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The Purple Building

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The Purple BuildingAdult activities and Adult Book Stores adventures, The Purple building as most of us called it. Next to I-10 flashing lights and the usual big adult book store sign open 24 hours with truck parking. Another place in town to take in and enjoy porn, self pleasure and multiple sexual encounters. I've defenitly had my share of fun and what if's. Getting out of car walking toward the door a mini van rolls up, it was full of women. The front passenger window went down and the lady asked if I wanted to go with them and have some fun. I've often thought to my self what would have happened if I had. A van with at least five women it ? I paid the cover and into the arcade I go, cruising the halls I would grab a booth watch a little porn an cruise the halls some more. Thinking I should have jumped in the van, thinking of all the kink it could have lead to or embarrassment? I'm in a booth with the door cracked when I see a couple walking by. They grab the booth next to me. I close my door and hit the buddy button and pulled out my cock and started stroking. It wasn't long before they did the same, sitting next to the window the woman looked at me smiled and stated staring at my cock. A very attractive couple, they looked a little out of place. The gentleman started playing with her breast as they booth would alternate looking at the porn on their monitor at me my cock and the porn on my monitor. The woman pulls out the mans cock and began stroking it, eventually standing up and bending over to suck his cock. The guy pulls up her dress up to her waste giving me a full view of her beatiful ass as he started rubbing her pussy. From the looks on his face she was giving him one hell of a blow job. Watching him rub her pussy it was obvious she was getting wet. The look on the guys face told me he was about to shot his load. The buddy window close's, I hear their door open thinking it was awesome while it lasted. I put my cock away and was about to get up and exit the booth when I hear a knock on my door. I unlock and open the door, I couldn't believe my luck. Standing in the door way was the couple. I invited them in and she immediately grabbed my belt, unbuckled it, unbutton and unzipped my pants and she was pulling my cock out. while she was sucking my cock the husband got on his kness and started playing with her pussy. The woman was definitely getting into sucking me. She would lock up at me with her beatiful blue eyes, I grabbed her hair and held it back so it wasn't blocking my view. She stopped looked at me and said she wanted me inside her.She turned to so she could place her kness on the bench as I lined up behind her so I could insert my cock. The guy stayed on his kness to my right watching my cock as it goes in and out of her pussy. The woman started moaning and asking the guy was he enjoying watching us fuck. Does it turn you on a stranger fucking me in a nasty porn store. You like watching other guys fucking your girl I asked, reluctanly he say's yes. As I was driving my cock in and out of her pussy, this is some tight pussy, inbetween moans she started tell her guy how good my cock felt. As we had some sexual banter that expressed our pleasure I asked where did she want me to come. The guy asked if I would come on her ass.I'm slamming my cock into this woman and I'm about to explode, I looked at the guy and asked once agin. You want me to come on her ass, Yes, Yes please cum on her ass. She's moaning he's still on his kness inches away from us watching me slam my cock in and out. I pull my cock as I'm about to shoot my load the guy grabs my cock and guides it to his mouth taking a third of it into his mouth and began to receive my load. They kiss as the guy still has my cock in his hand and they both take turns cleaning my cock. They thanked me got dressed and headed out. I sat there realizing the buddy window was open and two guys were standing in the other both giving me a thumbs up.
04-15-2021, at 01:32 PM