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College life Spring semester 4

Post #1

College life Spring semester 4Waking about eleven the next day, Saturday, Corey was holding me still withKris lying under his sheets but his ass was shining out from under one spotin the sheet. It took a second for me to process what had occurred thenight before. Now the morning after, I had very conflicted feelings aboutit. On one hand, it was exciting and different for Corey and me to showKris the joy of gay sex. On the other, I wondered if I had overstepped theboundaries of my dear friendship with Kris and opened Pandora's Box forCorey.Within a few minutes of lying there in my thoughts, wet lips kissed myneck. I rolled over and smiled before tasting Corey's lips. While kissinghim, I grabbed his hard cock and enjoyed how it felt in my hand."Matt, you're without a doubt the greatness thing ever to come into mylife.""Corey, I feel the same way. Won't be so tight when we can live togetherand have more mornings like this?""Yes, it will," Corey said and kissed me again.There were movements in Kris's bed. I peeked over to see him staring atthe ceiling. "Lover boys, was last night a fucking nightmare?""Kris, I don't know what to say," I stated."I can't say that I didn't enjoy it but it's an experience I don't wanna doagain anytime soon. If I remember right, I fucked Corey...""And you sucked my dick," I said."Goddamn I did...Matt... Corey... I'm just saying this shit better neverget out," Kris stated. "Now, I need one long night with Liz after that."Kris rose from his bed and grabbed his things to shower. Corey looked atme and said, "Matt, did we fuck up?""Corey, I can't say we fucked up but may have went just a tad too far.""Matt, I have no hard feelings.""Me either. Thinking about it, it was almost enviable that it would happenone day. Corey, there's no way I'd done without you here with me. Matterof fact, I feel a little bad right now that we did do it. I let my lustoverrule my rational thinking.""Matt, it happens," he stated and kissed my cheek. "I too feel a little badas well but there's nothing we can do about it now other than keep ourmouths closed for Kris's sake.""I know," I stated and sank into his arms and chest. When Kris came back,we untangled and headed to shower. We did shower separately despite beingalone. When we returned, Kris was dressed and on his phone. It wasobvious he was talking to Liz. He hung up, grabbed his coat and said, "I'mheading to Liz's. I'll call or text you later with my plans. Matt, can Ihave the courtesy to have Liz here tonight?""We'll work something out," I said."We better," Kris said."We usually do," I stated. "Kris, I'm sorry.""Don't be, Matt," he said and headed to the door.Kris left the room while Corey and I dressed. He finished and headed tohis room while I watched TV. Corey came back shortly with a big smile onhis face."Good news, Michael left for the weekend last night. He left me a notesaying he and Brianna were going to her house.""That settles that then," I said. "I take it they are still seeing eachother then.""Michael told me the other night whether he gets laid or not he reallyliked her and saw no reason not to continue dating her. I'm really happyfor him since they are perfect for each other.""Just like us, huh?""I wouldn't go that far," Corey smiled and winked at me."I would," I said and tackled him. He laughed when I did so. We wrestledaround a second before Corey demonstrated his real strength and power. Heflipped me over and had me pinned on the bed before I knew what hadhappened. We both laughed before Corey covered his mouth with his.Our kissing was interrupted by, naturally, a knock on the door. You'dthink by now everyone knew how to use a phone. Corey jumped off me andwent to the door. Scott and Jess were standing there."Who's ready for part two tonight? I know I am," Scott said with excitementin his voice. "Last night was fucking epic!""You two up for it?" Jess asked."Well..." I said."Maybe," Corey replied."Dudes that was such a blast. I think Garrett and Bryson had the time oftheir life. They ain't seen shit yet!" Scott stated. "Oh by the way,where's Kris?""Over at Liz's for a while," I said."Missing him some ass," Jess laughed."You could say that," Corey said while I tried not to show any expressionwhatsoever.Jess and Scott grabbed a seat. We relived a little of last night and thefun we really did have. It wasn't so crazy that we caused a commotion. Itwas good friends enjoying a few drinks and being around each other like somany times before. We all stated how we didn't see each other as friendsany more but something beyond that. If they'd only known how true thatwas. Once my stomach started growling, I suggested we grab something toeat. We gathered a few to head out and have some real food instead of whatthe campus was offering. While I was eating, I got a call from Dad. I wasbrief with him and said I'd call back later when I was free. He hopefullyunderstood after hearing the guys in the background.When we returned, Kris was sitting on his bed and didn't look very happy."Kris, wassup?" Colt asked."I got fucking dumped is what the fuck