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Last Gasp 2: Descent

Post #1

Chapter One - Wet Dreams and Memories

I watched as my simulacrum fucked Claire Prescott to death.

My image cried out and came, filling Claire?s mouth and covering her lower face in semen, causing her to gag and choke. I loved that sound she made: her desperate gurgling as she drowned.

I could hear the snap of her neck breaking on the video.

I froze the video on Claire?s last look. It was love for me. It must have been. She looked so sexy there, at the last gasp of her life.

Oh, how I longed for the pleasures of that night, two weeks past. It had been beautiful. Perfect for snuffing.

Just like tonight.

But Claire Prescott, my love, was gone and here I was with her only remaining daughter throated on my cock.

The suction on my cock grew more intense. Spit trickled out between Hannah?s lips and my cock, wetting my balls. The young blonde was near the edge, but she didn?t struggle. I think she was hoping I?d go all the way with her, this time.

I pulled her off before she passed out. She retched and more saliva poured from her lips. Her tits hung down, deliciously.

Hannah Prescott was fifteen years old, with shoulder-length blonde hair and pretty green eyes, a slender frame with perfect tits. I had taken her two weeks ago, along with her mother, Claire, and sister, Heather. Only she had survived my ministrations for this long, mostly because I had taken no other women in the past two weeks. Eventually, I would get around to sending Hannah to the great beyond to join her mother and sister.

I gave Hannah?s tits a good squeeze. They were the equal of any girl five years older than her. My hand went back to the young girl?s hair and I tangled my fingers in it, shook her hard.

?What do you want?? I asked her. ?Tell me what you want me to do to you, bitch!?

?Take me and fuck me,? the blonde girl said. ?Fill me. Use me and break me. Hurt me and snuff me.?

I pulled her up until her face was close to mine. Her breasts shook. Her breath hissed between her lips.

?More,? I said. ?Tell me more, baby.?

?Rape me. Fill me. Come on me and kill me,? she whispered.

I grabbed her by the neck and squeezed.

?Snap me. Trash me and fuck me. Jizz me,? she chanted, her voice rising in pitch. ?Come on, just fucking kill me!?

?I think you want me to do that, little clit. You want me to end you. Maybe you?d even get off on it.?

I squeezed harder. Her voice seeped out.

?You?d like it, too,? she cooed.

Her submission to my will had been swift, since her mother?s murder. I had tamed her. But then, she had always been submissive. She was one of those girls who would never retaliate against anything.

I thrust her back down on my cock and skullfucked her. I pushed her head down with my left hand, while I opened my nightstand drawer with my right.

I withdrew the twist of Claire?s auburn hair. She had such beautiful hair. That was what had drawn me to her in the first place. I smelled it. It still held her scent. It was almost two feet long. Long enough to strangle a woman, although I hadn?t used it for such. At least, not since Claire, herself.

I decided that I would use it on Hannah. Someday.

I let Hannah up and she gasped, spit drooling from her lips and onto my cock like a warm shower.

I took a small, plain box from the drawer. Inside were two emerald earrings and three finger rings. I took the diamond wedding ring and placed it on Hannah?s finger.

?So, do you think you married me, now?? she asked. ?Or do you just want a bigger thrill by making me think about how you murdered my mother? Jesus Christ, you watch her tape every fucking night! How could I fucking forget it? You?re a joke! A sick fucking joke!?

I looked at her, enraged. This was submission?

My backhand knocked her to the foot of the bed. I grabbed her ring-gag and wound it around her head, fitted it between her teeth.

I sat on her head and shoved my cock down her throat. Ruthlessly, I fucked her, pausing only to smack her face every other stroke or so. Deep and hard, I pressed into her, feeling her tight throat, as I tried to ram straight through her head and into her brain. I took her roughly, working her slutty young throat for long, hard minutes of excruciating abuse. She spit out saliva and it collected on her bright red face.

I pulled out of her throat.

?Mercy...? the single word bubbled out, twisted by the ring-gag.

I flipped her onto her hands and knees, got behind her and pulled her up to me. I caught her in a sleeper hold, one arm across her throat, the other behind her blonde head. She struggled as I choked her, but eventually went limp and dropped from my grasp.

I twisted her around, held her unconscious body up and fucked her slack throat, as I squeezed her neck and head. I came hard, crushing her head to my groin as I pumped my semen down Hannah?s throat.

It didn?t matter where it ended up. She could drown for all I cared.

I got up and turned off the video of Claire?s snuffing.

On the news there was a report: Congressional hopeful?s family missing for two weeks. Are they still alive?

