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Carols escort adventure

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Carols escort adventureCarol Newton unlocked the door to her 14th floor apartment after spending a Saturday afternoon at the movies. At 36 she was still attractive ? Brown shoulder length hair, big brown eyes and good figure outlined nicely in skin tight jeans. She hated being alone on a Saturday night but it had been some time since she had a date, and well what was a lonely girl to do.Carol thought about her afternoon at the mall ? the place had been full of teenage couples at the movies ? much to her enjoyment because she loved looking at younger people ? in fact if truth be known one might say that Carol loved looking at younger guys ? enjoying the sight of the slim bodies in tight jeans or nice clothes.In fact that very afternoon she had paused pretending to look in a window, just as a group of boys passed by. She had felt that special twinge in her loins on seeing those beautiful jeans clad boy bodies and wondered what they would think of an older woman lusting after them.In her apartment she switched on her computer and logged on to her favorite web site ? She needed some relief for the tension and it wasn't too long before she felt herself moistening to the sight of a beautiful speedo clad blonde Adonises. Her hand found its way to her mound and very slowly she started tickling herself imagining all the things she could do with a perfect boy if ever she had a chance. Carol knew that her feelings for younger teens were not common in women but she knew too that her obsession with teens was growing and had been for some years now ? She knew too that she had to have such a teen soon or she would go out of her mind with frustration.Eventually she stopped her gentle manipulations, pausing on the brink of an inspired orgasm and moved away from the computer ? picking up the daily paper she browsed through it until her eyes settled on the classified adult advertisements mostly placed by female callgirls looking for customers. Her eyes scanned the Ads noticing that some of them were placed by male escorts looking for female customers. One Ad caught her attention ? it read simply 'teenage boys for women' and a telephone number. Why use that wording she wondered ? it was probably just another adult male escort service she thought tossing the paper aside and heading for her kitchen to grab a bite of supper.But those words haunted her ? 'teenage boys for women' ? What if? she found herself thinking? What if the Ad meant what it said? what if they were really offering something different? she thought.Her mind was made up as she reached for the phone to dial the number ? what would she say? no matter just dial the number ? The man that answered was very friendly and put her at ease right away with a friendly "how are you" and "thanks for calling"? The hesitation in her voice was obvious as she asked about what they offered."Male escorts," said the nice sounding man, "but we specialize in younger ones, hence the Ad," he explained."How old were the escorts?" she asked."Well they are of legal age ? of course," said the man, "That sounds like what I want," she stammered ? hardly believing her own words."OK," said the man, "but we have to check you out first." Carol was asked for some details about herself and told that they would call izmir escort her back.Just 20 minutes later the man called to say that everything was fine and that they could offer a range of escorts for that same night. "You are in luck ? I have two young fellows available tonight. One is Mexican ? dark haired ? well built and the other is- blonde and slim and really cute ? he's just started but is quite inexperienced."Carol chose the blonde without hesitation. 'Might as well take my fantasy all the way,' she thought? and so it was arranged that the escort would be delivered to her in about an hour.Carol could not believe what she had just done and wondered whether everything would turn out as planned and as promised by that agency.She changed into a light somewhat short cotton dress ? imagining what an escort might enjoy on her ? a little perfume ? not too much ? dimmed lighting ? What about safe sex ? a condom ? she thought ? trying to be practical. She felt her excitement rising as time passed ? Years of frustration and fantasy had her anticipating and imagining the event ? how easy it had been to arrange in the end she thought ? just a chance Ad and a phone call ? god she was so wet now.Some time later the doorbell rang and she answered it ? disappointed to find a lone man on the doorstep ? He asked if it was the right place and said that he needed to just check the place out. He looked around and asked her for the money before making a call on his cell phone to say "bring him up." The escort that appeared a few minutes later, with a second man was perfect and even better than she had imagined ? blonde longish hair, deep blue eyes and slim with a small bulge taught against the denim of the tight blue jeans that he had on. Sneakers,a red sleeveless t-shirt and a beautiful boyish face with a grin, made up the rest of the package."Okay, ma'am, he's all yours for the night ? we will collect him at about 8am ? enjoy yourself now" and they were gone leaving her with him to play with.Not knowing quite what to do next she offered him a drink and grabbed a large glass of white wine for herself."So what's your name?" she inquired."Ricky," came the cheerful response as he bounced on to the couch.Handing him the coke and sitting next to him she inquired about him ? he stayed with his Grandma and had just started working at the agency a month before. He had been asked by his older brother who worked there to help out when a lady had requested a very young man and he had loved it ever since. Everyone was nice to him and he made some extra pocket money ? and he loved the sex part too ? it was all he ever thought about ? The only condition was that he was never to tell anyone else about what he did. Carol was enthralled by his stories which flowed so easily from him ? He told her about a lady that just wanted to take photo's of him ? He told her about a granny that just wanted to hold him all night and touch him ? He told her about a woman that wanted two escorts together ? and about a woman that wanted to dress him as a girl and about a woman that wanted him in a school uniform. Carol could not believe her ears as she heard about all these women that wanted him as she had thought that she was the only one in the world that felt like escort izmir she did.The wine was having an effect now as she drew him to