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I asked our son to fuck his mother - Pt 2 - Our daughter comes home.

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Part two of 'I asked our son to fuck his mother'. You might want to read it first.

Naked, fsixteen year old David cuddled up to his equally naked mother, his cock growing bigger and harder by the second. His mother lifted her right leg up in the air, reached between her legs grasping David's now fully erect manhood. She stroked it a couple of times and guided it to her anxiously waiting and wet hole. David pushed his hips forward, sliding the first two inches of his thick six inch prick into his mother. Carrie pushed back till her son was balls deep in her wanting cunt, the same cunt that he had once come out of. She lowered her leg, more firmly grasping him in her.

David closed his eyes and started slowly fucking his mother. For her age and having two children, Carrie was still acceptably tight. She matched his motion and moaned at the pleasure David was giving her. David reached around and kneaded one of his mother's breasts. Sure, now her 34-C tits sagged some when she was standing, but they were still nice and solid and a delight for David to touch. After several strokes, he held her shoulders and rolled her flat onto her stomach with him on top, still buried between her ass cheeks and deep in her fuck tube. He raised up on his hands and picked up speed and strength.

It wasn't long before Carrie was approaching her first orgasm. She grabbed hold of the sheets and rolled her head back and forth, "I'm coming, fuck me hard. Fuck me, David. Yesssss!" She collapsed but David had not finished with his mother yet. He still needed to get his pleasure. If he made her come again like he often did, that would be great but it was not his goal at this point. He just wanted to fill her cunt with his seed.

David pulled out, pulled his mother up on her knees and elbows and slid back into her. He held her hips and pulled her back and forth on his cock, fucking himself with her cunt while he did not move. He leaned to the side enough that he could watch Carrie's tits sway under her as he did it. He loved watching a girl's tits flopping around while she was being nailed. It was just as fine of a sight when it was his own mother's tits swinging back and forth.

With a smile on his face, his father, John laid on the far side of the king sized bed watching the action before him and stroking his limp dick. If he could no longer get it up to satisfy his constantly horny wife, he was glad that they had come up with the idea of their son taking his place so she would not be going out whoring herself around town. Carrie just could not go very long without sex. Masturbation, toys, even having John eat her out did not relieve her sexual needs. David did and they were all happy about it.

After several minutes if hard fucking in the doggie position, David and his mom both climaxed together. David held himself deep in his mother and blew his load of semen into Carrie's womb. Carrie tensed up and screamed without a sound coming out of her mouth. When her son finally pulled out, she spun around and took his pecker into her mouth and sucked it clean.

At the same time, John pushed his head between her legs and started eating out her leaking pussy. David pulled away and lay at the side of the bed watching his father bring his mother to one final orgasm for the night. After she had collapsed, fully satisfied, David went back to his own bed and got a good night?s sleep. He enjoyed chasing after the girls his own age he sometimes caught one and would get her into bed, but he also loved having his mother ready and willing to fuck, any time he was in the mood. And that was often.

The next morning at breakfast, John reminded everyone that Viola, Vi as everyone called her, was due home on a school break that afternoon. They had to decide whether to try to hold off on their fuck sessions while she was home or what they should do. Carrie said that maybe there would be enough times when Vi was off doing something for her and David to get in a quick fuck or maybe they could rent a motel room to sneak off to. A room would be too expensive and they did not know how much alone time they would get. They decided to tell her what was going on and hope she understood.

Nineteen year old Vi got home from school about midafternoon for a stay of almost two weeks. They went out to her favorite restaurant for a nice supper. After they got home, Carrie asked her to come into the den so they could talk. "Vi, I'm going to come right out and say this and I hope it does not shock you too much but if it does, we will understand. From when I was in my mid-teens, I have needed sex, a lot of sex. Your father can't do it anymore and the doctor said that he should not try Viagra or any of the other ED meds. I hope this will pass but the doctor says not to count on it. I was getting so bad that I was thinking about going out and finding other guys that would give me what I needed. I told your father and we talked about it and came up with a solution. David agreed to take his place in bed. It's working very well but we thought you needed to know so you would not be shocked and disgusted when it happened and you caught us. If you don't want to stay home for your vacation, we will understand."

Vi stared at her mom for a minute and then smiled, "I guess the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. I need to get my pussy pounded a lot too, or else I almost go crazy thinking about it. I don't have and don't want a steady boyfriend but I do have several what you would call friends with benefits, including one of my professors and he's married with a daughter almost my age. I guess I believe that old saying, Why buy the cow when you can get all the cream for free. I was worried about how I would get along being home for two weeks but now I don't need to worry. I can just tell you that I'm going out to find me some cock." They both laughed.

When they went back to the living room, Vi sat on the couch and Carrie first went over and kissed John and then went over and kissed David long and hard while letting her hand drop down and rest on his package. "Everything is all right, Vi understands and is good with our arrangement. She has the same needs that I do. Like mother like daughter I guess."