is up!" Kris stated being veryanimated. bursa escort "I got the basic we need to see other people speech. What thefuck!"I walked over to Kris and gave him a sincere hug. "I'm sorry Kris.""Hell, we're all sorry, dude!" Jess said. "Look on the bright side you'rea free man now and can play the field.""True but here I thought Liz was the one...""Kris just chill out and maybe she'll see that you are special and comerunning back to you," I said."I know my ass is getting drunk as a motherfucker again tonight!" Krisstated."Atta boy!" Scott said. "Maybe even more."Kris looked at Scott. "You think you could help a bud out there just likeI helped you out when you and Hayden broke up.""Without a doubt, I can," Scott said."I could use something right about now and don't feel exactly like downingmore beer or whiskey," Kris said. "Come on Scott. I'm ready to do alittle smoking."The two were out the door as were the others."That sucks for Kris," Corey stated."Corey, I just wonder if last night had anything to do with it.""Purely coincidental, Matt. Surely last night didn't change him.""You're right but I guess there is a tiny bit of guilt in me.""Matt, Kris suggested it if you remember. He was drunk but he knew alittle bit of what he was doing. I think it explains why he was here lastnight and not with her. If she has half a brain, you'll be so right. Lizwill be begging for him. He's not that endowed but his personality morethan makes up for it."It was a while before Kris, Scott and Bryson came laughing their way backinto the room and smelling like weed. "I needed that," Kris stated beforecrashing on his bed."We all needed that shit," Bryson said. "I swear things get better andbetter around here."They didn't stay around long and headed out to the Rec Center to shootbaskets with the intramural season around the corner. After they left, Icalled Dad and spoke with him. He was checking up on me and seeing when Iwas free. Tuesday sounded like a good day for us to meet since Corey wasoff and could join us."Matt, you do know Valentine's Day is coming up," Corey stated."Oh yeah, I know.""How about you and I getting a hotel room that Saturday night here? A guyI work with at the Rec Center said he works weekends at this place andcould hook us up."I smiled, "Sounds like we have plans then.""That was easy. We'll just enjoy each other alone without anyone around.""With that, let's just keep our gifts small to each other.""Okay, I can go for that. Besides I don't know what I'd get you. Flowersor candy don't sound exactly right for us.""They don't but I like both," I said.With a break, Corey and I gathered up our laundry since neither of us haddone it since we returned. We returned just as Kris was coming back intothe room after showering. Corey headed to unload his laundry."Kris, how are ya feeling?" I asked."Not too bad but it still hurts. There are other Liz's out there forme...""Yeah but none quite so understanding. I think she'll be back and needs abreak.""Maybe," Kris stated. "If you two want, Justin, Alex's roomie, is breakingout the clippers. I'm getting mine trimmed back up.""I don't think so.""You can come watch then."Kris dried off his body and threw on some shorts. Corey came back down andwas filled in on the hair cuts. The three of us headed down to Alex'sroom. Justin, who seemed to be an alright guy, started the clippers. Krisjumped in the chair with Alex, Colt, Bryson, Garrett, Corey and I watching.It was quick and easy to get Kris's hair back to where it was. Kris lookedin the mirror, rubbing his freshly buzzed hair. "Who's next?" he asked.Colt threw off his shirt and jumped in the chair. I watched and marveledat Justin's skill. Scott entered the room without his shirt and his hairwet. He was next but took just a tad longer. Alex followed him while wesat and watched."Alright, I'll do it," Bryson said. "I need it done for basketball ifnothing else.""I'll need to cut some of it first," Justin stated."Okay," Bryson said and ditched his shirt. He did look hot with a nicelittle six pack underneath and a treasure trail down his shorts. He satdown and didn't seem too sure about this. Justin started cutting andshowing us the inches he was cutting off. I raced back to the room andgrabbed my camera after Kris hinted at it. I snapped a picture of Brysonand got a few others before Justin started the clippers. Strands of hairhit the floor to join the other hair. Soon Bryson had a short buzzed cut toshow he had earrings in both ears."Damn dude, I had no idea your ears were pierced," Scott stated."Yeah, you couldn't see it for all the hair," Garrett said.Bryson got a look at his cut. Like Kris, he ran his hand over the top."Looks okay with me," he said.The fresh cut guys lined up for a few pictures before Alex took theclippers to do Justin's hair."If nothing else, it is a cheap cut," Kris stated."I agree and might like this," Bryson said. "Come on Garrett, get your shitcut.""No thanks," Garrett said. "I'll leave mine as it is to be different."Alex's door opened. "Did I hear clippers going in here?" Rick asked."Yeah, is that a problem?" Kris asked."No bursa escort bayan but I could use mine cut too," Rick said."Sit