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Dr who clara pt2

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DR WHO CLARA PT2At that instant several things happened at once, Clara's eyes opened wide and she let out a high pitch shriek, her anus clamped down in a futile attempt to force out the invading finger and John vowed to himself next time he had her it would be his cock in her arse. " john what you doing? I told you no entry." She yelled at him."Trust me my dear, I know what im doing." gently fingering her arse all the while he ran his hand up her back to between her shoulders and pushed her close to him then whispered in her ear " start thrusting on my cock, in time with my fingering understood?""Yes John" she answered uncomfortable with the turn of events, she was used to being the dominant lover and he was taking to many liberties. If the man wasn't her fiancé she would have kicked him out of bed for refusing to respect her boundaries. "Then hop to it." he ordered. She obeyed grinding on his cock whilst his finger penetrated deeper and deeper into her virgin anal passage. She felt completely powerless in this position, though she was on top he was in complete control, he had her held close against him her breasts pressed against his chest and he was alternating between nibbling her shoulder and kissing the side of her face. At first she found this cute and pleasurable but as he increased the pace of his fingering and she increased her grinding to keep in time, he started biting down hard enough to leave a mark but not break skin and licking her face. "John please, you're hurting me." She told him her rectum feeling like it would split and her shoulder hurting as well."sshhhh." he cooed softly in her ear then started to cum filling her up with his seed. He let go of her and remover sakarya escort his finger from her arse and held it up to her face. "Lick it." He ordered her."No! I'm not some porn star or prostitute to be ordered around." She said annoyed at his behaviour today. "You're, right I'm sorry, you did what I wanted now it's my turn to return the favour, what do you want me to do for you?" he asked, he couldn't allow it to all fall apart after one night."Ok then, first off you can suck the taste of my arse off your finger as you seem so obsessed with it.""With pleasure." He put the finger in his mouth and sucked it, it didn't taste half as bad as he expected but then again he had given her an enema while she u*********s in expectation of anal sex."Good now then I want you to eat me out, I love receiving oral sex." she ordered glad to be back in control."Alright but I need to get something first." He left the room and returned with what looked like a futuristic pussy pump. He placed it on her pussy and it emitted a strange noise and then he threw it away."What was that?" She asked him."Oh of course you're from the past, it's your basic contraception. Emits an energy through your pussy that eradicates all traces of semen as if they didn't exist. Perfectly safe and now I can go down on you without tasting my own cum." He explained."Well then get going." He didn't need telling twice. He started off by nuzzling his nose in her trimmed pubic bush whilst flicking her clit with his tongue. After a minute or so he started to gently stroke his fingers up her slit between the lips but not penetrating her pussy. "oohh yeah that's good." She said more to herself than to john. He was adapazarı escort stoking the flames of her passion but not enough to get them raging. He continued torturing her in this way until she gave him a clout round the ear and said "For god's sake just stick the bloody fingers in!" He did as he was told and was rewarded by a loud mm sound from Clara as she arched her back in pleasure. He had two fingers in her as her pussy was not virgin tight but neither was it stretched out like a sluts. She was a typical 21st century girl, sexually liberated but not giving it away to just anyone, knowingly at least. She gave him orders on exactly where to put his fingers for her optimum pleasure, all of which he remembered with intent to use on her later to get her begging for his cock. Once she had cum all over his fingers and face they lay next to each other for some 20 minutes engaging in small talk before Clara fell asleep.John then got up and dressed and got the memory manipulator from his office, he set it to close memory and fired it at Clara. She would be u*********s for an hour and when she woke up the events of this night will be stored in the back of her mind completely inaccessible until, that's the thing, he now had to decide on a trigger to switch her between mental states. He couldn't possibly use his own image like the silence, what if wanted to do her doggy or she closed her eyes during sex and forgot where she was and what, or who, she was doing that could only end badly, not as badly though as if she happened to see him when with the Doctor; he would surely see him die or worse for what he had done. No what he needed was a word, something the time lord would sakarya escort bayan never say, something that he wouldn't even know about. That's it! He thought, the word will be 'Oviroa' the legendary sex ship of deep space, no way would the Doctor mention that to his dear companion, and the people of Christmas wouldn't even know it existed. Fantastic!Once he had programmed the word into her subconscious he had to dress her before taking her back to Christmas. This was not an enjoyable experience, rather like when a new present breaks on Boxing Day and you have to pack it up and send it away for repairs. He copped a final feel whilst putting on her bra, shirt and jumper and had to fight a strong urge to fuck the arse hole she had refused to let him have before putting on her underpants, stockings and short tartan skirt. He returned her to the town and placed the device she was carrying in her hand. "Goodbye Mrs Oswald, I hope we will meet again soon." he said leaving her exactly where he found her firing a blast from his device to wake her up. She got up simply believing she had tripped and continued running to the TARDIS. As she ran Clara started to feel a bit confused, she had a sudden pain in her arse that wasn't there a minute ago, also she thought she could feel bite marks on her shoulder. When she got into the TARDIS she saw her reflection in the console surface, her hair was an untidy mess, her cheeks flushed and most confusingly she was sure her pussy was slightly damp and that she could smell the scent of sex on herself. She knew this couldn't be possible so put it out of her mind and completely forgot about when after she inserted the device the TARDIS too off taking her away.John was walking home terribly smug when he heard the noise of the TARDIS engines. He turned round to see the TARDIS had gone and released with horror the Doctor had sent Clara home impossibly out of his reach. He fell to the ground and wept.
09-07-2021, at 11:43 AM

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