?Not all of them,? I muttered.

That was Hannah?s family. Her father was the hopeful congressman-to-be.

I watched the report. The sheriff was being interviewed. From the sound of his report, he was still following leads. Of course, it was hard to trust what was on television. As a rule, cops didn?t give any useful information out to the media. But, if I was reading him right, he didn?t have anything. Yet.

Beside him were two suits. FBI. They must be. One was a woman.

I paused the picture on my DVR and stared at her. Blonde. Early thirties. Nice, athletic legs. Muscular arms. A fine chest, from what I could see. Strong face with a serious look. Strange eyes...

I stepped up to her image for a closer look.

The right eye was deep blue, almost a violet color. But the left eye... it was a brilliant green, harsh and piercing. Fascinating. Heterochromia. I had seen it before, but never in such beautiful and rare colors.

And that look... this beauty?s eyes showed she had seen some things. Jaded eyes. Desirous eyes. Sadistic eyes.

I knew that look. I saw it every time I looked in the mirror. Others might not know it or acknowledge it, but I knew.

I also knew why she was here. She was the one they expected to catch me with. My nemesis. With eyes like those, steeped in darkness, she had to be a criminal profiler. One of the best and brightest.

A question crossed my mind. Abort or go?

I already had my targets marked for tonight, but it was risky. I pondered the thought for a moment. Finally, I decided that I would go tonight, if possible. I certainly didn?t want to get caught, but I felt the intense need for some new blood.

I pulled Hannah up by the hair and felt her chest. Her heart was still beating. I dragged her unconscious body back to my Chamber.

A serious assfucking would teach her some manners.

Chapter Two - Invasion of the Body Snatcher

I checked my watch: 2:31 A.M. It was the time when the whole world seemed asleep.

I had lain in wait for several hours, anticipation and desire burning my chest. Over an hour ago, the last light had gone out in the Lincoln house. I had nearly gone in a dozen times since then. But I had forced myself to wait. Now, the waiting was over.

I moved through the darkness like a wraith. Barely a sliver of the moon was in the sky and I doubted that anyone could catch a glimpse of me in such a dim glow.

I approached the house.

No floodlights. Probably couldn?t sleep well with them on. I knew I couldn?t.

My previous examination of the residence had revealed a basic security system that was simple enough to bypass with my expertise. That was rather foolish for a woman alone with a teenage daughter, but no one had ever accused lawyers of being intelligent.

Jessica Lincoln and her daughter, Abigail. I had watched them for several days, shadowed their movements. The mother was a partner at a local law firm, specializing in family law: adoptions, divorces and such. The daughter went to an all-girls private school.

Which probably meant that she was ready, willing and untouched.

I smiled tightly, as I shut the system down. I turned my attention to the door. With a click, it opened. I slid inside, quickly. Closed the door.

I felt a thrilling rush of adrenalin, and the sensation of curiosity that always accompanied such infiltrations. Who were these people? What were their lives like? I walked past photos too dim to see in the dark.

Unable to control myself, I removed a small flashlight from my pocket and shined it on the pictures. My mind tried to categorize: a doting father, a good-looking mother, a husband, probably, and then: a photo of the mother and daughter. The mother, Jess, was dark of hair and eye. The daughter, Abby, had a lighter shade of brown and brown eyes.

They made a cute pair, one that I planned on taking full enjoyment from.

I removed the picture from the frame and pocked it.

I took out an aerosol spray. It was a little toy that I had employed in my previous vocation. It was filled with a compound that would knock the victim unconscious in just a few seconds.

I proceeded upstairs.

Four rooms, three with closed doors. I glanced into the fourth door. It was a bathroom.

The next I opened, as silently as possible. A girl?s room; the wall was covered in posters of movie stars, music bands and models. There was a desk and a computer; a dresser with open drawers and clothes hanging off, and... a teen-age girl huddled in the bed.

I stepped up to her. Her brown hair and cute face made me want to climb right in with her. It would be the dumbest of mistakes, but it was a fantasy of mine to rape a girl in her own house and bed. But I wasn?t fully prepared for that, yet. I sprayed her face with the aerosol. She inhaled deeply, stifled a sneeze. Her breathing grew deeper still.

I smiled. She wouldn?t wake for several hours.

On impulse, I pulled back the covers. The girl wore a t-shirt and trim panties. She had slim legs and a shapely bosom for a girl her age. She reminded me of Hannah, different coloring, but a very similar body type. A lucky catch.

One down. I turned.

The next door creaked as it opened and I froze.

