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chavvy teenagers

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chavvy teenagersWe, like most towns, have a chavvy area and in the middle of it is a large supermarket, they have offers that the other markets in town don?t have, so every month or so we check it out. This day Donna sent me up to check it out. I?d bought a few items and then went in their café for something to eat, as I was waiting for my food two girls sitting across from me caught my eye.My food arrived and as I was eating the two girls kept looking at me, as I glanced over one was really pretty with dark shoulder length hair, black jumper, black jacket and wearing a skirt, which I thought was very unusual in this day and age. The other had short brown hair, black shirt and brown pants. As I glanced across the dark haired girl kept opening her legs as she looked at me.Five minutes later she came over and said ?Will you buy us some chips? I said ?Ok but what?s in it for me? and she replied ?We can go round the back after? with that remark I said ?Go and place your order? when they came back they sat opposite me at my table, she was Kylie, named izmir escort after the singer, and the other was Jessica, Jess.As we ate they told me that they were both 17, left school eighteen months ago have no job and spend all their time together. When we?d finished eating Kylie said ?Will you buy us some cigs? and I said ?I?ll give you some money and you buy them? she said ?Ok?, as we left the store she went to the counter and bought cigs, outside all three of us had one.After we?d smoked Kylie said ?Thanks for that? and I said ?What now? she replied ?Follow me?, as Kylie and Jess linked arms I walked at the side as we went round the back of the store. It was dark and as we got round the back there was a loading bay area with a sheltered canopy, both girls walked into the bay and said ?Come on? as I followed.?Are there any cameras? I asked ?No? Kylie said. We walked to the wall at the back of the loading bay, Kylie said ?How old are you? ?Does it matter? I answered as my arms wound around her waist, she mumbled ?Not really? as our lips pressed escort izmir against each other?s. As we snogged Jess was stood watching against the wall.I started to feel Kylie?s tits as our tongues were entwined, lifting up her jumper I pulled her tits out of her bra and rolled her nipples, she gasped. Bending down I soon had one nipple in my mouth as I nipped the other, she pulled me up and snogged me. My left hand ran down her back and onto her bum, then I lifted up her skirt and rubbed the crack of her arse.Moving my hand round the front I was soon rubbing her pussy through her knickers as my lips and tongue were welded on her nipple. Then suddenly I felt my pants being pulled down, I wasn?t wearing jeans as it was cold, then my undies came down and I looked down and felt and saw at the same time, Jess had my cock in her mouth, and she was good.As I finger fucked Kylie Jess sucked me, it didn?t take too long for Kylie to be wet enough, she pulled away from me turned round and slipped her knickers off, opening her thighs I teased her crack with my izmir escort bayan cock and slipped in from behind, as I shagged her she groaned. A couple of minutes later Jess bent down and licked Kylie?s tits as her fingers roamed over her friend?s clit.What a sight and what a feeling as I built up speed. Her moans were stronger and deeper as I fucked her hard and fast, then she groaned out loud as it was obvious that Jess?s fingers and my cock was bringing her to orgasm. I felt her juice flow out of her cunt as she groaned I knew I was close myself, when she?d recovered she said ?Don?t cum inside me?.I pulled out and she turned round to face me, we snogged and my fingers were again buried deep in her pussy as I rubbed her, Jess had again taken my cock in her mouth and for a 17 year old was giving me good head, I knew I couldn?t last much longer. As my climax approached I snogged her harder and fingered her rougher.Then I was coming, I could feel the pressure building up, and then I exploded and Jess took it all, all my spunk shot out of my cock and straight down her throat, even when I was going limp she carried on pulling and licking my eye. She pulled my pants up and stood and kissed Kylie, then me, then Kylie kissed me, then she got dressed and the cigs were out.
09-16-2021, at 03:23 AM

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