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Very good sex with daddy, twice.

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Very good sex with daddy, twice.I managed to drown out the noise of the party, as I pulled my blanket over my ears and fell into a sleep. My parents were what you now call 'Swingers', which I thought meant trendy people. I was young and completely ignorant about sex, so I never realized it meant having sex with others like minded people.I awoke with daddy's hand shaking me under my covers, and when I responded I could smell the alcohol off of him, my room was still in darkness, and he was stroking me as he slurred what it was he was awaking me for.I always slept in the nude, and I did not think about it then, but daddy was sort of exploring as I lay there, with his hand between my thighs.'What do you want', I asked him gruffly?'Come with me', he whispered into my ear, 'I want you to see something', and as he spoke I was conscious of his stroking my pubis mound and fledgling breast, both very nice feelings in the dark, but thankfully, I put it down to drink, he was a very touchy feely man when drunk.I got out of bed and reached out for my nightdress, which was just a longish t-shirt, pulled it over my head and followed him into the hallway and down towards the living room, that's when I could hear men laughing and my mother making noises, which sounded strange to my ears, she appeared to be moaning.The living room door was slightly ajar and daddy stood there with his lips pursed and holding a finger to them in a shushing signal.I got up to him and he pulled me in close so I could peer into the living room through the crack in the ajar door. What I saw, I still see to this day looking back, three men and mother were sakarya escort completely nude and performing sex acts on each other.I wanted to look away but there was something primal about the sex that captivated me, especially watching and listening to my mother, and the three men all over her.Daddy was holding my tightly to him and he bent into my ear, 'Can you see where their cocks are'? I nodded, it was the first thing I looked at, especially the man behind mother, as he was thumping into hard and making her call out, I might have been ignorant about matters sexual, but I knew she was sucking the man standing in front of her.I looked back at daddy and asked him if she was doing this out of fear of the men? He smiled down at me, still clutching me tightly to him, 'No love', he answered, 'your mother just loves fucking other men'.Hearing daddy say that made my stomach ache, and when he asked me to keep looking I turned without hesitation and watched the sex go on.I could feel daddy fumble behind me, and to my horror I realized he was taking his cock out and beginning to masturbate against my bared bottom.I let him, more out of embarrassment, but he was being forceful and I had to turn and tell him to be careful. Why I never attempted to stop him there and then, I honestly don't know, but my feelings and the visual imagery were all melting into something strange and wonderfully exciting, so much so, I felt him slide against my labia, a slight pleasurable feeling, and as I stood crouching I felt daddy hands take hold of my hips, and we began moving together, my own father was moving inside my body, adapazarı escort we were having sex, just like mummy and those three men.After a few minutes of awkward movements, I straightened up and felt him slide out of me, followed by a rush of warm semen running down the backs of my shaking legs. I had just been fucked, and the shock and realization simply held me stock still and frozen to the spot, as daddy'e semen formed a pool around my bare feet.I turned to face him, still conscious of remaining silent outside the door, 'Daddy what just happened', I reached up and whispered into his ear? 'We made love darling', he replied as if it was a very normal act between a father and daughter, 25 minutes ago, I was a virginal girl, still dreaming of princes and fairytale weddings, now I was standing with my fathers semen dripping from my vagina, I just had sex, and the weirdness of it all, I seemed not to care, or feel violated, so I turned back to watch my mother and the three men, now having some empathy for what she was experiencing.Eventually I went back to bed and slept soundly, very peaceful, and awoke refreshed, bright eyed and bushy tailed, the thought most prevalent on my mind was that I could now be considered a woman, even though my breasts were nothing more than a pair of swollen nipples, and I could still count the single pubic hairs on my cunt.I skipped from bed and went out into the living room. The house was quite and the men had left, and my father had slept on the divan with a blanket over him.I sat on the edge of the settee and shook his shoulder, 'Daddy', I whispered, and he was roused. sakarya escort bayan 'He reached out and gathered me up and pulled me in tight against him, 'Go to sleep baby', he said, as I began to feel myself drift off with his body smells and heat.I lay drowsily, wrapped up, when I suddenly realized he was nude from his waist down, and when I put my hand back, that wonderful feeling pressing hard against my bare buttocks was daddy's cock.This time I held him firmly, feeling him thicken and grow, 'Daddy', I whispered, this time I was very conscious it was I who was moving against him, I was drawing him between my arse cheeks, and squeezing him as he brushed against my anal opening, the pale kink crinkled tissue of my ass, seemed to pucker to his cock head's touch, 'Daddy', I whispered again, 'What darling' he answered into my hair, his warm breath sending shivers down my spine, 'Can I put him inside again', and as I spoke I was moving against him like we did last night.I felt his hand move between us as he took hold of himself, 'Not in there baby, that's your bum hole', and as he spoke his just slipped in between my very wet labia, and I felt as if my thighs were being torn wide open, as his cock opened my vagina again, with a wondrous fulfilment that just seemed to go and on, until I could feel daddy's pubic hair press against my bum.This time I had the freedom of movement and I used the freedom to feel daddy slide from behind my belly button to the entrance of my vagina, filling and stroking the full length of my tight membrane, like an extremely tight fitting condom, I was grunting and thrusting back at him, until it came, an orgasm for my first ever experience, Jesus Christ, now I understood why people do it.Daddy was pumping semen into our tight fit, and as I humped his semen shot out with the force of my thrusting, so this was sex, and I fucking loved it.
09-07-2021, at 11:41 AM

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