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Aunt Kim defloweres

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Aunt Kim defloweresI am clara this is based on a true story... destiny is remarkable?-The cabin creaked as it was old Victorian . It was warm and filled with candles all the lights were off. As the rainstorm thundered from outside. Darkness becomes, as the rain storm showered the walls. Crackle crackle. In darkness she rose. Like a ghost. The cabin lit with candles and the smell of lavender filled the room as I slept. .. as if in a dream aunt Kim entered.. sliding herself next to me and caressing my breast. My nipple hard as she stroked my nipple slow. Sliding fingers between my nipple. Squeezing..her hand gently sliding tightly up my breasts as I lay in slumber.. kissing my nipple and rubbing..? I want u...Clara..? ? ure intoxicating..? she whispered. Massaging my vagina slowly.. stroking me deeply.her finger slide slowly gently higher and higher up my vagina. Circling me slowly., squeezing my nipple. ?Yes ? ?aunt kim moaned. Fingers high up my hip. Stroking my vagina and giving me a deep massage. ? spread? as I instinctively opened to her kiss.Her lips dove into my vagina with soft kisses.... snuggling me with kisses....covering me with her hot wett touch. Hot licks and kisses cicrcled my vagina. As she kissed my nipple.sli felt her slide up my nipple . Snuggles. Utop my nipple .caressing my nipple..soft. Licking me softly .. stroking..rubbing.. rubbing..massaging my vagina softly. Aunt Kim dove into my vagina . Suckling me hard. Slow.Suckling me deep. ? silence? she moaned.stroking my vagina suckling me deeper...wetter.Her soft kiss shone,licking my vagina and squeezing my nipple circled my vagina with soft nibbles. Rubbing slowly.She gave me a dark massage. .. browning as the massage got dark soft and rough.She skipped inside to finger fuck me skowly. Lips circling my vagina in hot licks and kisses. Caressing my vagina.Snuggling herself to my breasts gently squeezing. Stroking my nipple. Biting it softly..licking...?yes?her toungue hot abetween my legs..? your amazing.? ? I love how u taste?l her tongue gently caressing inside me..roucking rough back and forth side to side.Pulling me to her body and massage getting rough she entered me. Hard. Suckling my vagina deeper deeper softly.sliping her finger deeper between my legs,,stroking squeezing..fucking me softly slowly for hours. Biting my breasts she growled.fingering me deeper.? Silence? stroking my vagina softly rubbing rubbing rubbing..? yes? .Pulling me to her she dove in my vagina suckling...suckling.. hot and hard.? Silence?the suckling getting deeper on my vagina. Circling me with kisses and hot licks.? see what u do to me. Your intoxicating..? she whispered.? Spread? as she finger fucked me slowly for what seemed hours.? Your magic, as she cupped my hips rubbing.pulling me to her body caressing my nipple, squeezing me stroking me softly deeply, I melted to her caress . As we had oral sex gently for hours..oral sex was steamy. As she hugged me tightly, orgasming inside me repeatedly.Caressing my nipple. Biting it tenderly. Massaging me softly..? rubbing ..rubbingsqueezing, licking, pulling my nipple as she covered it in warm kisses and licks squeezing me harder.? Fuck me.? She I turned to her plump breast . The Flame of her now bursting inside me..squeezing stroking my breasts.she slide slowly into me. We intertwined rubbing.her breast rose as I gave her the twister.twirling..herself in me.. licking my vagina she twirled her kiss inside my legs in circles. And Massaged .Lifting me to her hips as we grinded. I pecked her vagina softly. My kiss on her vagina slow.nibbling her vagina softly twirling her tip and nibbling her nipple. Rolling my tongue high in her vagina pecking softly slowly on her vagina tip. Licking her tip. Squeezing her nipple as I biting her nipple softly stroking her curls.Pecking her vagina and rolling my tongue in her vagina. That was it for aunt Kim she came hard.pecking licking her nipple. Circling her in and out. Bobbing on her tip licking her vagina with soft kisses. Rubbing her vagina with my tongue.bite bite bite.aunt kim came I licked her nipple.. stroking her. Breast squeezing her nipple gently.stroking. And nibbling the tip of her. Giving her the twister. as we had oral sex for hours..I melted In Her hot embrace as we fucked in cowgirl.pinning me to the bed taking me slowly. As I shivered. Yes ? she whispered.? silene? As the sex got hotter deeper rough.? delicious ? she moaned. Suckling my vagina all night...snuggle snuggle snugglesnuggleas she petted my vagina softly.. stroking me slow.massaging my vagina and caressing me with kisses.* we had oral sex for hours )* i fell asleep to her pecking my vagina petting me softly.squeezing my nipple tightly and a hot warm twirl deep inside me as I melted laying on her breasts... her tongue dancing inside me .. petting..pecking me hard all night.nuzzling my vagina as I blew cool kisses on her nipple - melting into my vagina as oral sex continued.under the lights of the cabin we slept. She slide deeply in me etting me, as she orgasmed hard between my legs.? yes... ?? your intoxicating..?*wicked kisses devoured my vagina and nipple.unleashing her power as she fucked me slow..*
08-15-2021, at 01:44 AM

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