her for the first kiss ? she felt her pulse race and then he was in her arms ? Carol was in heaven as she French kissed him and told him about how she loved blonds his age and how that was her biggest secret in the world. Her hands moved all over young Ricky now -under his shirt ? to feel his soft smooth chest and back ? over his soft cheeks and through his hair. She was just a little surprised when he responded to her touch ? kissing her back and moving his own hands to touch her breasts. After years of fantasy she had a perfect mate in her clutches and she could hardly control her excitement. She removed his t-shirt now and kissed him again? and then as if drawn by a magnet her right hand found his crotch and gently rubbed against it ? feeling the young hard cock responding and straining against the denim. She adored the feel of his little boyhood through the denim but knew that she needed more. She kissed him some more and her fingers found his zipper and slowly moved it down over the hardness of his meat. She was soooo wet at the touch of this forbidden fruit and felt herself moisten even more as she removed his jeans now? to reveal tiny hips dressed in small blue briefs which only just covered his straining erection. Oh god ? she was soooo evil she thought as she savored the pure delights of this most perfect and beautiful nearly naked teen in her clutches.Her hand moved down his chest and tummy once again ? this time finding the elastic of those cotton briefs and gliding underneath the fabric to the responding flesh beneath ? Her hand engulfed his cock ? closing her fist over it a perfect erection ? her hand fitted like a glove over it as she started pumping very slowly ? imagining what he might like. He writhed against her hand seeming to love what she was doing and closing his eyes as if in rapture. Moving her face to his naked chest she savored his nipples with her tongue and then moved lower brushing his flat and perfect tummy, pausing at his belly button and then downwards to his straining cock. He was totally smooth and hairless ? almost like a girl ? her mouth opened and she took his cock in. She felt a delightful wickedness in the feel of his perfect uncut cock in her mouth. She could take it all and her lips curled around the base right against his small balls. For years Carol had imagined what it must be like to suck an escort imagining the feel of having an entire cock in her mouth but the reality was even better ? she knew that she was flushed and excited and knew that making her fantasy come true was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Carol continued to suck and feel the perfect smooth body of this teen with her hands and then judged that it was time for something new. She could not get enough of her boytoy and wanted to try everything.Leading him naked to her bedroom she undressed now ? slowly and sexily and enjoyed the sight of him looking starry eyed at her own nakedness ? She drew him to the bed and lay him down.She lay full length on her bed beside him now enjoying the amazing sensations of his smooth naked skin against her own ? She had imagined many izmir escort bayan times what it must be like to be naked against the smooth body and now it was happening for real; She caressed him and kissed him some more and then later, as if knowing that it was the right moment she drew him on top of her ? opening her legs to feel his hardness against her very wet and waiting pussy lips. Reaching down she guided it in surprised at how smooth the entry was and how the sensation of having a naked perfect boytoy on top of her was sending her into an ecstasy she had never before experienced.She felt hiscock inside her and started moving against him knowing that she was very close to the most perfect climax of her life ? Her hands drew him hard against her own body. She pushed upwards now and thrashed her head ? hands on his bubble butt trying to bring him closer ? writhing against him and feeling her own clit against his little cock shaft. He fucked hard and fast ? much faster than a man ? just as she imagined it would be ? her pussy muscles contracted around his cock as they mated ? and then she felt it rise from deep inside her ? unstoppable now as he continued to move on her ? and then he arched as if struck by something and groaned as he let go of his own control and filled her with his juice ? 1 - 2 - 3 spasms later he was shaking. At that moment she felt her own orgasm erupt as if set free by the escorts ? AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH faster now AAAAHHH and then wave after wave of the most fantastic climax she ever had overwhelmed the woman ? the room spun and her nails scratched his back ? cum juices mingled with her own as she slowed? and slowed? and stopped.They lay together escort and woman for at least 15 minutes like that just savoring the moment and the special feelings until she gently moved him off of her. She felt the juices running on her thigh now as they ran out and on to her sheets ? Carol had just experienced the most fantastic sex of her life ? she knew then what she had suspected for a long time ? she was addicted to teens and that Ricky may have been her first as an adult but would certainly not be her last. For a moment she pondered the possibility of pregnancy ? imagining the baby that might result and then accepting that if she was ever to have a c***d it would be so perfect if it could be fathered by him.Through the night they mated ? escort on woman ? woman on teen ? until she could no longer, and then sunlight streamed in and sleep took over. She awakened a while later ? legs intertwined with his and immediately moved her hand to his penis ? feeling it react and rise instantly to her touch. The teen was still half asleep as she moved sideways against him and introduced his cock to her wet pussy again, fucking against him and playing with her own clit with a finger and bringing herself to a final orgasm again? and then waking him gently. Then she led him to the bathroom for a shower with him ? soap suds and water ? smooth body against smooth woman body ? erotic sensations as she washed him and dried him. They dressed and had some orange juice ? kissing often as the moment of departure neared.And then the doorbell rang and the teen was taken away ? Carol's great escort adventure was over ? her lusts and fantasies fulfilled. She went back to bed for a long Sunday morning lie in ? memories of the night and the fresh scent of the teen still on her as her fingers glided to the spot ? fantasies rising as she planned another adventure.
10-19-2021, at 03:20 PM

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