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Teacher, Teacher Ch. 02

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Teacher, Teacher Ch. 02I awoke Sunday morning to bright sunlight streaming through the open window and stretched my tired and surprisingly sore body, my morning wood quickly bringing back memories of yesterday. I stroked it a few times, my hard-on once again totally invigorated and ready to go until I realized how bad I had to pee. I looked at the clock and realized I had been asleep for almost ten hours and didn't remember getting up during the night to go to the bathroom as I normally would.I stretched again, feeling my back muscles tighten up slightly and pushed myself out of bed. As I stood, my back ached even more and my legs felt like jelly. Who knew sex could be such a workout. The pain helped my desire to wane a bit and I pulled on my light robe and made my way to the bathroom, the morning wood still forcing the robe out slightly from my body. I met my mom in the hallway as she came out of the bathroom."Good morning, dear," she whispered and pulled me into her for a bear hug. She was wearing one of her skimpy, white baby doll outfits, obviously planning the usual Sunday morning kitchen sex feast for my father. My hands floated up under the back of the translucent nylon fabric and encountered her soft bare skin as I hugged her close. Normally this wouldn't bother me that much, but after yesterday, my senses were on high-alert and I could feel my morning wood turning into a steel rod in spite of my desperation to urinate. I leaned into her and kissed her softly on the neck as had been our customary practice since I was a little k** snuggling with her at nap time.She had applied fresh perfume while in the bathroom and I felt myself get dizzy as my full eight inches made contact with my mom's lower belly, just inches from the top of her pubic hair, which had been readily visible through the thin cloth as I approached her. I felt her sharp intake of breath at the contact and she gripped me tighter, my dick flexing upward and flattening against her belly. My nose ran the length of her neck and then sniffed lightly behind her ear as I softly kissed her earlobe.She tightened her grip even more as my hands drifted lower on her back, her breathing now ragged. I could feel her stiff nipples poking through my light-weight robe and burning my chest. She moved her lower belly almost imperceptively, but it felt like a belly-dancer's move to my aching, stiff rod. I remembered again that this was my mother and I really had to pee bad now. I had this intense desire to kiss her passionately, but I gently pushed away, our bodies separating though only a few inches apart.Her perfume still wafting through my senses and my rod now poking out from the opening to my robe, I started to apologize. "I'm sorry ..." She looked to be in a daze with her hand reaching out toward my manhood. I touched her face, our eyes meeting for the first time."I'm sorry mom," I said again as I wrapped the robe around me, covering my protruding manhood. "It's alright dear," her voice still soft. "You're a man now and these things happen that you can't control. Let's not make a fuss about it." Her smile promised so much, but that would be for dad and not me. I would say that I warmed her up for him, but she was horny before we ever met in the hallway. At least I knew where I got my sex drive. I squeezed past her into the bathroom and shut the door. What the hell was I doing? That was mother and I almost lost control around her. Hell, she almost lost control. Why did sex have to get so confusing again after such a wonderful day as yesterday had been?My woody finally went down enough for me to drain it, the shrinking hose still managing to send a ripple of chills through my body like another orgasm. I finished the rest of my morning rituals, shortening my shower so I could get out of the house before the noise started. I decided on cookies for breakfast and through some into a lunch bag to share with the guys. I grabbed my cap, ball and glove and headed to the ball field to work out some frustrations. It was a short walk to the field, but I was having trouble keeping thoughts of my mother out of my head. I needed to see Mrs. Taylor today.George and Jeff were already there so I shared the cookies with them while we waited for the rest of the guys to show up. We lamented how there were no good shows on Friday night now as all three channels had re-runs last night. They thought we should have gone to the movies last night to see if we had the guts to buy tickets to Harry, Cherry, and Raquel, an X-rated film that was showing downtown at one of the mainstream theatres. We knew we would have been too embarrassed to risk having someone we know see us go in there.George invited us over to his house after we were done. It was hard to say no to him because we had been friends so long. "C'mon, the Yanks are on at 1:00...and my mom's making pastries for Sunday dinner," George stated with a huge smile when he mentioned the pastries. His mom was a c***d when her family came over from Italy and she had all her mom's recipes. The canolis would just melt in your mouth. His mom was nice with a pretty face but the pounds had tacked on gradually over the years so she was a little plump now. But she always had a smile on her face and something delicious cooking in the oven, which made her very popular with our crowd.We only played for three hours before folks started getting hungry and decided to call it a day. We took the back entrance to the park to head towards George's place. The walk would take us within a few houses of where Mrs. Taylor lived and when we got to the street, I casually looked down to her house and noticed there were three other cars in her driveway. Guess I wouldn't be seeing her today."Hey, doesn't Mrs. Taylor live down this street?" Jeff asked. "Man, what I wouldn't give for one night with her.""You wouldn't know what to do with her," George replied. "But it sure would be fun trying," I laughed. I hoped they hadn't noticed any change in me and didn't want to start acting differently by defending her honor."This coming from the teacher's pet," George said seriously. "If anybody has a chance with her, it would be you. Man, you would do the IQ crowd proud if you could even kiss her." I could sense the frustration in his voice and Jeff was just nodding as we walked along. I couldn't tell them about what had happened with her yesterday let alone the feelings I had for my mom this morning. It would be all around school before we got in tomorrow morning and Mrs. Taylor would be transferred or fired and I would be a pariah with any decent girl at school. No, I just had to keep my mouth shut, enjoy the sex while I could, and realize that when her husband came home it was over and time to move on. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. I grinned as we walked and George took notice, giving me the raised eyebrow."Ok, I can't say I haven't thought about kissing her or doing a whole lot more. But when we're alone grading papers, she's all business or she's talking about her husband," I lied.They both shook their heads knowingly, like that was how they expected every teacher to be around students. As we approached George's house, the aroma of sweet baked goods was floating in the air and all thoughts of sex quickly faded as our hungry bellies took over. George's mom, Angie Russo, was as Italian as they come and by far the best cook of any of our mothers. She was in her early fifties with light brown hair that had streaks of gray, almost like it was highlighted that way. The few extra pounds she now carried filled out her ample bosom and had kept away any wrinkles from that lovely smiling face.She greeted us all with a hug and kiss on the cheek as she always had. I had never thought of her in a sexual way before, but now being squished against those soft pillows on her chest, I realized she was still a beautiful, vibrant woman and George's dad was one lucky man. She was already heating up leftover lasagna for our lunch yelling "Mangi, mangi, you boys eat like birds!"We had a great afternoon together watching baseball and talking about girls, sports, and these new things called computers that were going to be revolutionized by something called a micro-chip. Then Jeff had to bring up TV."Did you guys watch Dean Martin Thursday? Joey Heatherton was on their singing and dancing wearing a negligee. My pecker was standing straight up. She's a lot better looking Joey than you are man," he said looking straight at me and laughing at the reference to our similar names..."She reminds me of Joey's mom," George said, breaking that unwritten oath of talking about someone else's mom in reference to sex. He could see my facial expression change. "Seriously man, your mom is a fox. She's as beautiful as any actress." Jeff just nodded in agreement.So maybe my feelings this morning weren't that weird after all. Dad and I weren't the only ones who thought that mom was drop dead gorgeous. Maybe that yearning this morning was normal. Time would tell.When the game was over, Jeff and I headed home while George readied himself for a Sunday dinner feast. I walked back the way we came, but cut down Mrs. Taylor's street, hoping her guests had left. They hadn't, as I noticed the same 3 cars parked in her driveway, so I jogged the rest of the way home.It was a pretty quiet dinner with mom barely looking at me and dad ogling mom like he was ready for some more Sunday breakfast sex. They must have had a really wild session after I left. I quickly ate and excused myself so I could type up my paper for English class that was due Monday. I had written it last week but was sidetracked by my time with Mrs. Taylor and had never gotten around to typing it. Miss Raphael would be really pissed if she had to decipher my handwriting on another paper and I aimed to keep her happy.