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The Music Teacher [fic]

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The Music Teacher [fic]In my final year we went away with the school to Spain. I was 18 and it was my first time away with my classmates. A few teachers tagged along to chaperone us. One of them was this smoking hot music teacher. She was blonde and what can only be described as extremely fit.She wore glasses and always these black tight trousers that emphasized her perky bum. It started when we got to our rooms. I was with my best friend and two other students in a room (all male) and the teachers had a room to themselves.On the first night we had all got pissed in our rooms. I had a few "glasses" of vodka with the other guys and we invited the girls in that were on the trip. We got around to playing truth or dare except it ended up being all dares. They were all about either kissing the guys or the girls but then one asshole izmir escort decided to mess things up and said to me "I dare you to go into the teacher's room and steal her underwear". He thought I wouldn't do it. I simply took another swig of vodka and got up and quietly made my way to their room. When I got there the door was open. I creeped in and went to the wardrobe. I seen her case and opened it and picked up a pair of pink panties. I admit, I sniffed them first!Then I heard the shower turn on.Feeling brave, I stuffed the panties into my pocket and entered the bathroom. Heart pounding. I was gonna get found out, sent back or expelled but I kept walking. I couldn't even see anything, the water was too hot. I needed to know who was in the shower. I could brag about who I'd seen.I opened the sliding door and a hand dragged escort izmir me inside. "Fuck" I shouted, but a hand went over my mouth. "It's ok. It's just me."Just me? It was her! Fucking her! The fucking hot fucking music teacher that I had wanked off to so many times before. Except now she was in front of me. Fucking naked. Her ass bare.My cock sprang up, the fasted it ever had. It stretched a tent into my jeans."I'm sorry miss," and I went to go out. She stopped me. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest."You're already wet. And I can't let anyone know you were here. You'll have to stay quiet."She bent down and started taking my jeans off."What the fuck are you doing?""Well we have to get you out of those wet clothes."She tugged at my jeans and pulled them off with my boxers all at once. My dick izmir escort bayan sprang up, even harder than it was before. It almost hit her in the face but she just stared at it. I stared at her, took a cheeky glance at her arse. It was so damn fine.She took my member in her hands and ever so slowly began to kiss it. She started soft before placing it all in her mouth and sucking on it.Fuck. My teacher was sucking on my dick. The minute she touched it I thought I was going to cum right there and then. But I didn't.Her tongue was amazing. She flicked it right in the middle of the head. I moaned hard but she put her hand on my mouth and continued sucking. I started sucking on her fingers (to stop myself from moaning) and she started to fucking squeeze my dick as she sucked. I'd never had a blowjob like this. It was amazing.It lasted about five minutes, but seemed to last an eternity. She let me cum in her mouth (first time for that too) but the fun didn't end there. And I didn't leave that bathroom for many, many hours...after what happened next....
10-27-2021, at 07:13 PM

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