your ass down. Justin's pretty good," Scott said."I can see he is and getting lots of practice," Rick said. He tossed offhis shirt."Damn, your ass is getting fat," Colt stated to Rick, who did have a rollaround his middle."Just wait in two years with all that drinking, it'll come," Rick said andtook his seat."I doubt that shit," Kris said, punching his abs. "You know you could comework out with us anytime you want.""I could if I had the desire but I don't right now," Rick said with Justinstarting the clippers. "I will say all of you should be proud of yourdedication to the Rec Center. I know to get those bodies like all of youhave ain't that easy.""Damn right it ain't but worth it," Alex said.Rick finished his cut and liked the job Justin had done. "I know now whereto come to get my hair cut instead of spending ten bucks. Now, clean thismess up before we have hair all over the hall.""Yes sir!" Justin said.I snapped a few more pictures. "Rick, did you ever imagine all of us wouldbe like this? You know, so close like we are," I asked."Nope but it has made things so much easier. I just knew it would be hellwhen Kris and Lee got into a fight. I figured I'd be breaking up fightsleft and right.""Now that Colt got rid of his whore, it has been easier," Scott said.Colt laughed, "I don't ever want fight Kris again. I'm lucky I didn't getmy ass really fucked up.""Once Kris's temper gets a hold of him, he can be a mean son of a bitch,"Corey stated.That night, we, me included, started drinking again. Everyone finished offwhat wasn't downed the night before. It wasn't too crazy by most collegestandards other than Colt decided he wanted to blast his country musicthroughout the hall. With the music that I didn't care for playing, Coltand Alex threw in a dip of Skoal and acted so redneck. Kris was feeling nopain and started dancing to the music alone. We were in stitches watchinghim trying to dance to a country song by Taylor Swift. He finished andwanted to try some of Colt's dip. It was odd seeing them dipping andspitting, which is nasty.About one, we broke up with Kris pretty drunk. I made sure Kris was okaybefore I headed down to stay with Corey. We curled up together in his bedand made out. We were both a little tipsy at the time."I think we survived another crazy night," Corey stated, holding me againsthis chest."We did but did you notice Juan wasn't around?""I know. Scott said he got a job and was working.""Really? I guess I totally missed out on that.""Juan is like me and can use the extra cash since his family can't help outmuch. He's working at some shipping place with some really odd hours.Scott said it paid really well though.""I hope he likes it. If not for my scholarship and having everything paidfor, I'd have a job.""See it does pay to be a brain."I woke Sunday alone in Corey's room. We didn't have sex but still enjoyedeach other by kissing a ton and exploring each other's bodies. It was sovery hot still even though we didn't have sex but were naked and did shot aload after all the stimulation that had occurred. I dressed and head backto my room. Opening the door, Kris was sitting at his desk and on hislaptop."Feeling alright?" I asked."After I downed about five Tylenol, I am. Next time you're at the store,pick us up some more.""I will and might do that this afternoon. We're running low on snacks.""I'll pitch in, Matt but this time make them healthy, you know, proteinbars, nuts and shit like that.""You really need to watch your diet," I joked."I feel better plus I woke with a fucking zit on my face.""That happens with or without junk food. It was more than likely from allthe sweating you do.""Who knows? Again, last night was so fucking tight.""It was very tight. You were so hilarious dancing. Here you laughed atme.""You try dancing to that country shit," Kris laughed. "Last night I didn'tworry one bit that Liz broke up with me. It was enjoyable not worryingabout her.""Kris, you'll make it just fine if she never comes to her senses.""I know I will but I did love her or thought I did. Still it is nothinglike you and Corey have together. You guys are so tight and so perfect.Matt, you didn't hear me say this but thanks for sharing him with me.""There's no one else I would do that with.""I know. Looking back, it is shocking you'd even do it unless you wantedto before.""Back at ya.""I got that little bitty curiosity gone out of my system. It wasn't thatbad having two guys suck your dick. However, I don't see it being a habitor for that matter doing it ever again. It's not me at all but I did wannasee what the rage was about. I don't want interfere with you and Corey. Ifeel bad if I was the reason if something happened between you two.""We're cool with it. Don't worry about it becoming a habit. You can sayyou've been there and done that."Kris laughed, "Now I just got to find some pussy for you so you canexperience that. Remember our agreement way back there?"I rolled my eyes, "Yes, I do. Good luck finding escort bursa one.""With all the whores here, it won't be a problem," Kris laughed."Kris, shoot me straight here for a moment. Did you enjoy your littleexperimentation?""Matt, I can't say I hated