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Almost Did My Mom Way Back When

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Almost Did My Mom Way Back WhenI never actually "did" my mom, but got about as close as you could and still not actually fuck her. My mom had a pretty hot body. Average face with that dumb short hair the way she wore it, but nice size tits and still firm for her age, and firm body. She was only 5'5" tall and only weighed like 110 pounds. And she was always kind of a prude. Dressed real conservative and wore those damn full size old lady panties. But remember this was back in the late 70's so thongs and stuff still didn't really exist yet then. Any way, she would have been in her mid 40's when this happened because I was 21 or 22 at the time and can still see it like it was yesterday. It was New Years Eve and we went to a friends for a party. I went along because they had friends there from their teens to late 60's. So I had others around my age to hang out with too. My mom never did much drinking but one or two times a year she would let herself go and get shit faced. Well my dad stayed until just a few minutes into the new year because he had to work. I stayed because my mom didn't drive. Seriously, she NEVER had a license. So I was going to take her home which was only maybe like 10 miles to our house.Well I kind of kept her supplied with drinks during the night with the intention of just seeing her totally shit faced and not such a prude. So when we leave, I have to basically hold her up to get to my truck. A Ford F-100 with just a bench seat. Well when I go to help her down these couple steps in the front of their place, as I reach around her, my hand lands on her boob. Seriously, it was a total accident and she even said trying to feel me up, and I said yeah, trying to feel up my mom and we went to the truck. I got her in the truck, and back then seatbelts weren't as big a deal as they are now so she was just sitting over there. As soon as I turned right she almost fell into my lap. I held her up. The next right turn she did the same thing and I told her maybe she should just lay down on my lap before she falls over or something, and she did.Well with my mom's head laying right there in my lap, I had a hard on in like 1 minute. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open just a little bit. I had my hand intentionally resting on her side right by her tit. So I tried talking to her and she didn't respond or anything. So I shook her a little bit, nothing. So I slowly ran my hand over her tits there, not a sound. So I knew this was a one in a lifetime chance. I put my hand up her shirt and started grabbing her tits in her bra. Then got my hand under bra and was fondling her tits and nipples, which were kinda hard, not totally, but not limp. Every now and then I would call to her and still nothing. So my hand goes down her pants and under her panties. Now back then, few women shaved their pussy, so the first thing I felt was her actually kind of trimmed bush then her pussy. Which wasn't dry, but it wasn't soaked either. And I just had to. I played with her like that a little bit and then got her clit and started rubbing that. I got a little moan out of her and I quick stopped and just waited. Nothing. So I went back to playing with her. I drove every which way but back home just to keep fondling her. I actually got a couple more moans out of her but still never woke up. Her pussy seemed to be getting wetter, so I don't really know if she was cumming for sure or not.So when I finally pulled in the driveway, I'm calling at her to wake up, wake up, c'mon we have to go in, anything, but she's still basically out cold. Now I will admit and tell you right up front that I have always been a sadist, very sadistic given the chance, so I work her around so she's basically on her back. I use my hand on her stomach to push as I tell her we have to go in now, get up. Nothing other than a little rush of air from her as i pushed on her stomach. So I use my fist now. Putting it on her stomach and pushing in. Each time pushing harder and further to hear her uummph as I push. I figure is she wakes up I tell her I'm just trying to wake her up. I mean I was giving her some good hard deep pushes, over and over. We must have sat in the driveway 30 minutes with me sitting there working her over good. So one hand is pushing the back of her head down into my crotch and the other is pushing my fist into her soft gut, over and over. So between those two activities, it wasn't all that long before I was cumming up against the back of my moms head. with my jeans on, but still. So when I'm done I quick run in and change my jeans so she won't see or feel the wet spot and then run back out and try to get her out of the truck. Well shes still out of it so I yank her pants and panties down to get a good look at my moms pussy while rubbing it a little bit more, and get that bra up so I can see her tits before getting her clothes back in place and literally carrying her back into the house.I figured I better not undress her to go to bed or something, so I just layed her fully clothed on the sofa and went to bed to jerk off a couple more times. I really wanted to shoot one of those loads on her face but figured I better not push my luck. tonight.Next morning she never said a word about her stomach being sore or anything and knowing anything happened so I knew I lucked out and took advantage of the situation as best as I could at 21.
04-07-2021, at 02:18 PM

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