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AnnieScene 1All of a sudden her messy room seemed so creepy. She never realized until now how narrow the walls were. The place was dusty and crowded: posters, books, clothes, and those annoying little pieces of paper with things written in a hurry?Annie was starring at the walls - ?Am I supposed to decide good from wrong?... but sometimes there are those things that are sooo good, in the most evil way possible?hmmm?? Finally, for her own peace, Annie had to admit she was only 14 so she should take things as they are and be happy about them. As she was getting back to sleep she had this feeling of becoming a real woman with a world full of opportunities revealing for her. Probably the reader already asks himself who the fuck is Annie and what the fuck happened to her? Well this is the scene before?12 pm. Annie was just waking up after the strangest dream she ever had. She looks down between her legs and as she was pulling her panties down, she hears the front door opening. The laptop falls on the floor making noise. ?Fuck!??Annie? Is that you? Are you home? Annie?? her dad was already upstairs at her door. ?Well, he?s fast!? thinks Annie with her panties half down, as she was pulling the skirt to cover herself. ?With your phone and your laptop, of course?Why aren?t you at school, miss?? ?I woke up real late today and I thought I souldn?t go only for two hours, dad?? ?Mmmm?Where?s your mom, Annie?? ?She?s at some friends, dad. She said she won?t come until dinner.? ?Oh yea?? ?You?re not mad on me because I skipped classes today? Aren?t you, daddy?? asks Annie starring to the floor. ?Oh, no sweetie!? answers her father as he is running his fingers through her hair. ?Actually I am quite glad I found you home!? He was already noticing Annie pulling her skirt. ?Nice bursa escort dress you have on you.? ?Really? You like it?? ?Yeah! But quite short?? ?Well yeah, that?s why I never wear it at school, dad!? ?Hmmmm, stand up for me!...Turn around!...Hehe?Hope you are wearing panties.? He couldn?t stop starring at her ass. Annie turns around blushing. ?Kind of, dad!? ?Kind of? How comes ?kind of?, Annie? What happened with your panties, babe?? ?Well I had this strange dream, and you were in it?? ?Really? Me?? smiles her dad as he was looking at her crossed legs. ?Yeah!? ?And what does this have to do with your panties, Annie?? ?I?m pretty ashamed to tell you.? ?Oh come on, you?re my girl! I?m not gonna tell mom, anyways!? He could guess? ?Well, after that I woke up with my panties real wet.? Annies father was the kind of man that doesn?t smile often but now he was really smiling. ?Hehe, babe, you had a wet dream. That?s ok.? ?Never had one before!? ?Mmmmm?.Are your panties still wet?? ?Yes dad, I should go and change.? ?No, no, keep them on, it?s ok! Actually I was wondering if you can show me?? ?What dad?? ?Come on dear, you?re a smart girl, you know what I want, I wanna see your damn wet panties!? says her dad with a shade of anger in his voice. Annie turns pretty unsure on her own feet and bends over. Her father is surprised seeing her wet panties pulled half down but for sure he is enjoying the view, as Annie herself would notice soon. There was something growing in his pants. ?What the fuck!? thinks the girl and asks with a distorted voice: ?What is happening in your pants, dad? What?s that?? ?It?s ok, you made daddy?s dick pretty hard, babe!? ?Fuck! That?s so round and tight and nice?? her father was thinking. ?Let?s see how far I can push on her.? ?Mmmm?Did bursa escort bayan you dream of having your ass fucked, dear?? The girl was already thinking that?s too much. She was feeling pretty humiliated, but she had to answer. ?That?s what happened in the end, then I woke up!? she was staring in his eyes. ?And you say it was me in that dream?? ?God! Yes! You were fucking me, dad! That freaked me out.? Dad was smiling again. ?Come on, turn around and stick a finger in your ass, princess!? Annie was quite scared. He was so demanding, but then he chilled her a bit. ?I won?t tell mom.? ?Never done that before.? ?You have to.? It was becoming real weird for the girl, but she was comforting herself. ?Maybe he wants to teach me something, maybe he wants to prove something. Anyway if I don?t do it he will tell mom everything? So she is now sitting on her knees trying to stick a finger in. It?s real tight and it hurts a bit. Her father was gazing at her with this unbearable smirk on his face. She was almost going to stop when he yelled in thrill ?Deeper!? and she went as deep as she could. ?Now hold it in.? he said trying to control himself. He was half pitting her, half wanting her so bad. She was giving him such a hard on with all this ?innocent parade? he couldn?t do anything about that. ?How do you feel Annie? Does it hurt? You like it?? ?It hurts a little but I like?? answered Annie thinking he would stop everything. ?Mmmmm, nice. Now take it out and suck your finger.? ?Finnally!? Thought Annie, but as she would turn around she could see her dad?s pants were gone and he was waving a very stiff dick in her face. For Annie he had the authority of any father on his daughter so in a shock, she couldn?t do nothing than what she was told. ?Now take off that escort bursa dress, and your panties!? While she was doing so, her dad was analyzing every inch of her tiny body. ?Wow? he whispered. ?You?ve got the most amazing teenish tits I ever saw!? She felt good when he said that. ?Well I I?m a grown up girl, dad!? Now Annie was standing completely naked starring in his eyes, trying to guess what comes next. He turned his head as he didn?t want to see her eyes. Harshly he told her ?Now you know what comes next. Turn and bend over again, with your head in the pillow. I will slide my cock in your ass.? ?What if somebody finds out?dad?? ?No they won?t?sweetie. I know how to keep a secret and you know too. You know you?ve been wanting this. You were watching me this morning in the shower.? He knew. ?I like how you look naked.? Annie blushed. ?Will it hurt?? asked the girl while she was kneeling in the bed. ?It will hurt, dear, and you WILL take it!? Now she was scared but she was already with her ass in the air. He spat on his hand lubricating her asshole, he spread her asschicks and slowly and painfully he slipped his cock in her ass. He was so right with the ?head in the pillow? thing, otherwise the girl would?ve scream so damn loud. After that he just held his dick in there as the pain was passing. It didn?t feel that bad after all. ?Kinky sensation?? defined Annie. He stood there quietly for a few seconds and then he pulled his cock out. Annie didn?t know what to do next but he told her: ?Now slide two fingers in your ass and fuck yourself for daddy.? And she did so, happy not to have that monster in her ass anymore. She wasn?t so tight anymore so it was easy and it felt quite good. Every time she went deep, it was this pressure that was making her pussy wet. Her dad was sitting on a chair, watching her and stroking real bad, until hot white cum has seeped on the floor. ?STOP!? he said. ?Now clean this mess. I go downstairs to smoke a cigarette. Don?t talk to anyone, okay princess??
10-29-2021, at 05:34 PM

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