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I found her online profile

Post #1

I found her online profileI was just checking my internet browsing history to make sure that Ii hadn't left anything there that shouldn't be there when I had got back to when I was away on business for a couple of days.There were some unusual browsing that I saw so I opened up a couple of the pages to see what they were. All I got was the header pages from a couple of porn sharing sites so I knew that Linda was looking up some stuff. Then I saw that there was a page for email in the history as well. Again it just gave me the opening page, from the history I could see the user name so I treid a couple of passwords of Lindas that I could remeber. It took a good few tries but finally I got in.Her inbox was nicely arranged, i saw one of the website names and clicked on the folder.There were only few emails in the folder but the last one was a password reminder. A quick copy and paste and I am at her profile. It is difficult to deceide where to start looking first. I see that Linda has posted her own videos and photos and has favourites of both as well. I decide to go look at the photos first starting with her oldest set of pics. They are mostly of Linda dressed in various poses with some comments below, all complimentry with some asking to see more. the net set was of Linda in some lingerie, with the title if you want more just comment.I skipped a couple of sets to one titled, naked for you at last. Linda had started clothed and put together a sequence of shots as she undressed to reveal her naked body, sitting at an angle just turning to the camera slightly, her heels allowing her knee to bend at 90', the photo was only dated by the big strip of bush that Linda used to have which from memory was over two years ago. Reading the comments below the last picture there was plenty of encouragement. You should show some more, your husband is a lucky man, you know the sort of thing. There was even a link from one of the commenters, I clicked it to find a tribute of him having cum over the last picture. Linda had commented, always happy to receive a big load.The next gallery was titled, me in heels and not much else. This time Linda had taken selfies in th long mirror in the hallway. She had started off in just a leather jacket and her heels, the jacket only comig down to above her bellybutton and bulging with the size of her breasts. The zip came down little by little over a few pics until her chest was bare. The last pic was Linda very close to the mirror with her legs spread wide and the jacket falling back to reveal her breasts in full, She had posted the first comment. I got my first cum tribute last time and I liked it more welcome. There were a couple more links to which Linda had replied saying that she loved all the attention and was thinking what it would be like to recevie all their gifts at once. I heard Lindas car in the driveway so had to stop prying. I looked at her differently that night as Linda undressed for bed. Before she could start putting on her night dress, I lay Linda on the bed with her head just off the edge, her breasts jutting out, I licked her nipples and complimented her. Linda squeezed her breasts and I was masturbating over her telling Linda that I just wanted to cum on her tits for her. Linda said honey this is not like you. i hope you like it I reply as just moments later cum starts erupting from my cock all over Lindas fine bossom. Linda smiles as she say, there is so much, what should I do with it? Linda doesn't do anything with it but she does go for a shower before returning to bed.The next night Linda is waiting for me in the bedroom in the same pose I had put her the night before. Cum for me honey, she says. I'm now standing over her with my balls over her face as I beat my cock looking at her ripe breasts again. Linda now cups my balls before taking them into her mouth and rolling her tonuge around them. I am cumming hard again over her breasts and stomach. This tome Linda takes my cock into her mouth to drain every last drop out of my softening cock. as I step bakc to look at her Linda is now masturbating herself with one hand as she picks up cum on her fingers to eat. Linda now writhes in extasy as she reaches a climax. We take a shower together where Linda imparts that it was a much better orgasm tonight than the one she had by herself last night she hoped that I had enjoyed it as much as she had. I agreed that it was and that şişli escort we should definately do it again.Unfortunately the next evening Linda had been exhausted and I was heading away on business after that for a few days so nothing was going to happen until I returned. While I was away i decided to take a peak at her account again. There was a new gallery, 'Cum Tribute'. There were a few photos of Linda with cum all over her breasts. Again there were comments. Lindas was first my husband came over my tits and I can't help thinking what it would be like if it were you guys. One guy had said if it were me I'd have you suck on my balls while I wanked over your tits, you should then stick your fingers into your pussy and cum for me as you eat my cum. Lindas comment was then god that sounds so dirty. The guy said she would love it. I have to take a call but when I get back to the computer and refresh the screen there is a new comment from Linda, you were right, I closed my eyes and thought of you as I Sucked on my hubbys balls, I imagined it was your cum I was eating and I came so hard - New gallery for you.I wnet back to the user profile and there it was a gallery, I need your cum. This one was Linda naked from the start. She had a necklace on which she wraused to accentuate her breasts as it hung over her nipples. There were various poses culminating In Linda showing herself with one then two fingers buried in her pussy. I have to go for dinner, so it is a while before I return to see what has