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Welcoming a new member

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Welcoming a new memberLike most couples, we have always used fantasies as part of our foreplay ritual. Some of our thoughts and dreams leading to some really intense sex. However as a couple we had never built up the courage to fulfill any of our fantasies. Our most regular fantasy consisted of the two of us with another couple, Sal my wife ending up in bed with the other woman while I watched, and finally getting to fuck her after she had orgasmed with the woman and the other man had cum inside her. The thoughts of her with another woman, I thought would be the horniest thing imaginable. We often discussed her bringing home a work colleague, that she knew as gay, and hopefully the two of them ending up in bed together. Whether I would get to watch didn?t matter, as I knew she would fill me in with the full details.Unfortunately about six months ago, our idea of a lesbian fantasy was turned on its head, our daughter came home with a friend of hers called Catherina and announced they had been dating and would be getting an apartment together. To try and fantasize about bringing a lesbian home when the thoughts of your own daughter being one became overly taboo, and to even think of it felt wrong.Zoe and Catherina had found an apartment and moved in, as a house warming they invited the two of us over for dinner. The apartment was small, basically one room, with a small bathroom. The kitchen cabinets giving the only privacy to the sleeping area. The girls had settled in and managed to furnish it, two large couches and a table and chairs, reminded me of my college dorm days, however they seemed happy with their new home.Dinner was nice but after several glasses of wine each, it was decided we should stay the night, neither of us was sober enough to drive. Zoe organised a few blankets and me and my wife agreed to sleep on the couches. Zoe got a nightdress for her mom, and jokingly offered me one. I nearly said yes, but said I?d sleep in my clothes. While my wife and I got ready for bed, the girls cleaned the last of the kitchen, and as we settled down on the couches Zoe and Catherina turned off the main lights and headed for the bathroom. I could hear them whispering in the bathroom, and as I turned towards the door, I caught a glimpse of Catherina unzipping her dress. She had her back to me, and as her dress fell to the floor, I had a clear picture of her bare back, her skin tanned all over, and just a tiny pair of white lace panties. In contrast to Zoe, Catherina is a few pounds overweight, her ass curved, probably from her Latina descendancy. Her breasts had looked big against her small frame. She slid two fingers into the waistband of her panties, and began to wriggle them over her hips. Just as the lace began to clear her rounded ass, the bathroom door shut. I had a huge horn and wished my wife was sharing my couch and not lying on the other one.After about ten minutes the bathroom door opened, Zoe came out first, her tall slim frame covered in a pair of silk pajamas, the buttoned jacket gaping slightly where her small young breasts pushed against the silk material. Catherina exited right behind Zoe, she was wearing a short satin nightdress, the white material coming down about midway on her thighs, the V neck front giving her a clear cleavage, the young girls looked so hot, nearly forgetting Zoe was my daughter and Catherina, her partner my cock had sprung to full erection.In the dim light of the apartment I could just make out the bed area, the two girls climbed in to the double bed, I could hear them whispering to each other, but couldn?t make out what they were saying. As they pulled the covers over themselves, I could hear the sounds of kissing, and the slight moans coming from them were so erotic. My imagination was running wild, when I heard Zoe say, ?not now, my parents?..? Catherina answered ?but they are asleep?.The kissing began again, in the dark silence of the apartment, I could make out the shape of the couple in the bed, the sounds of their tongues and mouths exchanging saliva as the y french kissed were unmistakable. There was a lot of movement under the blankets, and when the springs on the bed finally relaxed, the shape of the bed clothes looked like a small hill on the bed. I heard a çanakkale escort hushed high pitch squeak, I guessed someone was receiving oral sex. For several minutes the sound of heavy breathing and the occasional gasp were the only sounds in the apartment. My cock was straining and I had to deny my urges to stroke myself, trying to explain cum stains on my daughters couch would be impossible.There was another session of movement on the bed, the kissing restarted and for several minutes Zoe and Catherina were in a post sexual world. Finally someone climbed off the bed, the silhouette of Catherina approached the couch as she made her way to the kitchen area. She walked past me, her white nightdress just covering her upper thighs, was level with my eyes as I watched her shapely legs move quietly to the kitchen.Catherina turned the lights on, she opened the fridge and as she bent to take out a bottle of water, her nightdress rose up, it hung just below the curve of her ass. I lay quietly hoping she would lean a little lower, and give me a full view of her ass. She stood up, I was aware of another set of footsteps, Zoe passed me, her pajama top just held together with one button, like a bra strap just covering her small breasts. As she turned into the kitchen, Catherina turned to greet her, the two began kissing, in the light of the kitchen I could see their tongues sliding in and out of their mouths.Voyeuristically