******************************************** *I woke up Monday morning and had showered and eaten before mom and dad even made it out of bed. I only had one bus I could take and that got me to school at 7:30, enough time to double check homework before classes started at 8:00. Ione sat next to me on the bus, which was quite unusual but she was late getting to the stop and had to take the empty seat next to me instead of in back with the 'cool' girls. Ione was a female jock. She was about the same height as me with a curvaceous body and better abs than I could ever dream of having. We had known each other since fifth grade when she was the first girl in class to need a training bra. She was almost a half foot taller than me back then, but her growth spurt slowed and I caught up to her last year. She had shoulder length auburn hair with just a hint of curls but today it was pulled into a ponytail. She wasn't wearing makeup and she didn't need to but usually did anyway. I was used to seeing those soft pouty lips covered with a light red lipstick. They looked just as kissable today without the red wax on them."Hey beautiful, to what do I owe the honor?" I asked, in a tone that only a friend could get away with. "I hate Mondays. There should be a law against having gym class for first period. Fucking periods!""Uh-oh. That explains it." I held her hand and she calmed down, leaning her head on my shoulder. She looked exhausted and now I knew why. Mom got the same way when she had her periods."Thanks. I'm just beat. I was up late writing that paper for English and then this hit and now having gym class...." She leaned her head back on my shoulder and drifted off to sleep. She was wearing a tight pink, polyester top with a white cotton skirt that was showing a lot of her long luxurious legs. With her napping, my eyes had the freedom to roam without fear of being caught. She had a full chest pushing out that pink fabric and it looked like...nipples pushing through the thin material. She had mentioned once before that she needed to wear a different kind of bra for sports because her boobs were so big. I guess her uniforms hid this little secret in the past. I woke her up when we got to school, reluctantly looking away from those hardened nipples. It wasn't until then that I realized I'd had a hard-on and I quickly grabbed my books and put them in my lap. She stood up, suddenly alert and grabbed me as I stood. "Thanks, you're the best," followed by a peck on the cheek and she was off. "See you in English," I gushed. In seven years she had never given me a kiss before, though we were used to holding hands in a brother-sister sort of way when we walked home in grade school. Maybe it was just her period making her act differently.Ione came running into English class just as the bell sounded, looking very flustered and a little ragged again. The top two buttons of her satiny pink top were undone exposing that ample cleavage now encased in a white lace bra. Apparently those sporty ones weren't that comfortable. Her skin was flushed; her face red from running I assumed, but that bountiful cleavage now more in view as she leaned a little forward, had a shimmering pink glow.Her hand was playing with a buttonhole as she stared straight ahead at Miss Raphael. My attention to her breasts was averted when Miss Raphael asked us to pass in the stories we had written. I hadn't noticed her when I came into class, still daydreaming about the bus ride, but I was now focused on the same wondrous sight that had captured Ione's attention. The petite and lovely Miss Raphael was wearing her normal black to match her hair, but her skirt was shorter than normal and the material of her skirt and blouse was a shiny black satin. The tightness of the top accentuated how small her breasts were and the short skirt led down to black hose and black patent leather shoes with three inch heels. When added to her usual mascara coated eyelashes and bright red lipstick, she looked like a fifteen year old hooker instead of an English teacher.Ione and I were the only two students in the back row and Miss Raphael appeared to be looking straight at us as she talked. I glanced to my left at Ione and noticed her fingers were now playing along the top of her exposed chest. I started to stare as her fingers went lower, her nails now scr****g gently across that inviting cleavage. This went on for several minutes, my boner getting harder and pushing up my pants.I really didn't care at this point. This was sexier than watching Lori n Math class. Ione was mere inches away from me instead of across the room. Her eyes stayed focused on Miss Raphael but her hand moved inside her bra and her fingers were now fondling her nipple, the turgid flesh occasionally exposed to my view. My mom had always said her nipples got very tender during her period but this apparently was not a problem for Ione. I glanced at Miss Raphael and her eyes appeared to be locked on Ione, even as she rattled off her spiel for this morning's class. Those long eyelashes seemed to flutter slightly as she watched the same show that I had gone back to.Ione's tongue slipped out slowly, wetting her lips, then slipped back inside as her nostrils flared, her excitement now obvious. I watched her continue to pinch that nipple, the surrounding mounds of flesh turning a brighter red due to her randy actions. I tried to imagine the purple head of my hard cock sliding into that valley of burning flesh, tempted to reach into my own pants and start jerking off. Miss Raphael stayed cool and calm for the most part. She would turn and write on the blackboard, but every time she turned around, her eyes went back to the same spot. I could feel my cock leaking lubricant that was just going to waste, knowing there was no way for me to chance jerking off in class. I looked back to see Miss Raphael looking at me with a knowing look. So she caught me looking. What was she going to do? She had been looking as well and was just as guilty. I smiled back at her, emboldened by that thought. She grinned just before turning back to the blackboard, flashing her cute ass in that tight, shiny skirt.I turned my attention back to Ione, who had stopped playing with her boob but now had hiked her skirt slightly and was slowly working her fingers up her thigh. I could see the sharp, well-defined fingernails as they softly scratched the pink flesh of her inner thigh. Damn I wanted to pull my cock out so bad.Ione finally noticed I was watching her and took her eyes off our lovely little teacher. She followed my eyes to her crotch like she didn't realize what she was doing to herself. She looked confused for a minute as she stared down at her now exposed panties, then turned more towards me, a small smile appearing on her soft, luscious lips. Those long fingers raked across the cotton cloth covering her now swollen slit. She breathed deeply, her nostrils flaring again as she watched me watching her. She looked at my crotch and saw my long shaft poking my pants almost straight up. She pushed harder on her slit, her finger separating the bulbous lips and forcing the material between them. Pink flesh came into view and I almost exploded. She slid the panties aside and worked her fingers across her clit as I ran my hand over the bulge in my pants. The string of her tampon was hanging between her swollen pussy lips reminding me of her condition. The aroma of her lubricious excitement was now wafting through the air and I was afraid others in class might notice it. I glanced at the clock and noticed that class was almost over and nodded to her to get her attention. She saw the time and reluctantly removed her fingers from the large nubbin poking out the top of her pussy, moving her panties back into place. She pulled her skirt back down, but didn't bother with the buttons on her tight pink blouse, her inviting cleavage left for me to view.She leaned over to whisper to me. "Meet me downstairs by the locker rooms," desperation in her voice."But I have History class next period.""I don't give a fuck. Be there," she whispered, this time a command and not a request. Why did women always get so assertive when they were horny?The bell rang and Ione quickly left. I let most of the others leave ahead of me as I tried to keep my books in front of me to keep my raging hard-on hidden. Just as I got near the door, Mrs. Raphael called out to me."Joey, can I see you for a minute?"I went over to her, noticing her sweet perfume as I got closer. I wet my lips, trying to think up some excuse for what had happened in the back row today. I needn't have bothered."Um, I'm going over to Linda's for dinner Wednesday night. Maybe you should see if you can help her grade papers that night." She smiled a devilish smile and looked down at the books covering my crotch.I smiled back at her. "That sounds like a wonderful idea to me. I think I can work that out." I wanted to reach out and grab one of her tiny little titties but the next class was already filing in so I turned and left. As I got out into the hallway, I remembered my orders from commander Ione and headed down to the basement. I was walking towards the locker rooms when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me into the ladies room.Ione crushed her lips to mine, her hands holding my head in place in case I resisted. I dropped my books and wrapped my arms around her, my right hand quickly finding that firm round tush. She reached down and grabbed my belt, opening my pants faster than I ever could. Gravity pulled them down but she slipped my undies down enough for my massive rod to pop out.Her tongue slipped between my lips as she worked my dripping cock with those long, soft fingers and I lifted her skirt up to her waist. Leaving my right hand on her butt, I slipped it under her panties and pulled her closer, my fingers quickly finding their target. She was as wet as I was and you could hear the sloshing sounds as we frigged each other. I reached my middle finger up the length of her slit and found her hardened nubbin, quickly applying pressure and rubbing it as hard as I could without causing pain. She came almost instantly, her body tightening and her lips crushing mine as she tried to suppress the moans escaping her lips.Her orgasm lasted for almost thirty seconds and I was just about to cum when she grabbed me once again and switched positions, taking my spot against the wall. It was then I noticed the blood on my fingers, explaining the sloshing and excess liquid I felt."Eat me!" she exclaimed. I just stared, bewildered. "Eat me!" she yelled her whisper this time, spreading her legs wide. The tampon was gone so she must have had enough time to clean up a little before I got down here.I dropped to me knees, my rigid cock aching for release. I slid my tongue along her swollen pussy lips, lapping warm red liquid off her soft skin. I swallowed the delicious liqueur as I worked my tongue north towards the large nubbin protruding from her slit, her pubic hair scratching my face lightly.I sucked the rubbery flesh between my lips and fluttered my tongue across it rapidly. I could feel it swell even more as another orgasm approached. She grabbed my head and held it tight."Holy shiiit! Umph, umph. Fuck!" Her throaty sounds echoed through the porcelain room as I grabbed onto my aching meat and started stroking myself, no longer content to be her toy. This orgasm lasted longer than the first and I held my tongue in place until she started to soften her grip, running her fingers through my hair and sending more chills up my spine and down to my swollen cock. She saw the sorry state I was in and pulled me up as she knelt down. She took the angry purple head between her lips and sucked gently, her fingers coming up to tickle my balls and play near my bunghole. Her tongue swirled around the head as she continued to lightly suck and I could feel the cum boiling deep inside me. I felt my rod swell even more as my cum shot out and bounced off the back of her throat. Stream after stream exploded out as my body quivered from the intensity of my climax. I tried very hard not to force my cock down her throat, but it was a reflex action as my hips pushed forward. She took over half of it into her diyarbakır escort mouth as she swallowed the copious amounts of semen she was being bombarded with. Her mouth held me tight as she sucked hard, extending the exquisite feelings for a few more precious seconds.She released my cock as the flow ebbed but I remained hard as she stood up to face me. I kissed her hard, the taste of my own spunk only increasing the fire deep within me. She kissed me back with equal passion, slipping her tongue inside for a lovely duel. I sucked her lower lip while she reached down and wrapped her fingers around my still swollen member. She broke the kiss momentarily."You're still hard. Can you do it again?" she asked, the wonder in her voice.I just nodded and she reached down for her purse and fished out a condom, ripping it open and quickly sliding it over my aching, swollen cock. She had obviously done this before. I wasn't even thinking about what would happen if I got caught in the girl's room. I had to do this. She positioned it at her opening and I moved it a few times across her clit, eliciting moans of pleasure as she started kissing me again. I slowly pushed it inside, her tight, strong pussy gripping my rigid pole and pulling it in deeper. I started my hips moving slowly and gradually increased the speed, placing my hands beneath her sweet cheeks and lifting her up. I could feel the warm blood oozing out of her body and hoping it wasn't going to stain our clothes. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and her hips were matching mine as I slammed into her, both of us needing a hard fuck to satisfy the pent up emotions from the classroom.My arms started to tire from holding her up and my legs started to weaken as more blood flowed into my swollen cock. She suddenly increased her hip movement, slamming down on me hard and then holding me there as she exploded again. She tightened her vagina as she convulsed and that was enough to send me over the top again, my cum splashing against the tip of the condom.I continued to hold her up as we kissed softly and lovingly, feelings that had been hidden for years finally rising to the top. It felt so right kissing her and holding her. My second orgasm seemed to do the trick as my once hard dick was now a shrinking rubber-coated snake. I let her down slowly to make sure she had her legs back before releasing her."How is it we never acted on these feelings before?" I asked. Certainly they had been there.She smiled. "You were always too nice. I never expected anything close to this if we made love. If I had known, I would have been all over you in sixth grade." She smiled and kissed me again. "This was wonderful.""Well, not to break the magic spell, but we've got a mess to clean up here and there will probably be girls coming in here any minute."She looked down and noticed the trail of blood down her legs. "Like I said, fucking periods!"I tossed the bloody condom into the trash. We were both wetting paper towels to clean up our mess and I helped scrub some of the quickly drying blood from her inner thighs, stopping long enough to give a quick peck on her pussy. My pants escaped any stains and I pulled them up, feeling a slight ooze from my cock now trapped in my briefs. She pulled a tampon from her purse and I watched her insert it and remove the cardboard tube, a little tingle running through her sensitive body.All-in-all, we were lucky there wasn't more of a mess. She got her clothes back in place, almost looking radiant if it weren't for the exhaustion. I suggested she see her gym teacher and see if she would excuse her for the rest of the day so she could go home and rest. "Always the thoughtful one. Thanks. Can we go out sometime?""I would love that. Why don't you sit with me on the bus tomorrow and we can discuss it." I kissed her softly again. Man, she could become habit forming."Ok, scoot before we get caught." I ran across the hall to the boys room and washed up some more making sure there were no signs of blood and hopefully washed away some of the musky aroma of our sexual encounter. I looked at myself in the mirror. How could I change so much in one week? I had been transformed from nice-guy geek to sexual dynamo and had no idea how it happened. All of a sudden girls were finding me sexy and not just cute. Whatever the cause, my raging libido finally had a release other than my hand and I wasn't going to question the reasons. History class was just about over so I waited in the boy's room until the bell sounded before heading to my next class. I daydreamed through most of it, thinking back on those sweet kisses and how fantastic her lips felt when they were locked around my cock. My thoughts then drifted to what Miss Raphael had said and I thought about how to approach Mrs. Taylor this afternoon.We had lunch period next and the guys noticed the glazed look on my face. George, Jeff, and even Jack the Giant were staring at me wondering if I was okay. I came out of my trance and whispered, "Ione wants me to ask her out."There were suppressed yells of "Holy shit" and "Oh man you are so lucky." Everybody had those shit-eating grins on their faces. I looked over at Jack and he seemed to sense my dilemma. After lunch while the guys were cleaning up the table, Jack came over to me, a concerned look on his face."You might want to talk to Kathy about that. I know I'm sort of dating her, but it's obvious she still has feelings for you.""Thanks Jack, I will. I was kind of shocked and a little hurt when she kissed you Saturday at the park. How long have you two been seeing each other?""Almost two weeks. I know I should have told you but you know how these guys are. You saw how they reacted when you mentioned Ione. And I really thought Kathy would tell you.""It's okay man. Probably my fault anyway. I'll talk to her. I hope it works out for you. You make a nice couple." It was a white lie. I still had feeling s for Kathy and wanted to have sex with her again and show her I could do it the right way, but the way I felt after having sex with Mrs. Taylor and now Ione, I knew I wouldn't be content being monogamous with Kathy.I kept myself focused in Physics class and then headed off to Math class, a sudden anxiety attack hitting me at the thought of seeing Linda, Mrs. Taylor, for the first time since our Saturday lovemaking session. She looked at me as I entered the room, a smile crossing those lovely red lips, and my anxiety melted away. Her shiny red hair was pulled back in a bun again today, leaving more of her lightly freckled face exposed. I took my seated and eyed her lovely figure. She was wearing a white cotton blouse with an unbuttoned white jacket over it, her lacy white bra only slightly visible if you stared long enough, which of course I did. The tight white skirt matched the jacket and really accentuated that round ass that protruded from the back. The taupe nylons were being supported by a white garter belt, something she made clear to me by bending down to pick up the chalk she intentionally dropped in front of me.Lori came into class and took what had by now become her new normal seat directly across from me. Her curly blond hair d****d down over the round curves of her full breasts. She was wearing a pink lip gloss as she looked across at me and smiled that devilish prick-teaser smile that I had recently come to know and love. She was wearing a pink mohair sweater that just reached down to her waist line, occasionally offering up a glimpse of her tight, flat belly when she moved. The red flowing skirt was longer than what she normally wore but it shimmered as she opened and closed her legs in exaggerated fashion. As class started, Lori pretended to be taking notes, all the while watching me with that evil grin, knowing that the anticipation was killing me. At one point she stopped taking notes and lifted her hand up towards her chest, her pen pointing straight at one of her large orbs. She nonchalantly started teasing her breast with the pen, knowing that I was watching her every move. Her eyes closed, the exhibitionism obviously turning her on. My dick was likewise turned on and began to rise rapidly in my pants.Knowing now that Mrs. Taylor was aware of the game we had been playing, I looked at her for clues that she was watching our actions. She turned her head slightly while writing on the blackboard and stole a glimpse of large lump in my pants, a slight grin crossing her face that only I could see. I looked back at Lori, who had set her pen down, and was now moving her left leg outward as she slowly inched her skirt up her long lovely legs. She was wearing little white bobby sox today instead of the sexy pantyhose and her white flesh shone brightly as the sun streamed through the classroom windows. She was taking her time raising the skirt on her left leg while Mrs. Taylor droned on explaining equations that they all should have understood by now.Lori now let her left hand crawl up her juicy thigh, moving the skirt as it went. The agonizing trip took several minutes as Lori was intent on teasing me as much as possible. She closed her leg slightly while her hand continued to pull the skirt up. When she opened her legs this time, her bare pussy was in plain sight. No panties and she had shaved the lips exposing that soft luscious cunt to my view. The mound of hair above her pussy had been trimmed somewhat as well but still formed a lovely triangle pointing down to the butterfly shaped lips that she was now separating with her fingers.What the fuck? She was playing with herself right here in class and my cock was ready to explode again. I could feel the lubricant once again ooze from the swollen purple head as thoughts of tasting Lori's delicious looking pussy danced in my head. Her middle finger slowly penetrated the exquisite flesh and her eyes closed once again, reveling in the feeling of masturbating while someone was watching her.Mrs. Taylor had paused her lecture and I looked up to notice her glance focused on Lori. I coughed drawing everyone's attention to me and allowing Mrs. Taylor to compose herself and continue on explaining how to decide which variables to use.Lori continued to work her finger on her moist slit while I watched her. Her eyes wide open now and staring at me as she frigged herself. She placed her right hand over her mouth suppressing the moans that surely would have come screaming out as her fingers rapidly brought her to orgasm. Her thumb and forefinger had a death grip on her clit while I watched her body quiver, her eyes closed as the ecstasy overtook her.I reached into my pocket and was able to rearrange my rigid cock, pointing him upward and flat so my excitement was less obvious. I looked up at Mrs. Taylor and could see she was obviously flustered by what had just occurred in her classroom. Her face was blushing a beet red making her freckles stand out more than usual. She tried to compose herself as she turned around to face the class. "Well, it looks like we're done a little early and I need to use the ladies room, so please