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hook up with transsexual.

Post #1

hook up with transsexual.Another great tape and another great yank of the crank. Yea, she-males were pretty hot, Tom thought as he hit the eject bottom on the tape deck, but where on earth would he really find one? He had little doubt that if he did find a place where they hung out that there would be more than a few with a serious case of ugly. The chances of finding one like the ones in the video taped he had just been watching was pretty slim. But, he knew if he never went looking, he would never find one. He knew they preferred to be called transsexuals and not she-males as they regarded she-male as a rather derogatory term; the term "tranny" seemed to be okay with them. Getting into the sack with one was a fantasy of his. It wasn't that he didn't like women, he just liked men a lot better. Well, there were parts of women that were interesting, hence the attraction to the she-males. A she-male was pretty much the best of both worlds. The only trouble with trying to turn a fantasy into reality is that you just might like the fantasy better. But, if he didn't try it, he would never know!Tom went out looking for one, just to see if sex with a tranny would be as much fun as he had imagined. Well, that was just the start. It took some digging to find out where they hang out. There are places that have more than others - and they can be found - if you care to look a little. That being said, Tom finally found a place where there were alleged to be a few. And, as he had guessed, the first few trips down to those bars and clubs were a bust. Oh, there were a few trannies there, but nothing to write home about. But, it was promising. Where the uglies hung out, there were probably going to be a few lookers too. The trick of course would be to find something of a looker that wasn't attached and didn't think she was the cat's meow. Tom was pretty sure that he wasn't the only one who would like to get a decent looking tranny in bed with him.The forth attempt at finding a decent looking tranny paid off. Unfortunately it was on a Wednesday night, so if this did pay off, he was seriously considering calling in sick the next day!Tom had arrived at the bar early that night as the gay bar scene goes, and was sitting at the bar nursing a drink when she walked in and sat down a few stools away from him. Okay, she wasn't "drop-dead-gorgeous," but she would really do quite nicely. How did he know she was a tranny? Well, this was a gay bar, so there was a pretty good chance that that's exactly what she was; nor did she so completely pass herself off as female that he couldn't guess. He picked up his drink and moved over to the stool next to hers and asked her if he might buy her a drink."Sure," she said, "and then I suppose you think you can take me home and fuck my brains out?""Well, the thought did occur, though I suspect my chances of doing just that are a little slim.""Darling, they are a little worse than that, but I could use the drink," she said with a smile.At least there was a smile. Nice tits and a bad attitude - hoping he could change the latter; he bought the drink and continued to talk to her. The fact that she would at least accept a drink and talk to him left open the eternal door of hope. After a short time, she did mellow out a little. They sat there and chatted for a couple of hours, about nothing much in particular. Her name was Samantha, which came from Sam from when she was completely a guy. Eventually, she told him she worked in a doctor's office, which is probably where she got the hormone pills, though he never asked. She must have done a little voice training too, because when it came to the feminine voice, she was pretty good at it. If he closed his eyes, her voice definitely passed her off as a chick; sort of along the lines of Mae West, but unquestionably a chick.By nine that evening, she had mellowed to the point where Tom just might have been able to take her home and "fuck her brains out" as she had put it earlier. Unfortunately, she had to leave. She said she had to be up at an obscenely early hour the next morning. She told him that if he were still interested tomorrow evening, she would be back here around eight.Tom went home not long after she left, and called a good friend of his, Mark. Tom told Mark all about her, and said that just the thought of, the remote possibility of, getting her in the sack gave him a woody that wouldn't quit. Mark offered to come over and take care of the woody for him, but Tom told him that it was getting late and he had to go to work tomorrow."Aw come on," Mark begged, "I could get you off so well in nothing flat. Then you'd feel better and could get some sleep tonight instead of just laying in bed with a hardon in your hand thinking of her, or it, or whatever!" By now, Mark had a raging hardon of his own and was just dying to get Tom's cock in his mouth.Sometimes Tom didn't think he understood guys any better than he