I lay and watched, their bodies pressed tightly together, both unaware of my gaze, their kiss passionate as their hands searched each other?s body. Zoe lifted Catherina?s nightdress, as she caressed her partners ass, I got the view I had been wanting since I had seen her in the bathroom. Catherina had unbuttoned Zoe?s top, her jacket hung free as Catherina caressed her nipples. When Catherina broke the kiss, she leaned forward, her mouth clasping on to Zoe?s nipple. The kitchen counter half blocked my view of where Zoe?s hand was, but looking at the way Catherina was squirming I?m sure I could make a good guess.In the silence I began to notice another sound, it was my wife, her breathing had become deeper, slower and more intense. I realised she had been watching too, the sounds she was making were unmistakable to me, she was close to orgasm, although muted by something, they were the same sounds she made when close to cumming. Her breathing was speeding up and I knew she wouldn?t be able to contain herself for much longer. There was an audible gasp from my wife, her orgasm had taken control, I could see her body writhe under her covers, her legs appearing as the blanket fell off the couch. My wife?s hand was stuffed inside her panties, as she had made herself cum.?Mom?, the lights above us came on. Both Zoe and Catherina were standing in the kitchen, looking at my wife, in her post orgasmic state, her hand still inside her panties, her blanket in a pile on the floor. Catherina and Zoe approached the couch as my wife sat up. Zoe?s top still hung open, and Catherina?s breasts were barely contained by her satin nightdress, the three of them were just feet away from me, as Catherina leaned over and began to kiss my wife, her hand tightly squeezing Zoe?s as our daughter looked on, in the now bright room. When Catherina broke her kiss with my wife, I could see she was blushed. My wife stuttered ?I?I?m sssorry, it was so hot listening to you, I coulddddnt help myself??SSSHH, you?ll wake Daddy? all three looked at me, it was Catherina that noticed, maybe I wasn?t asleep. ?I think he?s awake?My wife continued ?I?ve always fantasized about lesbians?, both Catherina and Zoe giggled. Zoe shifted over to the couch I was lying on, she reached the end of the blankets and pulled them off me. ?I think daddy has been fantasizing too mom?. My erection had pushed through the hole in my shorts, and it now stood proud for all to see. Zoe lowered her head, and gently brushed her lips against my cock, I felt it shudder, as her warm mouth opened and she enclosed her lips around me. By the sounds coming from my wife, I guessed Catherina was probably doing something similar to her. Zoe?s mouth and tongue soon had my cock well lubricated with her saliva, I want sure if I could hold out much longer, ısparta escort when I heard Catherina. ?Maybe we should tell them the truth?. ?Or show them? Zoe responded.She stood up from the couch, I could see Catherina still kneeling between my wife?s legs. Zoe let her top fall to the floor, her breasts were fairly small, but her dark nipples looked hard and large in contrast to her pale skin. She hooked two fingers into the waistband of her pajama bottoms, dropping them to the floor, my first view of her young adult vagina, she was completely shaven, her labia hung proud, and I could see her moisture leaking from her pussy.Zoe stood up, she released one of her nightdress straps from her shoulder, allowing one of her breasts free. Her breasts were large and her hard nipples and areola were nearly the same colour as her tanned body. ?Why don?t you taste his cock? Zoe guided Catherina to me hard on. Her mouth sucked me in slowly, she was able to take my full length, as I felt the tip of my cock brush the back of her throat. ?Not too much, we don?t want him to cum too quickly?. As Catherina pulled away, I could see both my wife and Zoe were masturbating. Zoe placed her hand between my wife?s legs, her finger found my wife?s pussy and as her labia parted Zoe?s slim finger slipped inside. ?Now the rest my dear? Zoe said to Catherina, she slapped her ass, and Catherina turned towards her. She unhooked the second strap from her shoulder, her nightdress only held up by her breasts. She wriggled a little and from behind her I saw the satin nightdress fall to the floor. My wife gasped, as her nakedness came into view. From behind she had the most perfect tight rounded ass.As Catherina turned towards me slowly, Zoe whispered to her mom ?We are not lesbians? mom?. Catherina?s body came into full view. As my gaze ran down the length of her body, her dark skin, her firm breasts, her hard nipples, her flat stomach, and her rounded hips, and her cock, Catherina had a cock, about as large as mine, standing fully erect, the circumcised head glistening with precum. She made a fist and took her cock in her hand, stroking herself.?We didn?t know how to tell you, but I guess you know now? our daughter?s partner is a transgender. Only a few minutes before she had been sucking my cock, I had presumed she was a fully fledged woman, I thought the idea would have disgusted me, however, my cock was still fully upright, and still twitching. My wife reached over, and put her hand over Catherina?s, Catherina allowing to replace her own hand as my wife began to stroke the erect penis. She pulled Catherina towards her, clamping her mouth closed on a hard nipple. Catherina was squirming, as my wife nibbled on her breast flesh. Then my wife?s head dropped and Catherina slid her cock between my wife?s welcoming lips. Noisily she sucked and slurped on the cock. Zoe sat down beside me, she put one arm on my chest, and as we both watched, she inserted at least two fingers into her pussy.Catherina was also