keep yourselves busy until the bell rings and then you may leave." She then turned and slowly left the classroom.I looked back at Lori to see her fully composed now, her skirt back down around her long legs. Her fingers were glossy with her cum as she raised them to her lips and tasted her own juice, her nostrils flaring at the aroma that must be overpowering her mind. She sucked her middle finger much like a nervous little c***d would, an obvious sign that her little masturbation session had quieted the fires that burned within her.As the bell rang, I quickly got up keeping my books in front of me and walked over to her. She stood silently next to me as everyone quickly ushered out of the room. "That was fucking great!" she said after everyone had left. "I don't think I've ever cum that hard before.""Are you crazy?" I asked, more than slightly perturbed at what she had just done. "Do you realize Mrs. Taylor was watching you too? You could get us both into trouble here.""That's what made it so special, knowing that both of you were watching me." She ran her moist index finger across my lips, the aroma causing my cock to lurch in my pants. I took her by the arm and led her out of the classroom as the next group of students were filing in. For once, her boyfriend wasn't standing outside waiting for her and I led her down the hallway until we came to the janitor's closet. As the halls emptied, I opened the door and turned on the light pulling her in behind me. I balanced our books on the sink and turned to face her.She leaned forward and I met her halfway, our lips melding together in a passionate kiss. My right hand went up under the loose red skirt, my index finger sliding effortlessly inside her while my thumb found that hard swollen clit. She slid her hand inside my pants and found my dripping, rigid cock and started jerking me off. She came hard and quick, gasping for air, her hand now gripping my cock intensely as the feeling of ecstasy emanated throughout her body. Her breathing was barely back to normal when she gasped, "I've got to see it. Pull your pants down."I was more than happy to oblige, my stiff member now floating in the cool air. He stood out proud and firm hoping for a chance to slide once again into a young, moist pussy. But Lori had other ideas."Jerk off for me. Please, I want to see your cum splashing against my pussy." She started by taking my hand and moving it along my cock, spreading the fluid from head to base. Suddenly this didn't seem like a bad alternative. She let my hand takeover and moved her hand down to my balls, gently rolling them between her fingers. Her other hand went to her pussy and she started to tease her clit while she watched me.I could smell her musky scent as she came yet again, her eyes once again closing as her body quivered in delight. I slowly worked my cock until she opened her eyes again and then sped up, my hand a blur as I stared down at her shaven pussy lips. She brought her cum-covered finger to my lips and I exploded, sperm splashing against her bare flesh as fireworks went off inside my head. I looked down again to see the cum jet out of my swollen purple b**st in never-ending streams of milky white fluid.As I calmed down, she squeezed the last drops out onto her fingers and brought the salty juice to her lips, sucking it down like water from an oasis. She leaned back against the wall and I leaned in and kissed her again, her soft lips sending chills down my spine. My libido was in a heightened state and all of a sudden it seemed I had an infinite stream of women wanting to satisfy my needs.I slipped a hand up under her sweater, intent on finally touching the breasts that had been teasing me through my youth. She wasn't wearing a bra, but her large breast still stood firm as I squished one in my hand, the nipple quickly rising at my touch. We stood there for a long time making out, her hand pulling on my cock while I fondled her breasts.She finally broke our kiss and looked at me quizzically, biting her lower lip. She let go of my hardened piece of flesh and got a serious look on her face. She removed my hands from her luscious boobies."If I called you up some night, would you come over and make-out with me like this? Umm, and not tell anyone about it. My boyfriend can be a jerk, but he has his own car and his family is loaded so I'm not about to give that up yet. And I really enjoyed this. You're a good kisser Joey and I'd like to do this again.""Well you're a good kisser too Lori," I smiled. "And if I'm available, I would love to make-out with you." She may be book smart, but when it came to common sense, she was a dumb blond; but she was a gorgeous dumb blond and how could I pass up an invitation like this?Once again I found myself cleaning up a mess with these scratchy paper towels. They soaked up cum well, but they were anything but soft. We both rearrange our clothes and checked each other out to make sure we didn't miss anything."Umm, you missed a spot Joey," she laughed. She reached into my back pocket and took out my handkerchief, her face just inches away again. "You've got lip gloss all over your face," she chuckled again. She cleaned me up the way my mom used to do when I was a little k** with chocolate on my face. I kissed her again and she gave me one last wipe to clean off my lips, tucking the cloth into my back pocket. We got our books and discreetly snuck out of the janitor's closet.There I stood, the model student having missed my second class of the day to have sex with a beautiful young lady. Somehow it seemed justified though I knew I couldn't let it happen every day. When the bell rang, I headed back to see Mrs. Taylor expecting a stern lecture about Lori's lack of control. As the last k**s filed out, I went in and shut the door behind me. She looked up smiling, but it quickly turned to a frown."Are you trying to get us all thrown out of this school?" she chided me."I'm sorry. I know Lori was a little out of control...""A little? She masturbated in my classroom! I could lose my teaching credentials over an incident like that.""I'm sorry. I talked to her after class and I think I can get her under control. I'll talk to her again and make sure she behaves." "Well, okay. She has to be careful. Are you available to help grade papers this week?" she smiled again, her anger somewhat abated."Hmm, I can do Wednesday if that works for you," not letting on that I knew about her dinner plans for that evening."Well, I do have plans for later, but we should be able to get them all done before dinner. Meet me in the parking lot after classes and we'll drive to my house and do the work there."Memories of her naked body flashed before me as I quickly recalled the most memorable Saturday of my young life. I don't know what Miss Raphael had in mind, but I knew I wasn't leaving her house until well after dinner was over.I went home that night and went over to see Kathy after dinner. I explained to her that I was going to ask Ione out on a date and didn't want her to hear it from someone else."You must hate me," she said, the tears falling from her eyes. I sat on the bed next to her and brushed the tears away, staring into those beautiful blue eyes."I will never hate you. I was disappointed that you didn't tell me about Jack, but I certainly don't hate you. We should always be friends." I brushed her hair back and softly kissed her full lips. She started to kiss me back, but then suddenly pulled away."Look, someday you'll understand but for now, I'm dating Jack so there can't be anything but friendship between us.""Okay, I can live with that as long as we're still friends." I held out my hand and she shook it, laughing lightly, then wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard and passionately. "That was our last kiss Joey. I love you more than you will ever know but from now on, it's just hugs and pecks on the cheek, okay?""Okay, I love you too and always will no matter what. I hope it works out between you and Jack." And then I got up and left, a part of me staying in that room with Kathy.I went home and finished my homework and then lay down, trying to think of what to do on my date with Ione Friday. A movie was a pretty safe and standard first date so I figured we could go to whatever movie she wanted and then get a snack after. That would give us more time to talk and see where this was going to lead. If it was a short-term sexual fling, so be it. My ideas about sex and not ending up a daddy had faded after the extreme pleasure I had experienced in the last few days. I would be careful but with all this sudden interest from some very attractive women, I would have to be crazy to try to stay celibate.Tuesday came and went uneventfully. Ione sat with me on the bus and we made plans for Friday but there was no sneaking off for sex or cutting classes. Lori came in to Math class and actually sat and took notes for the entire class, never once doing anything overtly sexual. Miss Raphael had given me some suggestive looks during class, but nothing else happened or was said. Mrs. Taylor was totally professional after class, thanking me for talking to Lori and reminding me to meet her in the parking lot Wednesday. I slept remarkably well Tuesday night and woke up Wednesday feeling refreshed and ready to get to school. My morning wood told me it was going to be a wonderful day so I pulled on my robe and headed to the bathroom without tying it since mom and dad rarely got up early on a weekday. Dad didn't have to be in the office until 9:00 so they would usually wait until I had left for school before getting up. I was thinking about stroking one off so I could concentrate at school. As I turned the corner to the bathroom, I bumped into my mother again as she was leaving the bathroom. It startled us both, especially with my long rod bumping into my mom's belly. She looked down and saw the naked monolith reaching out to her before I could cover it up with the robe. I went ahead and pulled my robe together and tied it, but the damage was done."Sorry mom. I wasn't expecting anyone else to be awake yet." I looked at her and realized that she was standing in front of me in a white see-through baby doll again, obviously not expecting me either. This outfit was normally saved for weekends. Her brown areolas and hard nipples were clearly visible even in the dim light of the hallway. Her pussy hair made a perfect triangle showing the path to Shangri-la. "It's alright dear. Like I said, you're a man now and these types of things will happen. It's not like I haven't seen plenty of them before. I guess I didn't realize you got up this early for school either." She was standing just inches away and had made no move to cover up, obviously not embarrassed to be showing off her fantastic body. Seeing her in the baby doll pajamas, I realized the guys were right. She did look somewhat like Joey Heatherton with her long, firm legs and more than ample bust. Her cute face was framed by the fethiye escort short blond hair in much the same way, but mom's lips were fuller and