in the near future. We got dressed. Jill got her things together and kissed us both tenderly before we went out the door. As we stepped outside, I could not help but notice that the sky was so full of so many stars, a truly incredibly lovely starry, starry night. The weather warm; the evening was as picture perfect as it had been just a few hours before.We drove Jill safely to her cabin which she revealed to us that she had come there so as to relieve herself from an abusive husband. A compassionate elderly gentleman had known of her hopeless predicament and offered her the use of his fishing cabin for a while to get herself straightened out. She told us how she had saved her money diligently to escape his grasp, and that she wanted to un-rattle her brains from her foolish husband?s cruelty before she decided what to do with the rest of her life. She said the physical bruises, not mental abuses, had nearly healed and that she had come to the revelation that she had endured all the toxic abuse she could stomach in one lifetime. As we walked her to the door, she told us both how happy we had made her with our generosity and sharing our love, and how much she wanted to meet us again soon which we both agreed to do with her. We kissed and told her how much we loved her. She looked at Jenny, winked, told her, ?Maybe we can do something different next time. I have one virgin treasure left to give away. You are my lover who I wish to share this lovemaking with.? Jenny?s face turned blushingly bright red with this delightful offer. Jill giggled and smiled as Jenny was speechless this time.Jenny turned to me and winked which I took to mean that she realized she too had one more virgin territory to explore with me. We left Jill smiling as she closed her door for the night; a night to remember nearly over, we departed for Jenny?s home where I dropped her off at the front door safe and sound. I grow more fond of my Jenny with every passing day.Strange, how one tragic happening can nearly wreck a life, but and a simple act of caring can rebuild the wreckage; sometimes compassion can become the building blocks of a new life. Maybe her ?phoenix? will arise from the ashes she has left behind her.
04-06-2021, at 11:35 PM

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