No movement in the bed. I waited for a moment, ready to jump, should she awake.

Nothing. I entered.

A dark-haired woman was dozing fitfully in bed, the covers kicked off of her. Her head moved from side to side, as if she were caught in the throes of some dream or nightmare. She wore a button-down pajama top that concealed her breasts and tight pajama bottoms that showed a fit lower body.

I sprayed the aerosol mist on her mouth and watched as she drifted off.

I replaced the spray in my pocket.

?Jessica Lincoln, I presume,? I said softly.

I caressed her face. Not quite forty, I guessed, and young-looking even so. At first glance, she didn?t have the spectacular beauty that I usually liked. But she had smooth, unblemished skin and a fresh vitality that gave her an uncommon sort of attractiveness. Lush lips implied oral ability and I felt my dick hardening. Slim but broad shoulders. Long, strong arms.

I unbuttoned her pajama top and flipped both halves aside. Her succulent breasts met my touch. The full, heavy orbs were ripe with her milk, ready for the plundering. My questing fingers slipped under her bottoms. She was bare beneath and... bare there, too! No pubic hair at all!

A sweet surprise. This was one who enjoyed sex, then. I would give her her fill of it.

I imagined giving it to her, hot and heavy, thrusting my cock inside, as I fucked her against the wall of my Chamber. And after, I would hang her up by the neck, enjoy her strangling as she watched me take her lovely daughter...

Suddenly, I heard footsteps and a voice from the door.

A slim figure was standing there, blinking the sleep from her eyes. Her shapely breasts were bare; she wore only a pair of red panties.

Not the daughter, my mind registered. Who? How?

The woman?s eyes opened and she focused on me. She opened her mouth to scream or speak, and...

My kick caught her in the belly, threw her back to the floor, gasping. I hurried to her and caught her by the throat. Heaved her to her feet and pushed her against the wall. I stared into her face.

She was a dark-haired woman in her thirties with eyes the color of sapphire.

I squeezed her throat. She struggled with me, managing to take only little gasps of breath, not enough to fuel the full-throated scream she wanted to utter. She brought her knee up, and I blocked it with my leg. Her hands were around my wrist, trying to break my hold on her throat.

I stuck my hand into my jacket pocket.

One-handed, it was difficult to restrain her. But, I managed to hold on to her as I retrieved the spray from my pocket. I sprayed the aerosol right into her face and she sucked it in, in short gasps.

I felt her strength fade and she went limp in my hands. I lowered her gently to the carpet. I triggered another spray right into her face just to be sure she received a full dose.

Who the hell was this?

A brilliant move, I told myself. Not checking the last room. Only a novice would make such as stupid mistake. I shrugged it off. I had handled it.

I looked down at the woman. A house-guest, then. You can plan for all contingencies and still be taken by surprise. Grabbing the woman by the hair, I pulled her to cock-level. A hot house-guest, too.

Unzipping my pants, I pulled out my engorged cock. The woman?s head hung from my fist, lips hanging slack. It was such an erotic sight; I just had to try her out.

I put my cock on her warm lips, placed the head between them. I looked down at the nameless woman?s face and slowly pushed my large cock inside. Inch by inch, it disappeared down the woman?s throat until it vanished completely. The brunette?s unconscious lips were tight around the base of my manhood and I pulled out, already on the edge. I knew that I had to stop. One drop of semen on the carpet and forensics would go nuts.

I zipped myself up. I promised myself that I would have her like this later.

I placed her on the bed beside the mother.

Time to find my way out of this place. I turned my flashlight on. I checked the rest of the house, just in case, but found no one else. Keys. I needed keys. I had arrived here on foot, trusting to my victims to provide my escape, at least as far as the car I had stashed at a transfer location away from prying eyes. I found a set in the living room and another in a purse in the spare room. I took both. I paused for a minute to rifle through the purse. I found a cell phone, a wallet, some makeup and a bag of fine white powder.

I flipped open the wallet and looked at the driver?s license.

Madison Wade. Black hair. Blue eyes. Thirty-seven years old. Five-foot-eight. One hundred and thirty pounds. San Francisco, California.

?A long way from home, Madison.?

I took the wallet.

Quickly, I set the cocaine up to make it look as if Madison had been using it. With any luck, the police would believe that the missing women were related to the drugs. Perhaps a woman on the run from a vengeful gang?

It was worth a try just to throw them off for a few hours or days.