did women - and he never pretended to sakarya escort understand skirts! Mark just loved to blow him and never really expected anything in return. Blowing cock was Mark's thing. Somehow, it just seemed to Tom that if you gave someone a blowjob, you would like to get one too, or screwed in the ass or something, but that wasn't the case with Mark. Sometimes he liked reciprocation, and sometimes it seemed that he could care less. "Oh I don't know, it's all nice and hard and I'm horny as hell," Tom said touching his hard cock through his pants, "but I ought to get to bed. I can just jerk this thing off and get her out of my mind." He had already decided that he was very horny and it would be nice to get off, and Mark did get him off so well. He wanted to get off a little better than just jerking himself off. But, teasing Mark was so much fun."Bullshit! I'll be over in a few," Mark said and hung up.So much for teasing. While Tom was waiting for Mark to get there, he got undressed and was just in his tight skimpy briefs when there was a knock on the front door."Hi," Mark said when Tom opened the door. "It doesn't look like you got yourself off," he said looking at the bulge in Tom's briefs. Mark's hand slid softly over the thin material covering Tom's hard cock. "Yup, very hard - very nice!""Nah, I decided to wait for you. But, I need to get off bad, real bad," Tom said closing the door behind them."No shit. This is really hard!" Mark said reaching into Tom's briefs and taking hold of his cock.Tom slipped his briefs off, sat on the edge of the couch, and leaned back. "Have at it Mark," he said. "I'll shoot a big one for ya." He spread his legs wide for Mark.Mark knelt between Tom's knees and took hold of Tom's hard aching cock. "You are so horny!" he said as he squeezed a large drop of pre-cum from his cock. Mark put his hand around Tom's cock and slid his thumb up the cum vein, causing a clear drop of precum to ooze out of the pee slit in the swollen head. "Oh God do I ever love this stuff," he said as his tongue flicked out and slowly removed the sweet clear drop."Hey, get undressed before you start!" Tom commanded. "I want to see your body too." Mark wasn't in great shape, but there was something about a naked guy that turned Tom on too; especially the naked guy happened to be blowing him.Mark stood and quickly stripped. Tom noticed that he didn't protest, one sure sign that maybe he would like it if Tom got him off after he got what he wanted - what Tom had to give him. Now naked, he again knelt between Tom's legs and got down to business. Mark wasn't just a good cocksucker; he was great! He knew how to really make a cock feel good by using one hand on the suckee's balls, one hand on the cock shaft, and then there was his tongue. Damn but he knew how to use that! In short order, he was taking most of Tom's cock into his mouth and throat."Oh yea," Tom groaned softly as Mark worked over his cock. "You really know how to do that." The sight of this naked guy sucking his cock and fondling his balls was really exciting. Tom had his legs spread wide and wasn't even trying to make this last. He wanted to get off and Mark was doing his best to make that happen. Tom had forgotten all about Samantha by now and was just thinking of the hot stream of thick cum he was about to shoot down Mark's sucking throat as he watched his wet hard cock going in and out of Mark's hot mouth. "Real soon now, real soon," he said softly as he lay his head back against the back of the couch.Mark didn't say a thing, he just kept sucking Tom's cock as he fondled his balls and finally began to finger Tom's tight little asshole."If you put that finger in there I'm gonna shoot," Tom warned him. As if that was his cue, and it really was, Mark slipped his finger slowly into Tom's tight asshole. "Oh God here it comes!" Tom nearly shouted. Seconds later, the first huge spurt of his cum shot up from his swollen nuts, up his hard cock shaft, and deep into Mark's waiting hot mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot cum followed that first one, filling Mark's sucking mouth. Mark never missed a beat; sucking on that cock and swallowing every drop it gave him. His tongue was busy on the underside of Tom's cockhead, making sure he made Tom give him every little drop of cum he had in him."Lotta cum," Mark said finally taking his mouth off of Tom's now not so hard cock. "Very tasty!""Glad ya liked it," Tom gasped, completely out of breath.Mark sat back with his legs wide apart, completely naked and with a raging hardon."I gotta do something about that!" Tom said looking at Mark's nice hardon. He was starting to recover a little."Jack me off?" he suggested."Sure, if you'd like that.""Sounds great."Tom would have blown Mark if he had wanted that. He had done that before, but Mark really liked it when Tom jacked him off. Well, to each his own. Tom like jacking Mark off and watching him squirt. Tom went into his bedroom and got adapazarı escort some lube. When he got back Mark was laying flat