her beautiful blue eyes always had this dreamy quality when she was around me. It was like she was thinking about us having a picnic at the lake without a care in the world.I smiled at her wanting very much too just reach up and feel one of her magnificent breasts and see if they actually were as soft as they appeared to be. Instead, I was startled again as she leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips, lingering and sucking gently, causing my morning wood to almost explode. And just like that she stopped and began to walk away."You have a nice day at school today. I'll see you tonight dear." The bedroom door closed and I was standing there with my dick poking out of my robe wondering what the fuck just happened. I decided against jerking off, too confused about what had just occurred. I brushed my teeth and shaved, allowing my throbbing tool to calm down so I could pee before hopping in the shower.Crazy thoughts were going through my head as I got to the bus stop but they all vanished when I saw Ione. Her auburn hair was glistening in the early morning light and her bright smile was accentuated with an unusual light red lip gloss. She skipped towards me as I approached, giving me a quick kiss and slipping her arm in mine."Damn, is that cherry lip gloss? It tastes fantastic." I could feel my tool start to grow and push up the front of my trousers. I saw Kathy back by the bench. She gave me a weak smile but then quickly turned her back obviously not wanting to watch us together."I was hoping you'd like it. You have no idea how sexy it makes me feel." Her hazel eyes were sparkling as she looked at me longingly with nasty thoughts on her mind. "I was going to save it for Friday night, but I had to try it out on you today. I'm getting pretty randy thinking about Friday night." She was blunt and certainly not embarrassed to reveal her feelings."Well, thanks beautiful. Now I'll probably have a hard-on all day thinking about you." I smiled only half-joking about thinking about her all day. After that sexual fiesta Monday morning while she was on the rag, I could only imagine how wild she would get when she felt good. She was in great physical shape and I could see her winning any sexual marathon that might be held.We took my usual seat near the front of the bus, holding hands and making small talk until she abruptly picked up her gym bag, which also doubled as her book bag. She pulled out a notebook and handed it to me."Mrs. Raphael took a quick look at my paper and suggested I re-write it and hand it back in today. I need you to take a look at it and tell me what you think."I grabbed a pen from my pocket while she left the gym bag on our laps. I made some quick spelling and punctuation corrections and then felt her soft fingers as they started rubbing my thigh while her gym bag blocked everyone's view. I started having a little trouble concentrating as her hand rested in my crotch, getting a quick rise out of me. I glanced over at those glossy lips as she grinned at me. I know I was blushing a brighter red than her lip gloss.I made some more changes on page two as her hand continued to rub my full-blown hard-on, sending those delightful shivers throughout my body. I felt a tug on my zipper and stared her down."Don't you dare." It was quiet but firm and she got the message. She pouted but her hand went back to just stroking me while I finished marking up her paper. I handed the notebook back to her. "Aside from some spelling and punctuation mistakes, it's really pretty good. Guess you better start your re-write. You may not have much time before class." Now it was my turn to test her powers of concentration. My hand went under the bag and then under her skirt, the soft skin of her thighs sending another charge to my rock-hard pole. I watched her bite on her lower lip, the shiny reflection accentuated her youthful exuberance as she quickly spread her legs allowing me full access to her dripping pussy. Her panties were already soaked, apparently from her earlier man-handling of my private parts.Her swollen pussy lips made it easy to locate her slit as I ran my finger the length of it, only stopping when I felt the hard protuberance at the top. I rubbed it hard and her eyes closed as she leaned her head back enjoying the high. Her nostrils flared but I eased up and brought my fingers back down her slit, forcing her panties to the side so I could slide my fingers on that moist, juicy flesh. She opened her eyes and gave me a look that said she wanted my fingers back on her clit, but I nodded to the notebook and she started copying again in total frustration.I left my fingers at her opening, occasionally slipping one inside but made the smart move to stay away from her clit. I knew it would create a scene if she came while we were on the bus. As quiet as she was in the ladies room Monday, it would have drawn a crowd if those same moans emanated from her throat on the bus. As we got closer to school, I moved my fingers out and put her panties back in place so she could finish her re-write. My cock was dripping and I had to discreetly reach into my own pants and readjust him so the leak wouldn't come through my trousers.She finished the paper just as the bus stopped and shoved the notebook back in her bag. As we got off the bus, she dragged me by the arm away from the front door and towards the back of the building. We ended up in a spot on the side of the building that had tall shrubs around it, an area that I knew she must have used before. Once we were out of site, she dropped the bag and pulled her panties off. All she had to do was look at me and I knew what she wanted.I pulled her towel from the bag and dropped it at her feet, kneeling down and getting in position to give her a quick oral lesson. She hefted her skirt and I softly kissed her shiny opening, her musky taste sending another charge through the long tube that was draining fluid from my body. I slurped up the excess moisture before heading north to that hard nubbin that I loved to play with. I could see it sticking out as I spread her pussy lips wide and sucked it between my teeth, nibbling gently. Her first orgasm came quickly and she made little attempt to hide her feelings, the moans echoing off the brick building. I waited a few seconds just holding her clit between my lips until she calmed down and then started sucking it hard and twirling my tongue against it as rapidly as I could. Her eyes glazed over as she grabbed my head and held it in position, my lips locked around her tiny tool and sucking as hard as I could. She came loudly again and I was afraid someone would hear us, but apparently she had tested this area out before. Her legs squeezed me tight now as I let go of her clit and gently licked the swollen labia until her breathing returned to normal. When her legs released me, I stood and opened my pants, pulling my long, wet tool out for her reciprocation. She dropped down on the same towel I had used and quickly gobbled me up, taking half my shaft into her throat. Her expert tongue swirled around my swollen purple head as she sucked me like a Hoover. I looked down to watch her and for some reason I briefly saw my mother in her place, her soft, gentle hands caressing me as she sucked voraciously. The momentary blip was soon replaced by the cherry red lips of Ione as she tickled my balls and pulled on my hips sending my massive cock deep down her throat. I came instantly, sending a gusher straight to her stomach, but she never gagged, controlling the action with her hands on my butt. My legs were shaking as I sent the second gargantuan load splashing against the back of her throat. Like a professional, she swallowed it all and seemed to really enjoy it. She kept me in her mouth as my dick continued to squirt smaller amounts on her tongue, swallowing when she needed to. She released my balls and gave one last lick the length of my cock before trying to stuff my half-staff back into my pants.When she stood up, I kissed her gently, my hands playing around her earlobes, while she zipped up my pants. I softly sucked on her lower lip, tasting only sweet cherry, knowing that she had swallowed every drop of my tart spunk. She kissed me back with the same gentleness, her arms coming up around my neck, her hands playing in my hair. Everything felt so right, even more than it had with Mrs. Taylor."Umm, don't take this the wrong way, but I've never felt like this with a guy before. And you know I've been with a few guys." She kissed me softly again."Well, don't take this the wrong way, but you've been with more than a few guys and I will be terribly disappointed if our relationship doesn't last longer than any of your other ones." I smiled at her and winked while she kissed me again, a deeper kiss this time that said she understood what I had said and had similar feelings.She pulled on her panties and we jogged around to the front door. We were too late for homeroom so she headed downstairs to the gym and I headed straight for the computer lab. At this point in the school year, I was just finishing my senior project which was writing a program in assembler language to calculate mortgages. The program was done but I knew I was missing something in the logic that would shorten the number of steps and thus the amount of time it would take to run. I had the program and my logic diagram on my desk when Mr. Lawrence sat down to see how I was doing. His eyebrows raised when he saw how many lines of code I had written and then looked over to the diagram. He grinned and picked up my pencil drawing a line from step three down to step eight. It took me a minute and then, boom, facepalm. I had totally missed that opportunity for a loop that would take out probably twenty five percent of the code. I shook my head and thanked him, quickly writing notes on the diagram so I wouldn't forget wanted I wanted to do.I finished my notes as the bell rang and packed up to head to English class. I almost dreaded facing Miss Raphael, afraid one of us would give away a hint about meeting up with Mrs. Taylor after school. I didn't want to ruin things with Ione when we were just getting started, but it's not like we were married and there was no way I was going to miss out on an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this.I walked into class with extreme trepidation and seeing Miss Raphael did nothing to assuage my feelings. She was wearing her normal black outfit, matching skirt and top, her jacket perched on the back of her chair. She had the top two buttons undone like Ione had done on Monday, but she didn't have Ione's cleavage. Yet the effect was similar in showing a sexual desire. I had no idea if she was doing this for my benefit or just to tease my fellow classmates. For all I knew, she had taken Ione's flirtation as a challenge and wanted to prove that she was as sexy as any eighteen year old.Ione was on time for a change and not rushing in at the last moment. She sat next to me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek when she thought no one