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coming home to my SSBBW submissive

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coming home to my SSBBW submissiveI'd walk in the door, and all you'd have on is a t-shirt. as I closed the door, I'd grab you by the neck and kiss you deeply, before you even had a chance to say "hi". As I forced my tongue into your mouth, I'd grab your ass and squeeze it so hard you'd try to squirm out of my grasp...but you cannot get away, and you cannot breathe. You pull your mouth off of mine to catch your breath and the moment that you separate your face from mine, I'd spin you around and bend you over. I'd deliver a couple of hard smacks on that full pink ass and you whimper form the pain. You place your hands flat on the cold hardwood floor to steady yourself, because I am plunging one...then two fat fingers into your moist pussy. The pleasure and pain cause you to drop to your knees and in this position, I work a thumb into your tight asshole. You cum so hard you can't keep your head up and you rest the side of your face on the floor. I stand up over you, looking at your curves and your delicate vagina and ass, open, moist, ready and waiting for the next assault that I will deliver. I step around you, and walk to the den, leaving you in the entry way, your t-shirt up over your back in a bunch. By the time you walk into the den, trying to pull down your t-shirt, I am already naked and sitting on the couch, remote in one hand, my black throbbing cock in the other. I turn to the news as you curl up at my feet. Your hands wander up my legs to my thighs and you stroke the coarse hair there...I tell bolu escort you to go get me something cool to drink. You reply "yes master" and you I watch your big ass move under the tight fitting t-shirt, which doesn't cover your ass, and I see the moisture of your pussy where the curve of your ass meets those alabaster thighs. You return quickly with my favorite drinking cup filled with juice and crushed ice, and you resume your position on the floor at my feet. I say "you know I hate crushed ice..." You say "I'm sorry" and I reply "show me". You slowly, reluctantly move to your knees facing away from me, your knees together, and you lower your head to the floor, pulling your t-shirt up to expose your ass to my will. I reach over and grab a bamboo back scratcher with a handle that resembles a wooden riding crop, and I lay a couple of light swats across your ass, then I follow that with a couple of very hard and loud smacks. The pink skin turns red under my rod...and then I see your pussy flow a few drops of wetness. I use the bamboo wand to rub the wet over your pussy lips and hen I push the end of the bamboo into your pussy. after three strokes, your body pushes back, wanting to fuck the instrument. Watching you move back and forth on this makes my dick even harder and pre cum oozes from its' tip. I order you to turn around and when you do, your face is only 2 inches away from the head of my hard cock. I grab the back of your head and pull you onto my dick, and you open burdur escort your mouth and move forward, until your nose is buried into my curly black pubic hair. I hold your head there, and you tense up because you cannot breathe. At the moment I think that you can take no more, I let your head go and you back your mouth off leaving a string of saliva from the head of my black rod to your lower lip. You lick the string and dive your throat back onto my cock. You suck my black dick, back and forth as if it were an oxygen pump. I finally grab you by the throat and throw you backwards and when you land on your back, your legs are spread and I see you red pussy lips all covered in your wetness, and the liquid covers your pressed ass. I one move I drop down and aim my cock for your juicy cunt and I shove it in, and you squirt your cum on my lower stomach. I am not gentle as I plunge mu thick black dick into your swollen vagina at a vicious pace. You yelp and moan, and your body's instinct takes over, and you buck your ass off of the floor to meet my brutal thrusts. This sends me over the edge and I pull out of you and I pull your hair until your mouth is back on my hard cock again. I see tears on your cheeks as you take my dick deep into your throat. "ill give you something to cry about, you little black cock slut.." And I push you back to the floor and you land on your side, those full globes swaying as your body lands on it's side. I roll you completely on your stomach and bursa escort as you lie flat, I rise and lay on your soft back. You push your cunt towards my cock, but I raise slightly and it's full length enters your ass. You gasp deeply and try to wriggle away, but I move my forearm around your neck, holding you in place and forcing your ass to rise, sinking my painfully thick cock deeper into your tight anus. You lie back flat, and I remove my forearm from your neck. I place my hands on your upper back and I **** your ass with my cock...your cries are loud as the black rod splits your back. Then you push your ass up to meet the ravenous thrusts of my dark brown dick buried between your reddened full cheeks. You try to give me a fucking as intense as I am giving you...but you cannot keep up with my stabbing of your sore ass. I feel the overwhelming rush of my orgasm and I pull my cock out of your ass and push it into your pussy again, and as soon as I am in to the hilt, your pussy walls contract and again you splash your cum onto me. I sink my black veined member deep into your cunt and pull your hair as I fill you up with my seed. I pump, and pump and pump, forcing every drop of thick white syrup into your uterus and with every squirt of my seed, you arch your back and your luscious body absorbs every drop. I collapse on top of you, and I can hear you purr as my body squashes the air out of your lungs. Moments later, I rise up off of you and sit back on the couch. You slowly move back up to your position at my feet, "Clean me...slut" I say. And you delicately take my shiny cock in your hands and lick the cum drop off of the tip, and you gently give my dick a tongue bath, drinking in our mixed cum until I am completely clean, and throbbing back to stiffness again.
10-10-2021, at 12:21 AM

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