it if you wanna know the truth. Sex is sex, Iguess. I'll fucking die if anyone ever finds out I did it.""I'll keep my mouth shut, Kris. Just so you know, I'm sorry that we did it.I feel a little guilty deep down for going as far as we did and having athreesome. I don't know what came over me other than seeing you invenerable situation.""Matt, now that I've had time to think about it, I regret it too. Let'stry to forget about it. As you said, I've been there and done that. Idon't ever wanna do it again. It just wasn't me at all."The day was a lazy day other than going shopping and restocking our snacks.I did buy healthier ones to appease Kris along with bottled water insteadof sodas. When I returned from shopping, a few of our crew was in the roomand watching the NFL playoffs. There was more chatter than watching thegame.After we ate, I was sitting and waiting for Corey to return. He called meand asked if I cared if we went out after he got with a guy, Trey from theRec Center, and his boyfriend, Towson. Of course I didn't care and wouldenjoy a nice double date.Corey came to the room after he was dressed. We said goodbye to those whowere in the room and headed to meet up with Trey and Towson. We pulledinto Wendy's and found them waiting for us. Both were cute with Trey beingsomewhat built. Trey had short blond hair and earrings while Towson haddark hair and shaggy with his lip pierced and eye brow pierced. Wecomplimented each other's eye brows before ordering. Since I had eaten, Igot a drink. It was mostly us getting to know each other while we atebefore heading off to catch a late movie."They're cool, huh?" Corey asked while driving to the theater."They are. It's really awesome that they have been together for almost 2years now.""Trey didn't want to admit that he had a boyfriend at first but he has comearound once he saw us talking. I didn't want to admit it either but I did.Now we laugh about it all the time.""They do really seem to be in love," I stated.Corey's friends got out of their car at the theater and were holding hands.Corey reached for my hand and grabbed it. It was nice to be able to do itthough we never did in public. We continued holding hands until finding aseat in the nearly vacant theater. I relaxed and enjoyed the movie withCorey at my side. The movie was pretty good by my standards and wasenjoyable. We walked out into the cold dark night."Corey, if you want, you and Matt are more than welcome to stop by ourplace," Trey said.We looked at each other. "I guess we could," Corey said for us.We followed them to their apartment complex, which was located a few milesfrom campus and looked rather nice. Their apartment was well decoratedalong with being very tidy. Corey and I took a seat on the sofa, leavingthe loveseat for them."Wine, anyone?" Towson asked."Don't ask just bring it. You know without a doubt I do," Trey said.Towson entered with four glasses. Not being a wine connoisseur, it wasjust okay while the two raved about it. We sat sipping the wine andtalking. For me, it was a nice change being around a grounded gay couplewho were very settled with each other and life."Just out of curiosity if you don't mind me asking but is the sex stillhappening between you two?" Corey asked after we quizzed them about thebasics of living together.Trey laughed, "Hell yeah it is. Every night we are sexual to a point.""If nothing else it is way better. We know what the other likes anddoesn't. Trey, we don't fuck every night...""That's what I meant by sexual to a point," Trey said. "Do I have to evenask if you two are sexual?""Yes we are," Corey said. "I was just curious if it got boring.""We do mix it up and try different things," Towson said before bringing thebottle to pour more wine."I will say this, you two do look like you are really in love. I can seeit every time Corey sees you at work, Matt. He practically glows," Treysaid."We are in love," I said."Matt's my first love really but I almost fucked that up. Matt caught mein bed with another guy last semester," Corey stated."Are you k**ding?" Towson said. "Corey, I'd never take you back ever ifsomeone did that to me.""I really didn't think he was but I kept after him," Corey said. "Matt isthe best but I'm sure y'all think that of each other.""You better keep thinking that for it to work," Trey stated.We moved on to talk about our studies with Corey bragging on me and howsmart I was. They offered encouragement to continue for better prospectsin the job market. They were juniors yet could see how a good GPA helpedout. Time raced with us talking. Corey grabbed my hand and announced wewere leaving."You know we do have a spare bedroom. It is late. You're more thanwelcome to stay if you'd like. I'm sure that bed is better than any dormbed," Trey suggested."Matt, it is up to you," Corey said."We could but what time do you work?""Noon," Corey replied. "So I guess we'll stay since you offered."Trey smiled, "Don't worry about messing up the sheets. They'll wash but dopull them off for us even if you don't make a mess.""I'll make sure we do," I said.TO BE CONTINUED...
10-29-2021, at 05:51 PM

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