was looking, her smile speaking volumes. She looked up at Miss Raphael, a knowing smile coming across her lips."Guess I should turn in my paper," she said, rising slowly and walking straight up to Miss Raphael, her hips swaying in exaggerated motion. She looked down at her as she handed her the paper, standing their waiting for her approval. She looked up at her and smiled, their eyes locking for a moment before the teacher in her took over again and she walked back to her desk. No words had been exchanged but I could swear there was some kind of connection made between them.Miss Raphael instructed the class to jot down some ideas and questions for Kafka's Metamorphosis that "we were all supposed to have read already" and then we would discuss it. She was going to finish grading our papers from Monday and pass them back to us. Ione looked stumped for a minute, but I knew she had read it. She was not dumb but she had not read a lot while growing up so some basic things like spelling and punctuation could throw her off. I jotted down a couple ideas for her and she took off from there.Miss Raphael was bringing around our papers now and tossed mine across onto my desk. I saw the A and looked up as she leaned down to whisper to Ione. Her tiny bare breasts quickly came into view and captured my full attention. She had dark red areolas topped with large, even darker nipples. What she lacked in breast size she more than made up for in style. Ione noticed them too, softly biting her lower lip as she had earlier this morning when I was playing with her pussy."Excellent improvement over that first effort Ione. Keep up the good work. Joey, you have a vivid imagination.""That's why they call it fiction, right. I just like to embellish my ideas." I smiled back at her, looking at her breasts the entire time as she slowly stood back up. Her nostrils flared briefly as she took a deep breath and smiled at both of us before moving on. Ione quickly got my attention back."I got a B ! She's never given me that high a grade before. Thank you for checking it this morning." She was beaming as she looked at me."Hey, you did the hard work. All I did was fix some little things. You could do that yourself if you would just take your time." Her hand was on my thigh now, squeezing it in her excitement. The rest of the class went well and I could see how proud she was of herself when class was over. It made me feel good to see her so confident at something other than sports.At lunch we talked about Friday night. She had picked out the movie, which was fine with me because I didn't plan on watching much of it anyway. Her dad was letting her take her mom's car because they were going away for the weekend and wouldn't need it. She just had to agree not to drink if she was going to drive and I echoed his sentiments on that. "So your parents are going away for the weekend. Does that mean you have the house to yourself?"She just sat there with this shit-eating grin on her face. She had known this for some time and was waiting for the right moment to spring it on me. I felt my knees go weak at the thought of having an entire house all to ourselves for the weekend. I started thinking of how I was going to bribe George to tell my mom that I would be staying at his house this weekend.We didn't have time to slip outside so she just played footsie with me under the table for a few minutes. I used to think that I was the only one who was constantly horny, the Alexander Portnoy of Central High. But Ione was insatiable. The more sex she had, the more sex she wanted. I hoped I was up to the challenge. We headed off to classes with nothing eventful until I got to Math class, of course. Mrs. Taylor looked radiant in a form-fitting red dress that was just a few shades darker than her hair. She wasn't wearing nylons which was unusual for her, but her soft, sleek skin didn't need the embellishment and red stockings would have been too much for school. Lori was sitting across from me as usual and was slouched down, a general indication that she had something planned.Mrs. Taylor finished up the chapter from last class and told us to do the odd numbered problems while she passed back our homework. Aside from Lori, most of the k**s in this class didn't have a problem with homework. Lori wasn't the sharpest pencil in the box, but she had done well in Math classes before this year so I wasn't quite sure what her problem was this year.I began working out the problems while stealing glances at Lori as she rubbed her inner thigh, ever so slowly going higher with each stroke. Mrs. Taylor came over with my papers but stood behind me as she set them down on my desk, looking over at Lori and licking her lips. Her mouth was right next to my ear and I could hear her breathing quicken. She placed a hand on my shoulder as she whispered to me.I don't know how you continue to get an A in this class with that kind of distraction every day.""She's only part of the distraction," I whispered back. "Did you look in the mirror before you came to school today?"She stepped back and looked down at me smiling, "Why, yes I did. Thank you." Lori never did make it up to her pussy, trying to obey her vow of behaving in class. I still was hard through most of the class as my eyes travelled back and forth between her and Mrs. Taylor in that mesmerizing red dress. As class ended, Mrs. Taylor shot me a quick reminder to meet her outside after school. My physics lab allowed me to calm down before the anxiety started to set in during the walk to the parking lot. I had put up with some mild ribbing from the guys, but it was a small price to pay for what I hoped was going to be an evening full of pleasure."Hi Mrs. Taylor," I said in the sing-song voice of a grade schooler."Nobody is around. You call me that again tonight and I will slap you.""Okay Linda. What do we have to grade tonight?" I asked."Just some ninth and tenth grade homework but I have to give it back to them tomorrow so it has to be done tonight," she said, unlocking my door. I slid in and unlocked her door, my eyes going wide as she sat down. The tight dress pulled way up as she sat down exposing the red silk panties she was wearing. My cock quickly grew, tenting my pants. I suppressed the urge to unzip them only because we were still in the school parking lot."Damn it Linda. You did this on purpose." My eyes stayed locked on her crotch so I missed the smile on her face as she reached over and gently petted the bulge in my pants. Just remember, all the papers have to be graded before anything happens. And I have a dinner guest coming over at 6:00 so that may not leave us much time.From Tina's, Miss Raphael, comments on Monday, I was hoping I would be invited to stay for dinner. Obviously Tina hadn't spoken to Linda about that. I'd have to watch Tina for the right opening to get myself invited.We were only ten minutes from school when traffic stopped. There was an accident up ahead and no place for us to go. This wasn't going to leave much time for things to develop before Tina got there. I could see the agitation on Linda's face as she watched all her planning go out the door. I reached over and gently rubbed her naked thigh."Calm down. Everything will be fine." She looked over at me and smiled, then reached down and moved my hand higher until it came into contact with her red silk panties. Man, they were so soft. I could feel the soft skin of her swollen pussy lips as well as the ample bush above. My dick was like a steel rod and it ached from the position in my pants. I picked my books up off the floor and set them in my lap as I unzipped my fly. She heard the swish of metal and quickly reached over, her hand going into my pants and expertly extracting my burgeoning manhood. The agony of confinement finally over, he grew another two inches as her hand wrapped around it. This was going against every rule we had established last week but desperate situations call for desperate measures. There weren't any trucks around and no pedestrians would be able to see into the car, so we felt fairly safe in continuing."So I hear that you and Ione have suddenly become an item," her voice almost cheerful now that I had found a girlfriend my own age."Yeah, well our first real date will be Friday so hopefully all goes well. We've been friends for a long time and I do really like her.""Have you fucked her yet?" she asked bluntly."Yes," I said hesitantly. "But there's more to a relationship than just sex. I think there could be more with her and maybe I can slow down her bed-hopping before it gets out of control. I don't think she's had a meaningful relationship yet.""Are you in control of your libido young man?""Well, not right now but then I've really just started experimenting in the last week." My hand was inside her panties, working her clit now as she gave me an expert hand job. Traffic was still at a dead stop so she shifted it into park and leaned her head back, closing her eyes and giving in to the ecstasy. I watched her breathing quicken and her grip on me tighten as I gently rubbed her clit between my thumb and forefinger. "Oh yeah. Almost there. Harder. Harder. Umph, umph, ummmmm." Her body stiffened and her breathing stopped momentarily as she enjoyed the intense feeling of an orgasm while she was surrounded by people, even though they couldn't see it. "Thanks honey, I needed that. But tuck your bad boy back in until we get home. I can't have anymore distractions while I'm driving or we'll be the next accident." I almost cried. I had been so close. If Ione hadn't sucked me off this morning, I would have been spraying her dashboard. Eventually my desire waned enough that I could comfortably tuck him back in my pants. I should have just grabbed her briefcase and graded the papers in the car instead of letting myself get teased. Then again, build ups like this always made for more powerful orgasms later on.It was after 5:00 when we finally got to her house and she practically ran inside to get things set up so I could start grading the papers. Her anxiety about Miss Raphael, Tina, coming for dinner seemed a bit overblown, but then maybe she was also hoping this would be more than just a dinner date. I had started on the tenth grade papers when she looked up at the clock and got up in a rush to grab a casserole out of the fridge and place it into the oven. "I've got to clean myself up. You'll have to finish the papers yourself." She looked like she was on the edge of a nervous breakdown."Hey, calm down," I said as I stood up and walked over to her. "Everything will be fine. You look beautiful and Tina is your friend. You don't have to do anything special to impress her. She already likes you." I cupped her face and kissed her lightly, feeling her body soften in my arms as the apprehension washed away. "Okay, I don't know how, but go make edirne escort yourself even more beautiful. I'll do the grunt work."The doorbell rang just before 6:00 and she came into the kitchen still adjusting an earring. She was a vision of loveliness having added the dangling