Out in the garage were two cars: Madison?s and Jessica?s. I unlocked the first one. It was Jessica?s car. On the passenger?s seat was her purse. It, too, was quickly searched. A laptop was sitting beside it. I took the wallet, the computer and the garage door control that I found inside and locked it back up.

The next was Madison?s. I threw the loot on the passenger?s seat and popped the trunk.

Madison went into the trunk, first, after being bound and gagged. I placed Abigail in, after her, also restrained.

My last trip was to Jessica?s room. I bound her wrists, elbows and ankles. Before I left, I did a quick search of the bedroom.

A sparkling necklace of diamonds and rubies lay on her dresser. Unable to resist the temptation, I slipped it into my pocket. Perhaps she would consent to wearing it for me, sometime.

Or not. Either way, it would look great around her neck as I fucked her face.

I picked her up and took her to the garage. Three made a tight fit in the trunk, but I squeezed her in. You would be surprised how many bodies you can fit into a trunk when you have to.

I opened the garage door and backed out. Another click and it closed. I casually drove away from the house, never to return.

Chapter Three - I Wish They All Could Be California (Snuff-) Girls

I arrived at the transfer point without complications, precisely thirty-two minutes later. I pulled up beside the vehicle I had stashed there: a non-descript brown sedan.

No one was around.

I popped Madison?s trunk and unlocked the sedan?s. I quickly transferred the girls and closed both trunks. I grabbed the stuff from the passenger seat and threw it in the sedan. I left the keys in Madison?s car and, after a quick once-over to see if I?d forgotten anything, I drove off into the darkness.

On to my house.

It was situated by itself, on a plot of land I had purchased after my stint in the agency. Few people ever came out this far. I had a post office box for official correspondence. I had no relatives to drop by unannounced. Signs were posted all around. They kept some people away. Most people.

I drove up the long driveway. Stopped at the garage, opened the door with my code. I drove inside and parked. Retrieved my house key from the hiding place and closed the garage door, as I entered.

I walked through the house and stepped up to the antique mirror. I stared at my reflection for a second. Then, I opened the secret door and walked down the stairs to my Chamber. I unlocked the door to the Chamber, flipped on the lights.

Hannah hung suspended from a hook in the center of the room. She now wore a golden mask that almost matched her blonde hair. The mask covered nearly all of her face, excepting only her jaw, so that I could gag her, either with a rag or my cock.

She was asleep or faking. Who knew or cared which.

After dumping the loot on a table, I unlocked three cell-doors.

Back in the garage, I opened the trunk. Three sleeping women lay in a tangle of limbs. Jessica, the mother, was coming around. I took her first.

She went into the first cell. I stripped her pajama top off, but left her with her bottoms. The bonds I cut. I slammed the cell door on her and locked it. When she woke, she could watch what I was doing through the small window in the door.

I?m sure she would find it interesting.

The daughter was second. I scooped her slender form up in my arms and took her downstairs.

I could hear moaning from Jessica?s cell. It seemed mommy was awake.

I slit Abigail?s bonds and cuffed her. Hung her up from a hook on the overhead track. I left her in her tee-shirt and panties.

Madison was last. She would probably be sleeping for a while. I had hit her with a double dose of anesthetic.

I closed the trunk, turned off the lights and locked the house door.

I carried the toned brunette downstairs. I removed her bonds, cuffed her and hung her up beside Abigail. Grabbing the track control, I lowered her until her face was at crotch-level.

?Who are you?? The voice came from the window in the second cell-door.

?Hello, mommy,? I said.

?Who are you? What am I doing here??

I looked inside, saw Jessica struggling. Her tits jumped as she did; an arousing sight, to be sure.

?My name is unimportant,? I replied. ?It?s enough for you to know that I am in control of you, your destiny and your daughter. Your lives are in my hands. If it helps, you can call me master.?

I walked back, ignoring the questioning cry.

I emptied my pockets and laid the contents beside the loot I had gathered at Jessica?s home. I stripped off my clothing and stuffed them in a bag for later burning. All of them, shoes included.

I stepped up to the hanging woman and girl.

Madison first. I lifted her head and plunged my cock into her limp mouth. The delightful wetness of her tongue caressed my cock, as I fucked in and out. I adjusted my grip on the head, placed my thumbs over the eyes and pressed down softly.

There was nothing better than a woman?s head my hands. Feeling her hair, her eyes, her lips and throat. So soft and so vulnerable. A quick twist of my hands and she would never wake, a thrust of my thumbs and she would see nothing ever again.

I emptied a load into her mouth. My spunk dripped out the corners of her lips and I grabbed some of it, rubbed it on her face. Another trickle oozed out and I caught a glob on my fingers.

