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I call you late at night . . .

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I call you late at night . . .I call you late at night. You?re sleeping and it takes a couple of rings for you to pick up the phone. I tell you that you need to get up and meet me somewhere. You tell me that it?s late and you're not dressed. I tell you it doesn?t matter and to put on a coat; then I give you the address. You do as you?re told. You get in your car and you drive over to the address. It?s a bar that you've never been to before. When you get inside there are a half of a dozen people but you don't see me.Everyone is looking at you. They notice that you haven't got anything on under your coat. (In your hurry you forgot to button it.) A woman walks up to you and asks if you are looking for me. You are surprised but you tell her yes. She tells you that I am on my way and I told her to make you comfortable. She brings you over to the bar. You order a drink and she tells the bar tender it's on my tab. He smiles and nods.After you get your drinks she leads you into a back room. It?s very dark and she takes your hand to help you find a table. You notice there are a few other people in this room; but you can't make out any faces. The music is playing loud enough to hear it, but not loud enough to keep you from talking. As you talk to this woman you start to notice that she is staring at you; looking you up and down. As she does, she starts to caress her thighs.When you notice she just smiles. You tell her she has a beautiful smile. She asks you if you have ever done this before. ?Done what?? you ask. ?Perfect,? she replies. She leans in and kisses you; soft and gentle. Just as you give into her kiss, she bites down hard on your lip. It hurts and you pull back. When you do, you notice that someone is standing directly behind you. He is tall and strong and you notice that he is very close to you; too close.You turn to look at his face, but he grabs your neck and keeps you looking forward. He tells you to keep looking at the woman talking to you. She has now got her hand up under her shirt and is pinching her nipples. As you stare at her, the man behind you reaches under your coat and begins to stroke your breasts. He pinches your nipples and makes them hard; makes them hurt. You lean back into him but you don't take your eyes off the woman in front of you. You see that she has now unbuttoned her jeans and has slide one hand inside. She?s stroking her pussy hard and bornova escort fast. You like to watch her, don't you. As you do, you feel one of his hands slide down between your legs. His fingers slide easily into your dripping pussy. ?You are so wet,? he whispers in your ear; hot and breathy. ?He told us you would be a good little whore.?You ask where I am. He tells you he doesn't know. You ask if you should wait for me. The woman tells you she has explicit instructions from me and you are to do as you're told. You tell her you will be good.He grabs you by the arm and leads you over to another table. This one is different. It?s almost like a massage table about waist high and he pushes you up to it. You can feel his cock getting hard as he's pressed up against your ass. He rips you coat off and steps back to take a look at you. He then grabs you by the back of your head, bends you over the table and straps you down by the waist and shoulders. It?s just enough so you can't get up, but you can move your head, your hands and your legs.He tells you this is where you are going to be spending the rest of your evening. ?Thank you,? you tell him. ?Thank you, what?? he replies.?Thank you, sir.??Good girl,? he whispers as he smacks your ass. Just then you notice that the woman is now standing in front of you. She is naked and her pretty pussy is right in front of your mouth. You can see it, even smell it but she won?t let you taste it. You beg her to let you taste her wet cunt. ?Please let me taste you. I need it.?She leans into your mouth and lets you taste her. She tastes like sex. She tastes like she has been fucked all night. You love it, don?t you. You lap it up. Making her even more wet. She tells you how badly she wants to cum for you.You see someone step behind her and start to play with her ass. At the same time someone is behind you and playing with your ass. He begins to slide a string of beads into you; one at a time. With each one your pussy begins to quiver. After the fifth or sixth one you feel fingers on your pussy. You try to look around but she holds your head fast to her pussy. You lick and suck faster. As you do, you can just see between her legs as another man undoes his pants and lets his cock out. You feel him slowly push his cock in her tight little ass as you taste here sweet dirty cunt. After a couple of strokes you can bornova escort bayan feel her start to cum and you love it. You swallow it for