on the floor, completely naked with his legs spread. Without saying a word, Tom knelt between Mark's knees, got some lube on his hand, and began slowly stroking Mark's hard cock. He did it slowly at first, getting it well lubed from the base to the head, and getting that slick stuff all over his hand as well. When Mark was well lubricated, Tom started going faster. Now they could hear that familiar, and very sexy, sound of a wet cock being jacked off. He started going faster and faster, rotating his hand around the shaft as he went up and down it, going all the way to the base and well up over the swollen cock head. His other hand began to fondle Mark's swollen nuts, first just rolling them around in his hand, then firmly but gently squeezing them. When Mark was getting close and moaning, Tom put his first finger and thumb around Mark's nut sack just above his balls and gently pulled down on Mark's balls."Oh God yea," he moaned. "So good - so fuckin' good! Blowing you got me so hot.""Payback! Shoot a nice stream of cum for me," Tom urged him as he gripped Mark's cock a little tighter and stroked just a little faster."Gonna spray the ceiling," he groaned. Seconds later Mark couldn't take it any longer and started to come. His legs stiffened, there was groan, and the first squirt of come shot from his hard cock. It arched into the air and landed on his chest, followed by squirt after squirt of the thick white stuff, most of it landing on this chest, and the rest landing of the floor. Tom continued to rapidly pump Mark's squirting cock until he stopped squirting. Then, with a combination of lube and Mark's own cum, he moved his wet hand up and down the shaft and over the head slowly and gently as Mark started to soften. "That was great!" Mark finally gasped.They took a hot shower together after that and thought about having seconds. But, as it was getting late, they decided to call it a night.The next evening, Thursday, well before eight, Tom was back at the same bar on the same stool. Right at the stroke of eight, Samantha came into the bar. She spotted Tom right away and gave him a big grin."Hi," she said as she took a seat next to him. "I wasn't sure if you'd be here.""Get stood up a lot?" he asked, very happy that she hadn't stood him up."All the time. Most guys think the idea is great the night they meet me, and then have second thoughts. I didn't know if you were just another one of the crowd."They sat there and talked for what had to be an hour. Then she just up and said that she was really horny tonight. Tom told her he would love to take care of her problem for her, and with that they left the bar for her place - conveniently not that far away.Once inside her apartment, she loosened up even more. With the door barely closed, she planted a bit wet kiss on him - and she was a great kisser! His hand slid up her firm body and caressed a boob - a real boob - she wasn't just wearing a padded bra. By now, Tom was sporting a woody that was just killing him."We could have a drink or two first, if you want," she offered as she broke the kiss. Apparently, she didn't want to appear too easy."Or we could take care of your problem and then have one," he suggested."I like that idea even better. The bedrooms this way!"He followed her into the bedroom. She may look like a woman, but she still thought like a guy!Unlike a lot of stories he had read, she didn't pretend to be shy and that the fact that she had a dick was going to be a big surprise to her lover. The only surprise when she got undressed was that she had a really nice sized dick; it was hard and uncut. Tom thought I had died and gone to heaven. Great tits, a nice body, and a great uncut dick - what more could a guy ask for?"There's just one thing," she said standing there naked, "I don't fuck; that is I don't want to fuck you. I can if I you really want me to, but being a woman, it just isn't something I do. I just like it a lot better when the guy fucks me.""Okay," he said with a grin. "I can live with that." Having her fuck him might have been fun, but just having his cock deep in her ass was going to be just fine with him. Tom wasn't quite sure what got her off, but decided to just wait and see. It was probably going to be interesting. Tom's only exposure to transsexuals was in adult videos, and in some of them they jacked off and in videos they just got fucked, never got hard, and seem to be happy with that.They got on the bed and cuddled, kissed, and fondled each other. Tom thought she did have nice tits - not huge, just nice. And, there were no scars on them from implants. He was fondling the real thing. Thank God for chick hormones. Then there was that nice cock of hers. Tom just adored uncut ones, and she had one that he just couldn't wait to get in his mouth."I just gotta suck on that cock of yours," sakarya escort bayan he finally told her."Have at it lover," she said rolling over onto her back and spreading her legs. "I just love oral."That was good enough for Tom. He moved down between