To the side, Abigail was waking.

I pressed my fingers to her lips, giving the brown-haired girl the first taste of my seed. She woke up licking my semen from my fingers. Her eyes blinked open and met mine. The beautiful brown irises had an intoxicating innocence to them, tinged with confusion. For a moment, she was sucking the come from my fingertips. Then she realized something was wrong and pulled away.

I tore the tee-shirt from her chest, revealing her fine breasts.

She screeched like a whipped cat.

I slapped my hand over her mouth. ?Shhh!? I tried to soothe her. ?You?re making your mother afraid, girl.? I petted her long brown hair. It was such a lovely shade of chestnut. ?There?s nothing to be afraid of. You?re with me, now. What happens will happen. There?s nothing you can do. Do you understand??

I released her mouth.

?Who are you? What are you doing? What do you want with us?? the girl asked, voice cracking. Her lip quivered.

?How wonderfully childlike,? I said. ?Who I am hardly matters. What I?m doing should be obvious, even to you. I want your attentions, girl. That?s all. The attentions of a woman. I know that you know how. You?d be a natural. I just know you would.?

?No...? she said, weakly.

?If you don?t, I?ll do something to your mother. Something unpleasant. Do you want to know what I?ll do??

I leaned forward and whispered it to her. I watched as the girl?s face went white. ?Do you agree to do what I want?? I asked.

Abigail nodded.

?Good girl,? I said, as I smiled. I snatched up the track control, pressed the button to lower her to cock-level. ?Pleasure me, girl,? I ordered.

?How, sir?? she asked, innocent eyes on me.

How! What a thrilling girl!

?You must know,? I said. ?You must have heard some stories from your girlfriends, right? How to please a boy when you are with him. Surely you have some idea how to suck a cock.?

She blushed and looked at me, helplessly.

I smiled. This girl was a treasure.

?Alright,? I said, smiling. ?First, you pucker up your lips, like you?re going to give it a kiss.?

Her blank look caused me to go on.

?Like this,? I said and mimed a kiss. I watched as she tried, very sweetly, to copy the technique.

?Good. Then, put your lips on the head of the cock. On the very tip,? I explained.

I felt the sensation, as she did exactly what I described, pursing her sweet young lips over the head of my engorged cock.

?Now, push slowly until the head pops into your mouth.?

There was a soft pressure and, then, a warm wetness.

?Ah... excellent,? I sighed. ?Now, run your tongue around the head, in circular motions. Slide it around softly. Feel the texture of the cock; feel the soft flesh of the head. Lick through all the cracks and creases. Lick the slit at the very tip. Now, lick up and down with the tip of your tongue.?

Her pleasuring lips followed my instructions.

She stopped and pulled away. ?There?s something sticky,? she said.

?It?s supposed to be. It won?t hurt you. You might even find the taste pleasurable. Try again. Purse your lips on the head, then push forward and let the cock part your lips.?

Again, Abby did as instructed. The head of my cock popped into her mouth.

?Excellent, girl!? I praised her. ?Now, I want you to take it a little deeper. Push your lips down and let the cock slide over your tongue. Take as much of the rod as you can. Just go slowly. If it gets too big, just stop and give yourself a moment to adjust. Understand??

She nodded with the head of my cock in her mouth.

?Ready? Go.?

Slowly, she slid down on me. I felt the teenage girl?s lips explore every inch of my meat, lips and tongue moving as she worked half of my cock into her glorious, youthful mouth. The head of my cock bumped against the entrance to her throat and she stopped, her lips locked around the middle of my cock. She pulled back and slid off of me.

?It?s sticky again,? she said.

?It won?t hurt you, Abby. Take a lick.?

I watched as the girl did just that. Felt the soft tickling of her tongue on the tip of my cock, as she licked off the pre-come.

?What do you think?? I asked.

The girl shrugged diffidently.

?You like it?? I pressed.

?I guess so,? she said, finally.

?Well, right now,? I said. ?I want you to try to get my cock all the way inside you.?

?I already tried,? Abby said. ?I can?t get more than half of it inside. The rest just won?t fit. Where will it go??

?Down your throat, girl.?

Her jaw dropped. ?I can?t,? she said as she shook her head.

I rubbed her hair. ?You can and you will, girl.?

She shook her head. ?No way,? she said. ?It will suffocate me.?

?That?s the general idea, girl.?

Abigail looked away, defiantly.

What was with me and defiant girls these days? Still, she was arousing. And it was always a blast to persuade a young girl to obey.