crystal earrings and a gold diamond necklace along with the red stockings that I knew she must have had to go with that dress. She had freshened her make-up including a fresh coat of deep red lipstick. She posed momentarily in front of me and I just gave a little whistle as she slipped on her heels and moved on to open the door.I finished the paper I was on and looked up as Tina came into the kitchen holding a bottle of red wine. She had changed outfits going with a little black dress, and I do mean little. It was low cut in the front with no back and barely covered her thighs. Her black nylons obviously had to be pantyhose or we would have seen the garter belt. The dress was that short. She had also done a touch-up to her make-up, adding some dark eye shadow and a fresh coat of mascara to really highlight those dark brown eyes. She looked like one of those rich society girls ready to go to the Disco and really didn't even look old enough to get in. "Hi Joey. Having fun there?" she asked a little sarcasm in her voice."It's dirty work but somebody has to do it. And may I say that you two ladies look ravishing tonight and shouldn't be anywhere around such mundane labor. Off to the living room."Linda had already uncorked the wine and was pouring out two glasses for them. They walked hip to hip into the living room laughing about something and then sat down next to each other on the sofa, giving me a perfect view of their lovely bodies. Black or red, I didn't know which looked more sumptuous tonight.I graded papers in between longing glances at the beautiful women and was now down to the last paper. Tina had just put a record on the stereo and some soft, slow jazz was billowing out of the speakers setting a very romantic mood. Tina stood before Linda and offered out her hand, an indication that she wanted to dance.At first, Linda balked at the silly notion of two women dancing together, but she finally gave in and stood up. With her heels on she was at least a half a foot taller than Tina, so she slipped them off making the difference in height negligible. They were confused at first about how to do it, but Linda finally decided to lead so they each had a hand on the other's hip while the other hands were locked together.I stroked my cock through my pants while I watched them dance, getting closer and closer together with each gentle movement. Their hips finally touching, Tina lay her head on Linda's shoulder while they stood and swayed together. The gentle beat of the drummer, the tinkling of piano keys and the soulful sound of a saxophone were a powerful aphrodisiac for any couple, but for this pair of beautiful and randy young ladies it was like adding gasoline to a fire.I could feel the tension and could sense what was coming. I unzipped my pants and began to stroke my cock as I watched them. When Tina looked up, Linda didn't hesitate. She leaned down and kissed her as passionately as she had me on Saturday night. I had never seen two women kiss before and had never thought it could be as erotic as it was now, happening right before my very eyes while I stroked the turgid tool I had pulled from my pants.It started out as a soft, gentle kiss with lips touching lightly and tongues barely slipping out, each caressing the lips of the other. As Linda became more comfortable with it, she began to suck on Tina's lower lip, her breathing becoming deeper and her arms tightening around Tina's ass and pulling her closer. After a few minutes, Linda slid her tongue between Tina's lips and she sucked it deeply while her fingers pinched Linda's nipples through the dress.I wanted to join them, but I knew this was their moment and I had to let it play out. Tina had pulled off the seduction perfectly, setting the stage with subtle hints last week and then following it up with compliments and titillating touches this week. I had seen them together a few times the last three days. One time with Tina resting a hand on Linda's arm while they chatted. Then later with a hand on her hip as they walked. Tina knew exactly what she was doing and what to say to bring this all together so quickly. It didn't hurt that she was so fucking sexy either. She hadn't tried anything when she thought that Linda was being true to her husband, but once she figured out what was going on between Linda and me, she was fair game. I can't blame her. Linda was a delectable morsel and deserved to have people appreciate her beauty. I'll never understand how her husband could leave her behind the way he did. His loss was our gain and we were going to take full advantage of the opportunity.They had stopped pretending to dance now, standing there with lips locked and hands roaming each other's body. Linda had let go of Tina's ass to slide one hand inside the front of Tina's dress, feeling the tiny morsels hidden underneath. Her other hand was now gently moving across her small round ass, occasionally allowing her fingernails to sc**** the shimmering material and eliciting soft moans from Tina. Tina had pulled the short red dress up and had both hands on the bare flesh of Linda's thighs between the stocking tops and her silk red panties.Linda turned them slightly so Tina's back was to me, and I stood up letting Linda watch as I masturbated, my hand swiftly stroking the rigid tool that yearned to join them. Her eyes got wide, like she had forgotten that I was there, but then she concentrated even more on kissing Tina, her tongue insinuating itself between the luscious red lips. She raised Tina's dress and I could see she wore no underwear beneath the panty hose. The black nylon was a perfect container for such a precious cargo. Linda gave me a frustrated look and pointed towards the hallway.I took the hint and stuffed my hard-on back in my pants and headed upstairs to the bedroom. I made a quick call to my mom and said I was staying at George's for dinner and we were going to work on our computer programs together. I promised to be home by 9-10:00 because we had school the next day. She didn't sound alarmed and I headed back towards the moaning sounds coming from the living room.I got back to find Linda on her back on the sofa with Tina on top, her panty hose removed and her dress hiked up around her waist exposing that tiny little round tush. Her little titties kept popping into view for precious seconds as she moved. Linda was missing her red silk panties and what was left of her bright red bush was clearly visible. The red garter belt holding the soft red nylons tightly in place gave her a very slutty appearance, like something one would see in a skin flick. Tina was back to kissing Linda passionately while her fingers insinuated themselves between the moist, swollen lips of Linda's cunt. I tried to keep myself in check by keeping my stiff prick trapped in my slacks, content to stroke him through the stretched material.I watched as Tina's left arm went up behind Linda and heard the zipper being pulled down. They had passed the point of no return and Linda was giving in eagerly to the lust that Tina had planned so meticulously. Tina slowly pulled that silky red cloth down Linda's well-formed body, the luscious naked hillocks popping into view with hardened nipples that looked ready to explode. Tina moved quickly now to remove the dress completely from this delectable body that she so obviously desired. She left the garter and stockings in place and then went back north to pay homage to the lovely mounds of flesh with the pointed peaks.She started by kissing them gently, her tongue softly circling the hard nubbins. She sucked them into her mouth and I could see the motion of her tongue swirling around the nipples as Linda's pale areola swelled and puffed out from the rest of her bright white flesh. I continued to rub my cock, a wet spot now well-defined on my pants as I watched the erotic scene unfold.I had kept my distance, staying in the kitchen, but now Tina was making her move, sliding down Linda's body and covering it with soft, sucking kisses as she went. She paused momentarily with her mouth just inches from its goal and her eyes enjoying the view of the bright red mound and the sparse hair around the opening. She made the agonizingly slow descent until her lips softly kissed Linda's vulva, before her tongue snaked out and ran the length of the dripping, flowery opening. Linda moaned loudly, her eyes wide at the sudden sensation, never expecting it to feel that intense.Tina slid her tongue into the moist opening, licking up the juices and savoring their flavor. She moved up the necessary few inches to suck Linda's swollen protuberance between her lips, eliciting more moans of pure pleasure. Tina sighed, relishing in finally reaching a goal she had been fantasizing about for months. Her tongue was now swirling around the hard piece of flesh as she continued to suck on it with Linda's moaning getting louder every second. Her eyes had been closed, but the sudden onset of her orgasm seemed to catch her by surprise and her eyes opened wide as the tingling sensations reverberated throughout her body. The moans were almost screams as she grasped Tina's head and held it tight, smothering her with her juicy pussy. Her hips were raised off the sofa, their beautiful flesh frozen like a timeless photograph as the orgasm continued to ripple through her long, lean body. Linda finally tilted her head to the right, noticing me standing there rubbing my tumescent cock through my soaked trousers, a soft smile creasing those lovely red lips. I took that as my signal and kicked off my shoes as I unbuttoned and removed my shirt. The anxiety was building again as I questioned whether I could really satisfy two women. At first I felt like an intruder of two people making love, but this had been pure lust that had been built up over time. They were two attractive people drawn to one another in much the same way as Linda and I had been drawn together. I dropped my pants and pulled off my socks to join them, the rigid eight inch pole grateful at the chance to release the explosive charge that had already been detonated.I had every intention of moving in behind Tina and sliding my steel rod into her slick pussy, but she had heard my belt hit the floor and as I approached her, she stood and faced me while Linda lay prone and exhausted on the sofa. She slid off her dress and stared at me with those smoldering eyes, her juvenile body sexier than I had even imagined in my fantasies. Once I was within range, she grabbed my head and pulled me down for a hard passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around her, sweeping her off her feet, as my tongue found its way between her soft, red lips. Her lips were sweet while her tongue had the familiar but musky taste of Linda that I had come to love just last weekend.As our tongues retreated, we sucked gently on each other's lips and she wrapped her short legs around my torso, my swollen member bouncing against her soft flesh. She reached between us and maneuvered my cock into position, lowering her sweet honey pot onto my burning hot tool. I