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Reece and his mum

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Reece and his mumJune had a day of work and had decided to spend the day tidying the house. She started with the lounge and then headed to her son Reece's room. Normally she wouldn't venture inside there but as it had been ages since she had given it a good clean she thought it was about time. She started stripping the bed and as she grabbed the pillow she saw something coloured there. She reached for it and was totally shocked as she quickly realised it was a pair of her panties that she had put into the washing basket a couple of days earlier. As she held them she realised that there was a large pool of white sticky stuff. She knew instantly what it was.June was furious, she realised that her son was a young boy with sexual needs but to do this to his mum's panties was disgusting. She rushed to the bathroom and quickly rinsed them. June was amazed how much stuff there was on them.She was really upset and quickly forgot about doing his bedroom and went and made herself a cup of coffee. Her mind was buzzing with what she had found. She was disgusted but also she found herself imagining what her son had been doing. What was now bothering her was that the more she thought about it the more aroused she got. It had been a while since she had sex with her husband as he had cheated on her and she certainly hadn't pleasured herself for ages but she was now getting quite damp in between her legs.The more she thought about her son with her worn panties wrapped round his cock and pleasuring himself the moroe aroused she got. She was wearing trousers but somehow found her hand in between her legs. In a few minutes she just knew she had to cum. She dropped her trousers to the floor and started rubbing herself through her panties while she imagined her son sitting opposite her and watching her. Her climax which happened very quickly was as intense as any orgasm she had had in quite a while.She lay there recovering with that wonderful inner glow that follows an intense climax. Her panties were soaking wet with her cum as she continued to rub a finger slowly up and down her wet slit. Eventually she was satisfied and she took off her soiled panties. Secretly she wanted Reece to find them but realised she couldn't put them under his pillow. She decided to put them on the top of the dirty washing basket and see if her found them.She went back to her cleaning and waited for her son to come home. They had dinner together with their dad and watched TV but she found herself with other things on her mind. Her husband headed off to bed and left her and Reece alone in the lounge.Suddenly she plucked up the courage and said, 'I cleaned your room this morning.'Reece was furious, 'you had no right to go in there, it's my private space.' He got up and and went up to his room. He instantly lifted the pillow and saw that the panties had been removed. He was furious and embarrassed at the same time. His mum had found the panties. He went to the bathroom and had a pee while he thought about what to say. As he washed his hands he lifted the lid of the washing basket and found the panties she had put there. He sniffed them and was amazed how wet they were and could smell his mum's juices.He went back down to the lounge with them. He walked in and held them up for her and said. 'OK so you know what I've been doing into your panties but what have you been doing with these ones?'June was the one who was now embarrassed. 'I have needs too,' she mumbled.'Show me,' Reece said.'I can't, I'm your mum,' she repiled.'But you were happy to do it when you were alone, weren't you?' Reece said.Reece undid his trousers and slid them and his underpants down his legs and stepped out of them. His cock was already semi hard. he sat down on an armchair opposite his mum and took her soiled panties and held them to his nose and inhaled his mum's cunt juices. As much as June knew it was wrong she felt herself gettin aroused. Her son's cock was so much larger then her husband's. Reece slowly rubbed his cock while he smelled his mum's panties.June was so aroused as she watched her son. Reece said, 'you want me don;t you, you want me to fuck you and make you cum don't you.''You mustn't talk like that to me,' she replied.'Are you going to make me cum or am I going to do it myself. You want to see me cum don't you.'June was trembling with sexual arousal, she knew she wouldn't be able to hold off for much longer. She walked over to her son and reached down for his cock. It was so hot and hard and there was a hint of precum seeping out.Reece said, 'tell me what you want.'June hesitated and then replied, 'I need to cum and straddled her son and eased herself down onto his cock. She sighed with pleasure as he filled her cunt. She was aware that her husband was upstairs but even the thought of him coming down didn't put her off. She needed to cum and was going to. She plunged all the way down on his cock and then slowly raised herself up before plunging all the way down. Her climax was almost instantaneous and as intense as she had ever experienced.Reece hadn't cum although he could have done so easily but he wanted something different. He said, to his mum, suck me off while I sniff your panties.'This was not something she was happy doing and very rarely did it for her husband. But somehow she felt unable to refuse her son anything he demanded. She knlet on the floor and lowered her mouth over his cock, she immediatley tasted his precum and could smell her own cunt juices on it. She squeezed her son's balls and lowered her mouth up and down his hard shaft. Meanwhile Reece was sniffing and licking his mum's soiled panties. he loved the smell and taste of her and knew he would taste the real thing soon.June felt him getting lcoser to cumming and as she prepared to take his cock out he said, 'I'm going to cum in your mouth, do not take it out.'Very reluctantly June did as she was told. She had tasted cum very occassionally byt never had a cock cum in her mouth. the fact it was going to be her son aroused her even more.She braced herself and suddenly spurt after spurt of hot cum hit the roof of her mouth. 'Don't swallow.' he ordered her.She kept her son's cum in her mouth. She sat up and parted her lips. Reece loved it as he watched his spunk trickle out of his mum's mouth and down onto her tits. He let her get up and clean herself and said, 'when dad's gone to work in the morning come into my room and I'm going to lick your cunt.'They both headed up to bed thinking about what was to cum.
04-06-2021, at 11:35 PM

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