?Very well,? I said and turned to Madison.

I retrieved my leather belt. I used the track control to raise the older woman until she was standing. She was just waking, eyes barely opened, when I slipped my belt about her neck and pulled it back. I thrust my cock into her from behind, rammed it in to the hilt.

She was awake, now, that was for sure.

Pounding her cunt from behind, I was pleased to find that her peril induced an extremely tight experience. I pulled harder on the belt and heard her neck begin to creak.

?Stop!? Abby screamed. ?You?re killing her!?

?Not quite, girl,? I said, as I pounded my cock deep into Madison?s pussy. My hands tightened on the belt. ?Whatever happens to her is your fault, not mine. You?re making the decisions, here. Should I strangle her? Snap her neck? Would you enjoy that? I bet you would. I bet you are wet in anticipation, already.?

?Stop!? Abby screamed, again.

I ignored her protestations as I fucked the brunette?s pussy savagely then pulled hard on the leather belt as I came. Her head was wrenched back; her tits thrust outward and her eyes bulging. She choked, retched and passed out from lack of oxygen. I expected to hear the snap of her vertebrae and to feel the barbaric thrill of taking her life. But she was strong and resilient; my belt left only heavy bruising on her neck.

I released her and stepped up to Abby.

?You?re lucky,? I said. ?She?s strong. Most women wouldn?t survive that kind of abuse.?

I thrust my cock out at the girl and she stared at it like it was a poisoned snake.

?Clean me up, now,? I ordered. ?Bathe my cock in your warm saliva and suck my jizz down your throat, girl.?

She hesitated, unable to look at me.

?Do it now, girl,? I said, my voice icy. ?Do it or I will bring your mother out here and snuff her before your eyes.?

I watched the girl sob as she sucked the come from my shaft.

?You?re a horrible man,? she said with my come on her lips. ?I hope you die.?

?Is that so?? I asked. ?Have you ever seen someone die??

I stood and walked to Madison. I rubbed my cock between her butt-cheeks. I grabbed the belt still hanging around her neck.

Slowly, I entered her.

Then, I pulled hard on the belt. Her neck snapped with an audible crack and hung at an unnatural angle.

I smiled at the raging thrill running through me. I had ended a woman?s life for nothing more than a demonstration. Unable to contain myself, I fucked her again while Abby watched.

Chapter Four - Tales of the Golden Mask

I entered Jessica Lincoln?s cell. The brunette mother lay on her cot, face and body turned away from me. She trembled at my approach, breasts shaking with silent crying as she stifled her sobs.

?It?s your time, sweet Jess,? I said.

?You?re going to kill me,? she said to the wall. She turned to me, suddenly.

I nodded; a smirk was on my lips.

?Oh, my god,? she moaned. ?Don?t do it. Please. I beg you. If you do, then my baby will be all alone. Please.?

?Not for long,? I said, cruelly. ?I?ll be sure to send her to meet you soon.?

With a howling cry, the dark-haired woman leaped up and charged at me. A single slap sent her sprawling to the floor, breasts bouncing as she fell heavily.

I grabbed her by her black hair and pulled her to her knees. Her tits wobbled back and forth and I had visions of titty-fucking her, my hands wrapped around her vulnerable neck, choking the life from her as I came all over her chest.

?There is another option, cunt,? I hissed.

She looked at me with sudden hope. Just a glimmer, but it was there.

?Anything,? she promised.

?Hannah...? I whispered. ?I want to take her and make her mine, forever. Help me with her and you and your daughter can go free.?

?Help?? she croaked. ?What are you saying??

I kissed her lips and drank my pleasure in. I whispered to her, softly. ?I want to take her life, together. With you.?

Her face was filled with shock. She shook her head. ?Please, don?t, I can?t...?

I threw her to the floor and kicked her in the ribs. ?It?s not a request, cunt! It?s a fucking order! If you don?t do her with me, then you and your daughter will join her in hell!?

She coughed, cried out. She said something I didn?t catch.

?What?? I asked.

?I?ll do it,? the brunette said. ?I?ll do anything, please! To save my daughter. But you have to promise me that you will keep your word!?

I grabbed her hair, dragged her to her feet, slammed her against the door. I squeezed her neck, hard.

?Promise me or you don?t get your fun...? she gasped out.

She was giving me an ultimatum? I couldn?t believe the fucking bitch. I would kill her right here.

Slowly, ever so slowly, my rage cooled. ?Alright. I promise. But you have to willingly participate. And you have to do it. You must be the one to take her life. A life for a life, as they say.?

