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Donna - my fırst affaır

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DONNA - MY FIRST AFFAIRTHIS HAPPENED IN 1987Hubby and I had been married for just four months when we both said we needed a night out on the town, he used to go out with his mates at least twice a week when he was single, and I went out probably once a fortnight. We made arrangements with our friends and decided we?d go out and meet up in a certain pub at the end of the night.As we got ready to go out it was like the old days, hubby went out half hour before me and I was a little disappointed that we hadn?t had sex, as one of the reason we were so compatible was the fact that he is so sexual driven he needs it at least once a day if not twice, and I?m similar, but every other day is good enough for me.As I made my way downstairs I noticed how good I looked, white blouse, knee length black skirt, a little chubby, just like my husband likes me. I got out of the taxi in town and my girlfriends were all there waiting, we went from pub to pub, laughing and giggling, but as I hadn?t been out for a while and in the summer heat I began to feel quite tipsy.We got to the nightclub at around 11:30pm, and was soon on the dancefloor. It was the usual scenario all the blokes came sniffing around, but we danced with them as they bought us more drinks, the şişli escort usual stuff. I must have had six or seven double vodka?s and was feeling very merry as one guy in particular was talking and making me laugh.The heat in the room was unbearable and as I looked at the time, it was nearly 1am I decided to go outside for a smoke. Telling my friends, I walked out and went round the back of the club, where everyone went, and tried to light a fag. That nice bloke followed me out and took my cigarette off me, lit it and passed it back, he made a comment and I laughed.On closer inspection if I?d been single I could have easily gone back to his place. As we smoked I leaned against a wall to steady myself as I smoked, he was really close as he made me laugh, and a decent bloke I thought. When we?d finished I threw my cig away. As did he, and he moved closer to me, he approached and smiling he slipped his arms around my waist.I know I should have told him I was married, I know I should have walked away, but I didn?t. Fuelled up and vodka, beautiful summer?s night, and the fact hubby hadn?t shagged me that night made me feel very randy. As his arms grasped my waist he leaned forward and our lips locked, my arm mecidiyeköy escort drifted across his shoulders as we snogged away.I could feel my pussy throbbing as this guy snogged me furiously, then his hands moved down and onto my bum, feeling my cheeks as his mouth went onto my neck, my hands on the back of his head, God I was gagging for it. I moved my hand onto the front of his trousers and he was rock hard, rubbing him he was breathing as heavy as I was.Then he moved his hands round and lifted up my skirt, as I slightly parted my legs his fingers touched my pussy, God it was heaven. As he rubbed me through my knickers he said ?You?re so wet? and I replied ?I need fucking?. He stood back a little and unclipped his pants, pulling down his underpants his 5? was stood fully erect.Pushing up my skirt he dragged my knickers down, as landed on the floor I stepped out of them, he rubbed me again and soon had a couple of fingers inside me. He lifted up my leg and slipped himself straight into my warm wet cunt. With both my arms wrapped around his neck, as he and I were snogging sloppily he was shagging me a little too fast but I really didn?t care.As he grunted I felt his cock doing what it should and I şişli escort bayan was coming, he banged me hard and I could feel my climax building, a few more strokes and BANG!!! I groaned. I think that was a little too much for him and he shoved a couple more times, hard, then groaned himself as I could feel his seed filling me up, he stepped back and mumbled a thank you.He pulled up his pants and said ?Thanks for that? and fucking ran off. I put my knickers back on, lit a fag and smoked, he?d served his purpose. I went back into the club, we stayed another 30 minutes or so and then left. We met up with our respective partners and have another couple of drinks, then hubby said we should go home.When we got in the house he moved towards me but I felt embarrassed at what I?d done, he sat me down as we kissed and when he put his hand up my skirt he felt all the stickiness of the other guy. I burst into tears and told him about it. He looked shocked but wanted to know every detail. As I relayed it to him, every single detail he dragged me to my feet and bent me over the sofa.He fucked me hard as he rubbed my throbbing clitoris as I screamed out another climax and he mixed his spunk with the other blokes. As we sat down after smoking he said ?Do what you have to do but NO SECRETS I want to know everything, and I?ll do the same?. I got a couple of notebooks and we both wrote it all down, every last detail, of when we got up to it. Looking back we have made over 400 notebooks between us.And that was the start of our 30 year happy marriage!!!!!
09-06-2021, at 08:46 PM

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