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My ex gf cheating

Post #1

My ex gf cheatingLet's just call my ex gf A as Idw to expose her identity. Her cup size was B with slim figure. We she was 18 when I caught her cheating on me. Me n A has had experiences on bed. We basically done everything except sex. She was one horny bitch. She can never resist my d. She said she only Wan me to take her virginity on her 18 birthday. But 1 day before her 18 birthday she said her group of friends had us her out to celebrate with her till past 12. But she will come n find me when she's done. I agreed. On that day I went to meet up with a Friend of my. We eat chat basically catch up on each other. It was around 11.30pm when I decided to send her home n reach her place at about 11.50pm. I send her back home n walk back to my car which was in the carpark. While I was walking to my car I saw my gf with a guy. He was her classmate in Sec sch n had a crush on her ever since Sec 3 (15yo) i make sure I was well hidden behind a van n peeking at them through the window. They were chatting happily as I could see my ex laughing from ear to ear. After 20 min passed. The guy placed his hand on her lap. At that time she was wearing a tight mini dress that is off shoulder which was just below her butt cheeks when she stand up. So i can't imagine how many times the guy had seen her upskirt today Especially when she is sitting on the car. After pushing his hand away a couple of times she gave in m let him rob her tightsWhile he run his hands on her tights so he leaned towards her n started kissing her. I could tell that she was getting arouse. At that time I was worried n couldn't believe wat I'm seeing but I didn't know wat to do so I continue to watch them. He then place one hand over let left breast n fondle them. I could tell from her expression that she was caught off guard n gave out a moan. As I look closely I could see her nipples protruding out from her tight dress(didn't know she went out braless). She then place one hand behind his head n press him closer n French him. They then move to the back of the car n continued frenching each other. Her Friend pulled down her dress exposing her breast n nipples and started groping them. He started licking n sucking her nipples while sliding one hand up her dress to her pantie. i knew that my gf wouldn't let it stop there as she always Gets too horny to stop when I suck her nipples. The only way was to get her to orgasm. She then take off her panties herself while he take off all his clothes.He turn my gf around n get to on four with her butt facing him. Then he started licking her vagina. I was so jealous as I've only licked her twice. Of course I was mad at that time but I continued to watch. I saw my ex putting her hand on his dick n started to mast for him. She then suck him off until he cum in her mouth. N she swallowed all of his load. I knew that it wasn't over because my gf have yet to reach orgasm. He then grab her tightly n pin her against the window that was facing the other side n push his dick into her. Hef did not show any sign of struggle instead she started moving her hips. I was sad as that guy have taken my ex virginity which was suppose to be mine. While he was fking her hard she reach her climax n orgasm a lot. It was the first time I saw her orgasm this hard. She was tired n started to lie on the chair but her Friend lifted her n fk her forcefully. After 5 min he stopped. The two of them lie there to catch their breathe before my ex went home to bathe. When she was home she texted me n said that she had just reach home n she was going to bathe so I can start coming to her house to meet her. When she was done I told her to came to my car n I told her everything I saw. She was surprised and after questioning her she confessed that she was gg out with him behind my back to do naughty things from time to time but they never had sex cause she wanted to leave it for me. But today she was too horny as he purposely stop every time she was reaching orgasm. He said that he will only let her orgasm if she fk him. So she couldn't resist n let him took her virginity. She also said that he had cum in her even though he promise to pull out. I told my ex it was ok which I didn't mean it. I then started touching her but she resisted saying she was tired as it was her first time getting fk. I didn't listen to her n use force to strip her naked n throw her clothes out of the window before fking her hard. After I cum in her I told her to get off the car n pick up her clothes herself. At first she was pleading me to take it for her but gave up n went to take it herself. I then drove off when she got down the car. When I got home I left her a text n told her that I wanted to break with her.
08-15-2021, at 01:43 AM

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