happened. There are a few cum tributes for her, the usual comments and a few new ones. Great looking pussy, you should reveal all and shave it. a few users agreed and Linda had replied that her hubby had asked a while ago but she had never done it. Another comment, I'd eat you out all night if you shaved it. The user who she had pleased so much by eating my balls posted, you think you want to touch yourself now, wait until you have shaved. Linda had replied, let me think about it.It was high time that I created my own id for the site, I friended a couple fo the men who were on my wifes comments and looked around to thier other friends to get my profile up and running. Lindas profile was viewable by anyone so I bookmarked her page and was notified of any content updates. I didnlt get a chance to review anything prior to arriving home from my trip. We had dinner and Linda asked me to catch up on a couple of cores that needed doing and that we should have an early night as she winked at me. I didn't argue about the chores and was soon finished. When i got back inside Linda had obviously showered and was in a long dressing gwon with her slippers on. You should have a shower before you come to bed she says. Again there is no argument from me as I freshen up. I open the door from the en-suite and Linda is sitting on the end of the bed, still in her dressing gown but instead of the slippers she now has some killer heels on. I riase my eyebrows and Linda says I thought I'd surprise you a little. She gets up and walks over to me, tugging at the towel and letting it drop to the floor, I hope that you have been saving all that lovely cum up for me Honey, you know how much I like it. She lays me back on the bed and lets her tongue circle the helmet of my cock. Linda moves up my body now straddling me she lets the gown fall over her shoulders to reveal her ripe breasts. Linda caresses her breasts saying it makes her so wet thinking of hot cum all over them. it is amazing what a nice pair fo shoes will do for a girl she says. Linda slides off the bed to stand beside me. Linda runs a hand through her hair and says, the other night felt so good I wanted to make sure I looked and felt slutty tonight, as she lifted the bottom of her gown up a little to reveal her bare legs. You look amazing I reply. Linda reaches for my cock stroking it, saying sucking on your shaved cock and balls made me so wet the other night. Linda lets her gwn fall to the floor as she continues I really need you to eat my pussy for me. She has a big fuzzy tramline down to just above her clit, then she is completely shaved clean. I grab one of Lindas legs and drag it over me saying let me taste that delicious looking pussy. My tongue glides over her naked flesh, Linda moans out loud in appreciation. I keep on licking her pussy and sucking on Lindas clit until she reaches her first orgasm. I tell her mecidiyeköy escort that she just tastes so good, I keep going, Linda is so wet now as she reaches her second climax and then a third. Her legs are trembling now as she can not support herself. I steady her and roll Linda onto her back on the bed. You should have shaved your pussy years ago I tell her, Linda moans yes,I ask her does she still feel slutty? Linda says show me your cum honey. I now move over Lindas face so my balls are at her mouth, she does not hesitate understanding at once she is to suck on my balls. While I masturbate Linda continues to cuck on my balls letting her tongue run around them and then letting them hang just clear before sucking them back in. My cock and balls are aching as I unleash a huge load of cum over her breasts, some making it's way all the way down to her belly and pussy. As I get up I look at Linda as she arches her back, my cum shines on her flesh as she closes her eyes and collecting a huge globule on her fingers savours eating it and then another, before her hand reaches down between her legs, I watch as she slides two fingers straight between her wet lips as I hold her legs high and wide by her heels. She now slips a third finger in as all three disappear inside her shaved pussy. Linda now reaches her fourth climax. We take a shower together again, I tell Linda that I like the new more sexual her. Linda adds that she like the new more sexual her as well, it's much more satisfying. i ask Linda what had changed her mind about shaving. She replied it was just after the last night we had before I left, she hoped that I liked it. I go down to kiss her lips and tell her it's beautiful, I loved eating her and watching her climax. I thought there was a bit of an exhibisionist side to her and that maybe she should think about showing a little more of that side of herself. we really hadn't talked about this much previously and I asked Linda if when she was this new her if she wanted to be called anything different. Linda said that she would think about it.I was working locally for a while which meant that there was little time to snoop and if there had been I'm not sure that I was going to pry so soon again. it was bonus time and with Linda wanting to go away on holidays most of it was heading her direction to make all the arrangements. Linda had given me a phone call during the day to say that everything had been planned so we could take it easy over the weekend. When I got home Linda had a takeaway menu for us to chose from and added that she had been thinking about what I had said the other night and that yes she realized now that she was a bit of an exhibitionist, she had some money left over from the holiday so she bought some new shoes and a couple of other bits. Wait here while I go get them she says. When Linda arrives back se is wearing a new blue pair of platform heels, a matching blue mini skirt and a quarter cup bra also in blue. Linda comes over and whispers in my ear, I've been wanting to show off this outfit all day. I'm drinking in the view. Linda adds, just call me slut for tonight and