fingering my wife, her juices noisily spreading form her labia, lubricating her love hole. Catherina pulled her cock from my wife?s mouth and guided it between her legs. The hard meat parted my wife?s opening labia and slowly it disappeared inside. Catherina got herself into a comfortable position and began sliding her cock in and out of my wife. With each prodding movement her breasts crashed against my wife?s?. Slowly and methodically she fucked my wife, her cock filling the wanton pussy, and withdrawing till her cock head was just visible, then again filling her up. Each stroke was met with a gasp and a welcoming moan from my wife. Catherina?s butt cheeks were beginning to clench as she sped up her pace. She let out a low groan, her breasts crushing against my wife?s, as they locked their mouths together. By the jerky movements of Catherina?s ass, I could tell she was cumming inside my wife. Zoe was orgasming too, her fingers deep inside her pussy. It took several minutes for all three to come down from their orgasmic heights, with Catherina?s cock finally popping out of my wife?s dripping pussy, followed by a creamy trail of their mixed cum.Zoe finally moved, she climbed up on the couch, spreading her labia apart, sivas escort showing me the bright pinkness of her moist pussy, she offered her vagina to my mouth. As my tongue took it first lick, she moaned. Her juices tasted so sweet, as my tongue lapped her up, her legs nearly buckled, as another orgasm raced through her body. Slowly she slipped downwards, her breasts sliding past my mouth, until her mouth was level with mine, her lips parted and her tongue pressed against my parting lips, her mouth crushed mine, as I experienced one of the most passionate French kisses ever. I could feel her warm wetness on the tip of my cock. My erection was close to bursting, when she allowed her body drop and my cock entered her open pussy.Her slim light body slid up and down my hard length, her juices lubricating us, as she rode my cock. The whole evening had built up deep in my cock, the eroticness of the situation, and my need to cum, meant our fucking only lasted a couple of minutes. Zoe was sitting on top of me, her hips grinding on my erection, as her stomach and breasts pressed into my stomach and chest. I could feel my cum begin to spray into her, as her muscles tighten and released as if she was milking my cock. Rush after rush of cum shot into her pussy as she orgasmed again. When I finally stopped pumping my semen into her, she lifted off me, my cock still throbbing. In my daze I could feel movement beside me, someone was, leaning over me. I focused, and could see Catherina between me and Zoe, her mouth clamped on to Zoe?s pussy, as she sucked my cum from inside her. My wife was kissing Zoe passionately, caressing her breasts, as she pinched her own nipples.My cock should have been deflating, but I could still feel it pressing against Catherina?s body as she lay between Zoe and me. Then she shifted, her mouth closed down on my cock. Her tongue lapped up the mixed cum still glistening on my cock, as her head bounced up and down on my lap, I could feel myself getting harder and harder. Her mouth felt warm and soft, and extremely feminine as she took my cock back to full erection. Zoe turned me on the couch so I was lengthways, she sat on the arm of the seat at one end, her legs spread and her pussy looking inviting. Catherina straddled me, slowly she lowered herself so my cock was at the entrance of her ass. I could see her ball sack hanging below her, as I felt a hand drenched with lubricant massaging my cock. She lowered her self a little more, and my cock began to disappear between her ass cheeks. I was inside her, yet she was fully in control. I felt her lean forward, and heard Zoe moan as Catherina?s mouth found her pussy. My wife was behind me, and I saw her legs straddle my head, her pussy pushed down, and my face was full of her womanness. My tongue began prodding her hot pussy, as I felt Catherina grinding up and down on my cock. Within minutes, I could feel my second orgasm begin to erupt, my cum pumping inside her ass, as she bucked on top of me. At the same time, I felt a flood of my wife?s cum flow in to my mouth, escaping my prodding tongue and dripping all over my face.Zoe pulled off my cock, as I lay on the couch, standing up her cock was nearly upright. She grabbed my wife?s legs, and turned her so she was prone. Then Zoe grabbed a bottle of lube from the table, and poured the contents over my wife?s ass. She slid her finger inside, my wife?s virgin ass parted as her little rose bud accepted its first intrusion. Catherina took position and gently pushed the tip of her hard cock against my wife?s rosebud opening. There was a look of pain on her face, as the erect penis took her anal virginity, but that look soon changed, her eyes had clouded over, and there was a look of extreme passion on her face. Catherina was fucking my wife?s ass. In and out her cock pounded, her hands spreading the welcoming ass cheeks. My wife?s seemed to be in a permanent state of orgasm, as Catherina fucked her.Catherina suddenly pulled out, her cock glistened and throbbed. My wife dropped to her knees, as Zoe dropped down beside her. Catherina gripped her cock, and within two strokes, a stream of creamy cum shot out of her erection, landing across both my wife?s face and Zoe?s. String after string of cum landed on their pale faces, until Catherina finally stopped cumming. My wife and Zoe kissed each other passionately and spent a long time cleaning the sperm off their faces, until we all finally agreed it was time for bed, and how we were all glad Catherina had joined our family.
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