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Me and scott

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Me and scottBack when I was young I'd get up early during the summer brake and explore, most of the time it ment I got in trouble. I was playing behind the school when I heard someone ask what I was doing. I looked around and it was a boy I knew from class. I told him I was bored and looking for something to do. He said he was too,and we played for a while. It was getting hot and he said we should go swimming in the creek. I said okay but I had to get my swim trunks first.He said we can go to a spot where no one goes and skinny dip. I was nervous about it because I never did it before. He said he does it all the time. I said okay and we headed to the creek. He said we have to go back into the wooded area. We pushed our way through the brush and finally made it to a clearing. He started taking his clothes off, so I did too. When we were naked we jumped in the cool water. We swam and splashed each other and laughed. He said let's wrestle and grabbed my shoulders. We pushed and pulled each other under water a few time and he slipped behind me. When he grabbed me his hands wrapped around my waist, as I wiggled his hands went lower and ended up touching my dick. I yelled and asked what he was doing. He said he was sorry and I could touch his if I wanted to get him back. I reached down and touched his, it was a little bigger than mine.He asked if I wanted to do something, I said sure. He grabbed my waist and pulled my tight against him. Our dicks pushed together and it felt funny but I didn't move. He moved his hips side to side rubbing our dicks together. I felt something building up in my groin and he asked if I was getting hard, I let him go and said don't tell anyone. He said he wouldn't, then asked if he could touch it. I asked why,he said he never touched anyone else's and wanted to know how someone else felt hard. I said as long as he did talk about it. He shook his head and reached down. It feels rubbery, and said to touch his. He was hard now. We both stood in the water holding each other's dick. I said I heard some older boys say they shook theirs and asked if he wanted to do it.He said yes and we pulled back and forth. It feels good I said, he smiled and said yes. Then he pulled me closer till my dick was touching his and rubbed our dicks together. After a few minutes I said we should get out of the water and dry off before someone seen us. I looked at his dick for the first time,and it looked like mine. It was lunch time, I said I had to go home and eat.He said we should meet again later.The next day we met at the school. I said I know a place we can play and no one will bother us,he said okay and we went to the woods. We walked till we reached a clearing. I asked if he wanted to wrestle again, he laughed and said do you want to get naked again? I smiled and said it was fun last time. We laughed and took off our close. I grabbed his waist and pulled us together and wiggled my hips. He said he was getting hard,and I said me too. He reached between us and took my dick. I let him go,he said to spread my legs apart. I did and he rubbed my dick back and forth. It feels good I said, he smiled and said do me. I rubbed his dick for a few minutes. He asked if I wanted to do something else, I said what .He told me to lay down on my stomach. When I did he got on my back. He said to pull my butt open. Not knowing what he was going to do I did. Suddenly I felt him poking around my butt hole with his dick. I told him it hurt and to stop, he said just relax and let him try something. He bent over and spat on my hole, and laid back on me. This time he pushed and it went in. It hurt but I didn't stop him. He fucked me for a few minutes then said it was my turn. I got behind him, spat on his hole and push against his hole. After a few seconds I was in.I fucked him for a few minutes. We agreed this was fun and did it all summer. When school started and it got cooler we would spend the night at each others house. One weekend at his house were pulling each others dicks, suddenly he started making noises,his dick started throbbing and thick liquid came out of his dick. I was amazed and said I wanted to do that too.I was made because I couldn't cum yet.
04-06-2021, at 11:35 PM

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