?I will,? Jessica said, ?for my daughter.?

I looked into her eyes. I believed her.

I opened the door and pulled the brunette outside.

Jessica stepped up to her daughter?s door and looked inside. The brown-haired girl was sleeping, face turned to the wall. She shivered, either from the cool or from the nightmares.

?Let me speak to her,? she demanded.

?After,? I said.

I pulled Jessica towards the ring of chairs, to stand solemnly before the young blonde-haired girl. Hannah was chained to one, gagged but with her mask still on. I wanted her to wear it, even in death.

?Hannah, baby,? I cooed into her blonde hair. ?It?s finally time to join your mother.?

I saw Jessica cringe, as if I had slapped her.

Hannah struggled against her restraints.

My fingers went behind Hannah?s hair and I tilted her head back to look up. Her brilliant green eyes shone up at us.

I seated myself in my Master?s Chair.

I threw Jessica a key. ?Bring her to me, dear.?

Jess looked at it, then at the girl and then finally at me. I could almost hear the thoughts rolling through her pretty head. Defy me and face torture and death with her daughter? Or stain her soul with an unpardonable sin for the hope of release from this hell?

Slowly, she unlocked the girl.

?Leave the cuffs, baby,? I said. ?And bring her to me. Drag her here by her sweet blonde hair.?

Jessica dragged the girl to her feet, the fresh blonde locks clinched between her fingers, and pulled her over to me.

?Kneel her before me,? I ordered. ?Offer her to me.?

Hannah shook her head, looked to Jess. I smacked her hard, a strong blow that snapped her head to the side.

?Unbuckle my pants,? I ordered Jessica. ?Remove me.?

She manipulated my zipper. Her slender fingers pulled my cock out. She cradled it in her warm hand.

I looked at her. I flicked a lock of black hair away from her face. I searched her eyes for any hint of suspicion. Partially shed tears glistened in the corners of her eyes, as she did her best to control herself.

?Blow me,? I ordered.

She went down on me, taking me halfway inside with the first slurp.

Heaven, I thought, absolute heaven. Her second embrace took me nearly all the way inside her. She pulled back and spit dripped from her red lips in a long line that connected to my cock. Again, she went down and my hips met her, my cock thrust up until she was all the way on me. I felt a choke and a gag and I held her to me by the back of her head.

I released and she pulled off. Spit slid down to wet my pants and drip on her tits.

?Do you like this, baby?? I asked, my voice tight. ?Does it get you hot? Does it get you off? Tell me you like this.?

Jessica swallowed. Her nearly-shed tears seemed about to fall.

?Tell me you like this,? I ordered. ?Tell me that you want this. Tell me that you want to give Hannah to me. Her life, her soul. Everything. Tell me that you want to sacrifice her to her lord and master.?

?Oh, god,? Jessica nearly cried. ?Yes... I want this. I love it and I want to give this girl to you, master.?

?Mount her upon me,? I said. ?And get behind her, squeeze her tits.?

I relished the feeling of the girl as she was forced upon my cock. She rode me for long minutes, her young body bouncing up and down on my quivering rod. She sobbed, tried to cry out through the ball gag. Our pace quickened and Jessica forced her down on me, as I thrust upwards.

I came spewing into the girl?s womb.

She slowed to a stop and I backhanded her, sending her flying from my cock.

I looked at Jessica. ?On your knees and blow me, cunt,? I demanded.

Obediently, she dropped to her knees and took my softening cock in between her succulent lips.

?Suck my jizz down, bitch!? I ordered.

I pushed her down and choked her on my cock until I was hard again.

?Are you ready, cunt?? I asked her. ?We?re going to do it now. You?re going to do it. You will commit the ultimate sin, the final taboo. It?s time. Do everything I tell you to do or your daughter will die. Do you understand??

She nodded, tears finally falling.

?Give her to me,? I said.

Jess pulled Hannah to her knees and over to me.

I punched Hannah hard in the jaw, stunning her. I quickly removed the ball gag and fixed a ring-gag about her head and mouth.

She gasped and tried to speak. I punched her again.

Jess raised a hand to her mouth, appalled, tears flowing freely.

?Put her face on my cock and fuck her until she dies.?

Jessica tried not to look into Hannah?s green eyes, as she placed the girl?s head over my cock and pushed it down.

For long minutes of luxurious domination, Jess savagely throated the girl upon me. She followed all my orders. She slid the blonde?s head up and down on my cock. She pushed Hannah?s head down, holding her upon me, violently squeezing the throat until the suffering girl gagged and nearly vomited. Jess pulled Hannah?s head up. A river of spit slid out from the open O of her mouth and she coughed. She gasped and turned her head towards Jess, struggled to make coherent sounds.

