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Wife on display 2

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Wife on display 2So my wife's friend turned his attention back to my wife telling her how sexy she looked and how it would be great if they can hook up and go out for a few drinks. This guy was totally asking my wife out on a date in front of me. He told her Dave was going to bug out when he tells him that he saw her. Then it hit me. Dave was my wife's ex and this was his roommate Tom. They have been the root of my wife's BIG COCK GANG BANG fantasies. See, long ago my wife and I had separated for a while and we both got involved in new relationships. When we got back together we openly discussed our sexual encounters during the separation. At first we just wanted to be open with each other but realize how much of a turn on it was listening to what the other was up to during our hiatus. During our conversations she told me her ex Dave Has a very HUGE COCK. She did not want to tell me not wanting to hurt me but, I knew she was not telling me all the details and pried it out of her. She also told me that she had heard rumors that Dave and Tim, who apparently had an even BIGGER COCK the Dave, were known for sharing girls and sometimes FUCKED them together. Although it never got to that point with my wife but, she told me she that they were trying to set her up. They would have her play silly games during watching football like having her sit on one of their laps till the next commercial then switch. At first she would just sit and not think nothing of it but, later as she felt their COCKS getting thicker, bigger and harder, she would get horny. As time went on she would be looking forward to football games. She even wore sexier cloths. No longer was she just sitting on the laps. She would take her time to sit making sure they position their COCKS so that it Lated right between the lips of her pussy. And now she was also slowly grinding back and forth dry humping these HUGE COCKS. She could not understand why they they never made an attempt to FUCK her and get it over with. As it turned out her and Dave got into a big argument one day and they broke up. Leaving to fantasize what it would have been like to be made to service TWO HUGE BLACK COCKS at the same time. And I have never fantasizes about watching my wife get GANG FUCKED till I heard that story.So I kind of walked a bit aways with the k!d$ Window shopping and left her talking with Tim but, keeping a close eye on them. They spoke for about 5 minutes during which he had her spin around for him at least two more times with her stopping with her ass towards him. She was very aware that I was watching but just could not deny him. It was like she was caught in a spell and had to do what he asked. She did not tell me but I saw him give her his phone number, pecked her on the lips and walked away.She did a little more teasing the we went home. That night I was so hard I came in her pussy twice. Is this how it's going to happen? This guy clearly wants to and more the likely is going to fuck my wife. Will her ex join in? Judging by the way she was eating out of his hands they are going to make my wife into THEIR FUCKING WHORE. I know they are going to make her into a dirty slut. It is going to happen and I know I can not stop it. I don't even think I want to. Will she do it in our house? I am ashamed to say I WANT TO WATCH HER GET FUCKED LIKE A PURTO RICAN WHORE TAKING TWO HUGE BLACK COCKS. I hope they let me video it. That is what I get for putting my wife out on display for all to see.
04-15-2021, at 01:31 PM

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