could feel the tingles as her soft, moist petals surrounded my engorged flesh and pulled me deep inside her. It was all I could do to keep from exploding on contact, but I managed to start a slow, steady rhythm as I lifted her up and down on my hardened shaft.Her breathing deepened, her lust already fired up by the lady in red that lay on the sofa, watching us and moving her hand down to her still swollen clit. I could feel the boiling pressure in my balls and increased the rhythm as Tina held on, slamming down to meet my upstrokes. I reached my left hand up and tweaked the turgid nipple sitting on her dark and swollen areola. Having always been fascinated by tits, hers were unlike any I had ever seen, the long rubbery nipples making up most of the tiny organs. She breathed deeply as I played with the super-sensitive buds and she slammed down harder, her cunt muscles tightening as she neared her climax. She sucked my lower lip, biting down on it as she held me tight while the orgasm rippled through her body, her flesh warm to my touch. Her pussy gripped me tighter and I exploded inside her, my body quivering at finally realizing the relief it had been seeking all afternoon. My cum splashed hard against her cervix and I could feel her tingle with each blast that sprayed her insides with my boiling hot lava. We kissed softly, lovingly for several minutes as the embers cooled, and then I gently lowered her to the floor, my softening rod temporarily sated and slipping out of her, my murky fluid clinging to both our bodies. Linda was off the sofa like a cat, her feline movements bringing her head up between our bodies. She immediately took my dripping rod between her lips, sucking the remaining fluid from my shrinking but still swollen staff. Her tongue swirled around the purple head making sure it cleaned off every drop before she turned her attentions to Tina. Linda ran her long tongue along Tina's slit as a cloudy pearl-drop oozed out of her opening. I watched as Linda's luscious, full lips encased the thin, butterfly lips of Tina's cunt, her wanton desire to please this tiny woman who had just pleased her. Her tongue ran deep inside to lap the salty fluid before she created a vacuum and sucked the rest of my life-giving seed from the naked c***d-like woman before her. She nudged up and took Tina's protuberance between her lips and began sucking gently as her tongue slapped it repeatedly. Whoa girl," Tina said, her clit obviously still tender from our recent fucking. "Why don't we take this to the bedroom?""Works for me," I said. "I'll turn off the stove so the fire department doesn't show up and ruin our night.""Oh, my casserole," Linda screamed, bouncing up and running over to the stove with nothing on but her garter belt and those sexy red nylons. She grabbed some mitts and bent over the stove to remove the dish, giving Tina and I a gorgeous view of her delightful tush. "Do you think she has any idea how sexy she is?" Tina asked. "I didn't think she did until today. I asked her if she had looked in the mirror before wearing that dress to school today and she admitted that she had and was very proud of how she looked. Before that, I think she thought of herself as a plain old school-marm.""Well, there's nothing plain about her and she's certainly not old so let's get her upstairs so I can peel those lovely red stockings from her alabaster flesh." "Spoken like a true English major," I laughed, walking over behind Linda. I brought my arms up to feel her spongy mounds as she put down the casserole on the stove top. My awakening prick fit nicely between her soft, supple butt as I pulled her back to me and nuzzled her neck."Oh my. Why don't you go upstairs and clean up for our next round. You know where the bedroom is," she stated sighing quietly. I released her and headed for the stairs with her and Tina behind me. Linda took Tina's hand as they stood back while I climbed the stairs, both of them staring at my butt and giggling. I guess guys aren't the only ones who liked to watch tight buns. I went to the bathroom and took the opportunity to clear my k**neys before washing up. I felt refreshed and ready to go as I walked back out into the bedroom.Linda and Tina were already on the bed, both completely naked and locked in a passionate embrace with a lot of tongue action. Their fingers were working on each other's clit while they kissed and their moans were becoming increasingly louder. I watched as Linda's eyes closed and her head snapped back while Tina continued to work her clit with rapid finger action. Her body stiffened as she let out a long, loud moan of satisfaction, her hands gripping Tina until the quivering stopped. As she came down from her high, she kissed Tina softly and then went back to work with her thumb rubbing back and forth on Tina's clit. Tina's breathing became sporadic as she grunted through clenched teeth until her climax overtook her and the tingling nerve endings caused her body to stiffen in a very satisfying orgasm.With Linda's back to me, I climbed on the bed behind her, my prick falling back into place between her soft buns as I had done moments before in the kitchen. I kissed her neck and felt my member swelling between her cheeks, eager to return to action. I felt Tina's tiny fingers pull my stiffening rod between Linda's legs, working the engorged purple knob the length of Linda's moist and slippery slit. I could feel Linda's clit swelling again as the head of my cock was forced against slick nub. Linda's breathing was heavy with another orgasm quickly approaching as Tina slid down, inserting my cock between Linda's wide-open pussy as she started to work that clit with her tongue. I couldn't see everything that was happening but just the thought of it was getting me worked up. Just to catch glimpses of that beautiful face and those ruby red lips as they sucked on another woman's clit was getting me close to a pre-mature ejaculation, something that had not been a problem for me lately. I felt Linda's body stiffen again as the orgasm quickly overtook her and she shoved her hips forward to get more of that little tongue on her clit. I stopped stroking, holding my cock motionless and trying to hold off on my own orgasm, kissing her back softly and scr****g her arms gently with my short fingernails."Fuck," she finally screamed. "Are you guys trying to kill me? God that was intense." She was breathing hard, her lovely breasts rising with each intake of precious air. I could feel her body trembling as she tried to calm down from the over-stimulation of her senses. She rolled her head back towards me and I kissed her deeply, my right hand resting on her smooth, taut stomach as I started moving my hips again. "Wait a minute boys and girls," Tina said, sitting up and holding our hips together. "I have something else I would like to try. Joey, on your back." I extricated myself from the comfortable confines of Linda's warm, moist cavern and took my position in the center of the queen-sized bed awaiting my next instruction. I didn't have to wait long as Linda straddled my raging piston until our pubic bones crushed together. I then watched in awe as Tina swung her leg over my torso and began to back up to my salivating mouth. I hadn't seen many bung holes up close and had expected them to be brown or at least darker, but Tina's was a cute hairless pink hole that was quickly approaching my waiting tongue. I had to taste it and grabbed her hips and pulled her back to my wet tongue before she could lower her cunt over my mouth. She let out a very surprised "Oooh..." as I stiffened my tongue and poked at her tight little opening. She forced her hips up and down making my tongue run from her asshole to her pussy and back again. I could feel Linda raising her hips slightly but tightening her cunt muscles and sending extreme sensations coursing through my body. I knew I wouldn't hold out long but I didn't think it would take her long. I heard Tina say "Kiss me" in a soft, sensual voice and could feel Linda's hip shift as she leaned forward. Tina's hips also shifted, her pussy now rubbing my face as my nose slid into her cunt before she finally got the position right.I alternated my tongue sliding into her pussy and out to her clit as she pushed down on my face almost smothering me. Linda's pussy was clenching tightly as her moans increased and I was trying to wait for some signal from the ladies that I could pop my load, the pressure in my balls increasing dramatically. I couldn't hold out any longer and shoved my hips skyward as Linda slammed down, streams of cum sent splashing deep into her wanton cunt. I was trying to suck in air but latched on to Tina's clit as she angled her pussy just right. All three of us were exploding in simultaneous orgasms as the girls kissed passionately while the fireworks went off.The anticipation of our union and then the actual consummation flooded all our brains with sensory overload, making the actual act far more spectacular than any of us had expected. As bodies calmed and breathing returned to normal, I could still hear the soft, gentle kisses between the beautiful women who had allowed me to share in this fantastic experience. I lay there motionless, Tina's pussy juice slowly dripping down onto my waiting tongue as the girls continued to kiss.They stopped kissing long enough climb off of me and then Linda lay back while Tina climbed on top of her and they started kissing again. I was content to run my hand over Tina's tiny round tush as they continued to make out like a couple of young teenagers. I started thinking about my Friday date with Ione and wondering how it could top this, but then realizing that it didn't have to. What I felt with Ione was different and I wanted it to be more than a clandestine rendezvous. If someone found out about Ione and I having sex, the world would not come crashing down. If they found out I was doing it with two teachers, it could very well be disaster. I quietly got off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up for the second time that night, making sure to scrub my face extra hard in case mom got too close for a goodnight kiss. The last thing I needed was for her to smell a woman's scent on my face. After our early morning incursions, I could only imagine the kind of lecture I would get. I dried myself off and came back out to find they had switched positions and Linda was now tasting those stiff, rubbery nipples that sat on Tina's flat chest. Her fingers were playing in the rough forest of pubic hair that lay above that sweet tasting pussy as I slipped out of the room to go downstairs and put my clothes back on.I left them without saying goodnight, but I didn't think either of them would mind. Linda had been expecting a girl's night and I hoped my being there hadn't spoiled her evening. It was really just starting for them but I couldn't wait to get home and get my tired body into my own bed. It was a great night, but I was hoping for an even better weekend with Ione.
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