I smacked Hannah, hard.

?Slide her back down!? I yelled. ?Skullfuck her on my cock!?

Jess complied, thrusting the tortured girl on my relentless cock.

?Hit her,? I said.

?What?? the brunette asked, aghast.

?Hit her in the back of the head,? I ordered. ?Now!?

Jess struck and I felt the blow through the girl?s skull, luxuriated in the ripples of pleasure running down my cock. ?Again,? I said, and I felt the pleasure of the blow. ?Again!? I ordered, and felt a third rush.

I was so ready. I was so close to coming.

Jess pulled the girl up again. Spit dripped from Heather?s lips: spit and blood. I caught some of it, smeared it on Jess?s face.

?Finish her, you stupid cunt,? I said to Jess. She really was a stupid cunt.

?Hold her down. Murder her on my dick.?

?Ahhh,? the girl began, but was cut off, as Jess thrust her head back onto my cock, pushed her, oh so deep, and held her.

I looked at Jess. ?Taunt her, cunt. Tell her why you?re killing her.?

She hesitated, then...

?How does it feel, to know you?re dying?? Jess began, her pretty voice small and cracking, but growing until she was hissing.

?It?s unfair, I know. But you have to die so that my daughter and I may live. You?re nothing, anyway. A slut that I know nothing about. Your mother was probably just a whore. You?re a nothing. A stupid piece of shit that doesn?t matter anyway. Just go the fuck away! Just die. Just fucking die!?

The girl struggled, blood and spit sliding between her lips, trickling down my balls to puddle on the floor between my legs. She tried to scream, her choked protestations reverberating through my cock and bringing me to climax. My come spewed out into her lungs, as the girl shuttered and passed out.

?Hold her, finish her...? I ordered Jess.

Tears ran down the brunette?s cheeks, as she held the blonde head down on my cock. Long minutes passed. She looked at me, crying, wondering when I would let up. Her grip slackened, but I quickly grabbed the back of the blonde head and held it like a vice. ?Not until she?s gone,? I moaned.

Jess let go, sat back on her legs. She rubbed at her tears. She sniffled.

?Push her down,? I said.

?Ssshe?s dead...? Jess whined, tears falling.

?Hold her down, now!? I ordered. I watched as Jessica complied, pressing her hands to the back of the girl?s head. I felt at the girl?s neck for a pulse. Nothing. She was truly gone. My cock twitched and I came again. The white fluid shot up into the corpse?s mouth and oozed out between its lips.

I stood and the girl slid from my cock. She dropped to the floor in a puddle of spit, blood and come. Her face mask was broken, the strap snapped in half. It only partially concealed her face. A dark brown eye stared out at me. Jess avoided looking at the girl.

I pulled Jess to me and kissed her.

She pushed me away with sudden strength.

?You sick, perverted fuck!? she screamed in full-throated hate. ?I did it for you... I did it for you! Now, let my daughter and I go! No one will ever know. We?ll spend the rest of our lives trying to forget about you!?

I smirked at her.

?Why are you smiling like that?? she demanded.

?You mean you didn?t know?? I asked, surprised. ?Oh darling, sweet Abigail was here, but now she?s gone...?

I watched Jessica as she turned white as a sheet. Her mouth hung open and for several long moments, she could say nothing; her blood running cold.

Slowly, Jessica turned to Hannah?s body. The dead brown eye stared at her, accusingly. The mask just covered the face.

Tentatively, her fingers reached out. She pulled the broken mask away and stared into Abigail?s face. One eye was still green, the other it?s natural brown.

?The hair was a problem, getting the length and shade just right, but the contacts worked like a charm! The plan was so simplistic. I couldn?t believe that you bought it. I can?t believe you didn?t know. Hannah was no problem, either. A nice brown wig and a little something to make her sleep for a while. You never noticed that she wasn?t your daughter. Their ages and body types were so very close, you didn?t know your own daughter even when you were touching her, taunting her and snuffing her on my cock!?

It was just too rich. I couldn?t help myself. I tossed my head back and laughed.

Jessica screamed, a sound torn from the inner depths of her damned soul. She threw herself at me, clawing at my eyes.

I punched her in the face, grabbed her by the throat. ?You really are a stupid cunt,? I said.

I threw her to the floor and raped her beside her daughter?s corpse.
09-11-2021, at 08:47 PM

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