we'll see how it goes. I reply, Ok Slut show me under that skirt. Linda lifts up the short hem and spreads her legs slightly revealing now a completely bald pussy. She says, it just had to come off. I go down on my knees and begin to lick at her wet pussy. Linda now holds my head as she ets the skirt drop and squats down leaning back against the sofa. Her knees spread wide and her shaved pussy exposed for me to continue. Linda is reaching an orgasm as the dorrbell rings. I continue to eat her pussy as the bell rings again moments later. You better get that she says. I go to the door and let the guy in. I am looking for my wallet in my coat in the hall cupboard as Linda arrives out in the hall. Linda is naked spare for her heels and the bra, she looks at the delivery guy and he can't stop looking at her. Honey you pay I have the tip covered she says. Linda now moves towards the delivery guy, I just had to finish myself off after he had to answer the door, Linda slides a hand down to his crotch and says I hope that isn;t all you want to deliver here tonight. She places one of his hands on her breasts and then proceeds to undo his trousers. I'm not sure where the words formed but out of my mouth they come, what are you doing slut? Linda replies esenyurt escort I'm going to let him cum all over my tits, she is now down on her knees starting to blow the guy off. Linda has him hard and cumming within a couple of minutes as the two of us males stay silent. His cum is plentiful and now adorns Lindas ample bossom. He quickly pulls up his trousers takes the couple of notes I have in my hand a leaves in good haste. Linda says are you going to finish what you started or do you knot like eating my pussy anymore. I grab Linda by the arm and lead her back to where we had been in the lounge, her leags wide and her pussy exposed. I get on my knees to lick her lips and clit as Linda moans loudly. inda is licking her nipples as best she can and shovelling the deivery guys cum into her mouth, savouring every last drop as she reaches climax after climax. Linda says she needs more cum. I'm really rock hard by now and imediatly derelict my pussy eating duties to rip off my trousers and shorts to masturbate over Lindas body. Linda is masturbating now as well, three fingers in her pussy and telling me how turned on she was after eating that mans cum. You really are a slut I tell her. Yes Honey she replies, I love being a cum eating slut I now unload my copious amount of cum over Lindas breasts and belly. Linda is climaxing again as she tells me she wishes it was stragers cum again it makes her feel so dirty. She pulls me towards her and suck on my balls hard. Get hard for me honey, show me how much you love your new slut. I go down on her again Linda says she os closing her eyes. I could be the delivery guy eating her shaved pussy, it was his friends cum she ws eating off her tits. Linda was climaxing again. I want your hard cock inside me she says. I'm almost there just savouring the last few licks of her sweet pussy. As I get up Linda again easily slides three fingers into her wet hole, her anus twitches as she reaches another orgasm. Now she rotated around the arm of the sofa to lie back across it expossing her pussy for me to enjoy. I place the tip of my cock at her wet lips, she is so wet I just slide right in. Linda is in a worldof her own, her eyes closed licking her fingers as she tries to deliver every last drop from her body to her mouth. Linda is rubbing at her clit now as I can feel her reaching another orgasm. Her pussy is lose on my cock as I fel unable to join her climax, Linda slips two finger into her pussy, suddenly I am burtsing to cum inside her. Linda doesn't quite make it and feeling a little responsibility I go straight down on her. This brings her to orgasm almost immediately.We both appear to be starving as we reach for the takeaway. We look at each other, Linda asks how I like my exhibitonist wife. I tell her that she is just fantastic. Linda says she is glad that she has such an understanding husband, who likes seeing her with another man. as we finish our food my cock is raging hard again. Linda sees this and just speads her legs wide, go on honey, fuck my cunt. I look at Linda strangely. Linda continues, that's what a slut calls it honey. I wipe the tip if my cock agianst her cunt lips, she is still wet, Linda spread her lips and grabbing my cock I guide it in again. It is very different to how we made love before, this was fucking and we both knew it. My throbbing cock barely flet the side of her cunt now as I thrust deep inside her. Linda enjoyed the vigourous nature, adding I had two cocks tonight, what a slut I am, fuck me, fuck my cunt she says. I do and again Linda slips two fingers inside, these really are my slut shoes she says. I reach a climax with so little cum after the first two times, Linda lets me slide out and moaning loudly now as she brings herself off.I let Linda shower first this time and when i return to the bedroom she is fast asleep. Over the weekend we are both in and out of the house as different times. I sneak a chance to read up on her profile. There is a blog entry - Hubby is onboard. I click to read and this is what it reads:As you know I have been receiving lots of encouragement to enjoy my body and have sexual encounters that fulfill me. My husband loves my shaved pussy, especially as it is now totally gone, he even ate me out after he cam inside me. That night had me so insatiable. I was in new clothes,slutty ones, and my husband watched a stranger cum over r my tits after I had blown him. I came so many times imagining all of my admirers cumming over my body as he watched or as he fucked my cunt. I'm a real slut now who is going on holiday to a swinger resort. I hope that there are some big cock there to fuck me good. Hopefully they'll take pictures so I can show you.
10-07-2021, at 11:45 AM

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