That night nothing happened. The following night Carrie told David that she needed him in her bed that night. Vi and her father stayed in the living room watching a movie. It wasn't long before the sounds of satisfying sex came drifting down the hall. Vi looked at John, "Dad, have you ever wondered if doing it with a different young and very attractive woman might stimulate your mind and influence your sexual parts and help you get it up?" "Yeah, I have wondered bit but I would be embarrassed if I found someone but couldn't do it for her after getting that far."

"I wouldn't be upset if I tried but couldn't help you get hard. I would like to give it a try if you'll let me. I'm a really good cock sucker." "Well, we are already an incestuous family and I do think you are beautiful and I love you, so yes I would be happy if you would let me take you to bed. The bed in your room is only a single so I guess we will need to use David's room. He has a queen bed." "Dad, I've got an even better idea. You might find it even sexier if we went in and did it on your big bed while David and Mom are still doing it." John smiled and stood up. "We better get in there before they are done."

John thought he felt a little stirring between his legs as they walked hand in hand down the hall. When they entered the bedroom, David had his mother's legs up over his shoulders and his hands on her tits and was pounding her hard, fast and deep. Carrie was breathing hard and getting close to a climax but she managed to ask, "Coming to watch?" John replied, "Nope, were coming to join the fun."

Vi opened her blouse. She had the tits that her mother had when she was young, 34-C's that did not sag a bit, big hard nipples and a deep tan that did not show any tan lines. John leaned to her and took one breast in his mouth. While he was doing that, Vi was unbuttoning his shirt. She removed it and then took her tit away from her father, slid down so she could lick and suck his nipples while she undid his pants and dropped them and his shorts to the floor. From his soft size, she guessed that when he had an erection he had a very sizable dick. She hoped that she could get him hard.

Vi removed her pants and placed her father's hand on her cleanly shaved mound. His finger quickly found its way between her labia and into her tight fuck hole. "Oh Vi, I want to taste you so bad. Get on the bed." "OK but I want some too." They got on the bed in the sixty-nine position with her on top. David and Carrie stopped and watched.

John was still limp but excited. His tongue found its way between her inner cunt lips to her wonderful holes and her clit. Her clit came out of hiding and grew till it was about the size of the tip of his little finger. John concentrated in licking and sucking it while occasionally dropping down to push his tongue into her fuck hole or slide over her puckered little anus. David went back to fucking his mother but they both still watched the father and daughter going at it.

John licked and sucked and slurped at his daughters most private parts and she sucked hard on his limp prick. She sucked and his balls into her mouth and licked up and down his shaft. It was easy for her to take all of his cock in her mouth when he was soft like that. She could have deepthroated him if he had an erection but his soft cock never got that far back. John was good at eating pussy and soon he brought Vi to an orgasm. She cried out and shoved her pussy tight to his face.

When Vi's girl cum poured into her father's mouth, she felt his cock getting a little hard. She quickly rolled on her back, "Put your cock in me, Daddy. Fuck my cunt. Fuck your daughter. I love you and want you in me." John rolled on top and his half erection was enough so he could get it in. He shoved his cock deep into Vi's vagina and concentrated on his erection while he fucked into her so he would not lose it. Carrie looked at David and gave him a thumbs up.

Success, John kept enough of an erection so that he could finish and deposit a load of cum in her daughter's womb. Then he very quickly lost what he had and fell out of her, exhausted. Their Mom excitedly rolled over and took Dad's shrunken man meat in her mouth. Vi was surprised that she did not care that her cum was on it when her mother sucked it. "The next time we try this again, Dad, when I get you hard enough, get on Mom and give her a good fuck."

That is exactly what happened. Two nights later we were all in bed together again. Dad and Vi went sixty-nine again and this time so did Dave and Carrie. Like the first time, Vi's expert cock sucking combined with her looks and the thrill of the forbidden incest brought John to a useable hardness. As soon as he reached that point, Vi jumped off and pulled Dave off Carrie. John rolled over and impaled himself his wife with his shaft for the first time in more than six months. Carrie squeezed her legs tight around John's prick to keep it hard and they slow fucked and kissed till John blew his nut. Carrie had a small orgasm but it was from love not from physical pleasure. John collapsed next to her and they cuddled and kissed.

Dave had been sitting in a side chair watching and stroking himself. Vi walked over to him, "Well, it looks like my little brother isn't so little anymore." She dropped to her knees; put her hand around the base of Dave's cock and her lips over the head. Neither one of them said a word. Vi kept sucking on the tip of Dave's prick and stroking the shaft till he released a cum explosion in her mouth. Vi didn't spill a drop and she showed her mouthful to her brother before swallowing it in one big gulp.

Vi said, "Davey? It's kinda lonely in my little bed. Would you mind sharing your bed with me starting right now and whenever I come home?" "It will be my pleasure, Big Sister." They left the room hand in hand and soon Carrie and John were listening to the sounds of sex coming from Dave's room.

John was happy to know that his ED problem was not just the result of his body not wanting to be with Carrie but he still hoped that sometime he would start getting back his full manliness. In the meantime, Dave still enjoyed helping out as often as needed and they all looked forward to any time Vi could come home for a visit.

09-11-2021, at 08:48 PM

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