her smooth firm legs and began playing with her hard cock. She was really into this tranny thing. She only had hair in two places - on her head and a neatly little patch of fur just above her cock, exactly like a woman. She must have been on the hormones for a while too, as her skin was very soft and she had nicely developed tits and all the other features of a woman. But, she also had this marvelous uncut cock!He started slowly stroking her cock, moving the foreskin over the swollen cock-head. She had a nice loose foreskin, one that more than covered the cock-head. He had a firm grip on it, and slowly masturbated her while his other hand played with her balls. He was fascinated with her cock, watching the swollen head appear and disappear in and out of that foreskin. She was very hard and soon started leaking pre-cum. That was his clue. He pulled the foreskin down, fully exposing the cock-head, and licked her sweet pre-cum off before drawing the cock-head into his mouth. At first, he just took the head in, running his tongue around the rim of it and paying special attention to the sensitive underside. Then, sucking lightly, he drew a large part of her cock into his mouth, taking as much of it as he could without gagging on it. After all, there is nothing like someone gagging on your cock to ruin a good blowjob. Then he started going up and down on her cock, following his mouth with his hand firmly around her cock. Soon Tom had her moaning with pleasure, and there is nothing like a moaner to let you know you're doing the right thing. After a few minutes of this, he knew she wasn't going to last long. Tom was taking her into his mouth and throat as far as he could, and after blowing her for a little while, he was getting used to her cock and taking her pretty far into his throat. Tom just couldn't wait till she shot a nice big load for him. About then it occurred to him, does she-male cum taste any different? After all, they are on hormones. He knew he was about to find out."Oh lover, that's it," she moaned. "You do that so well."Tom didn't say a thing. He just tugged lightly on her balls and worked his head up and down a little faster."Oh yea, any second now," she groaned. "This feels so good."Now she put her legs a little further apart and started to pump a little. Not a good thing, as if they got just a little out of synch, he was going to get her cock too far in and gag, ruining the whole thing. Fortunately, just before she did cum, she stopped pumping, almost as if to make it last just a little longer.But, Tom didn't have to wait long for his creamy reward. "Oh God! Here is comes," she nearly screamed.Tom pulled his head back just a little just as he felt that first throb in her cock. A spit second later the first spurt of her hot thick creamy she-male cum landed on his waiting tongue. Now he started sucking, pumping, and swallowing as fast as he could to keep up with the flood of sweet salty cum she was giving him. She-male cum, as it turned out, tasted about the same as any other guy's cum tasted. Before long, he had milked her dry! Tom had swallowed it all, not letting so much as a drop escaped. There was no cleaning her up after it; he had swallowed everything. Finally, he took her softening cock from his mouth."Now it's my turn lover," she said, still breathing hard. "Stand next to the bed here," she said patting the edge of the bed, "and I'll make your knees weak."That sounded good to Tom! He would rather have a blowjob standing anyway - no particular reason - he just liked them that way. Tom got off of the bed and came around to the side of the bed where Samantha had indicated she wanted him, hardon at the ready. He just knew he was going to love this! He stood there with his feet apart, hands on his hips, cock thrust out, just waiting for what he knew was going to be one hell of a blowjob by the rather good looking tranny. Nice tits, he thought looking down at her boobs. She had pretty nice looking nipples too. Tom just loved modern chemistry! Further down that good-looking body was her cock; now soft from the attention he had given it, with its foreskin now completely covering the sensitive cock-head again. Soft uncut cocks reminded him of small elephant trunks.Samantha reached out, took Tom's hard cock in her hand, and ran her soft hand up and down his hard shaft, feeling it, caressing it, and maybe just teasing him a little. Slowly she leaned forward and then licked the underside of the swollen head. She moved her hand up and down the shaft again, taking a little firmer grip on it this time. A clear glistening drop of pre-cum appeared at the slit in the head. "Oh my, you are horny aren't you?" she asked."Yea, no shit," he groaned."I just love sweet pre-cum," she said just before her long tongue slowly licked the drop from the end of his cock. Her tongue had barely touched his cockhead as she removed the pre-cum. A small silver thread of it followed her tongue back into her hot mouth.
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