her. After she cums you see him pull his cock out of her ass and slide it between her legs; just enough so you can lick the head. You do.You are so wet (and maybe a little jealous of how much sex she's had before you got there.) He pushes his cock farther between her legs so you can take the head in your mouth. Fucking your dirty whore mouth. You're so excited about tasting his cock, that you don't notice that someone else is behind you now. he is rubbing his cock against your pussy you can feel how hard and how big it is. You want him to fuck you with it, don't you. You beg him ?please fuck my wet little pussy. Please sir . . . fuck me like a good little whore.? He does. You take him all with the first stroke; fast and hard. He starts to play with the beads in your ass as he fucks you. ?Yes,? you cry. ?Please fuck me harder.?The woman has now moved to the side and is playing with your clit as he fucks you. The other man moves closer to your face as he tells you to open your mouth. You look up at him and do as you?re told. He slides his cock deep in your throat. Choking you. Making you gag. You try to push away but you are tied safely to the table. He slaps your cheek hard and tells you to take it. ?Take that cock you fucking whore. Choke on it. Fuck yes. I like that. Choke on my fucking cock you filthy little cunt.? You like getting fucked in all of your holes. You like being my good little whore on display for the room to see. That is so damn hot. Does it make your pussy want to cum? The man behind you slides the beads out of your ass and asks you if you have been good girl. You try to answer with a cock in your throat. But all you can do is moan. You moan so hard and deep that it makes the cock in your mouth cum. As he shoots his cum, he holds your head and fucks your throat. ?Take it,? he says. ?Take it like a fucking slut.? He shoots so much cum that it starts to choke you. You can't breathe. You are about to pass out. But, just before you do, you realize that you are about to cum. As he slides his cock out of your mouth you begin to scream. ?Oh my god! I . . . I?m cuming. Please fuck me. Oh fuck. Please. Please fuck my ass while I cum.?He does as you ask. He slides his cock in your tight escort bornova fucking ass. He tells you to take it like a good whore. He spanks you hard and tells you to cum again on his cock. He tells you to cum while he fucks your ass; tells you to give it to him.Show him how my pretty little whore cums. Out of the corner of your eye you can see the woman grabbing a dildo and sliding it in your cunt. It is so big you almost can't take it. Being fucked in both holes you cry and beg. You are so hot so wet; you begin to cum again and again. The harder you cum the harder they fuck you. The harder they fuck you the harder you cum.You are screaming: ?Fuck yes!? Telling everyone you will be a good girl; you will do what they tell you to do. You tell them you will show them what a good whore you are. Just then, another man stands in front of you. You see his hard cock and you recognize it. You look up at me as I shove my cock deep. I tell you what a beautiful whore you are. o You take him all with the first stroke.?Oh god. Give it to me. What a good little slut I've been for your friends.? You plead with me. I make you choke on it as I tell you how hot it made me to watch you. I?ve been here the whole time; watching you take those cocks those beads and those dildos. You tell me that you love to show off for me. I love that you love it. I show you how much I love it by fucking your mouth and pinching you nose closed . You like him fucking your ass with your mouth wrapped around my cock. ?Take that fucking cock? I tell you. I look back at him and tell him not to cum in your ass. I tell him that you have been a good girl and will show him how dirty you are.He pulls his cock out and switches places with me. I tell you to take his cock in your mouth. Take it like a good fucking whore. Taste your ass like a dirty fucking slut. I make the woman suck on my cock before I fuck you with it. She begs me to cum for her. She tells me what a good girl she?s been and she needs it. I tell you to watch me fuck her mouth.You like it, don't you. So does the man in front of you as he starts to fuck you harder, fuck you deeper. You want his cum. You want to taste it.I tell him to give it to you; to shoot his cum onto you tongue. I want to watch him jack off into your mouth. He pulls out and starts stroking his cock. You can feel him getting closer and you beg him to cum for you. ?Give it to me. Please. I need to swallow you cum.? He closes his eyes and strokes his cock faster. As you lick the pre-cum that is building on the tip of his cock, I pull my cock out of her mouth and slide it into your fucking tight ass. Do you want to cum again? Cum for me? Cum for my hard cock?Let me know.
10-19-2021, at 02:50 PM

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